Anticipating Khrysalis Part 2 (Wizard101)

Morganthe’s Last Stand


Khrysalis Part 2 is currently on the Test Realm! Check here for our guides and articles about all of the new KR2 updates!

Wizard101 Updates!

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With 2014 just getting started, a lot of questions are on the minds of Wizard101 players. Like, when is Khrysalis Part 2 coming out? Also, when is Khrysalis Part 2 coming out? Wait, wait…that’s pretty much the big question right now.

Part 2 will be a major event because the game has made clear: Khrysalis Part 2 will end, without any question, the Morganthe storyline. She made her first appearance in Celestia…we’ve battled her through Zafaria, Avalon, Azteca…and soon enough, we’ll reach this end of this epic confrontation. (But don’t worry, Wizard101 is already planning the next generation of worlds and bad guys.)

What can players expect to see in the final Khrysalis chapter?


New Worlds always mean lots of additions to the game, so let’s take a closer look at what we might find once this update hits test realm. We don’t know anything for certain, but there are definitely some hints and patterns that might helps us prepare for what’s to come.

New Khrysalis Crafted Gear

Hades_BoyWe are very likely due for some new crafted gear. We’ll have full updates and guides to this new gear once test is out, so be watching Duelist101 for that.

Based on the most recent gear, what do you think the stats on Khrysalis crafted gear will look like? In recent updates, Hades gear has had the biggest impact on PvP and it placed a heavy emphasis on critical and pierce. Will this trend continue? (You can check out our guide to Hades gear in this post.)

Some feel we need new dropped Wands. Currently, the best Wands (particularly with critical block stats) are from packs, so will the next Khrysalis update introduce new dropped items that can compete with the hoard-pack Wands? Overall, what stat-boosts would you guys like to see for your school of choice?

New Shadow Magic Spells


Part 1 introduced a new style of wizardry…and there have been hints that additional forms of Shadow Magic might be on the way.

The first round of Shadow Magic focused on aggression (via pierce), defense and healing…what would a second round of this magic look like? Will there be a Shadow form designed to boost Critical…or will other areas be getting the Shadow treatment? How will Shadow Magic be used in PvP decks? (Click here to see Nick’s PvP guide to battling Shrike.)

Level 98 School Spells

rank 10 spells

If the traditional pattern holds true, we may see new school spells at level 98. School spells are amongst the most popular features in the game, so this is definitely one of the big mysteries surrounding the next update.

What can we expect to see? In Azteca, the school spells were based on that world (e.g. Spinysaur, Celestial Calendar). Will school spells in the Khrysalis Era have a bug theme? And more importantly, will the attacks be an extension of previous spells, or utility spells, or something all together different?

New Level 98 School Pets

Similar question, different topic: will there be Level 98 school pets? The previous pet lineup included Triton, Bone Dragon and others. (Click here to see Nora Misthead’s terrific guide to free pets.) Do you guys have any guesses about what the next level of pets will look like? Will they be based on familiar creatures…or have a Khrysalis theme? (Maybe a: Lord of Winter Pet, Dryad Pet, Sabertooth Pet, Sun Serpent Pet, Leviathan Pet, Medusa Pet?)

New Gear Drops

Wizard101 Exalted Storm AmuletWith Exalted Amulets, we began to see school stats worked into Mastery Amulets. It’s not clear yet if this was a one-time thing, but it does leave open the possibility that the game may introduce more amulets geared towards specific schools. (Amulets of Thaumaturgy, Pyromancy, Necromancy, and so on.) A Loremaster amulet and Moon Mastery amulet have also been rumored to be in the works, so it will be interesting to see what other items are introduced alongside crafted gear.

Morganthe Finale

MorganthHow the final battle against Morganthe will shape up remains a mystery, but the quests in Part 1 definitely give us some idea of where we are headed. Check out this line of quest dialog from the game:

“The Shadow Palace lies at the end of the world across the Starfall Sea, and past the Kondha Desert.”  

The Shadow Palace seems to be a major destination…and both the Starfall Sea and Kondha Desert are places we’ll cross along the way. What other hints and clues have been revealed in Part 1?

What Do You Expect?

If you have a guess about what we might see in Khrysalis Part 2, let us know in the comments. Duelist readers always have a sharp eye and often pick up on clues that help us anticipate future updates. Or, feel free to discuss what you would like to see in terms of spells, gear or pets. And finally, when it comes to the story: what would you guys need in order to feel a sense of closure and satisfaction with the final Morganthe chapter?

Khrysalis Map

No word yet on exactly when Khrysalis Part 2 will be revealed except that it will be “sooner rather than later”. But when it is, we’ll be posting instant updates and sharing all of the latest info. So be watching Duelist101 and thanks for all of your comments and insights!


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  • Swordroll

    Unfortunately, “R3N0” has already spoiled the answers to most of these questions for a lot of us. One that I can confirm is the crafted gear. A few of us actually picked up some of the Part 2 crafted wands from the Bazaar (I did a post somewhere) awhile ago – nothing impressive, but it tells you that we ARE getting it. At this point, it’s pretty clear of the ties of Astral Magic to Shadow, so I’m looking forward to seeing the Sun and Star variations.

    • leaks aside, KI is open to player feedback…when test is out, for example, they will frequently changes spells or gear based on player reaction. So when updates are in the works, it’s always valuable for players to discuss what they would like to see. With gear, stats, pets, etc, it’s okay to just talk about what folks would like for their school of choice. It doesn’t have to always be about guessing, leaking, getting it exactly right, it can also be about discussing what we would enjoy seeing included in the update.

      • Swordroll

        Oh, of course. I just see “Will this trend continue?” and similar questions. I too, am excited particularly for the crafted gear and whether or not it’ll surpass the abilities of hoard pack gear. I do remember when I first checked the vendors in Azteca and looked forward to finding the necessary reagents and putting together a diverse set-up. Then I bought a few packs and realized that the gear players spent so much time crafting wasn’t much in comparison.

        More than anything in KR Part 2, I’m looking to say “Wow.” Maybe it’ll be because of the locations, which weren’t particularly impressive in Part 1. Perhaps it’ll be the unexpected note on which the story ends. Or it might be the new spells, whatever they may be, or some of the cutscenes I imagine they’ll use.

