Wizard101 Level 75 Minion Guide

Wizard101 L75 Aquila Minions

Wizard101 Level 75 Minion Guide

This is a guide to the new Level 75 minions for Wizard101, as seen in the new Aquila update! Each school has gotten a new 5 pip minion, except Myth with a 6 pip minion. You can also click here for an overview of the update, and a link to the Test Realm notes.


Getting the Spells:

Currently on test Realm – Speak to Halston Balestrom in the Storm School at Ravenwood, Wizard City to get your spell quest. All schools need to talk to Halston to start the quest!


  1. Being a minimum of level 75
  2. Having completed the quest “The Runedown” which gave you your level 55 spell.



Wizard101 Level 75 Aquila Death Minion Malduit

School: Death

Pips: 5

Level: 75

Effect: Summon a Minion of Death

Minion Stats: 1,700 Health

Minion Spells: Deer Knight, Skeletal Pirate, Poison, Banshee, Curse, Dream Shield, Plague, Death Shield, Lord of Night, Death Trap, and Death Blade

Photo Credit: NoOne44

Sir Bedevere

Wizard101 W101 Life Level 75 Aquila Minion

School: Life

Pips: 5

Level: 75

Effect: Summon a Minion of Life

Minion Stats: 1700 Health.

Minion Spells: Life Blade, Absorb, Life Trap, Satyr, Dryad, Nature’s Wraith, Goat Monk.

Photo Credit: @HandsomeNecro on Twitter.


Wizard101 Level 75 Aquila Myth Minion Vassanji

School: Myth

Pips: 6

Level: 75

Effect: Summon a Minion of Myth

Minion Stats: 2000 Health.

Minion Spells: Ninja pig, Myth Blade, Humungofrog, Myth Shield, Ether Shield, Keeper of the Flame, Cyclops, and Minotaur

Photo Credit: NoOne44



Wizard101 Level 75 Aquila Balance Minion Nerys

School: Balance

Pips: 5

Level: 75

Effect: Summon a Minion of Balance

Minion Stats: 1700 Health

Minion Spells: Hydra, Bladestorm, Locust Swarm, Samoorai, Natural Attack, Sandstorm, Weakness, Black Mantle, Balance Blade, Judgement, Hex, Elemental Shield, Spirit Shield, Donate Power

Photo Credit: Molly Daisyfountain <3

Sir Lamorak

Wizard101 Level 75 Aquila Fire Minion Sir Lamorak

School: Fire

Pips: 5

Level: 75

Effect: Summon a Minion of Fire

Minion Stats: 1700 Health.

Minion Spells: Phoenix, Heck Hound, Sunbird, Meteor Strike, Brimstone Revenant, Glacial Shield, Fire Shield, Fire Trap, and Fire Blade


Wizard101 Level 75 Aquila Ice Minion Freddo

School: Ice

Pips: 5

Level: 75

Effect: Summon a Minion of Ice

Minion Stats: 1900 Health

Minion Spells: Handsome Fomori, Snow Shark, Blizzard, Ice Shield, Volcanic Shield, Ice Blade, Ice Trap, Ice Wyvern, Natural Attack, Tower Shield, Frozen Armor



Wizard101 Level 75 Aquila Storm Minion Mokompo

School: Storm

Pips: 5

Level: 75

Effect: Summon a Minion of Storm

Minion Stats: 1600 Health

Minion Spells: Catalan, Storm Shark, Kraken, Tempest, Storm Shield, Thermic Shield, Storm Trap

Level 75 Aquila Minion Overview Video

Level 75 Ice Minion Video - Freddo

Level 75 Storm Minion Video - Mokompo

Level 75 Balance Minion Video - Nerys

Level 75 Death Minion Video - Malduit

Fire & Life - Sir Lamorak & Sir Bedevere

Level 75 Myth Minion Video - Vassanji


Also of note:

Guide to the new L70-90 Crafted Gear New Wizard101 Loremaster Boss




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  • Deathheart

    yay death minion spell 😀

  • mmailliw

    I still say that one Aquila is one too many for the spiral… but Mokompo looks AMAZING!

