Wizard101 Loremaster Boss


Wizard101 Loremaster Boss!

The Wizard101 Aquila update brings us a very special new boss who drops the Rank 4 and 5 crafted spells which were previously only available in Card Packs or to high-level crafters. The Wizard101 Loremaster BossΒ also brings us a very unique spell of her own!

All the spell drops are listed below, and the video shows drops from the Second Chance Chest.

Loremaster dialogue2

Loremaster dialogue1


Where to Find The Loremaster

The Dragonspyre Library

The Loremaster is a side boss in the Dragonspyre Library, located in The Atheneum. Currently any level of wizard can port to the DS library and accept her quest.Β 

DS Atheneum Map


The Boss Battle

Bring a friend!

The Loremaster boss has only 7000 Health, but her pox minions make this battle quite challenging as they cast Virulent Plague, Weakness, Mass Infection, 50% Balanceblades on the boss, heals, and lots other annoying spells as pox tend to do. πŸ™‚ Β 

Loremaster battle


Dropped Spells

The Big Payoff

Prepare your farming parties because The Loremaster drops lots of Rank 4 and 5 crafted spells, plus a special spell of her own!

Wizard101 Loremaster spell

Β Wizard101 Brimstone Revenant spell dropWizard101 Handsome Fomori spell dropWizard101 Winter Moon spell dropWizard101 Goat Monk spell dropWizard101 Luminous Weaver spell dropWizard101 Ninja PIgs spell dropWizard101 Keeper of the Flame spell dropWizard101 Catalan spell dropWizard101 Lord of Night spell dropWizard101 Samoorai spell dropWizard101 Savage Paw spell dropWizard101 Deer Knight spell drop


Happy Farming!



Video: The Loremaster Second Chance Chest


Check out more about the Krampus addition here!

Krampus now at Loremaster! Click here!

Edit: Some Spells changed!

Updated Loremaster Spells Guide

Edit: Some Spells were added!

Updated Loremaster Spells Guide

Β Check out more about the Aquila Update here!

Update: Aquila hits W101. Click here!

Level 75 Aquila Minion guide

L70-90 Crafted Aquila Gear Guide



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  • For those of you who like to see Second Chance Chest videos, skip ahead in the video to 4:30 to see Sparrow spend a bunch of “fake crowns” in the Loremaster’s chest.

  • izabera


    • πŸ˜€ i know right?

      • izabera

        this is incredibly good compared to a new hoard pack with the spells

      • izabera

        just one thing: can you defeat the loremaster with a low level wizard?

        • I found the battle to be a little challenging to solo on my level 90’s. Those pox are troublemakers. πŸ™‚ I think it would be tough but possible with a group of mid-level wizards. It’s really a great opportunity for Farming Parties & I’m sure we’ll be planning some when Test goes live!

          • mmailliw

            Looking at the numbers, 4 midlevels should be able to take out the Pox turn 1 if each casts a Monstrous AoE… or am I missing something here?

            Sometime soon I’ll check out how well Colossal Tempests works on my Diviner…

          • That’s a great idea to remove those Pox early in the battle, then buff up and defeat the Boss.

          • mmailliw

            EDIT: Used my standard boss deck with a few more Tempests thrown in; a bit harder and more frustrating than I expected but 15 minutes from second was all it took. (In other words, slightly easier than your standard Azteca boss fight.)

            With a deck specialized for this fight (temp spam, lots of towers, boosts for your one big hit) I imagine that it should be fairly easy to farm even solo for Lvl 60+, or ice at 58+ (use critical boosts and garg/col AoE spam most of the way… and gear resist will help immensely).

          • Celestial Wanderer

            Actually I think the new minions are well suited for this battle. If you’re doing it alone, which is highly unlikely (best boss ever), your minion takes the weaknesses and traps from the pox or fonts.

  • Garrett Justus

    I LOVE THE CONCEPT of a boss i can farm for my spells…because some of them(like that life spider) can be ever useful.

  • NoOne44

    I tried myself and got Deer Knight! I’m death and I always wanted that spell =)

    • I was lucky and got Luminous Weaver as a drop, plus Samoorai and Savage Paw from spending Test Realm crowns in the second chance chest (I spent about 30K).