        • “which weren’t particularly impressive” I had the opposite reaction. I really liked the designs in part 1. In addition to the bug-themed places (honeycomb buildings, etc) they seemed to be pulling from some of the epic large-scale designs from H. R. Giger’s work. I thought they did a great job, but obviously that’s just 1 perspective.

          • Have to say that KR is, visually, right at the top of my list. The artwork for this world was beautiful, the interior designs, the vistas, everything about it was top-notch.

          • Swordroll

            Really? I felt like it was all trees, towers, and cliffs. I’m used to the diversity presented in other worlds. I just don’t see it here. The colors seem dull. The textures not particularly impressive. The enemies old and overused. Even Fort Rachias, which has some nice features, is an entirely symmetrical location.

          • wow, thank you for that dark, sour, relentlessly negative take on things. fun times with swordroll.

          • I am drawn to the muted colors, and I loved the symmetry in ft. rachias. I actually have a collection of high-res screen caps from where I explored all over KR and took pics of the stuff I loved there. Thought the new bad-guys were pretty cool also, especially the ones in Tyrian Gorge. Just a difference of taste there, I guess.

          • Swordroll

            Positives of Khrysalis? It’s well-paced. There’s some repetition, but it keeps you moving. It’s not the constant bosses or frequent mob fights from previous worlds. I like the incorporation of the cheating bosses. And the plot itself has taken a pleasant turn from some of the previous worlds. Pirate might have some competition now.

            In terms of locations, I do have to say that based on the location names in the ending dialogue that are theorized to be all of Part 2, things sound promising. I’m crossing my fingers. Also looking forward to those cutscenes. They were pretty great in Part 1, so I can only imagine they’ll improve from here.

            Apologies that I’m not the “bright ray of sunshine” you were hoping for. :/ I’d just as soon tell it how I see it, and not just how people want to hear it. I enjoy posts on Duelist101, and regretfully do tend to chime in at… selective moments. *Ducks for cover*

          • Wow, thanks for bringing that bright ray of sunshine to the post, appreciate it Swordroll.

  • Anthony FireSword

    Looking over this, my biggest hope is that the Wizard101 metagame will go back to a more defensive and strategic metagame (such as the 1v1/team builds people like Nick and Azores are so well known for making) as opposed to the one we’ve had for about the past year which focuses on either stalling out your opponent (jade 1v1) or crit spamming. I’m not saying crit spammers or jade tanks should end all together, I’m just hoping that an “all around build” will no longer be the minority (picture it this way: crit users:jade tank:all around ratio, now it seems to be: 65:25:10, I hope it will be more like 33:33:33 (or somewhere along those lines)).

    • it did seem to go one direction, (defensive/jade) then in the opposite direction (mega-crit) so maybe some balanced gear, gear that would also be strong enough to be a popular choice, will get a turn next. No idea what’s coming, but it will be interesting to see.

    • Laurel Balanceblade

      If i try jade 1v1 shrike plus infalibble plus my own piercing should give around 85 piercing not a good idea besides i dont like the jade gear itself and that’s exactly wt i do

  • Cody DragonRider

    O.o? Moon Mastery… so we’re going to have a moon spell damage now? O.o
    Can’t wait for part 2 to come out….. and than Ill get member and level up my chars….. For now… Ill just steps aside from PVP XD. From what I’m hearing, *rumor* They says Morganthe will drop level 100 gears, like WW and Aquila. It’s posible to see the new pets, since we doesn’t get level 88 pets.

    • NoahSpellCaster

      Cody how can there be moon mastery O.O
      all the moon spells r 0 pips O.O
      and there are no attacks for moon either

      • Valdus goldenhaven


        • Wrong! It’s 0 pips so mastery won’t change a thing!

          • Jacob M.

            Wrong! Insane bolt deals Moon damage! But it uses storm pips! So mastery won’t change a thing!…. which is I guess what you were saying…. (face palm)

          • purple fury

            how about the new shift spells then? they cost 3 pips atm so if you has a mastery it would be like 2-4 pips instead of 3-6

          • At the time I wrote the comment you replied to, I had no knowledge of the Shift Spells.

  • Jacob M.

    Myth needs an AOE badly for their 98 spell….

    • Evan Windcloud

      true that

    • Does this! solve your problem?
      (or something of the sort :P)

      • thomas

        this was my idea…
        but Pegasus works too.

      • thomas

        i made this a while back, kinda what you guys mean when you say myth aoe?

        • Hmm, the range is a bit widespread and I don’t think the pip, damage and school type don’t correspond. Also Myth accuracy is typically 80%.

          • thomas

            Actually though, the 100 damage difference is typical of spells, and the pip amount is just the next level above calendar. However i agree that the spell itself might fit better with storm, but storm already had sirens so i thought giant whales could possibly be myth too. The accuracy was a typo.

      • lucas

        lol it’s that basically snow angel without the guy on top of it 😛

        • Not really, Snow Angel is a DoT and whoever said animation pattern has to be similar? For all you know the pegasus could literally come up to the enemy and hit him with wings or fly really fast around him or stomp on him or something like that. Why not more horse based spells? You already got Unicorn and Centaur and Snow Angel why not get more? There’s a lot of dragon types, let’s get some more horse types! Yeah!

          • Laurel Balanceblade

            you made me laugh

      • Ravenwalker

        i like the way u think but myth needs a higher damage spell… how about we change that 930 and turn it to a 1665-1710? And before u say i made it op let me remind u storm has storm owl tha does like 1800+ and it only cost 10 pips. (I’m a Fire but i speak for all)

        • That’s because storm is storm, built for damage. Let me remind you that it has no special effects besides the damage and that the BASE is 1525-1625, 1600 for 12 pips to all enemies is absolutely ridiculous, that’s overboard.

