Wizard101 Keeper’s Lore Pack, Level 90 Gear

Keeper’s Lore Pack Arrives in the Spiral


Yesterday, KingsIsle announced a new hoard pack, the Keeper’s Lore. Included in this pack is new Level 90 Gear for Promethuen wizards. Take a look at what’s in store when Azteca is released to the live game!

Each Keeper’s Lore pack gives you the chance of winning a new spell for your spelldeck: Luminous Weaver, Keeper of the Flame, or Brimstone Revenant. These spells can be crafted, but now they are available in packs.
A new pet is also available, the Emberstone Tiger:


Jade Mystery Armor Set

The new Jade Armor set has high resist gear. It also features power pips, critical block, heal boost, and the robe carries a Rebirth card. It has no attack boost, accuracy, or critical rating, making this a completely defensive set.


The Bitter Truth Set

The Bitter Truth set trades some of that big resist for accuracy, and features the Spearstorm card on robe – a 4% universal spear for all friends.


The Golden Set



New Wands!

Silver Order of the Spiral wand continues the hoard pack tradition of offering mega Critical Block , and adds 22% healing boost. While the Order of High Glory Banner offers lower stats, but includes a Mana Burn card that destroys 4 pip slots from an opponent.



What do you think of the new gear, and how will it impact PvP? Let us know in the comments!



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  • asimplewhisper

    the jade gear is to boosted. its going to be used by lives in team pvp. over 70 universal resist with a spud pet. i think KI is going to far

    • asimplewhisper

      meant lifes, not lives XD

  • Firestarter

    The jade gear is…. wow. With every update I wonder more if KI is actively trying to kill off pvp.

    • izabera

      that’s just useful in team pvp for somebody doing ONLY the healer. as a pyromancer, i can’t see the difference of doing 1v1 against an ice wizard or somebody with the jade gear.

      oh wait, i actually can. less health, no attack boost, no critical, no precision and less resist than the usual fire resist.

      that’s just as hard as facing a same school boss who can shield and heal (and can’t crit).

    • asimplewhisper

      but you are forgetting something, against an ice, you can convert. this leaves you with nothing

      • wen zhang

        it doesn’t matter, first of all, think about this, you might not always go against an ice, so even if you bring converts it might not always be useful and is going to take up space for other cards. second, even if you bring converts is most likely that everyone is going to bring all kind of shields so they can be prepared to fight different schools, pvp is always blink match up, you will never know what school you will go against. the only thing about ice right now is they are meant to tank (originally until KI buffed every other school and nerfed ice to the ground with useless spells that dont even do anything) but now days everyone can do ice’s job better, you got life that can out heal ice, you got storm that does more damage, you got myth that can stun you for 2 rounds, you got death that can life steal everything back, you got fire that can go through ice’s shield, you got balance that can break your pips and do dmg only a tower shield can block. then there’s ice. right now everyone have almost the same health as ice, ice no longer stand out. is really sad

  • theonlyone522

    This new gear is way too ridiculous, it’s going to ruin the team pvp by having a 74 resist life wizard with crazy healing boost. All I see is KI trying to ruin pvp altogether since they can’t even fix the puppet teams.

    • Pyromancer745

      You’re being way yoo over dramatic. Though the defense is very high, the strength boost and the pip boost is low. Plus, the chance of getting the gear from the pack is very rare (as of all packs) so I don’t think anyone’s gonna waste many crowns on it.

      • firestarter

        Lol, there were people in the arena wearing full jade gear and running tank decks the first day the packs came out. You don’t need damage boost or extremely high pp% if all you are doing is playing defense and healing. This gear is just awful for the game.

      • asimplewhisper

        i bought 3 packs, and got all the jade armor. but i refuse to use it, i think it is unfair for pvp

      • theonlyone522

        that’s why I said it’s overpowered in team matches, you know why? because you just need 1 life, he/she doesnt need to hit, just needs to defend. The rest of the teammates will do the hitting. That’s how team matches especially 4v4 work now. When there is a life wizard, they are usually wearing the gear from the other pack to get the incredible healing boost. So no, I am not exaggerating anything.

        • ksjskskskskskskskskskskssksjsj


    • warlord

      i have a lvl 90 fire! the new spell for fire is epic!

    • Jeremy5511

      This is not the worst thing KI did to pvp , KI all ready ruin pvp with Gaurdian Spirit , should be ban from pvp use , having to kill opponent 4 or 5 times just lame, if you are killed ones that means you lost of course, ice has high resistance other schools should have that option as well, against life don’t matter how high the resistance is if you kill it its dead, but when you have to do it over that over again its just unfair , takes too long and all the fun is killed out of it , as far as 4v4 goes I agree its a problem

  • Monarch

    more reliance on pierce related spells i guess.