      • NoOne44

        I’m not used to test realm, actually my first time on it because I normally don’t like to spoil the story line, do I still get to keep the spell over at live? I was in the middle of crafting it anyways, if I do get to keep it can maybe craft lord of night now =)

        • You do not keep anything from the Test Realm. However, it should go live in a few weeks and then you can farm for the spell. πŸ™‚

          • NoOne44

            Ah, it’s alright just need one more amber on live to craft it =)

          • Sam

            I got savage paw in one battle, and then on my very next try I got the Loremaster spell, and brimstone revelant at the same time.

          • lol

            I think you lie…

  • Jose Breeze


    • Tyler Moonblade

      About time they have a boss that drops savage paw, winter moon, and deer knight!

    • Matthew Dragonblood

      Lol looks like DS is gonna be crowded again. And I bet your gonna go after that loremaster spell yourself

  • Swordroll

    What have you seen as far as drop rates? Are the spells very common, or is everyone just learning them from excessive chest spending?

    • I think the drop rate is pretty decent, but if she drops 13 spells then I’m guessing you might have to farm a while to get the one you want!

    • mmailliw

      I got a spell on the 11th 2nd chance chest, so on the 12th try.

      8% would be a respectable drop rate if you want ANY spell, but if you want a SPECIFIC spell… the farming becomes that much worse.

  • Tyler Moonblade

    You guys need to host an in-game event when this boss goes live. So wizardsof all levels can go ahead and do this. I’ll certainly be making a death and getting deer knight and lord of night. Can’t wait for fomori and winter moon on my ice. Not to forget loremaster and savage paw on my balance ;D

    • We are already talking about doing this. πŸ™‚

      • Jacob Dragonwhisper

        So many peopel will be farming this guy once he goes live, you probably wont have to go very far to find some people to go in with. πŸ˜›

  • Celestial Wanderer

    Definitely bringing my level 19 Balance wizard here once this goes live. I’m so looking forward to getting not only the Savage Paw and Samoorai spells, but especially the Loremaster spell.

    This and the new minions are probably my only upside to this pretty good update. The crafted gear though…

  • asimplewhisper

    so, not that KI has done an awful job with the game in the past, i mean, most the updates have been kinda lame. but this new side world and being able to farm the spells, thats everything done right. this is going to be an amazing add on to the game. i actually just quit playing because i needed a break, then tried it out on test, and they pulled me right back in.

  • Sabrina SkullBreaker

    I got Luminous Weaver at about 1000 crowns from the chest, then on my second account I got up to 2000 without getting a spell

  • Jeremy Shadow Wraith

    Do we have to do some quest before we can do that dungeon?

    • It’s not a dungeon – just a single boss that is standing inside the library. Currently any level wizard can walk in and fight her.

      • Talon

        People will be raging there i think like cl was as people fight to get a spot

  • Jeremy Ravenhunter

    To be honest, im not really happy with all the spells being droped by this boss. It’s not cool when you work hard to craft all spells and now suddenly poof – you can get them by farm a boss (hope that at least drop rate will be low).

    • Blaze MeOut

      lol the drops are so rare I tried farming it all day but no spells πŸ™
      plus you might not get the spell you want so I think its as fair as crafting πŸ˜€

      • Jeremy Ravenhunter

        That sounds fair πŸ™‚

    • Oscar Jean

      how is it not fair i mean the hoard packs drop crafted spells its the same as a boss dropping crafted spells mushu monsters drop crafted spells to ninja pig goat monk

  • Kevin Thundertail

    Why is there only one fire craftable spell it really aggravates me -.-

    • kevin firebreeze

      I agree with you. The other types gets 3 and 2 and we get one pretty weak one I think

      • James Firerider

        I just finished crafting my revenant and I beg to differ: its pretty good. It is morecpowerful than meteor and basically makes up for our lack of a rank four single target spell (like kraken or wyvern) and I can so some really good damage with a colossal on it. The four pip count needed is its best asset because it makes it easy to blade, cast and repeat for continuous, solid damage, or for taking out boss or pop minions. It’s in my regular deck for sure.