  • NoahSpellCaster

    myths king artorius is very fun to use and very funny to see other ppl rage but its a fail period for questing

  • NoahSpellCaster

    the ppl in pvp mean like rage like crazy

  • NoahSpellCaster

    and why did i erase my comment O.O

  • NoahSpellCaster

    K anyways I hope we dont get a overtime this time lol

  • NoahSpellCaster


  • Oh joy

    One this i want is the sharpen blades to appear golden, rather then looking normal

    • Cool idea 🙂

    • Laurel Balanceblade

      After a while blading sometimes i forget if i sharpened it or not it’ll be nice to know which is sharpened and which is not

    • Xicero

      OMG. Please KI, do this. When I am packed with blades on I always forget if I’ve sharpened or not. This would help A LOT.

  • bob

    maybe a pvp or even pve log that tells players what spells have been used by who, with filters for just blades or just heals etc. in krysalis i seemed to forget what types of blade i put on etc.

  • Personally I feel we should have pox in the Morganthe finale battle, and no ridiculous dungeon to go through to get to her. She obviously should drop good gear and there should be crafted gear. I think Khrysalis Part 2 will balance out the whole game, in terms of offense and defense. I feel we should get new Astral School Spells, it would be really cool if they introduced the Sun and Moon Blades and Traps 😛 Btw, what the heck is a moon mastery and Loremaster amulet? It’s probably time that Myth gets an AOE, Death gets a legit spell and Life stops getting healing based spells i: (heard a rumor that life IS going to get a healing spell this time round) Also, myth needs some kind of natural way to heal. I feel Myth School really needs to be strengthened and be as worth playing with as other schools and for it to seem much more appealing. In terms of school pets(and it’s time we get some!) I would love pets to give utility spells or give multiple cards or a new card only available in item card form from the pets(and some awesome kewl looking new hyrbids :D) and spells, well KI surprise me!

    • Jacob M.

      I definitely agree with you about Life not getting heals; there is no way Life can survive in PvP if they are just given heals as their ‘good spells’ contrarily to all the other schools, receiving prominent damage spells. I understand life is meant to be the main ‘healing’ school but that doesn’t mean their whole school should be based around it. Also I STRONGLY agree with you about Myth needing a buff. They don’t have any decent AOEs and (along with ice) have no way to naturally heal themselves. They’re meant to be the minion school but nowadays in PvP that doesn’t mean much, because even the strongest Myth minion (Talos) can be easily taken out with a critical 2-pip spell, which means a loss of 5 pips for the Conjurer (this point was also mentioned in the Vrael interview).

      • Pau

        If they need a way to heal make use of the 0 pip minion setting your opponent back 2-? pips if they want to kill it, then use the minion sacrifice spell. Every school but life has risks involved with their heals, death takes damage, fire doesn’t heal much, ice having the highest hp and resist hast to steal it, storms is unreliable etc.

        • Justin Covert

          no really but do agree myth do need buff (but still think ice need healing spell) but ice do steal heal because snow drift but all ice wizard (don’t never use it) level 95 ice wizard (still think storm still easy kill because we have shadow magic (lot people get boost in pvp from there attack spell) just wipe out a life wizard (spamming heal) without no blade, no trap with ice shield and using shadow magic with shadow shrike and attack boost her about +4,000
          ice is op but don’t have healing spell but don’t use snow drift because waste of space because don’t use it because WHEN vs ice because possible of snow drift healing steal fight xD! don’t use (don’t play game) fight spell to joke around with not toys!
          storm so, dumb because spam spell which wasting lot of pips) because don’t do something else!
          but do agree myth need buff for myth (people saying myth to op) to many DOT spell (put think that a lie *unless it true* because king artorius spell
          least ice get something not stun & taunt spell (Mostly annoying) hope for spell for ice (that had attack with effect of: shield or heal (mostly best talent spell is pips spell like: lord of winter & ice king artorius spell) (Most use those lot defeat op storm)
          but do wish come out with new attack wand spell because want more astral school attack wands spell 🙂 (only have moon) nice have shadow magic wands

          • yournewbestfriend

            myth doesnt have that many dots the dot school is fire

        • Luke

          What is that person happened to be carrying a wand in hand?

    • JacksonPirates

      Myth is already a fantastic school in the lvl 95 meta. I agree that Life needs an attack and Death needs to stop getting terrible spells, though. Also I suspect that the Loremaster Amulet will let you use power pips on ALL Loremaster spells. I wish that Sun, Moon, and Star would actually get their own blades and attacks. I would love if you can train that stuff. Honestly what I think we need is more schools you can start the beginning of the game with, as the current ones are getting a bit stale. Also I do not know why you would think that Kingsisle would balance out the game offensively/defensively in this update. It is wishful thinking, but KI definitely is not involved in the PvP world, as it took a major problem(Jade Turtles), made a counter to it(Hades), and then decided that wasn’t enough so they made Shrike, which is overkill.

      • Well Myth doesn’t seem as tempting completely gamewise, such as in PvE. The AoE is just bad, considering Frog does greatest damage.

        • JacksonPirates

          Oh, I thought we were talking PvP here…

          • Oh we are? Okay then, can you make me understand how they’re fantastic at the Top Level Meta? Gears, Spells? What factor makes it sufficient? Cause I got, like, zero XP in terms of myth so ya 😛

          • Paul

            Double stuns, 0 pip minion shield breaker, shatter, earthquake, amazing king spell, shift etc etc

          • Luke

            I think this is pretty legit for 11 pips: 1+1500 and 500 heal (hope you myth guys be using critical gear)

          • Nightwalker

            That is way more than the ENCHANTED version of their ten pip spell AND adds a heal. That is way too overpowering. But r would still be cool XD.

        • Justin Covert

          about earthquake because more damage but wreak vs fire not unless have ice on there team more then one because more ice (codycat death move) do on a op storm
          still think storm op because don’t care because still resist resist could be even more worst (Mostly for ice) immunity resist could chance (make more storm) lower fire resist immunity but still good pierce because shadow magic!

    • Myth godz

      I agree though I feel life needs a heal the last life heal was rebirth ( guardian spirit does not count as a heal ) that heal was made 5 years ago

    • Luke

      Wasn’t the totally back loaded King artorius myth a dot?

    • Justin Covert

      Don’t but Have Defeat her Bodyguard (New Bad Guys Might be (would put mystery of Lord Of Night) (remember morganthe something about did said: About Lord Of Night about million time before lord of thunder in Khrsysails) (Death Don’t Do Storm Magic with Shadow O_O (NEVER see death using storm spell)
      Khrysails Morganthe Homeworld is Khrysails? WHAT IS DARKMOOR???? would be Lord Of Night Homeworld as our new Bad guys for 3 arc (Guy In Robe??) O_O

  • tristan winterflame

    Life’s level 98 spell should be like a supernova for shadow spells. Ha, I wish. Lol

    • “Destroy Shadow Form”… MWAHAHAHA!!

      • Blaze MeOut

        Lol one can do that to himself anyway by using moon magic … oh my gosh we should have a moon spell to put on somebody like a weakness for three rounds for a shadow pip

    • jewelshadowcaster

      Or maybe Shadow Magic dispel? Haha, that would be a mean move 😛

      • Oh yeah! Love that! It should be a dispel astral or shadow magic, that would be just bad.

        • Justin Covert

          wishing for shadow magic spell for our own school so, third ranking power pips from color of our school!
          storm get [purple] power pips
          ice get [light blue] power pips
          fire get [red] power pips
          myth get [blue] power pips
          life get [green] power pips
          death get [grey or black] power pips but grey more better hard to see because of shadow magic xD
          balance [tan]

          • Tyler

            This is a great idea

          • Blaze MeOut

            I would like to agree on this but I like keeping the advantage in pvp when they dont know what wizard I am

          • Taylor FrostShard

            yea it is nice but it doesn’t matter that much since your opponent can check the quick chat icon to see anyways

          • Blaze MeOut

            Not everyone knows that so if someone doesn’t know … “the sky will fall” and “the shadow will strike”

          • Blaze MeOut

            Btw everything makes a difference

          • Xicero

            Myth should get yellow. Other than that, if they applied these kind of pips to the game, this will mean they’d have to make a third arc xD Hope they do though.

      • Blaze MeOut

        Hmm a moon spell card dispelling shadow magic for three pips and a star spell card to dispel star dispels for two pips sounds good

    • toothpick

      either shorten the shadow duration, making it harder to get rid of the backlash quickly, or add 15 backlash to the opponent’s for every turn left on their shadow spell? (still keeping the 70 max backlash of course.)

  • Hoping for balance to finally get a dot spell and new crafted shoes that have 100+ block (an upgrade from the current ones with about 93 block)

    • D: Balance DoT would be devastating and, combined with Supernova, would make Balance the top school for Top Level PvP!

    • Luke DH

      Jeff i’d support you so long as you support my wanting storm to have a dot spell too lol

  • Igor Efimov

    How about some accuracy on wands, à la the level 70 dropped and crafted Aquila wands? A modest (for post-Hades) amount of critical, combined with robust block and a reasonable accuracy boost? It always seemed like accuracy was a stat that sort of “belongs” on a wand. I’d be perfectly willing to give up 5-10% crit for a 5-7% accuracy boost. (But not at the expense of block)

  • Josh Fry

    Not suspending people for a “Kingsisle oops”, maybe after I am done suing Kingsisle this will happen. I have gotten hundreds of people on my side now, I am not suing just for this but every issue combined that has happened and so far we have the advantage for the fact Kingsisle has stepped over punishment boundaries.

  • What are those rumored Loremaster amulets and Moon Masteries?

  • Sophia LegendShard

    I’m hoping to see bug related spells ( not that I like bugs) but It would really match Krysalis`s style. I have been also been “bugging” Kingslsle for a while now to give fire a fire dragon pet. It may not be that good of an idea but I don’t know what else to wish for. Many myth wizards have been asking for a medusa pet, that’s a good idea. Kingslsle usually copies past spells and makes them as pets like a Wyvern spell was turned into a Wyvern pet, Phoenix spell into Pheonix pet, etc.

    • jewelshadowcaster

      Oh on that matter, Sun Serpent pet would look great. I just hope it wont me tiny size like they did with Triton pet. Gee you almost need a spy glass to see him. Sun Serpent pet half size of your wizard would be awesome 😀

      • o: I’ve always loved the tiny tritons

      • Sophia LegendShard

        Oh good idea, I like the sun serpent spell so a pet would be awesome.

    • Jacob Bain

      or at least a spinysaur pet XD

  • Blaze Goldshield

    I am almost certain that morganthe will be a shadow school boss is clearly obvious… i think

    • Heck yeah! I don’t think many people actually thought of that minor but very major detail, I myself realized how obvious that is once I read the comment :3

    • WilliamD

      probably shadow but i imagine at first she was planned to be a death boss

      • Laurel Balanceblade

        well she was darkness and all that so she could be a shadow boss with death mastery meaning that she get to hit you, heal and boost her attacks 😉

  • Frost Monarch

    I hope the tradition is broken and the level 98 spells for each school carry different ranks, or at the least have a manageable cost besides being rank 11. With the gear I have now I can beat any boss using a triton and saving for a storm owl seems to be counter-productive in many cases. But eh, I’m storm.

  • bd brandon

    hmm storm must get an op spell :3

    • hmc007

      not really, their spells pretty op, and they have high level aoe, their only problem is accuracy which most high levels have

      • Lol if you have some accuracy, lets say at least 10% then you’ll be fine, given you’re likely to be using infallible,

      • bd brandon

        well yeah but the crafted gear for azteca was not good the only change was one more resist point

        • Luke

          Rubs hands together evilishly because I have a storm wiz with 22% base storm accuracy muhahahahah! and like one hundred percent damage and about um, fifth ty percent critical.

  • Blaze Goldshield

    maybe they will make LIGHT pips which will be like the power pips of shadow pips (ik this idea really sucks lol)

    • Yeah, eventually they will have to invent new forms of pips that give you 3 pips each one o.o but the chances should be relatively low cause storm could totally op with those kinda pips. Imagine. Critical Triton in the first round….anyways we should start getting 2 power pips on our first round of battle from our wands!

      • Blaze Goldshield

        did u read what i wrote properly lol? light pips would be like power pips for shadow

        • They already got pips for Shadow magic? Shadow pips. That’s why I assumed that you said a pip type that is equivalent to 3 normal pips.

          • Blaze Goldshield

            light pips will be like power pips but for shadow spells and stuff if u still dont understand

          • Why would they do that? They don’t need power pips for Shadow pips because Shadow pips cost only 1 shadow pip.