    • izabera

      i always wanted my minion to attack :O

  • Life minion is up thanks to @HandsomeNecro on twitter!

  • Sego


  • Garrett Justus

    life.gets.a.badger.knight. this.is.perfect!!! i bet/hope he has some offense capabilities and ic an get more use from him than my fairy.

    • Tyler Moonblade

      honey badger certainly doesn’t care

  • Garrett Justus

    i kinda expected these guys to have a bit more…offense…their spells are kinda low level…but their health is kinda perfect, strong enough to withstand 1-2-3 hits depending…i just…idk, wanted them to have some of the 48+ offense…oh well, anyone whose tried these out should let me know how effective they actually are…or am i just going to have another minion i wont use…

    • I brought my Storm minion to a mob fight in Azteca and it did very well. I can put up a video later if you guys want.

    • Jason Asrinki

      At least the storm minion has 48+ offence (storm lord), that probably means the others do too, although can’t be sure.

  • Molly Daisyfountain

    Nerys (Balance minion) knows sandstorm and samoorai

  • Thanks Molly! You’re the bestest!

  • Erin

    Sir Lamorak (fire minion) used in a duel Phoenix, Heck Hound and Fire Blade. Unfortunately, I can’t provide more information. I didn’t pay attention to his health and got to use him only once. Hope this helps at least a bit.

  • Erin

    Tested a bit more the fire minion and found his health to be 1700. He casted Glacial Shield and Sunbird as well, and seems to have fire damage points (took 460 with a 295-355 Sunbird and 668 with a 515-595 Phoenix).

  • NoOne44


    • NoOne44

      spells I know so far are ninja pig, myth blade, humungofrog, myth shield.

  • NoOne44


    • NoOne44

      spells I know so far are deer knight, Skeletal Pirate and Death blade.

  • Jason Asrinki

    Storm minion DOES have boost to incoming myth damage

    • Jason Asrinki

      He also has storm lord

      • Jason Asrinki

        And stormblade! Man this guy is awesome.

  • thomas

    The myth minion has ether shield, keeper of them flame, cyclops, mythblade, humongofrog and minotaur. It had 3 power pips when I summoned it and had a great power pip rate. I took a few pics if you want.

    • Very cool – my storm minion cast Catalan on the first round :O

  • JuliaSparkleFountain

    I think you said mythblade twice on the myth minion..

    • :O It must have been my stutter. 😀

  • Kerfalla Dioubate

    oh my. people wont be buying anymore henchmens after lvl 75.

  • Kerfalla Dioubate

    getting on my storm as soon as test lets me on. will tell info about storm minion a bit more.

  • Garrett Justus

    at least all these minions seem to function the same way, i can almost perdict what the life minion will have…a rank 3 attack, a rank 4 aoe, rank five attack, the crafted spells…trap/blade, the basic and duel shield for your class…if i were to guess(seeing as it’s not up yet) id say: uncorn, life blade, seraph, goat monk, the spider(which i really hope it has), satyr, and life shield and the death/myth shields…

    • Caleb Ravenstaff

      Which if your prediction is true, life will have the best minion in my opinion. Kill it fast if you end up fighting it, cause those heals will be a pain to fight (unless it ends up very selfish).

      • Caleb Ravenstaff

        Well they are no pvp, so that always helps 🙂

        • Garrett Justus

          sadly its much more defensive…i really wish it at least had the spider though…sadly it doesnt get unicorn(as far as i see, which is lame(seeing at the rest get an aoe, it only seems fair wed get that one) but it has both blade and trap…and dryad was unexpected…its a powerful pet, id probably use it alot, seems to be worth the pips for a super fairy….though i know it’s gonna use that natures wrath a bit too much, like fairy and her imp…

          • Garrett Justus

            also, it doesnt seem to have the shields like the rest do…which i feel is unfair…like, sof ar the ice minion is the best…

          • Caleb Ravenstaff

            Never know until you get playing with them. I am ice, so that’s good for me 🙂 Also, I am a little upset cause I only use my minion in PvP, but I am glad these guys are not allowed in pvp. Less we gotta worry about in a match. I wonder if they will be allowed in Friendly Matches (like in a house), doubt it though. Also, it is still in test realm, so changes could still be made.

