Mirage: Coming Soon to Wizard 101


Hello, young Wizards! Did you know that Kingsisle has officially released a teaser for it’s new world coming this fall? That’s right! Mirage is coming soon to Wizard 101! What can we expect from this world? Read on to find out. For more trailers click here and here.

What Do We Know of Mirage?

We actually have quite a bit of supporting lore for Mirage despite us never having visited there. We know that Mirage is a desert world ruled by different warring factions. We know (from the NPCs from that world) that it is based on the Middle East. It seems to be a fairly prosperous and well-connected world: producing an Arcanum Scholar(the Death scholar Qismah Shasa) as well as partaking in the Contest for the Spiral Cup in Wysteria. We know that they had an active trade relationship with the Celestians(they loaned Celestial researchers the Desert Star relic) and was once a prosperous and peaceful world.

Mirage is also one of the worlds mentioned by Old Cob at the end of Khyrsalis. We know that Old Cob sent his children to the worlds he mentioned and we have seen the devastation the Rat caused in Polaris. It is very likely that another of Old Cob’s children resides in this world and we may have to stop them as well. As Mirage is a desert world many have speculated that it will be the target of the Scorpion(Old Cob’s 3 known children are the Rat, the Scorpion and the Bat)

KingsIsle Live and Teaser Image

On the recent KI Live celebrating Pirate 101’s Birthday, wizards were also given a reason to celebrate. The first official Teaser for Mirage was released. Here is a look at the teaser below and a link to the KI Live episode here.


Are You Excited? Let Us Know in the Comments Below!

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  • I See The Future

    Test realm will be released on the last week of October or the first week of November. My guess according to the previous release dates around this time of year.

    And I think the purple guy IS The Scorpion judging from his scorpion claw staff.

    • MatthewLegendCaster

      based on how late it is in the month and we only just got the first teaser (polaris teasers began much early in October last year, and test came out last week of October), I predict within the first two weeks of november as the earliest possible release of test with a early december live

      • Blaze Goldleaf

        The first Polaris teaser was actually shown in the first week of September, but it would be nice for Mirage test realm to come out late October.

        Ever since Kingsisle laid off 80+ employees, they don’t seem to be showing many teasers as to what is coming up in their new updates. They showed practically nothing for the Summer update, and the recent Pirate101 update came out of nowhere. I’m under the impression that they’ll barely tease Mirage and then release the test realm.

        • MatthewLegendCaster

          i mean we all hope for sooner than later lol, but the correction of the september start to teasing makes me think that it might even be late november :l

        • TK Sotka

          The layoff had basicly nothing to do with Wizard101 itself and might’ve had a positive effect since KI is now focusing fully on W101/P101 again after they threw the mobile devs out of the window because their investment on mobile games wasn’t paying off.

  • Simon

    I am super excited about this.

  • Chris

    Yay finally!

  • Jeroue Swaby

    so excited too hope new spells are coming out too

  • James Earthwalker

    The only thing I want more than anything is easier accessibility to Jewels.

    • Blaze Goldleaf

      Same, I’m really hoping that Jewels are more numerous and drop more often in Mirage than they were in Polaris.

    • MatthewLegendCaster

      im hoping the bosses drop the jewel plants

  • RangerJrChasten

    I believe the child of old cob that we will be facing this time will be the Bat. look at the minion looking monsters in the lower right, they seem to have long pointed ears and small eyes, typical of any known bats.

  • Jake

    The purple guy is definitely the scorpion, his staff is even shaped like a scorpion’s claw.. I wonder for what reason why he wants to steal the sun though?

    • RangerJrChasten

      How do you know he wants to steal the sun? Also If he would steal the sun i think that he would possibly use it to power something…

      • Jake

        In the Polaris story, you had to fight the hanging cave spider. The archaeologist you saved (dog from Marleybone) talked about all of Grandfather Spider’s children, but this is what he said about the Scorpion:

        “The Scorpion is a master Alchemist and ruthless Warlord, prophesied to rise from the desert sands and steal the sun.”

        • RangerJrChasten

          Oh, i did not remember that! Thanks

      • Kane

        Who wouldn’t want to steal the sun? lol

      • Kane

        Who wouldn’t want to steal the sun? lol

    • Michael Hammer

      He wants to steal it and sell it at the Bazaar. He needs gold. It’s true!

  • RangerJrChasten

    I was thinking that maybe we will be facing 2 different children this time. The purple man seems to be holding a scorpion claw like staff, but look at the minions below him, they look bat like. Maybe the Scorpion is doing his own thing and the Bat is doing is own thing as well, both at the same time!

    • RangerJrChasten

      Once more thing i just noticed to. The floating rock on the upper left side it looks like the same rocks that the rat used in Polaris. Will we see the return of the experiments the rat created?

      • MatthewLegendCaster

        they wont bring all the children together until one of the final two worlds

  • Kevin

    If you look closely you can see an army and then the scorpion son and then the floating skeleton might be the last king that may guide us through the desert.

  • greatrain576

    I don’t know why, but I would really like to see some sort of plot twist that has the purple dude turning out to be a good guy, and one of the others as the real villain. I can’t remember if we had something like that other then old cob.

  • sonicflare9

    does anyone have ice damage pet

  • Igor Efimov

    interesting that the dusky warlord on the right bears the cylinder crown and plated bracers of Nebuchadnezzar II, famous king of Babylon

  • sonicflare9

    i got some spell ideas 7 pip 1 dark pip
    ice: does 1200-1300 damage to one enemy and leaves 2 ice dispels
    fire: does 1500-1600 damage to one enemy and heals you for 600
    storm: does 1520-1720 damage to all enemies
    balance: does 1250-1400 damage to one enemy and 40% bladestorm
    life: does 1220 damage to all enemies and gives you 2 yellow pips
    death: does 1355 damage to one enemy and gives the enemy a 90% weakness
    myth: does 1450-1550 damage to all enemies and stuns them for 2 rounds

    • Michael Hammer

      Really? You got to be kidding with these right? lol

      • coolguy01

        lol mass medusa for double damage and less pips then medusa and give ice a weaver aoe and a trash double ice dispel k

  • Not Vayne

    Just give balance an overtime and i’ll be happy