          • Blaze Goldshield

            its just an idea ._.

    • purple fury

      it wouldnt if they would make light an acctuall school (like shadow) but it needs a bit more tought like what would be the effects of the school? is it a school like balance? or maybe like life? does it give cheats and if yes what cheats? (like shadow has cheats themself too)… i’d think when i hear the name light a combination of balance and life, a school that is hard to counter with shields and wich can heal, but cant be bladed or trapped exept using universal stuff. cheats would be a no probably, but give your idea a bit more tought and it would probably be awesome

  • riley

    i say shadow solar and stellar magics like turn a spell into a shadow version that has an immolate affect
    like shadow serpent 500 more damage plus 25% the total damage is done to you as well and shadow aura
    the pets should be Azteca spell based with rank seven may casts

  • Paul Fireflame

    There should be the introduction of gear which degrades, i.e after use of like 8-9 hours, it is removed from backpack.These gear should be a rare drop, but should give a lot better status than the non-degrade able gears.Maybe like a robe top giving 25-30% universal resist or maybe 150 critical?
    Also, as a lover of ice magic, ice should be given a spell with a good de-buff.I mean except stunning, what else do we have? taunt and lose 3 pips!? Is it a joke man!?
    That’s all. Cheers!

    • Luke

      but that’s underrated critical: Black rain helm: 185 storm critical or 37% on a max level currently or Paladin’s Thundering helm: 190 storm critical (forgot percent amount)

    • Xicero

      Seems like it would add a challenge. I like it 😛

  • Bambuchani

    Well…. I would like more utility Spells than an 11-Pip Spell.
    Maybe with Moon-Mastery Amulet it means that you can SUMMON a Moon-Spell ( Temporary ?? )
    A Loremaster-Amulet ??? Maybe you summon just the Loremaster?
    New Gear drops would be cool.
    New Crafted Gear ( with new Crafter-Rank like * The Promethean of Crafting * ) ist tooo important.
    New Shadow Magic? This IS Awesome! Maybe a new Form of REAL Minion (we are the bad guys using bad magic)
    I AGREE that Myth needs an GOOD AOE and Heal…OR a a COOL New Form of a Spell that only Myth has 😛
    New Astral Spells? I wanna DAT^^
    New Level 98 Pets? Maybe a Update to the Level 58 Pet ( An balanced Pet )

    Ummm…. I also want THE continue to Wintertusk and Aquila!
    If you know a Bit of these Myths the Shadow Magic would PERFECT fit!

  • Guest

    wishing for shadow magic spell for our own school so, third ranking power pips from color of our school!

    storm get [purple] power pips
    ice get [light blue] power pips
    fire get [red] power pips
    myth get [blue] power pips
    life get [green] power pips
    death get [grey or black] power pips but grey more better hard to see because of shadow magic xD
    balance [tan]

  • Mythhaunter

    I think it is time myth got a spell that hits every enemy because humongofrog just isn’t cutting it anymore in Avalon, Azteca, and Khrysalis. I think that if we get a pet and a spell in the same quest like the level 48 spell and pet quest, the pet should at least be the same creature as the spell. I think this has been a big problem with storm because storm never once got the same creature as their spell. Life got their spell gnome and they got a pet gnome. Death got a skeleton dragon. Fire got efreet, ice got wooly mammoth. Even though some of these pets didn’t match their spells they still got a pet that was one of their school spell quests. See storm got stormzilla, kraken, and now triton. I was so happy to see what level 78 pet I was going to get but yet again, they bummed me out. I like the idea of crafted gear and I think they should make it so that it changes everything in pvp. I really hope KI sees this so they see my problem. So KI, I hope you make things a little different then the pattern you are on.

  • Dylan dragonflame

    fire should get a healing spell i dnt count link or power link because the healing is weak they should get a healing thts 3 pips and heals about 650 or 700 and it should be called burning aid or something with a heart on fire

    • I think this is pretty legit

      • Jacob Bain

        Lol if only life got that kind of a healing spell instead of satyr being there only hope….

        • Life got plenty of heals and heal boosts.

          • james

            you got fairy, satyr, and rebirth as well enough heals why don’t life get a spell that can attack and heal at the same time. its kinda like chimera and hydra one attack and one heal. AND FOR ONCE WHY DOESN’T DEATH GET A SPELL THAT CAN ATTACK AND HEAL ALL ALLIES INSTEAD OF THEMSELVES

          • Life does get an attack that hits and heals. It’s King Artiorus(or however you spell his name). And chimera and hydra doesn’t hit and heal…

      • Blaze Goldshield

        omg i want this in game xD

      • Ravenwalker

        omg i can just imagine : hey ur my opponent buy let me heal u so you can kill me =) … oh and dont forget to get a healing boost!!
        that spell should b to self not target u kno unless u wanna b killed X)

        • This isn’t to an enemy, this is to a teammate.

          • Ravenwalker

            Oh i see… lol i got confused at the “target” part

          • Ravenwalker

            Can it also be to self?

          • Yes.

      • Laurel Balanceblade

        wont work

        • How come? I know it’s legit. It’s single target, and it’s 5 pips. Regenerate does a total of like, 1200 for 5 pips, and Satyr does 860 for 4 pips. Dryad would do an exact 1000 for 5 pips, and this is slightly over. I create my cards so they’re as reasonable as possible.

          • Laurel Balanceblade

            That’s why they are ‘life’ right?

          • purple fury

            well obviously life should be better healers… maybe 945 would be a nice amount?
            or better idea: heal 600 to self and deal 300-600 irreductionable damage to target?

    • Luke

      Um, In the age of Potentially one hundred percent Critical chance, power link primoridial enchanted goes critical, there ain’t really stopping that heal.

      • The Operator

        Agreed, the schools that really need heals are ice and myth. Otherwise, critical builds are hard to pull off if you can’t heal effectively.

        • WilliamD

          i think all schools need an effective way to heal, for fire a crit power link goes for about 120 then about 200 or more per round witch isnt nearly as effective as availings 230 and 800 per round

  • Luke DH

    I think that they really need to give storm some accuracy boost and a DoT spell, seems all schools have one except storm. And i mean one that can be learned, not given through gear or pets.