  • Berk-Nicholas TheDreamer

    What do we need to do to gain them? Do we have to fight a boss, collect something, go to somewhere to collect something? Or fight a boss to collect something, or fight certain creatures for it???? What do we need to do to obtain those minion spells?

    • Kerfalla Dioubate

      go and find out. starts with a quest though

      • Kerfalla Dioubate

        yep a boss. am on storm minion quest

        • Berk-Nicholas TheDreamer

          Where is the boss? I mean, is he in Aquila?

          • Kerfalla Dioubate

            nope crab alley

          • Berk-Nicholas TheDreamer

            Thanks. 😀

          • Kerfalla Dioubate

            aw another boss

          • Kerfalla Dioubate

            in zafaria

          • Berk-Nicholas TheDreamer

            There’s a different boss for every school? ;oo

          • Kerfalla Dioubate


          • Berk-Nicholas TheDreamer


          • Kerfalla Dioubate

            i think so

    • Kerfalla Dioubate

      boss is easy only 6000 health.

  • thomas

    Oops! Forgot to mention: Vassanji has 2000 health 🙂

    • thanks, will get that updated!

  • Kerfalla Dioubate

    oh wow you actually fight mokompo to get him as a minion. and his health is the same he is so easy.

  • alexis hunter

    Balance has a Creepy Queen Amidala minion! Yay! 🙂

  • Tyler Moonblade

    WAIT A SECOND. The balance minion is a spriggin! How come we get the only one that is ugly!! All the other ones are so cool… I’ll just stick with mander.. :p

    • alexis hunter

      Hey, Life got a Badger and Ice got a Fish. And least the Balance one looks creepy 😀

      • Tyler Moonblade

        Badgers and fishies are cool….. This thingy is not

    • Sarah jadeshard

      Lol it looks better than the mythhenchmen and it does look nice it teat realm

  • Despairado

    The new ice minion has resistance and damage boost to ice… Sadly though I don’t know how much of either.

  • Kerfalla Dioubate

    aquila bosses seem to know when you’re gonna hit

  • Despairado

    I’d also like to point out that the storm minion has a boost to life spells.

    • Matthew York

      yes, its almost like there are actual people controlling the enemies in azteca and aquila………………………….

  • Despairado

    The ice minion knows frost giant!

  • Magichouse543

    Fire minion also used Fire Dragon, and since the minions are rank 7, that’s the highest it can go. My friend’s minion (Myth) Orthrus as well.

  • FalconerET

    Great guide, let me see what the new minions were like since I am too lazy to log onto the test realm.. (I think you misspelled natures wrath under the life minion though. Unless there is a spell it can use called natures wraith.. That would be awesome!)

  • chamender3

    Whats Malduit look like? Is she a Death Seraph? Cause that’s what im thinking

  • Mycin DarkHeart

    Malduit has 1,700 health and also knows Curse, Dream Shield, and Lord of Night 😉

    • Thanks for the info, we’ll get it fixed up!

      • Mycin DarkHeart

        Just found out that she knows Death Trap as well.

      • Blaze FireSword

        Nick I have noticed from my level 75 life friend that the life minion can cast unicorn

  • Sarah jadeshard

    I was wondering why no PvP, i mean they can do same as talos, tc and gear card no PvP but spell yes, at the lvl you get this minions they are like ok at pPvp, because in 1 more lvl wizards can get INSANE gear, all schools by ice get 120+ critical, ice doesn’t however i believe it’s balanced with immunity gear idk wha KI thinks but this minions deserve PvP

