Piranha Hunter Pet (Wizard101)

Piranha Hunter Pet (Wizard101)

Dropped in Khrysalis!

piranha pic

piranha pet stats

A new pet was discovered today in the World of Khrysalis (test realm): the Piranha Hunter. This cute little lophian dropped from the Hisser boss in the Rachian Palace!

The pet is marked with the “PvP Only” symbol, but is dropped from a high level boss. What does it mean, and what are all those EPIC TALENTS?!




May Cast Enfeeble!

Charm ChopperMC ENFEEBLE

May Cast Cleanse Charm!


Talent Pool

piranha stat page

Discovered Talents

  1. Slot 1 is Pips
  2. Slot 2 is Defender (adds Critical Block)
  3. Slot 3 is Balance Assailant (adds Balance Critical rating)
  4. Slot 4 is Clean Charm (May Cast Cleanse Charm)
  5. Slot 5 is Balance Ward
  6. Slot 6 is Critical Striker (adds Critical rating)
  7. Slot 7 is Ward Wrecker (May Cast Shatter)
  8. Slot 8 is Powerful (Selfish talent)
  9. Slot 9 is Charm Chopper (May Cast Enfeeble)
  10. Slot 10 is Clean Ward (May Cast Cleanse Ward)

Special thanks to the awesome Alura Silverdust for unlocking all the talents. She’s amazing! 🙂

Duelist101 would like to give a HUGE thanks to Chase Titancloud for finding this pet, and to Devin Goldsword for helping us out!


MC Enfeeble in Action!



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  • DMT001

    Ugly little guy. I think I have wants now to.
    I know I have wants.
    Me wants one, just the look is awesome.
    Be hunting one down in live for sure. The card is alright to.

    • jewelshadowcaster

      We gonna Hunt the Hunter Mike lol

  • Brian Silverstaff

    ermagherd mc enfeeble

    • This was my reaction also.

  • Garrett Justus

    curious…does this mean there is a potential of every class getting a drop like this…or is this the only one…i guess sense the spear is universal..as far as ic an tell..this little guy might be one of the only..but…pvp only…this i like…separation of the two sides of play. give the pvp people the thing they want and balance it for that so the pve people dont have to worry about it.

    • ChoGath

      the good news is that mixing will spread this pet out fairly quickly. I wonder if the cast rate on the MC enfeeble will be high enough to make it a viable choice.

      • Garrett Justus

        agreed….im still concerned about pet heals in the shriek form…if those count as self healing and add backlash…that frees up alot of talents for very aggressive players to mess with..

  • Brittany

    OOH mc enfeeble well so much for blade stacking and just imagine what will come out in part 2 of Khrysalis.

  • penrosecat1

    1.Cool looking pet.
    2.Balance Critical.
    3.MC Enfeeble.

    What more do I need? Awesome!

    • Anthony FireSword

      I had the same reaction to seeing that 265 power. It actually has 200 base purebred power. The extra 65 is from one of its talents: powerful 🙂

      • Anthony FireSword

        Please ignore this statement i’m replying too, the one right below this was my original post, and it wouldn’t post earlier for some reason (which confused me since it isn’t inappropriate). Sorry if it seems like i’m spamming :P.

  • Jeremy ShadowWraith

    I really hope this is not a frequent cast or bye bye blades..

    • we are testing that out right now…we’re in a house arena testing out triggers, we should have info very soon about the cast rate on this.

  • alex thunderblade

    This is ridiculous, I am a storm wizard and enfeeble was one of the only cards that made us special. now both feeble and healing current are mc pet talents. Why cant Kingsile do this to another school. D:

    • izabera

      there are 4 other mc heals, all of them are life spells…

      • YWForTheFix

        I don’t recall people not being able to get any of those spells.

  • Frost Monarch

    i’d feel bad for the sap that gets this casted on themselves the very turn they cast a big hit.

  • Annonymus

    I <3 this pet, finally something for balance. 😀

  • Adam Baláž

    can i buy him?

  • popcicool7777777

    Hey I just found this

    • popcicool7777777

      Its from @AluraSilver on Twitter

      • Joshua Wildhammer

        Obviously if it is then she likes Blaze Lifehammer, Duelist101’s enemy.

        • yeah, alura has been posting lots of great info on twitter, she’s doing an awesome job helping everyone learn about these updates. and not sure what you mean about blaze, lol. he makes great vids, i watch them, everyone here at duelist appreciates people like that who make entertaining/helpful videos.

      • yeah, alura has been posting some great updates on twitter, she’s an awesome resource for the community. if you’re a wizard and you’re on twitter, you should definitely be following alura.

        • popcicool7777777

          Already done

    • Kerfalla Dioubate

      i hate ki for making may cast shatter. But now which one should i focus on using may cast shatter or enfeeble or both.