    • Hey, balance doesn’t have a DoT either 😛 I would even take a 4 pip dot like poison except for balance.

      • Luke DH

        Yea, forgot that balance didnt have one haha. Ok so add DoT to balance and storm? :p

        • purple fury

          would you guys stop asking for dot spells already, storm and balance dont need them, with the stats of storm they can still one hit k o people with a 70% storm shield on, and balance can only be countered with tower shield or legion shield anyway (exept if you count hydra and chimera, but they can be used to remove towers easely). i agree life didnt really needed one either as long as balance and ice where only schools shielding against them, but this has changed too bad…

  • Paul fireflame

    ice should get this spell :

    • TOO MUCH DAMAGE FOR 11 PIPS! Too much damage at all -_-

    • james

      you really want to resort to killing maxed wizards? isn’t storm criticals enough to kill?

    • Scot StormHaven

      LOl imagine how powerful the Storm spell would be XD!!!

      • Luke DH

        lol 6000 to all over 2 rounds xD

    • Ravenwalker

      spell op, maybe 2300 maximum.

    • oOPwnerOo

      Oh yea? Fire should get this spell

    • oOPwnerOo

      Oh yea? fire should get this spell :

  • Jacob Bain

    Life needs to get a attack damage aura AT LEAST!!! Because life is very weak, they need to get a 1,000 damage spell so that they actually do something, because life can never do a boss on there own without any help of a storm. its insane how so many life people ask help because they can never instant kill a boss or at least bring its health down, I mean there needs to be a improvement on that.

    • Um.. Life doesn’t have those problems at all. I use my Life as the main attacker when questing, because Forrest Lord is one of the best AoE attacks in the game, and Life gets solid damage and big buffs. My main problem with Life in KR was overkilling everything. lol

      • Really? O.O thought it would be Sirens or something with all the effects 😛

      • Really? Thought it’d be Sirens with the damage and effects and everything that it does 😛

    • james

      frankly no one but storm can instant kill a boss they can put there health down but killing a boss in one hit is a bit tough when you get up from dragonspyre-khrysalis

      • WilliamD

        4 blades and a feint is a dead boss 9 times out of 10 for me

  • dev

    i dont like the fact that myth got shift, i think it should be fire who got it, afterall they are the king of overtimes but KI is changing that, myth king art got over time and fire got stun, i dont mind stun but fire have efreet for same pips and does -90 which fails the next attack in pvp and also fire needs a healing, ice have good resist so they can heal without worrying less but on the other hand fire have lesser resist and i think they should get heal like storm, balance,death, have got 😛 cheers

    • I think it’s plenty fair that Myth got Shift, if Life got Triage and Mass Triage and Ice got Cooldown. Besides, if fire had the Shift spell, what DoT(Damage Over Time) would they have to counter and use it against? All the spells I listed earlier in this post are designed to counter the threat of DoTs, because a shield will only block a portion of the damage, unlike single hits where a shield blocks a much vaster majority of damage. Also, it is a good spell for Myth, that helps make them dangerous if not handled properly in the Top Level Meta instead of some Pushover school(like how some guides consider storm to be, even though we’re insanely dangerous :P)

  • I hope their are crafted and dropped gears, which balance the choices of gear type for the game. It would be nice to see a diversity in stats and gear from all PvPers, so you have a lot of different paths to take. You can be a crit monster, a jade, some guy that totally builds pips and stalls your enemy with weakness then hits, low pip spammers with high damage and pierce but not overexcessive crit, that kinda thing. In conclusion, I want all different stat paths combined with spells to balance out each other and to see a great diversity in terms of stats.

    P.S. Critical based shadow spell

  • Johnny the Bear

    test realm is out!

  • nubbyygant

    I feel that you guys are noobs

    • Thanks for sharing your opinion, what level are you? If you’re saying Newbie, then no because they know a lot more than you do. If your calling them low-levels, then no again because they shot up to Promethean.

      • antonio stormhero

        um you will find him level ten and muted running around commons asking for a gift

        • Aaron S.


    • Duelist101 has a diverse collection of guides to help players, all of which, many find helpful. To me, this alone shows that they aren’t noobs.

    • riley

      if you dont have some thing nice to say then keep your trap shut- every parent that ever existed

  • nubbyygant

    Who ever made this websire is stupid.

    • 🙂 Not really, since the majority of visitors to this site actually LOVE IT! 😀 Hater’s gonna hate. Your comment may be removed soon, just saying.

    • I’m assuming you’re just testing to see if we enforce the Code of Conduct on this site. Well, we do! I regret to inform that you have lost your commenting privileges. 🙁

      • thomas

        some people…… *ahem* “get a life…. uh… nu–bbb–ygant?”

    • antonio stormhero

      duelist is the best site its even better than another wizard101 sites for me
      um nubbygant um your thread will be removed as shadow blade said

      from me you are just a little noob if you don’t like this site make your own and we will see how many people will go there x HAHA loudly x

      • Aaron S.


      • Laurel Balanceblade

        well i dont know the deleted comment but it sounds like he backlashed the site and not good cuz i actually LOVE this site

  • antonio stormhero

    since in test realm schools is kinda different and cause they have put some kind of strange symbols on each floor in the magic schools??? is that means we will get two spells not just one spell

    i mean like we are getting our 11 rnk spells and we will get another spells in lvl100 and srsly i think its time to get our four pet school pet since lvl78

    and i agree with you all that morganthe will be the final boss but ki need to put her up in a dungeon no just stupid thing to get to her

    rank11 spells should be like this myth gets a aoe spell cause srsly they only got a frog and earthquake frog is ok but the earth quake is just attacking all with a small hit and remove blades+shields its good it remove it but with lower damage

    the life stop getting heals like they got rebirth at lvl 48 spell it just they can not survive in any of pvp or do an instance alone they will be die easy there only hope is satyr with same time life needs a aoe spell too they just got their forest lord that does great damage

    ice with high health with their good resist and block to spells not having a nature healing basing on their school and if you say snow drift its a natural heal i will kick your bottom cause it just steals your heal that its around three rounds

    fire i think its time that they get *finally* doe spell cause they got five aoe spells at the same time it need to be nature healing too as thier link and even power link do a small healing

    storm stop getting a strong spells like storm owl is the strongest spell if you compare it with all damage in rnk10 spells so they should get something not strong not weak

    balance i don’t know wt say they almost have everything up

    death just stop give them such horrible spells like the scarecrow i know i know it have good damage but compare it with all lvl 48 school spells you will find it just the most weak

    and to astral i just wish we learn star and sun magic ummm i think we will learn it up then when we finish with them all they will give us a badge

    and lol going learning shadow spells too we just beginners

    and i wish that dispell teacher give us a quest for shadow magic dispell for all schools

    and as the rumors i wish i got the loremaster mastery cause it give you power pips on all crafted spells dropped by loremaster

    and crafted gear we will have a craft person since we have not one in first part for lvl +98 this will be great

    • Luke

      I have 2 words for you about small heals from power link and link, Critical Spammer.