  • Jack

    Is just me or the Loremaster spell is kinda Op compared to other crafted spells

    • penrosecat1

      Hope people dont notice that o. o….. KI better not change it one bit!

  • dnstrike

    and thus ends my quest for amber, probably faster to farm this boss than wait a month or two for amber from gardening

    • James Firerider

      Aquila secret bosses and hades drop amber and at a pretty high chance. Its just whichever you would rather farm.

  • Zubei

    This guy/girl/thing is not getting a moments’ rest until I’ve pulled my deer knight out of him.

  • Super Mario

    I don’t see why they needed to include Ninja Pigs, Goat Monk, and Samoorai since they’re already farmable by bosses in Mooshu. It just makes it harder to farm for the other spells from this boss.

  • WolfxMiststrider

    When does it go live? Midnight or later like 3am?

  • WolfxMiststrider

    Will this be coming out today?

  • Blaze DragonHunter

    I think I am one of the luckiest people yet I (no lie) got a spell on my third try really surprised. and happy

  • Jordan Shadowstaff

    I was just battling this boss, until my computer died. It seemed easy! For the pox just cast a couple rank four aoe spells and they will be dead the same round.

  • Logan Stormhammer

    Ok, are the spells in the boss chest? or does she actually drop them

    • She actually drops them, it’s just a low drop rate. I got Samurai today, never used the chest.

      • dustin lifegiver

        Logan, do power pips work on these spells? TIA!

  • tom

    I’m been farming this guy for hours and no Catalan xd eh hopefully it goes better for my ice getting the demon lizard as I lovingly call him from PvP xD

  • fatima abdullah

    I farmed the loremaster for a hours and didn’t get not a single card πŸ™

  • w101

    I got loremaster and keeper or the flame spell so far

    • dustin lifegiver

      Do power pips work on these spells? Otherwise it isn’t worth my time.

      • Not for schools besides your own, or without a Mastery Amulet.

        • dustin lifegiver

          Thanx Nick! Wow what a waste of time for me LOL. Oh well got lots of TC and stuff from her. Glad you told me so I don’t keep spending any more time there for now. Guess I will wait for Waterworks later to get a mastery amulet. In meantime might need to start a char with AOE capability at fairly low level (probably ice or fire) so I can run a few friends through Pagoda quicker. Again, thanx! πŸ™‚

          • Empiso

            easy, I am planning to do death and use bm so I can use savage paw, and other balance ones including the death ones πŸ˜€ always helpful

  • dustin lifegiver

    This is subjective (only my personal experience) but I have farmed her many days and easily over one hundred times with not one spell. Many many hours in total so I have curbed back the enthusiasm LOL and gone back to questing or helping others and just drop in for an hour or so now. Tons of treasure cards, decks, and rings but… Not one spell. I have had others in parties apparently get it. They say it appears larger than the other drop icons and obviously spell appears in their deck.

    I’m a noob with level 47 life character as my one character so far. πŸ™‚ Easiest way I have found is to get high level storm that starts with 2 power pips to go after you then use elemental blade to blade them in that first round. They critical (one of them I was with literally criticaled every first round on two power pips with tempest) and the pox are gone first round.

    I sure do need to work on a pet though. Keep getting starfish with ice trap or health gift (sigh LOL). No spell proof or spritely yet on about number eight starfish.

    BTW does anyone know if power pips work on spells outside our school if she does drop one? Being life at this level without AoE is slooow at times.
    Good luck to all in their questing!

    • purple fury

      powerpips of the spells she drops work the same as with regular spells: you can only use powerpips for them if your either the school or have a mastery amulet of the school of the spell she dropped

  • Playaa

    I went in on my level 12 death and got lord of night first try

  • Oscar Jean

    ok lets be honest did any one get a drop yet of a card this is a rare drop 95 percent of the time you get nothing

    • I farmed her a lot and I did get her spell eventually πŸ˜€

  • therealdeathwiz

    I went in on my lvl 12 death and got lord of night first try

  • hannah redflower

    hi i am hannah redflower from the game can we like have free gears like guardian outfit and stuff like 2 weeks please i really want to be a membership forever but i can’t so please email me i really do like this game allot and we really need like when we are done doing pagoda and winterbane we should like earn crowns from that

    • Anthony earthcrafter

      if that did happen think about all the farming and the annoying messages for people to gift it would just be hectic

  • James

    Hi everyone, I am James in the game and huge fan of the duelist. This boss is annoying agree and I have soloed a lot to try to get spell but only got one. So here my question is there any way to make it easy to get spell or make it give ya the spell ya want? Plz comment back.

