Khrysalis + Shadow Magic Hit Wizard101!


Wizard101 Khrysalis Guide

The Shadow World is Here!

Are you looking for Khrysalis Part 2 Guides and information? We have those here:

Khrysalis Part 2 Guides and Info!

Khrysalis MapWizard101 released the new world of Khrysalis: Part 1 to their live servers on November 15, 2013. You can check out their official update notes right here. Khrysalis is the home of Morganthe’s Shadow Castle, and should climax the Morganthe Storyline that started in Celestia.

Khrysalis-IconKR part one has introduced a new form of magic (Shadow Magic), a new top level cap of 95, a top gold cap of 375,000 for level 90+ players, a new PvE mechanic (Assistants), new gardening levels, and more! Check out our guides below to see everything you need to know about Khrysalis Pt 1!

Shadow Spells

Shadow Magic Guide


We have compiled everything a wizard should know about getting and using shadow magic into a single guide, right here:

L92 Shadow Magic Spells

The Forbidden Magic!


Shadow Magic enhances the spells you cast while the Shadow Magic spell is in effect. It is unstable and difficult to control. Players will need to learn how to best manage Shadow Magic and learn how to harness its very powerful benefits.

– Wizard101 Update Notes

Spells and Training Points

L90 Spells


Each school gets a new spell at the beginning of Khrysalis. This is a first for W101 in that they are all the same spell, just different variations on damage and effect for each school. You can check out the guide here:

King Artorius L90 Spells

Zeke TP


Zeke is back in KR, and has lost another load of critters for you to find.

Zeke Khryckets Guide

Eloise TP


Eloise is also offering a Khrysalis training point quest, if you can find all of her Khrysanthemums. This is very handy if you’d like to train all of the Shadow Spells available!

Eloise Khrysanthemum Guide

Questing Info



This is another brand new mechanic to Wizard101 players. There are NPC’s in Khrysalis that will begin following you around once you pick up their quest, and helping you in battle! Not only does this help your wizard quest, but it adds a new depth to the storyline. Check out our guide to find out what the new W101 Assistants can do for you!

Wizard101 Assistants Guide

Boss Guides


KR can be a very enjoyable world to quest in, however the folks at KingsIsle do ratchet up the difficulty of boss fights in many places by adding extreme cheats. We are covering the most troublesome bosses to help you on your journey!

Eclipse Tower Quest Guide

More Boss Guides


Gear Guides

Dropped Gear


The dropped gear from KR has some rather.. interesting looks. If you’ve ever wanted to look like a bug or have antlers, this is the gear for you!

Stat-wise, we haven’t found anything incredibly impressive, but that is probably because we’ve all been jaded by the Hades Gear on our top level wizards. It is interesting to note that KR has introduced wands with small amounts of damage boost. Check out our guide here:

KR Dropped Gear Guide

Crowns Gear

side 1Wizard101 recently released level 95+ crowns gear with a KR theme, and this gear DOES provide some interesting stat advancements.

This gear seems to be aimed directly at the “Glass Cannon” wizard builds, since the school-specific outfits (except Ice) don’t offer any resist, but do have huge doses of damage, critical, and armor piercing. Tback 1here’s also a universal outfit which brings in armor piercing with a slightly more defensive stat set.


KR Crowns Gear Guide

New Pets!

Piranha Hunter

Piranha Hunter Pet

The ultimate PvP pet? Maybe.

Piranha Hunter Pet

Flying Squirrel


The ultimate in cuteness? Definitely!

Flying Squirrel Pet

Tarantula Hawk

tarantula pic

Ultimate Fire pet? You decide.

Tarantula Hawk Pet

Bronze Golem

Pet-Bronze Golem

The ultimate in buffness. Hands down.

Bronze Golem Pet

Gardening Update!

Rank 15 Gardening

At the end of the Fort Rachias quest line, your wizard (if they are leveled up in gardening) will have access to a quest which opens a new gardening vendor. This vendor, Barley, has rank 15 gardening spells with effects that last for days. Check out our guide here:

KR Gardening Vendor

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  • gone for a few hours and BOOM new world o.o to bad my membership is ending..

  • John Chen

    THE update was announced like a hour ago and you already have a story about it lol.

  • The Operator

    Awesome, can’t wait to see the brand new Shadow Spells

  • Ran across this plant, I think it’s a new one:

    • that plant has a beard anyone could be proud of.

      • Wonder if its one of those epic rare seeds like couch potatoes or EMPs, but only attained by drops lol

  • Jose Breeze

    I’m just hoping pvp gets fixed and actually becomes a matter of strategy rather than pure crit and gigs. I have high expectations of this world- potentially what can either make or break the game.

  • Eric Stormbringer

    I hope the backlash is a percent of health rather than a block number otherwise ice just gained another advantage.

    • Garrett Justus

      well it said the back lash will not be effected by resist, so it’s likely that it will either be percent based, or something along the lines of “true damage”…i doubt the damage will be able to critical…i love this concept though, it seems like it will weaken and strengthen alot of high level pvp, after all, if you dont kill with your hit you might find yourself dead….i think life and death are going tog et really powerful real soo between this and the King Artorious spell…

  • Kevin Moonleaf

    Isn’t it obvious that there will be a light school?

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    Ahh I really like this new world. Even these bugs are not too ugly so far lol

    • Duncan StormThief

      LOL I have been hearing “bugged world” puns all night XD

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        LOL I like it so far 🙂

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  • Oh joy

    I dnt think this is the last world, unless the last dungeon is the shadow realm.

    • KI said in one of their blogs recently that we are nowhere near the last world. In fact they never mentioned a last world, just that there will be another villain after Morganthe.

    • Blaze MeOut

      I feel like shadow magic ain’t gonna be lonely as a new school … There is definitely gonna more new schools of magic I can feel it

  • americanvirtues

    So test realm is open? how do I get the test realm client again I have forgotten.

    • just log into and there should be an option there.. usually there’s something teasing the test realm preview for you to click on, I think.

  • :::::::::::DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD YES! Make way critical articles, here comes a huge new batch of Khyrsalis articles! Pronounced like chrysalis!

  • Yes! Avalon and Azteca minions are easier! WOOHOO!

  • Why do the walls on the Wysteria Arena look so much like the walls by the spiral door in Khyrsalis?

  • Jinelle Beauchamp

    is there any crafting in this world?

    • Not yet, but I expect there will be when the second half comes out.

      • Jinelle Beauchamp

        Thank you Nick. Hope to meet you some time in wizards

  • SkythekidRS

    These details are extreme!!

  • ivanna

    I returned to the game only a couple of months ago and I want to thank all the folks on Duelist for these guides. It’s like one stop shopping! The guide is beautifully laid out and the links are fantastic. I’ve used this guide and the ones for Aztec, and they helped me not to get lost and frustrated. I am in a zen like state, opposed to a zombie state. 🙂

  • Guest

    wow the bronze golem looks awesome bruh :p

  • Armitile Deschaosphantom

    Guys do you know it is possible for 100% backlash, well here is a photo of my tests

    • What spells did you use? I thought 70% was the max.

    • Armitile Deschaosphantom

      Simply just cast shadow sentinel then twice power link and then you will have a chance to another sentinel and another two power links. This is the first way the second one is dark nova then shadow sentinel and twice power link. Hope this help you.