A Wizard’s First Pirate Journey

Skull Island Docks


The Pirate Life

 Though Kingsisle continues to work out issues with it’s latest venture, Pirate 101 (currently in beta) is well underway.  Wizards from all over the spiral are taking vacations and enjoying some long overdue R & R.  Pirates and an intriguing new system of play spark our attention.  Views of islands atop clouds, ships sailing with custom flags, and pirates with salty names summon us.


The Wizard Connection

Skull Island with Large Willow Trees

I found similar features between Wizard 101 and Pirate 101.  Pisceans become Cut Throats.  Skeletal Pirates are given new roles.  Housing items appear throughout the game, such as the large willow tree  and diseased mushrooms.  Our beloved training point provider Zeke is ready with new objectives for us.  I was quite happy to find my trusty keyboard shortcuts recur, such as ‘M’ for map, ‘Q’ for quest, ‘control T’ for quest helper arrow, etc.


Witchdoctor Class


Sailing from port to port has left me pleadingfor a world door. At this point I’d take any ship with a rocket!

Power ups and shields are available in different capacities as you advance through the game. There are neither blades over your head nor shields at your feet. Talents and Powers are taught by your trainer. Gear is definitely a factor and is managed similar to your wizard.

‘B’ for Backpack 🙂



 The Gang’s All Here

Companions level up

Quickly, you gain companions to assist you.  This feature is comparable to the experience of running multiple wizard accounts and teaming them all together in a minion-like way.  Although you cannot always chose which companion appears in your battle, you do have the ability to control your companion’s direction of action.  As you gain levels, you can train them to become stronger, just like your pirate.  One of my companions has its own minion.  (Two for the price of one! YAY!)

Companions are significant to defeating multiple enemies in multiple locations on the battle board simultaneously.  They can also be used to focus attacks on one enemy.  Pets also join the battle and they attack at their own will.  So far, my crew appears to be loyal.  I keep wondering if one will find its old buddies dueling against us and have the urge start fighting with them.  I am a humble young captain after all.


Boards and Battles



In your first battle you will notice the battle board.  Click on your pirate and each companion to select the enemy you want to attack.  Powers may be selected from the bottom center of the screen before selecting enemy.  Watch in the upper left corner for the tag in red.  Sometimes once you defeat the boss or main part, the remaining enemies disappear.  When my companion Ratbeard finished off this Acacia Carnivosa, all of its tentacles disappeared.  (Note the upper left hand corner of this battle board does not say defeat all enemies.)


A Bigger Boat

Onboard Battle

You will also battle from your ship. This will begin as an air battle with cannon and gunfire. Once the enemy ship’s health bar enters yellow, you may connect to complete the fight.

Alternatively, continuing to fire will also allow you to defeat and update.  I found traveling in a wider circle around the enemy ship will maintain enough space for continued hit while refraining from boarding.  Number key shortcuts may be used when weapons and ships health items are available.  Ship powers will be found in the lower right corner of your screen.  A cooldown timer will display to advise next availability.


Keeping It Light

KI has certainly maintained their sense of humor.  Imaginative names for the players, enemies, and quests carry on.  One of my favorites so far had me digging deep in memory at first.  I encountered Troggies named Eep, Opp, Ork, and Ah-ah.  Anyone remember the song “Eep opp ork ah-ah?”  Judy Jetson wrote it for a Jet Screamer contest.  Look it up so I won’t be the only one singing every time I see a Troggie!

Battacuda Mount


Someone was seriously  lacking sleep when they came up with the Battacuda and its crazy movements!  (Enemy in the sky and tamed version in the mount shop.)  The buffaloon pet is cute as can be!  However, seeing my friend riding one gave me a giggle or two!





Speaking of humor, be sure to check out Kevin the Noob videos on this site.  I have a little message for Kevin…Watch out for the storm sharks!  They surrounded my crew at first, chomped at our heads and feet, dodged our hits, powered up like crazy (felt like a 4v4 with DOT’s, Spritely and MC Unicorn)…and they STILL didn’t stand a chance!  AH HA HA! LML!  I took snapshots for you.


(Um Kevin, how do you care for shark bites anyway?  Ouchie!)





Pirate101 is currently in beta. Visit Pirate101.com for updates and details about the game.

Happy Sailing!

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  • Congrats on your first article, Heather! Great work! 🙂

  • IriGianthunter

    this is great! love all of the screen shots and fun descriptions. and to answer your question, kevin definitely…definitely…did not enjoy his recent shark chomping. he’s still waiting for those bite marks to heal.

  • Thanks! I had so much fun writing. I am having so much fun in Pirate 101. I’ll have more soon.
    Poor Kevin. When I was in that battle all I could think about was Kevin and his shark incident.

  • ivanna

    Thanks for the excellent introduction to Pirates. Makes me want to play it. I wonder if Kevin will dip his toe into the waters of Pirate 101? I can imagine Kevin at the helm of his own ship, with his swashbuckling swagger.

  • I’d love to see Kevin the Noob’s Pirate adventures some day! I can just hear him now. “Where’s my ship? Gimme that treasure! My raft’s so awesome it’ll blow anything out of the sky! I don’t need a crew, I own this island!”

    • Yes, I’m sure he would own the island on a makeshift raft even. Hahaha He would probably claim everyone’s gold as his own and attempt to steal it all saying just that. You are so right! I don’t think he would like the shark battle though. It was brutal.

  • Firestarter

    Great article, very well written.

    • Thank you very much. I know you can’t wait to join me. 😛 Salty Oran must be bored sitting on the docks.