Wizard101 Lost Pages Event Update


[Server Message] Lost Pages Events will end in 5 minutes.


That is the chat box message received at 11:55 PM, May 31st, 2013. We also received the system notification on the right side of the screen. I was in a battle with Spellwrit Winged Tooths for the Lost Page of Embers.


Temporary Events

The Lost Pages Events were explained to be temporary quests in The Spiral. Click to read more about the quests. I found myself thinking, “I better hurry if I want to finish up the questline before it ends.” (My time in game has been rather limited recently.)

I was curious what the ‘end’ will mean.  I seriously doubt Kingsisle went to all that work to create the event for it to last such a short time. Even the Selena event was reworked to stay in the spiral. Maybe this will be too somehow?

Would the Spellwrits stay?
Would we be allowed to finish the current quest?
Would Dee’s Mirrors remain fixtures of The Spiral?
Would those who completed the questline be able to repeat dungeons?


A Resounding NO!

Poof! The Spellwrit in my battle and Dee’s Mirror vanished!  I checked after the battle and the quest disappeared too.  Since I finished the Avalon quest, I checked High Road for Dee’s Mirror. There was no sign of it. Not even a shadow where it once stood!  All evidence of Lost Pages–GONE!


[Server Message] Lost Pages Events have ended…for now!

😮  For NOW?!  Surprise! It will be coming back then it seems.  I wonder if this will be a yearly thing? What is your prediction? Let us know in the comments below.  Also, will we see more ‘Events?’  Will the ‘Events’ take place of new world updates in The Spiral?  In the meantime…


Happy Dueling!



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  • master of wizard 101

    ooh i wonder what will happen next lets all cross our fingers and hope that we can get that next badge for them

  • Llewella Life

    I hope this dungeon comes again every year like Halloween towers 🙂 That would give new wizards a chance to receive badges as well to have fun between worlds and questing 🙂

  • Cass Lifeblossom

    This could be a hint at the next new boss could you say after Morganthe like how Crab Alley was a preview and a hint and what Celestia looked like past the tons of concept art that we saw.

  • Kerfalla Dioubate

    i got the quests still available

  • Eric Nightshade

    its back again

  • purple fury

    i hope they are gonna do all temporally events every year… even if its once…