    • Sarah jadeshard

      Add to that minions dont seem to hav critical or block

  • Anthony FireSword

    My ice friend Justin and I were testing out new minions on the defense pox boss in dragonspyre, and we have uncovered some useful info. For one, Lamorok seems to also know fire trap, fire shield and natural attack (exact damage per pip unknown), while freddoh has a 110 per pip natural hit and (our jaw hit the floor when we saw this spells selected) frost giant, making us believe that all these guys MIGHT have their school’s grandmaster spell, though this is unconfirmed, other than the frost giant. We also believe that these minions possess both damage and accuracy boosts, since for the accuracy, the fizzle VERY infrequently, much less than the 1/4 and 1/5 fizzle rates each school normally has. As for the damage, we saw freddoh hitting 225 on a blizzard though a tower shield, with only balefrost buffing it, meaning it possibly has a 33% ice damage boost (Lamarok’s estimated amount is unknown atm). These minions also seem to have a very good power pip chance (better than Talos’ 33% chance), but estimated amount is unknown right now. Lastly, we believe each minion has the same weaknesses and resist as regular enemies. For example, Lamarok, a fire minion, took additional damage from storm hits, making us believe it also has weaknesses to ice, and resists to fire, same, or a storm being weak to myth and life, but resists storm (though this minion has yet to be tested, so not certain). If you have any additional information regarding these topics, please reply, and I will conduct further tests in the near future.

    • Mycin DarkHeart

      I did notice the damage boost on Malduit, I couldn’t quite figure out about how much it was but I’d say from 20% to 30%.

  • Celestial Wanderer

    I can confirm that Sir Lamorak also uses Fire Trap, Fire Dragon, Natural Attack, and Fire Shield. I think it’s safe to say that all the minions have the Rank 7 spells since I’ve already seen Fire Dragon, Frost Giant, Storm Lord, and Orthrus used by the minions.

    The Myth Minion also has another 7 pip spell called Cyrus Drake that does damage to all enemies.

  • Duncan StormThief

    Just want to add that Sir Bedevere cast luminous weaver. More interesting is that he also starts with 3 power pips.

  • Josh Lifegem

    I think that Life Minion is quite different.. I mean all other minions have good attacks and he has just Nature’s Wraith and Goat Monk.. I mean why he can’t have Centaur or Lord??? :/

    • Garrett Justus

      i under stand not having forest lord..but throw in the spider crafted spell, unicorn(the others get their aoe..this is our version, let us have it) centaur would be nice..idk…i hate how they force life into super healers…we can be so much more..

      • seanskullwalker

        They didnt force life into super healers because wiz became a game of monkey see monkey do

        • Garrett Justus

          they kinda have…just one example…the auras…every other school, offensive attack aura..life…a fancy version of mend…just one example….i could also mention how we have to get through most of celestia with just our centaur spell…as far as soloing and being offensive goes…life gets the short stick…which is okay sometimes(rebirth is an amazing spell, yadayada) but i digress, my personal issues with how life gets kicked in the teeth sometimes are my own, and i’ve learned to cope, perhaps this little badger knight will finally allow me to be able to solo azteca…doubful

  • JeffGC64

    Vassanji also has Earthquake

  • jamesdragonsword

    these minions better not be allowed for pvp other wise it would be so annoying to pvp and it would be stupid

    • Blaze FireSword

      the minions can not be allowed in pvp

  • This guide has been updated with videos of the Storm and Balance minions. It also has a video overview of all minions from Kenzie Rain! <3

    • Anderson

      i want see Minion Myth. 🙁

  • Anderson

    Okt guys. I want see Myth Minion. Post video here plz

    • Kenzie is working on that video right now 🙂

  • jewelshadowcaster

    Sir Lamorak – Fire minion, also casts fire blade and fire trap. Deals nice amount of damage 🙂

  • This morning we added videos to fire, life, and death minions! Myth minion video will be coming soon, also.

  • Myth minion added!

  • Guest

    i got t

  • Jorge Chevez

    I the the new sir lamorak minion spell and noticed 3 more spells that it casts. I went into a random boss in wintertusk with around 4,000 health so that the battle would last a little longer. I made the minion do all the work and noticed every spell it casted. Now here are 3 more spells that are not currently on the list.
    1) fire shield
    2) fire trap
    3) brimstone revenant

    If anyone could add them on the list so that everyone could be aware.