    • Luke DH

      Storm is the powerhouse school….that’s why it gets the highest damage spells but has the lowest resist at the same time along with the lowest health and accuracy. I agree life needs a new spell that hits all enemies and it needs to break 900 damage i’d say or something that is at least 100 more damage then forest lord. Ice has the highest health and resist they really don’t need a school healing spell…

  • khrysalis

    the few things i want most are:

    level 98 spells
    new crafted gear
    new pets

  • Spoiler

    Ambrose will die.

  • ÐåѵأƊ Ð∀ℜƘᎦᏲäđḜ

    I wonder if one of the new amulets we would get would be a mastery TO ALL SCHOOLS.. maybe a rare drop from Morganthe? Too OP?

    • purple fury

      i dont think mastery to all schools but mastery to multyple schools at once (for example a life and death mastery in 1 amulet) is possible

      • ÐåѵأƊ Ð∀ℜƘᎦᏲäđḜ

        Well now, a few tweets have already confirmed the amulets from Morganthe. Here’s the balance:

        • purple fury

          nice and on the wizards where i dont use mastery’s it will be very powerfull too… cant wait to see life one

  • Tyler Walters

    I think that they need to add more useful spells, like they did in Avalon. Myth obviously needs a new AoE. Death also needs an AoE that does something besides damage (like a stun or takes charms). Life needs a new AoE that could maybe heal all players for like 600 over 3 rounds? I don’t really think they need to work on storm that much. Ice needs more damage wether that be the damage or attacks. Fire doesn’t need that much work just a new AoE spell. Myth needs a spectral/spiritual blast that is an AoE and hits one of the schools for about as much damage as Sabertooth probably like 455 more. For crafted gear I think they are gonna add it, not really sure if it is going to be centered on block, critical etc. For pets we definitely need some. Fire I think will get either fire dragon, sun serpent, or the new level 98 spell. For storm either levy, owl, or 98. Myth medusa, or 98. Balance maybe Ra, saber tooth or 98. Death I think is going to be fossil but could be 98 spell. For ice I think Lord of Winter, snowangel, or 98 spell. Life I think is Spinysaur or 98 spell. Unfortunately I don’t think they are going to add level 100 gear since they have the Tartarus gear recently. I do think Morganthe will drop a good wand. I hope we get new astral spells because even though I love gargantuan it is time for a new spell. I also think it would be cool if we got a potent for shields. It is also rumored that we might get school mounts I think this would be a cool and exciting edition for the game. Hopefully they are not from crowns but dropped by Morganthe herself.

    • Luke DH

      I honestly think storm needs a damage over time spell like all other schools (except balance) have. And i mean one that is learned and placed in your spell deck, not given by gear or pets or by mutating a fire elf spell.

  • Level 101! KI absolutely MUST make the cap 101!

  • KI dropped a hint that Khrysalis won’t put an end to Morganthe 😛

  • Okay I feel the need to clear something up. Lots of replies here have suggested Storm and Balance getting DoT(Damage over Time) spells. This is unreasonable. Storm is a powerhouse and designed to kill quick, not over time. Balance would be insanely OP with a DoT and Supernova already out there. The only defense you have shield-wise is tower shield. Legion and absorb armors cost pips, so those aren’t as universal for use as Tower Shield. If balance had a DoT, it would chew straight through those towers, making it hard(er) to defend yourself. That’s why storm and balance don’t need DoTs.

  • Jonathan Goldenweaver

    Based on the celestial calendar the only time Morganthe can sing the song of creation is during the alinement of the worlds known as the astral eclipse. That’s why she had to go into Celestia to learn astral magic so she could handle the eclipse

  • Georgi Simidchiev

    Balance only needs a prism enough ! 😀

    • guest

      balance would probably get one for convert universal to death, life, ice, fire, myth, and storm

  • Messiah

    I’m not sure but I think we may be stripped of our spells and may have to rely on Shadow Magic to defeat Morganthe. At the end of Khrysalis part 1 she DID say, “I will strip you of your spells soon enough! Blah, blah, blah, and so forth and so on.”

  • Ravenwalker

    lol really long comment coming through but i think all the lvl 98-100 spells should all have around the same damage deal (i think storm can handle not being the only op wizards right?) and c’mon guys you’re gonna b lvl 100 and you’re saying 1800 is op? KI should make some 2500-2600 spells. I don’t have any cards to show you but i think my ideas will show more clearly what the animation will b like for that spell if i explain it. So i’m gonna explain my ideas in 2 forms: A regular set AND a Khrysalis themed set.

    Name: Fires of Mazana
    Details: A mountain will begin to form from lava and fire, and after it has formed will explode a piece of itself to every opponent, causing 2485-2535 damage and gives all friends 45% fire blade and 15% accuracy blade.
    (Me being a fire i actually have many more ideas like maybe ghostrider since he has a fire head but im doing only one each right now)

    Name: The Kraken
    Details: A destroyed ship comes to view and a tentacle pops up and then another until the Kraken has fully emerged from the water. The Kraken will look at opponent and smash all his tentacles on him/her dealing 2540-2590 damage. Gives a 40% storm blade to self and a 20% accuracy blade.

