Daily PvP Chest Rewards(Day 5, 10, 15)

Daily PvP Chest Rewards

As many of you are no doubt aware- PvP in test realm offers daily PvP rewards for those intrepid souls brave enough to partake in Ranked PvP everyday (so pretty much any pvper reading this site). The update notes promised interesting rewards and this thread will attempt to compile them. As such we need your help! Post your screenshots in the comments below so we can see what kind of rewards we can expect. You will, of course, be credited.

There is no difference between the drops for day 5, day 10 and day 15.



Daily PvP chest rewards

Shiny Health Opal +106 (on a max wizard)

Lustrous Health Opal +100 (on a max lvl wizard)

Blemiushed Health Opal +36 (on a lvl 50 wizard)

Flawed Defense Ruby +20 (on a lvl 50 wizard)

Flawed Health Opal +29 (on a lvl 50 wizard)


Housing items

Round Statue Base housing item

Demon Pig Statue housing item

Aztecosaur Statue housing item

Blue Ancient Statue housing item

Shadow Weaver Statue housing item

Chained Kraken Statue housing item

Khai Amahte Statue housing item

Wyrmkin Statue housing item

Crab Claw Statue housing item

Goliath Statue housing item

Spiral Statue housing item (thanks to Talon Legendstaff in the comments!)

Minotaur Statue housing item

Kraken Statue housing item

Unicorn Statue housing item

Clawed Statue Base housing item



Bone Dragon mount (received by Erin RosePetal)

Purple Glider temporary mount (thanks to Mark LifeWraith in the comments!)

Jade Wyvern permanent mount (thanks to Ñełvô Çeñač in the comments!)



Soulful Knight pet

Melted Knight pet

Boundless Knight pet



Tiger Lily seed

Laugh-o-dil seed

Burning Snap Dragon seed

Venus Fly Trap seed

Evil Snow Peas seed

Snap Dragon seed

If you’re lucky enough you can get permanent mounts like the Jade Wyvern as well. Our very own Eric Stormbringer got Lord of Night on day 15 and Pastromi from the comments got Winter Moon on day 5.

Did You Get Anything Interesting? Let Us Know in The Comments Below!

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