      • Kerfalla Dioubate

        I was thinking proof defy fairy infallible enfeeble. but now that shatter is out i wanna try proof infallible fairy enfeeble and shatter. which one is more worth it?

        • I think you should boot the defy if you want the enfeeble and shatter so bad.

      • Imagine when May Cast Satyr comes along…

        • Heal boosts made MC fairy much more than your typical satyr heal x.x and MC fairy casts a lot!

          • It casts as much as spritely

          • Kerfalla Dioubate

            No it casts more than spritely. The higher the amount of manifested pedigree a may cast talent gives the more rarely it will cast. Hence the reason why fairy casts more than spritely and spritely casts more than healing current and unicorn. Common casts more than uncommon but i am pretty sure no may casts are that low but uncommon casts more than rare and rare casts more than ultra rare and ultra rare casts more than epic. So yea this is very easy to understand 🙂 :P. Figure it out if you can’t understand. -_-

  • All the pet talents have been discovered by Alura Silverdust. She ROCKS! 🙂

  • HunterIceMask

    I met chase in game, nice guy! let me hatch With The New Pet, Got cleanse ward at teen. Shatter at adult. New era of pvp pets?
    SpellProof, SpellDefy, Shatter, Enfeeble, Fairy/Unicorn/HealingCurrent/????

  • Kingsisle is going overboard with the pets at this point….I want one! Gimme Gimme Gimme! Well this is a bomb to the metagame, the may cast triggers are probably really rare. There is no way they can have a often casting rate cause they’re so powerful…right?

  • WizFanaticz

    As expected, the trigger rate is extremely low. Idk if mc enfeeble/shatter would be good pet talents to have if it only casts around every 4-8 pvp matches? But when it does cast it will help a lot for sure.

    • Anthony FireSword

      Figured as much. After doing the math, 5/82 blades is roughly a 6% chance (rounded down) of casting. My only question is what rank Iridian’s cloud beat was, and how much of the stat bars were filled in (like X/250 power). If the pet’s stats were maxed out, then we can safely conclude that it is about 6% trigger rate. If not, then it will likely be higher (though the % increase may or may not be much).

  • Jack Doeseverythinglikeaboss S

    Theres a MC enfeeble!!!!!!!!
    I. Give. Up.

  • angel


  • angel

    do you have to beat azteca to go there

  • Hehehe right there 😀

    • Blaze MeOut


    • Blaze MeOut

      lol i just knew this now that this pet actually gives that mc destroy all shield XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD its mc shatter lololololol … this really does prove my point

  • FrozenLightning

    Wow, that may cast is so overpowered! I want that on my pet when the new world comes out.

  • Blaze MeOut

    hmm looks like its going towards high hits, high heals, weakness, and less shielding … looks like jade gear was the hint off that this game was about to change extremely

  • Anyone noticed that you haven’t seen Jade Players as much anymore? I’ve been seeing the offensive wizards everywhere, not a single jade in sight.

    • Blaze MeOut

      Yeah I noticed because the new era of pvp shifted from defensive to offensive because of Aquila … Aquila was originally meant to put back high offensive players back into the game … this destroyed jade players and they are pretty much only useful in group pvp or questing now

    • Blaze MeOut

      Looks like ice are the only ones good at being defensive again

  • Malvin SilverFountain

    Any pet that manifests one of these OP talents should become pvp only right? Or it it pvp only because of spearstorm? (an otherwise violet truth card only) Because otherwise, I would be really concerned about other pets manifesting these talents… However, cleansing is a nice touch.

    • It just says pvp-only because I think it was supposed to be available for Arena tickets. The pet itself can be used anywhere, talents or no.

  • Kerfalla Dioubate

    isn’t it obvious that the frog in the pet pavillion will be selling this pet.

  • Guest

    Do you need membership to get shadow magic when it comes out?

  • kyle nighteyes

    so i went and did my own duelist 101 test. I have 2 lvl 90 account. i have a piranha hunter on both. both piranha hunter have mc enfeeble. both are trained to adult. i casted blades and wand hits for 50 rounds. one pet cast enfeeble 2 times and one cast it one time so 3 times altogether out of 50 rounds and 100 cast. i know it was a small test but you can make of it as you want

  • How about the new Wetland Hunter pet? Did everyone forget about that poor little guy?

  • riley

    i got the hunter pet by hatching and am willing to hatch with another to try for a full epic list pet only 3 more epics left till only epic talents and it would be a nice pvp pet as the one i got has a chance at may cast shatter and healing current unicorn so on and so forth-ryan windforge

  • riley

    btw the pet it self isnt pvp only i dont even pvp much and i have it and equipped it but over all i think this pet is perfect for balance and anyone trying for a way around the schools shields