Polaris Zeke Quest: Vanilla Ice Locations


With the introduction of Polaris comes new spells and, of course, our old friend Zeke. This time he needs you to travel around and collect his Vanilla Ices. The quest is titled, “Too Cold.. Too Cold”. Read below for their locations.

Polaris Zeke Location

You’ll find Zeke in Walruskberg, not far from the Spiral Door.



Walruskberg Vanilla Ice Location

You’ll find this Vanilla Ice in the Imperial Palace dungeon version only. If you go through the front door, it won’t appear. It’s to the left of Queen Antuskette after you defeat the Seal Team.



Urville Station Vanilla Ice Location

You’ll find this Vanilla Ice on the Upper Right corner of the map, near the entrance to the Frigid Maw.


Urville Station Vanilla Ice Map

Frigid Maw Vanilla Ice Location

Zeke lost this Vanilla Ice next to the Miner in the lower right corner of the map.



Walruskberg Harbor Vanilla Ice Location

You’ll find this one in the Inspector Brigade Headquarters by the stack of crates, to the right.



River of Frozen Tears Vanilla Ice Location

You’ll find this Vanilla Ice in the trees to the right of Alorna’s Cave. The first cave on the map.



Forlorn Tayg Vanilla Ice Location

This is located in Baba Yaga’s house, to the left after you defeat her.



That’s it! Questions or tips? Leave us a comment!

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  • Chris

    Great guide, we will probably need more training points in the world to come, especially with the new astral spells that we will most likely see.

  • M.W.S

    A first age pvp warlord we should link up sometime.

  • CIci Girl

    You need to elaborate on the Walrusburg location. I went in the front door, and, like you said, it wasn’t there. Please tell me how to find it!

    • Jonathan Sengstock

      You have to do the dungeon, it has two bosses and a mob fight I believe. At the end you should get to a place that looks the same as if you walk through the front door but the Vanilla Ice will be there.

  • Matt Spence

    Walruskberg Ice Cream DID appear for me when I went through the front door.

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