Wizard101 Atlantea Guide


Wizard101 Atlantea Guide

Picture 2013-07-13 13-01-56As of the recent Test Realm update, a New World had arisen, offering new gear, pets and as part of Aquila’s content, 3 New Dungeons can be unlocked for Wizards 30+, 70+ and 90+!

Note that this is the level 70+ dungeon, Atlantea. You can check out Heather Shadowslinger’s guide to the level 30 dungeon, Mt. Olympus, right here!

You should also check out the Mercenaries 4 Hire guide to Atlantea, right here! They make sure to cover all of the bosses, cheats, and give suggestions on the best way to crunch through this dungeon at blazing speeds!



Hermes Winged Wayfarer

Wizard101 Atlantea - Hermes Winged WayfarerThe first NPC you will meet in the Atlantea Dungeon is Hermes Winged Wayfarer. Our first tip for you is to place a mark next to him. After almost every fight, you’ll be returning to this feathery helper. Always keep a mark next to him to save yourself the running, and reduce your chances of tripping into a battle on accident.

Another note about this dungeon is that friends cannot port in to help you. Have a team ready before you start. Do not log out or you will have to start over. You’ll be able to run back in if you die or flee, but don’t exit the dungeon any other way, or you’ll lose your progress!





Voracious Legionnaires

Atlantea Dungeon Voracious Legionnaires

Health: 3800

School: Fire

Your first task will be to defeat 3 voracious legionnaires. This is a straight-forward fight against Fire mobs. Watch out for Efreet if you’re going second, and you should be fine.





Atlantia Dungeon Lamia Boss


Health: 13,600

School: Death

In the second fight, Lamia has a few cheats, but they are not game-changing. This is also a relatively “normal” fight.

Minions: Storm Shark

Health: 2,900

School: Storm

  • Casts 25% Doom and Gloom (bubble cannot be changed)
  • Casts Scarecrow as battle drags on, it is not confirmed as to how often she does this, so your best bet is to try to defeat quickly.



Atlantea Boss Arion


Health: 12,350

School: Life

The third battle is a normal boss fight. Life boss with Balance minions. No cheats.

Minions: Scaled Eques

Health: 3,600

School: Balance



Atlantea Boss Akhelios


Health: 13,200

School: Myth

Also no cheats in the fourth battle. Just watch out for the boss’ quakes.

Minions: Storm Shark

Health: 2,900

School: Storm


The Sirens

Atlantea Sirens PuzzleYour next task will take you to the Sirens, where you’ll have to figure out a puzzle. It’s pretty simple.. step on the buttons to activate blocked pipes in an organ, then pull a lever. Starting on the left side, near the lever, the correct buttons are 1, 3, and 4.







Lost Maiden


Atlantea Boss Lost Maiden


Health: 12,400

School: Balance

 The fifth battle (or sixth, if you fought the Sirens) is also straight-forward. Balance boss with Life and Death minions.


Boatswain Mcgee

Health: 2,400

School: Life


Chief Mate Mcgurk

Health: 2,560

School: Death


Wizard101 Atlantean Trierarchs


Health: 2,800

School: Ice

Your sixth task is a regular mob fight vs Ice Mobs. They like to cast legion shield, tower shield, and absorbs. Having a friend with Quake helps here.


Atlantea Boss Poseidon

Health: 20,000

School: Storm

Poseidon is definitely the hardest fight in this dungeon. Cheats, high health, minions that like to shield, his own ability to cast towers, storm attacks that remove blades, a natural attack that removes traps, and an Ice Mastery Amulet. Be prepared for him!

Minions: Atlantean Triearchs

Health: 2,800

School: Ice


If you cast any single target spells on Poseidon, he will use his natural attack, which inflicts 475 Storm Damage, and removes all Traps on the boss.

He will immediately remove and single traps you put on him, so Storm wizards will need to use their AoE prism. You can also get pet traps to stay on him, but be aware that he does not need to cheat to cast his natural attack that removes traps – he can cast it any time he has a few pips. Don’t put prisms up until right before you’re going to hit!


Jack Dragonshield Walkthrough Video:

Wizard101 Atlantea Dungeon Walkthrough


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  • ~ByzantineRhino~

    To prevent the crow, you have to ATTEMPT to remove the bubble. At least that’s what I read from a different guide.

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    Great Guide Jack! Would love to have Poseidon as my side kick 😛

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    i think the triearchs are awesome i dont know why though. I also like zeus , poseidon and hades . I want pets of all four of them . but i dont know why poseidon has eyelashes.

  • Jenna SwiftGem

    Just a little side note, you can leave the dungeon by either pressing home, Return To Hub or if you port to a friend. You can come back by either porting back to your mark or by coming from the main entrance. 🙂

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    Excellent guide but one major problem. There is a lack of information that should be made known. This information includes what items you can obtain from fighting each minion/boss.

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    How come I can’t get any information on the Atlantean Poseidon armor? I can barely get any on the Tartarus gear either.

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