    • Hi James. There is no easy way to get her spells, but I think the fights can go faster if you are in a group. The more times you fight her, the more chances to get a spell. I have heard that you should not have maximum treasure cards when you battle her – don’t know if that is true, but make sure you have less than 500 TC’s just to be on the safe side. Good luck!

      • James

        Ok thanks a lot just wondering xd and tc I will keep down xd

  • Mizrahi

    I only got the luminous s weaver and the lot master spell I really want the savage paw spell

  • Empiso

    Man I been waiting for something like this! But really? Balance gets another amazing spell? At this point ices resist which was known as OP is nothing. With crit sets and these spells that they can spam to increase next turns damage while dishing it, forcing them to use low pip attacks, a nice minion that trolls+ everything else they got…. They pretty much own level 90 pvp, now that they can get access to this for lvl 28+/etc wizards was the last thing needed….. Maybe if the spell she dropped for her was instead like fire or death… But mostly fire needs one(There’s fails) maybe this wouldn’t be anything big, just another farming spot for the spell(s) but now you forced me about choosing my next lvl 50 between death or Balance darn you KI!

  • James

    Hi James again and I know this is way off the topic but any one know when the new world is going to come out where we might be able to beat Morganthe? Plz replay thanks a lot.

  • jack

    i got 3 spells on each of my char and they all have the same spells i: loremaster goat monk and deer knight its like bull crop i:

  • Luke

    Good thing is, each time you get a spell, that’s no longer a drop for you.

  • Justin DeathCaster

    does lore master really drop spells? or is that a bull ish rumor that some noob started, cause i fought her tons of times and i got nothing but a bunch of tc and rings.

    • Angel Shadow

      Believe me, there’s so much I could say about this being a not-so-bullish rumor, but for now we’ll leave it at yes, she drops spells.

  • Anthony

    I think they should up the percent you get the spells cause i’ve farmed this hundreds of times and didnt get one spell

  • jose

    What’s the drop rate of deer night

    • Cody Nightblade

      I have heard that the drop rate is completely random, and one of the professors of Ravenwood say the drop rate is the same…

  • exuave

    he also drops krampus spell for fire

  • Garrett Thomison

    Well I got the lore master quest and he is rank 9 balance with 7000 health with three minions each with 785 so depending on what low level is for you good luck

  • Garrett Thomison

    Never tried to beat him but I could probably solo him btw I’m Logan spellcaster lvl 51 balance

  • Firo

    how can i get savage paw with loremaster?

    • Angel Shadow

      Is this for real -.-

  • Bailey Thunderblade

    I defeated her but I didn’t get my cards, just TC! should I try again

    • Angel Shadow

      What did/do you expect?

  • Timithy HIll

    Thank you about the help but do you have to be a certain level to get the pernament spell drops because I did 3 runs and only got treasure cards or is it random between pernament or treasure card spells?

    • Guest

      The permanent spells are just very very rare. More often than not tc will be the only thing you get, and occasionally the 45+ bazaar gear.

  • Valder the heir of death

    Do you have to be a certain level to get these spells because I am level 32 on my death wizard and I want the lord of night and deer knight spell pls tell me if you need a certain level?

    • Guest

      You just need someone to take you to The Atheneum in Dragonspyre. Otherwise there are no level restrictions.

  • Stargazer

    I thought she dropped Queen Calypso???!!??!

  • ZeseyHD

    Is it weird that i got all the balance spells within an hour?

    • Cody RavenTamer

      Incredibly so!

      • ZeseyHD

        :[ i don’t want them… i just want deer knight