Wizard101 Harpy Pet (Aquila)


The New Wizard101 Harpy Pet

harpy theme pic


One of the new arrivals on the Aquila Test Realm– a winged spirit based on Greek Mythology: the Harpy! This pet is dropped in Aquila’s Atlantea dungeon, by the side-quest boss Sand Squid.

Not only does this pet offer a new talent, it even provides a variety of new spells to the game! Let’s take a closer look at the pet, its stats and those new spells. First up, the new “may cast”.





May Cast Spirit Blade

spirit blade

This one is self-explanatory: this pet has a chance to randomly cast a Spirit Blade. No word yet on the activation rate or triggers, we’ll post details as we learn more. 

In all the Harpy pets we have seen, this talent is manifested at Teen.



Harpy Stats and Spells

harpy statsharpy 1

You can take a look at its 1st generation stats in the image. The Harpy is another pet that changes its spells as you level it.

At Baby, Adult and Epic the spells provided by the Harpy change. The first one is a spell that we’ve seen before, Spirit Trap. But the next two spells are new to the game, and are altered versions of the popular spells Spectral Blast and Chimera.

At adult, the Harpy gets Celestial Blast. This is a Spirit version of Spectral Blast and costs 4 pips (click here to see the animation for all 3 hits). And at Epic the card becomes Lycian Chimera, an all-enemy Chimera hit (7 pips). Here is a closer look at the spells:



Spirit Trap Item Card

harpy baby

At Baby & Teen

Celestial Blast

harpy adult

At Adult & Ancient

Lycian Chimera

harpy epic spell

At Epic & Mega

Video: Harpy Pet!

Harpy isn’t the only new pet in Aquila. Click here to see our guide to the Enchanted Armament pet. And we’ll add more pet info as it becomes available. If you have any data we missed, feel free to let us know in the comments, and we will modify the guide! Be sure to keep checking back, as we will continue to roll out guides to the new Aquila Update.

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  • Tyler Moonblade

    I just wish the cards didn’t change…. Balance could do with a celestial blast 😛

    • penrosecat1

      Wish celestial blast could be learnt 😛

      • Tyler Moonblade

        They should replace donate power with celestial blast! I think we can all agree they only made that spell for the balance minion.

        • penrosecat1

          Maybe one of the triple dispels, i havent seen them useful anywhere

          • Tyler Moonblade

            In pvp as a last resort I use it 😛

  • Hunter Duskcatcher

    WOW I want that chimera…. That much damage to every enemy is epic.

    • Anthony FireSword

      Hate to rain on your parade, but only one of those 3 heads will be hitting. It could be very good for low levels, but once you get access to celestia, you’re better off using enchanted sandstorm, ra, or power nova. Would have been EPIC if all 3 hit though (i’d imagine beguile would become even MORE popular :P)

      • Alyssa

        Get over it. We can read. And actually, that chimera, does more damage.

        • Valdus

          Does it? For 4 power pips, which is pretty much all you get for a balance wiz at Atlantea level, you can cast two colossal sandstorms. That’s a minimum base damage of 1,060 and two chances at critical.

          • r0k3t

            But will that sandstorm be worth against balance minions/boss?
            lycian chimera is perfect for those occasions when all [or most] are balance

  • Blaze MeOut

    😛 XD look closer at the chimera spell to all enemy it works like a spectral or celestial blast it only chooses to attack with life death or myth not all 😛

  • Garrett Justus

    these pets…are pretty awesome. makes me wish pirates would of gotten more new pets other than the golem

  • Jamesfireflame

    It’s basically a spirit version of the therizinosaurus

  • Sabrina SkullBreaker

    I only trained mine to adult so far but it got the spirit blade and spell proof 🙂 Wish I could get so lucky in live realm. BTW that boss is brutal for a myth wizard lol

    • i bet it is tough! congrats on the pet, that’s a great start.

  • taylor wildsword

    I wish they would make a pet that was a spud without hatching, but the talents that werent spritely, unicorn, spell proof, or spell defy were like pip o plenty and talents that suck o: