Expansion Teaser #2- Missing Opossum Eggs?

Expansion Teaser #2

Kingsisle has released Expansion Teaser #2 for the upcoming Spring Expansion. This one focuses on the school pets that have been mentioned in previous Kingsisle Live episodes. The teaser came on the main message boards (Click Here) and on a Youtube video seen below:

Thanks to the latest KI live on 17th March, all upcoming pets have been revealed to us!


Raincore (Storm)

raincore pet

Ghulture (Death)

ghulture pet expansion

Kookaburra (Life)

Opossum (Balance)


Borealis Golem (Ice)

Borealis Golem

Eyeball (Myth)



Raging Bull (Fire)

Raging Bull


Are you Excited for the New Pets? Let Us Know in The Comments Below!

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  • The Power

    We’d probably know all of the pets by now if KI didn’t make Wizard101 Spoilers take down their twitter. I’m sure the people who were behind the page still do it though and know what’s to come before anyone else. 😛

  • Aaa

    Those pets are garbage. I think we would all be happy if the pets were based off the rank 5 and 6 shadow enhanced spells. Death- cthulu. Myth- either mystic colossus or the witch house. Life- caterpillar. Balance- gaze. Storm- glow bug. Fire- either fire from above or bull. Ice- weaver.

    • Bbb

      No, this means that the new pets will give a unique card that we have never seen. Except for Raging Bull.

  • Blaze Goldleaf

    I’ve seen all the 118 pets already from Wiz Spoilers on Twitter, so I can say I’m not really that excited. The pets in my opinion don’t really seem that good, and the only ones that I kinda want are the Storm and Life ones.

    • The Power

      Oh, they put up their Twitter again?

      • Blaze Goldleaf

        Sorry, my wording is bad. I meant to say I saw it from new Wizard101 spoilers people on Twitter.

  • Nobody Posted

    100% Certain that these new pets will give a unique card.

  • The Power
  • The Power
  • The Power
  • The Power
    • Alex


  • Loren Kuschka

    i cant wait for the ghulture pet for my death wizard! im so exited for this update!

  • Kookaburra? Awesome!

  • astrid

    Going from a sabertooth to a opossum i’m not happy

  • The Power

    Eyeball is for Myth. I’m sure you knew this but it says Death here, just letting you know.

    • Cody RavenTamer

      Good eye! xD thanks

      • The Power

        lol “eye”

  • Patrick FairyStalker

    Can we just discuss the reality that an eyeball is going to be able to breed…

    • Eric Stormbringer

      Illuminati confirmed

  • greatrain576

    Raging Bull pet. Yes! Although i would have preferred a mount of Raging Bull, i think the pet will be just as fun, if not better. Can’t wait to see what talents it has to offer.

  • ethan

    Ok, the new pets look great. I wish everyone would stop complaining about how they didn’t get their shadow spell as a pet. The designs are great and I’m glad that they’re actually taking the time to make “PETS” and not these mini versions of in game monster spells. Honestly, fire’s pet is my least favorite out of the new batch/