The New Shaman’s Lore pack (Wizard101)


New Gear, Pets and More…

Wizard101 released a new pack today: the Shaman’s Lore pack. Click here to read the official announcement about what to expect from this new release.

Includes a chance at winning the following:

Trained versions of Savage Paw, Winter Moon and Lord of Night

– New gear

– The new Leaf Foot pet

– New Wands

– New Treasure cards

– Azteca-themed housing items, and more




New Treasures…

Since these are likely to begin showing up in PvP, it’s worth noting: this pack also includes a variety of new treasure cards. We’re still compiling a full list, but these cards are basically lower-pip versions of regular cards like Earthquake, Forest Lord, etc. We will be offering details about these as we find them. Here is just one example to give you an idea of how these look:



New Gear Sets…

shaman-gear-girlshaman-gear-boyCheck back to see updates in this space, we will be adding gear as we learn more.

That’s it for now. If you’re opening packs, use the comments to let us know what you find. Click here if you’d like to see the new Leaf Foot pet (which seems to get “may cast Lifebat” at teen).



Shaman’s Lore Pack Wands:

This pack brings us 3 new wands: the Fire Serpent’s Obsidian Fang, the Teeth of the Lords Night, and the Prismatic Volcanic Axe.


Wand_Fire Serpent's Obsidian Fang

 Wand_Teeth of the Lords of Night

Wand_Prismatic Volcanic Axe 



The Proud Jaguar’s Set:


The Night Jaguar’s Set:


The Dawn Jaguar’s Set:


Also on Duelist today: our overview of one of the most formidible powers in Pirate101, Leviathan’s call! Click here to check it out!



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  • Cool Death

    I got a cool New wand from it has 25 critical and 150 block along with 6 ultra Arctic Sting wand cards

    • that’s a ton of block, congrats on the wand

  • Michael Dragonblood

    The proud Jagur set gives good all around stats.

  • Monarch

    ill be looking for some of those aftershocks in the bazaar 🙂

    • i have a feeling those are going to be very, very popular. i’m curious to see what other spells are like that in the packs. in the video, there’s a 6 pip forest lord. O.O

      • FaclonerET

        I also found a few Sea Krait in the bazaar. It is a 6 pip version of leviathan, it does 775 damage and removes one positive charm

  • Natman

    You got lucky with lord of night on 4 packs lol

    • yeah, that was ridiculous luck there, lol. too bad i opened it on my life wiz. makes a death mastery sound kind of appealing.

  • Matthew Dragonblood

    not bad

  • Jake Schweighofer

    Hey, is Lord of Knight common? cuz crafting it is way too hard o. o. If not, how many packs does it take for you guys to get it?

    • in the video, i got lord of night really fast. however, that was pretty massive luck. my understanding is that it’s pretty rare, so unless you’re up for buying a lot of packs, i would try for the crafted version. on my you tube channel, in the comments for the shaman pack vid, someone said they opened 20 packs and didn’t get one.

  • Alec Nial

    ok do you have to be a certain lvl to get a spell because i wanna buy a few on my lvl 49 balance to see if i will get savage paw. am i even able to get it?

    • DMT001

      No it will drop for any level of wizard. Just have to be luckey enough to get it todrop for you.

  • Natman

    Hey sparrow i was wondering what school is next for project warlord?

    • 3 schools left, i’m going to do magus storm next. the guide should be up within the week. also, we’re going to have a pvp event involving the storm wizard; details should be announced very soon, should be fun.

  • Blaze Raven

    Some of the gear at Magus isn’t bad.. Seems like Aftershock is causing quite a stir, though. And nice luck with Lord of Night.. My Fire got Winter Moon on the 15th pack… (Knew I should’ve opened them on Ice first)

    • ChoGath

      I’m not so sure that the PvP sky is falling with aftershock. TBH, people needed to worry about spamming shields and blades against myth opponents already. A 4pip earth will enable both sides do “earth” more, so there could be a shift to the plague-virulet-weaken approach to debuffs.

      • mmailliw

        From an adept perspective, Aftershock doesn’t seem like a gamechanger (less damage than Humongofrog and you can’t Monstrous it) but a useful utility to place ONE of in the side deck against a Myth shield spammer!

        Now, if I could train and Monstrous it, it would become interesting…

  • lol i have opened 3 packs pretty much useless stuff my friend opened like 10 got 2 spells and 6 after shocks and gave them to me muahahaha but i wont use them in pvp that just wrong

  • hrey

    Bro i got the whole jaguar set in 4 pack open!

  • chukwuzam

    I got boots that give me fire bats