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Heya Duelists,

You may not have noticed, but during the contest mayhem of December, Duelist101 quietly launched a new section of the site. What section is that, you ask? It’s a complete list of all trainable spells in Wizard101! It can be found in our navigation under Wizard101 Tools.


rank 10 spells




Winter Moon


School: Ice

Accuracy: 80%

Pips: 5

Effect: 495 Ice damage and stun for 1 round.

Requirements: Legendary Artisan

Click to see only the Winter Moon Spell.




  • A variety of different searches: All spells, all crafted spells, spells available for training points, school specific spells, and more!
  • Images of every spell card.
  • Each spell has its own page with more information.
  • Background information includes level acquired, prerequisites, accuracy, effect, and more.
  • Comments! Each page in this section contains its own comments, and each card has its own comments. Now members of the community can hold discussions on their favorite card, leave tips for others, or let us know if we’re missing some information!
  • This information is shared with the Duelist101 Training Point Calculator, so it will always be continually updates as new spells are added to the game!


We’d like to encourage everyone to leave information on their favorite spells, get out there and comment them up so they are a great resource for the community! Also, do you have suggestions for future duelist101 tools? Feel free to leave them in the comments here!


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  • I remember when I first got into PvP, I studied every spell from every school: how many pips it cost, how much damage it did, type of effects, etc. I must have spent hours looking at them. It really paid off. To be successful in PvP you really have to know everything about every school.

    • I agree, and I did the same thing. I remember spending hours running back and forth between the trainers at ravenwood, looking at what they had. Then checking the guides at Central, etc.

  • DMT001

    I love this tool. I have spent some time going through the lists. The more you look the mor I look the more spells I rember why I like them so much.

  • I love, Love, LOVE the Spell Lists!!! As soon as this went live, I jumped in to add something on my few of my favorite spells. It will take some time for me to explore all the pages, but I certainly plan on getting around to many of them.

    Some of my favorite PvP techniques developed from discussions with other wizards regarding spell capabilities and strategic uses. This tool will not only give us an avenue for discussions, but much more.

    When I started PvP, I found it challenging and fun. I appreciated chatting with my opponent and learning different ways to duel with W101 spells. As I gained PvP rank, I found my PvE techniques didn’t work so well anymore. I wish I had this tool to pull up and learn different ways to use specific spells to advance my PvP rank beyond the ‘brick walls’ I faced. Maybe I wouldn’t have felt like I was such a noob!

    It is like that Wili E. Coyote failure feeling when you reach a PvP level you cannot surpass. All the tools and weapons seem to cause more humiliation than victory. Duelist101.com contributors and readers have provided our community with many tools, strategies, and spell uses in just a few months. It blows my mind to think how much faster I would have understood and gained rank in PvP with this site. I can’t wait to read and learn more!

    Furthermore, as a wizard of all schools, there are times I fall out of touch with a school while I concentrate on others. It will be nice to be able to read everyone’s comments when I need a refresher.

    It would be fantastic to have oodles of comments under each spell so wizards around the spiral can avoid feeling like the Road Runner’s “BEEP BEEP!” just ran past when they finish matches.

  • This is awesome! The old spell wikis are nice, but I really missed being able to actually communicate with others about each spell, etc. I noticed a missing spell. Is there a place we can let you know if we find something missing? (Death Knight isn’t showing up under crafted spells.) Also, it would be GREAT if you showed the recipe for the crafted spells as well.

    Thanks for all the hard work! This is definitely a resource that will be used over and over again.

    • Thanks for the heads-up. Deer Knight is in the DB, I’ll make sure it shows up as craftable.:)

  • gamefreaksteve

    The best spell in my opinion is skeletal dragon for death wizards. The reason is that its a over time damage that wastes shields and also its very strong. Then after you hit with drake and their health is low either doom or infection then finish off with a vampire or pirate or poison. That is my strategy really works! Thx.

  • gamefreaksteve

    Another great death strategy is set a lot of feints on your target and dont worry about shielding until you think they have enough pips for a massive attack.If you cant find any feints the deploy blades asap. Make sure you have a shatter tc so en their hehen you shatter you are up for an open shot or another way is to drake. Then their health should be low enough for a wraith kill or another drake. I hope this helped! Thanks!