    Name: Jack Frost
    Details: Jack Frost will appear in front of opponent say “Hello there” and smack enemy with staff, dealing 1100+350 PER round for 4 rounds (Which will be by the way a total of 2500 damage!! Not including blades and traps, hurray!!!) Also gives 45% ice blade and 30% off next incoming spell

    Myth: (say no more myth people, i have an idea spell for you and so u kno… it’s not underpowered!
    Name: Glory of The Gods
    Details: Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades will appear before opponent (and its not going to be the bird dudes from the bird world lol nickname) and each god will hit 825 damage (Which in total will equal 2475) and will stun you for 2 rounds.(Also if you’re probably wondering, each god will do MYTH damage only)

    Life: (Finally, an attack spell!!)
    Name: Life Titan
    Details: A titan will form from leaves and trees, bellow at opponent and smash its hands on enemy, dealing a total of 2455-2505. Gives 45% life blade and (lol srry) 20% on next incoming heal.

    Death: (I think we all agree with the fact that death needs a legit spell and not one of those “swap half” stuff… no worries!)
    Name: Raven
    Details: A human sized raven will fly down from the sky, landing near opponent. The raven will then fly forward, hitting enemy with its wings and deal 1300, flying over enemy and then coming down one last time dealing 1250. (Which will equal 2550) Gives 40% death blade and hex opponent with 20% universal trap.

    Balance: (I know people have complained about how low balance damage is but i’m about to “balance” that out =)
    Name: Clash of Schools
    Details: Each proffesor from each school will appear before opponent, each dealing 350 (Calm down, it’ll all equal 2450 in the end. Also, obviously each proffesor will deal their schools’ element but that wont matter since the only type of wizard that will be able to get this spell is a balance wizard… unless of course you earn it as a treasure card from a boss)

    That’s all i got for now i will post the Khrysalis theme some other time. BYE

    • Luke

      Edit, glory of the gods also heals you, and jack frost also also heals you.

      • Uh, Kraken already exists? Your ideas are off balance.

        • Luke

          This was the guy not me? right shadowblade? cause I know bout kraken.

          • Yeah it’s for Ravenwalker.

          • Luke

            Okay good, and btw Ravenwalker, each school is op in their own right! life gets rebirth which is great nowadays when you can always critical, storm is damage master, fire breaks shields with their dots and efreet weakness is very formidable, death steals health, ice can get 115% percent fire and storm resist, and 65% to the resist (fortify is used in these percentages), myth eh, needs help but shall find something for myth, and balance has incredibly good and slightly overpowered utility spells! what’s not there that says every school is overpowered in their own way? (I want an answer)

    • purple fury

      first of all some of the spells already exist in different form (fire one sounds like rain of fire and storm one is obvious). second of all i think they are op when it comes to damage

  • colin

    The new shadow spells are just going to be the ones that we saw the bosses use in part one. So 15 backlash instead of 30

  • DaDarkGuy

    So I came up with a few spells tell me what you guys think, only effective criticism please!
    I think that they’re quite balanced spells. Damage on Cold Season should be lowered a little I think though.

    • DaDarkguy

      Also the heart is credit of KI’s art.

      • Gargoyle, damage too low, Cold Season, damage too high, Tsunami, Storm already has 9 pip Sirens with similar damage and first aid seems basically like a dispel against the next damage spell, with a 300 heal bonus. Too unreasonable.

        • purple fury

          first aid isnt a dispell next attack, it simply heals the damage of the last attack he took (if someone casted a siren and it did 900 damage it will heal that 900 damage+300 however if it was a 130 damage wand attack it would heal that 130 damage+300)… sounds like a very funny spell, but maybe something for storm rather then fire…

    • ImJustBeingRealisticPeople!

      MYTH NEEDS AN ALL HIT SPELL!! NO MORE SINGLE! I mean heck man, I hate using my myths all hit spells because they are an embarrassment! if King Artorius does 50+1020 damage for 3 rounds and gives +10% and removes +1 positive than the all hit spell should be like the king spell but change it to an all hit. the hit should be worth like 100+1250 damage for 3 rounds + stun for 1 round or something. or they can change the Celestial Calendar to an all hit spell .0.!

    • WilliamD

      imo these would be better damages and effects
      myth:600+700 stun and the 10 pierce
      fire: 1050 health
      storm:1130 destroy all positives
      a death one i decided on; 1000 damage -75 next heal and -35 next damage spell
      a balance one i made:350 damage 2-50 next heals 2-40 weaknesses 2-50 accuracy stun 1 round and +20 next spell to self
      life one i made: 700 damage 700 healing +60 next heal and cleanse one negative

      • DeathAngel

        No, i disagree about the death one. death should be a little more because 1000 is to to close to avenging fossils. i suggest that the death should be 1250 or even higher.

  • Extreme

    WE NEED A NEW SUN SPELL!!!!!!!!! How about something called EXTREME with 325 damage and a green/ blue fist?

  • The Dreamstone

    kingsisle me and my friends have been talking and we think your commitment to your wizard means at level 100 you get your mount the prequest will be your 98 spell and it would be awesome people will know who you are and its a chance to see your “school colors”. please take this into plan at the end of part 2 at level 100 please I got my friends right behind me on this

  • The Dreamstone

    full pleged ice wizard!!!!!!

  • Yolo yobro

    I think life should get a spell called manticore dealing 700 life damage to all enemy’s and stun them all and place a -45% weakness on them

  • Yolo yobro

    And I think there should be PVP spells that are 12 pips and PVP-ONLY they should be called master of so and so, like for example balances spell should do 280 balance damage to all enemy’s, remove all positive and negative blades and charms and add a -90% weakness to all

  • James Deatheart

    I think that the new death spell should looking something like this a black snake crawling out of a hole and like spitting poison or something

  • TannerFrogbringer

    nailed the pets c:

  • Madie Blue

    Khrysalis part 2 test realm is out the real one is coming woot!

  • purple fury

    i’m not familiar with ‘dampen magic’, can any1 please tell me a bit more about it?

  • purple fury

    i think we should be able to play as sun, moon or star school too, with theyre own school unique spells. also i agree on myth getting a heal, and ive been thinking for a new sun school spell that could really help out: reinforce, wich will add 20% resist to the shield spell you enchant with it (for example: a tower shield would be 70% instead of 50% and legion shield would be 50% instead of 30%)