Pirate101 Tribal Crew Pack




Pirate101 offers the first game card pack from the depths of the Aztecosaur ruins. For 399 crowns in the Crowns Shop, the Tribal Crew Pack grants 7 items for a chance at:


Crowns-shop Tribal Pack
  • Aztecosaur Companions
  • Mounts
  • Gear
  • Weapons
  • Pirate Treasures that can be sold at vendors for gold!
  • Housing Items
  • Pets
  • Training Tomes
  • and More!


Duelist101 Team is working together to bring you the latest information! Here are the items we have found so far.




Doomhorn1 Doomhorn3 Doomhorn4

The Bucc. Companion at level 50 comes with Critical Strike and Vengeance Strike. Promotion #1 costs 2400 gold for two more Epics. Promotion #2 costs 5725 gold for one additional Epic. A level 50 companion will have a total of 5 Epics.

hunting puma garnet ankylosaur mount

Jade Ankylosaur Mount Citrine Ankylosaur Mount

beacon housingbeacon housing info skull island aztecosaur symbols wallpaperskull island aztecosaur symbols wallpaper info

 skull island aztecosaur brick wallpaperskull island aztecosaur brick wallpaper info blood lord carving picblood lord carving info

troggy totem pictroggy totem info  skull island aztecosaur face wallpaperskull island aztecosaur face wallpaper info

mysterious carving picmysterious carving info  golden sun wheel picgolden sun wheel info

broken sun wheel picbroken sun wheel info aztecosaur statue picaztecosaur statue info

aztecosaur urn picaztecosaur urn info aztecosaur throne picaztecosaur throne info

aztecosaur head picaztecosaur head info aztecosaur carving picaztecosaur carving info

aztecosaur temple statue picaztecosaur temple statue info blood lord carving blood lord carving info

turning gear picturning gear info stone aztecosaur picstone aztecosaur info

ritual platform picritual platform info ancient carving picancient carving info

ancient altar picancient altar info saurian carving picsaurian carving info

ceremonial arch picceremonial arch info aztecosaur torch picaztecosaur torch info

aztecosaur fountain picaztecosaur fountain info aztecosaur table picaztecosaur table info

ancient stones picancient stones info mysterious machine pic mysterious machine info

shattered statue picshattered statue info graven panel picgraven panel info

 mysterious rubble picmysterious rubble info    carnival canopy


scrimshaw drake stats scrimshaw drake

spiny serpent stats spiny serpent

deathstalker scorpion.. deathstalker scorpion stats..







four rains headress stats four rains headress

nagual's crest hat nagual's crest hat stats

gloomtracker's helm looks gloomtracker's helm stats

miter of kukulkan

barbaric habit robe look barbaric habit robe stats 

four rains robe look four rains robe statsrobe of the war gods


jade boots jade boots stats 

barbaric wrap boots-look barbaric wrap boots-stats

four rains sandals stats four rains sandals look 

wraps of the war gods

Smoking-Mirror-Shards-L45-Stabby Trident-of-the-Quetzal-L45-Staffy Lord-of-Wars-Maul-L45-Smashy Kukulans-Stormcasters-L45-Shooty

basaltic trident wand pic basaltic trident wand stats basaltic trident wand look

tusken set - look tusken set - stats 

jade caster - look jade casters-stats

barbaric axe looks barbaric axe stats 

talisman of day eye patch stats talisman of day eye patch pic

tracker's veil stats tracker's veil tracker's veil look

barabarian's eyepatch stats barbarian's eyepatch

orb of the war god



Companion Promotion Option




Watch this video of a Tribal Crew Pack experience!




Many thanks to Dead Sparrow, Azoresgirl, Nick, Kenzie Rain, Psylence, Alex Jaderider, Celestialmoon, and Ruthless Angela Eastwick.  This was truly a group effort.

Happy Pirating!



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  • Wish I could have gotten the Musk companion in this. I really love Musketeer comps. lol

    • Me too 😛 Maybe one more pack would do it?

    • AlexJaderider

      I will probably buy 2500 crowns after work today and give it a shot. I want the musk companion too. Would be best to have it on my bucc, but I will of coourse be trying for it on my Musk xD

  • GhostlyComa

    I’ve got all 5 Dino companions, what lvl is first promotion at?
    I like the swash raptor the most
    I’m only a lvl 10 on this character

  • I like Pets

    I really want that Scrimshaw Drake. I did a quest where there was a ship I had to fight on and there were a ton of them sitting on the ship. I was like, “Why can’t I just take one of those?” XD