Wizard101 Enchanted Armament Pet

Wizard101 Enchanted Armament Pet


Gladiator Dimachaerus2One of the new arrivals on the Aquila Test Realm is a shiny new pet – Enchanted Armament. This pet is dropped in Aquila’s Mt. Olympus dungeon, by the side-quest boss Gladiator Dimachaerus. (We’re working on a guide for him already, no worries!)

There are several interesting things about Enchanted Armament, not the least of which being that it is a pet with no body. Just a floating sword and shield. Which brings us to the next interesting point – it has a new May-Cast Talent: May Cast Sword and Shield!



May Cast Sword and Shield


Sword and Shield! is a Balance May-Cast spell which, when it triggers, casts a random Shield and Blade onto the user.

Things we know:

  • It casts blades and shields from random schools. IE: A life blade and a tower shield, or a fire blade and a death shield.
  • Any school blade, including balance’s universal blade.
  • Any school shield, including tower shield.
  • The blades are 25%, no matter which school.
  • The shields are 50%, no matter which school.
  • It can be triggered by the user casting attacks and/or traps. Whether it can be triggered by anything else is unknown at this time.

Note: Special thanks to thomas for great information about Enchanted Armament and Harpy left in the comments of this article.

Enchanted Armament Stats


Enchanted Armament comes with a Sharpened Blade spell at baby. At Ancient, it becomes 2x sharpened blade spells. At Mega, becomes 3x cards.

Wizard101-Enchanted-Armament-PetBase Stats:

  • 67 Pedigree
  • 230 Strength
  • 210 Intellect
  • 250 Agility
  • 230 Will
  • 230 Power

Duelist Note: This pet could, quite possibly, put sharpened blade into the hands of low level wizards. A main-deck blade boost. Is the game ready for such a thing? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


Sword and Shield Video

That’s it for Enchanted Armament at the moment. We’ll add more info as it becomes available. If you have any info we missed, feel free to let us know in the comments, and we will modify the guide! Be sure to keep checking back, as we will continue to roll out guides to the new Aquila Update.

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  • Matthew Dragonblood

    Sword and shield looks like more of a risky talent. It can either put a match in your favor or not do anything at all. If you ask me it seems like one of those kind of gimmick things that KI put in just to see how people would use it. Still, the idea is cool!

    • Jonathan Lester


  • michael plautz

    its pretty interesting

  • Kerfalla Dioubate

    oh man this boss almost killed me. he has lots of critical so bring a team.

  • Celestial Wanderer

    Comes with two Sharpen blades at ancient! Whether Sword and Shield is a big help or not, I’m getting that pet!

  • Kerfalla Dioubate

    3 at mega

    • Thanks for the info

      • Kerfalla Dioubate

        thats how all the new pets are. 2 at ancient 3 at mega. polar bears, pvp pets, betta fishes. trojan horses.

        • I know how it usually works, but we can never assume in a guide.. KI likes to prove us wrong. lol

          • Kerfalla Dioubate


  • Tyler Moonblade

    I don’t care about the sharpen blade thing…. It’s only one card

  • Kerfalla Dioubate

    no it can be 3

  • americanvirtues

    Thank goodness I am moving my wizard past level 60!

  • Garrett Justus

    major wants

  • Jonathan Lester

    if ya ask me KI need to change the colors on the lightning swords cuz there awesome but like depending on their school should determine the color anyone else agree?? cuz it’d be so BOSS

    • dnstrike

      lol i’f like to see a red lightning bolt wand

      • Jonathan Lester

        same here o;

  • How could it drop the same pet with different pedigrees o.O

  • penrosecat1

    94(0) O: wait whaaaat?

  • dnstrike

    if this pet goes live i’m guessing the sharpened blade cards will be no pvp because of the major advantages of using it at a low level

  • Isaiah Frosteyes

    Talk about some serious game changes that are taking place…this pet is gonna take the hatchery by storm no doubt once it goes live. Even the tournament pets are still holding their popularity in the pavilion…it’s gonna be very interesting to see the change once again lol

  • Now updated with a video of Sword and Shield casting! 🙂

  • Dustin Frostcaller

    Dont forget sword and shield can be casted alot, giving a higher chance of wt u need.

  • this game is getting expensive

    for some reason this pet looks like the new pokemon honedge for pokemon X and Y …
    Why kingsisle, why?

  • Victoria Iceshard

    It’s a pretty cool pet……but has a HIGH chance of learning selfish talents at teen and adult from what I’ve seen. Makes me scared to train the one I’ve just gotten, LOL. Sword and Shield though…..that’s pretty cool.
    PS. Since There is this pet (forgot name already) from Mount Olympus and Harpy from Atlantea, I’m guessing there’s one from Tartarus too? Anyone know what it is?

    • wertasis19

      True about selfish…

      • Matthew Pitcock

        Wow, I got really lucky then. My 1st gen armament got Sword and Shield, followed by proof, followed by pain giver. Also, Proof manifests at 10 and Pain giver manifests at six

  • Jessica ShadowHeart

    I got the Enchanted Armament pet last night and trained it this morning. The first trait I got was Pain Giver.

    • That’s awesome. Grats, and thanks for letting us know!

    • wertasis19

      the first trait i got was spell proof the second powerless XD

      • Jessica ShadowHeart

        Oh wow, I didn’t know they have a chance at getting Proof :))

        • John LionStone

          In leveled mine up to teen and it gave me Brilliant and StoneWall. 🙁

  • Isaiah Frosteyes

    My question is…how does a sword and shield eat snacks?? O, O

  • wertasis19

    can you tell me boss name?

  • hailey

    what do you think I should work on with my pet in pet games to get this talent?

    • It is random. You can train using any pet game, and the talent that develops will be random. If you want the Sword and Shield talent, try training it to adult and seeing if ti manifests. If it doesn’t, you might try farming the boss to get another one. He drops the pet pretty regularly.

  • hailey

    sry the talent sword and shield?

  • Luke

    How. And how many epic talents or derby abilities it have.

  • Luke

    The bottom four talents of enchanted armament are selfish if anyone cares. +65 to the stats.

  • NathanEmeraldStone

    what are the chances of getting the sword and shield perk?

  • destiny silverstone

    I don’t like this pet I already have it at adult and it gave me mana gift and relentless when I was training strength and will I’m just gonna stay with my wintery elf

  • Justin DeathCaster

    what snacks do this pet love and like? i am training him, and i need to know?

  • matt

    i got the pet first try XD

  • xOliver_

    I use this pet on a regular basis. This is my go-to pet for PVP. The game is ready for this. The game is broken already….. I must say that the 10% doesn’t seem like much. But it helps a lot.

    • xOliver_

      Mine has sword and shield, pain giver and spell proof and myth giver. I also have a Lil’ Medusa with reliquary that i use for questing. But since I’m level 77 it helps a million.

      I also have One-In-A-Million, the badge.