  • Monarch

    Average life player will be pouted on when others see they don’t have this gear. Its going to put healers with such attire on high demand.

  • skyscream422

    that is insane resist!

  • awesomenesswiz

    the wands are the BEAST! im a level 80 and i cant get on my test realm becasue it wont let me but i need that gear.There going far with the gear and they need to really stop with the jade mystery armor

  • pvp master

    correct my math if i’m wrong, but with a SPUD pet and the jade armor set, the resist is 74%! i wonder what would happen if a life (i am talking about level 90) with a SPUD pet and jade armor teamed with 3 storm

    • DMT001

      Or 3 fires or 3 ice. 74 resist on a life is crazy. It is just getting to out there, The fun match is becomming harder and harder to find, they will all be 2 or 3 hour marathons soon. I like a fast dirty match now and again. Cannot go into every match and be there for 3 hours. Not my idea of fun anymore.

      • pvp master

        I agree. I really savor my limited time on WIzard101, and I don’t want it to be one battle. The only good thing is that it will probably take a lot of crowns to get the full set.

        • warlord

          cool think about these clothes is there power pip chance i got a lvl 5 warlord and i need allot of power pip chance

  • imagine a storm with the jade gear

    • DMT001

      The only problem storm would have is they would lose all their boost and crittical chance. I dont think it would be a great option for storm. Life will benifit more than any other school with this gear. They will be able to tank lie never before in team PVP.

      • terror

        jade gears sucks its ruin the whole pvp

  • love the wands

  • TechByte

    its really awesome

  • TechByte

    is it only for level 90+ or other levels also

    • Heather posted a video here where she shows some of the level 80 gear. This article shows the stats of the gear you would get at level 90.

  • Edrian

    21+22+16+15 resistance equals 74 percent resistance to all…5+8+21+21+5 equals 63 percent incoming heal…4+4+4+20+20+5 equals 57 percent outgoing heal…40+5+3+4+16+16 equals 84 percent power pip chance…30+55+123 equals 208 critical block rating…this will be the status of anyone wearing complete Jade Mystery Armor Set, Stellar Signet, Cosmic Kris, Pet with Complete Resistance to all and Ice Mandolin Guitar with Highest Critical Block Rating…especially for Ice Wizards that doesn’t necessarily need high damage…it’s going to be EPIC‼‼

  • wen zhang

    yep, ice is getting more and more useless, the schools are not balanced, and almost everyone can do ice school’s job better EVERYONE!!!!!

  • Michael Dragonblood

    Jade gear + Gaurdian Spirit = Infinite and beyond

  • Jared45430

    Whats the jade robe of mystery level 70+ stats?

  • I really wish that there was gear that could compare to level 60 gear in WaterWorks for pyromancers. Best I could find was level 80 gear “Salamander’s” set in crown shop. But the only bad thing about it, it is missing resistance. NO resistance at all. 🙁

  • Dragonhunter

    PVP is worse off now , every 4v4 match we do has 2 life with jade gear , all they do is heal the attackers on their team and turtle behind shields. Now there are death wizards and fire using full jade gear just to spam weakness and smokescreens , this is getting out of hand KI .We get on to have fun and this is not fun anymore . thank you KI for screwing up PVP even more.

  • Luke

    Add in that wand with the like 150 Block from Skyvern’s hoard and there is no way to defeat these. It even gives some critical! (Think its called Teeth of the Lords of Night)

  • riley

    haha i got lucky almost with the jade gear i got hat and shoes second pack but that dang pack wont give brimstone revenant or the boots so i just use the violet robe still gives about a total of about 50 resist total plus with my rover sixty and 75 or so for fire

  • domidbz70

    well good thing shadow magic came ^_^ new jades dont waste crowns on something thats useles today 😀

  • stoyan

    Guys, you are forgetting the heartsteel and the fortify aura… I m not mentioning the new amulet from hades, I think, which gives 3 extra resist… 74 + 5 + 3= 82 thats gonna be your resistance. Now add a fortify tc, which gives 20 resist… 102 resist all… Thanks ki for ruining pvp

    • You’re forgetting shrike which gives 50% armor pierce plus a 10% spear to the entire team every time you attack. Coupled with the boosted armor piercing available from most gear now, giving easily 80% pierce in total without even trying hard, and not including tc infallible which puts that number at 100%. Jade gear is dead. lol