    • Added, thanks a lot!

      • What Up

        You do know that the life minion has more things he can do besides the one you put on here? he could use a luminous weaver and I think he can also use rebirth and a natural attack.

  • Anderson


  • Anderson

    Can anyone tell me the price of Aquila area? On the official website does not say the amount.

  • Hyperwizard808

    My friends myth minion just used medusa oh my god!

  • Aaron HexSpear

    Nerys used Spirit Shield on me during a battle with Poseidon. I’ll be looking for him to do it again to get some picture evidence. I also noticed above in the picture it says he cast neither Elemental or Spirit Shield, yet in the video it mentions Elemental Shield.

  • ronan

    balance minion can do three more spells donate power, spirit shield, elemental shield here some screenshots

    • Wow, thanks! These have been added. 🙂

  • ronan

    and it seems they have some damage boost not sure how much the balance minion

  • Amy

    Its sad how into this you guys are….Don’t you have better things to do?

    • Spending some time doing this.. as opposed to going around leaving negative comments on how other people spend their time. I think I’ll stick with this.

      • Kenzie

        Sorry, but we do what we do for a reason. If someone does not like nor appreciate it, then no need to be here reading. You are obviously here for a reason, correct? Looking for some form of information. That is what we do here at Duelist, bring our viewers what they want and/or may be looking for. Duelist has helped many people with a LOT of things. Sorry you think that we sit here and spend our life on just doing a site. Everyone has a life on this site and we ALL ENJOY bringing our readers helpful information, whether it is for new worlds, quests, pets, PvP’ing or whatever it may be. We are here, as are other fansite’s to help bring Wizards and Pirates what they may be looking for. Sorry that you feel this way and/or think this way. Big Hugs to you 🙂

    • Blaze FireSword

      Dude you really think they do this all day you are probably just hating because you are jealous that we can do amazing things when we work together here at Duelist101

      • It’s a little bit confusing, you having my picture for your avi also. Maybe you could make one of your own wizard?

  • master of wizard101

    for me mine just sat there and didn’t do anything it was the same with all the bosses on the quest to get them maybe a glitch or something

  • penrosecat1

    Just saw the natural attack of Nerys, is there any text on it for all of you? Or is it just me?

  • Nick Monzo

    freddo can also use frost giant just to put it out there

  • Sam

    The death minion also has a natural attack. It’s 85, 190, or 275 damage (depending on pips) and its called Merciless Blade.

    • Sam

      The death minion also has 30% death damage boost

  • Erik Cisneros

    Mokompo can also do storm lord as he did in Mount Olympus

  • LostxSalvation

    Vassnji can use orthrus!

  • harpy shadow eyes

    the storm minion has another hit called rolling thunder its x pips

    • purple fury

      they all have such kind of attack

  • Warren

    Was in battle with life minion, he used rebirth

  • Matthew York

    the balance minion can use elemental blade, just saying

  • Matthew York

    notice how the myth minion has 2000 health and is 6 pips while all the rest of them have 1700 health for 5 pips, just goes to show myth’s reliance on their minion; this is one reason i don’t really like myth. well, i’m sure it would be cool to be able to pierce, shatter, earthquake, and medusa, but i hate how they have to live with their strongest AOE doing 325 DAMAGE; really, that is gonna be really hard in azteca with enemies with close to 6000 health, they really deserve better

  • xXmerkXx

    Wanted to say that Freddo can cast Frost Giant.

  • LifeGirlforever

    Life minion has more stuff then that they also have natural attack and luminous weaver.

    • purple fury

      i also saw it cast rebirth once (only once in all the time i have the minion, wich is pretty long now, so dont expect it to cast it)

  • steven

    malduit has another spell, its like a self attack, and it deals something like 10, 100, or 285 per pip, something like that anyways

  • Blaze FireSword

    The life minion can also cast the unicorn

  • Blaze FireSword

    Sir Lamorak can cast the fire dragon

  • FPanos

    Vissanji can also cast orthus..