Wizard101 Quest Finder

Quest Finder!!!

QuestFinderHave you ever lost your quest line? Wizard101 now has in game help to find the nearest quest.

This is exciting news.  I cannot tell you how many times I have helped people track down a lost quest.  In the beginning of the game, I had trouble too.  I really like the fact that the tracker arrow can lead you directly to the Quest Finder’s target.  Way to go Wizard101!


Check out how it works in the video below.


Read this excerpt from the Test Realm update notes about Quest Finder:Wizard101-Quest-Finder



What do you think about the Quest Finder?  Do you think you will ever use it?


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  • jewelshadowcaster

    Wooo yay finally :D!!

  • Jack Dragonshield

    This feature sounds…Legit 🙂

  • Aaron S.


  • Cody DragonRider

    This has nothing to do with the article:
    Ok, I just saw bug in life game.
    I received Loremaster spell from my farming to day and I headed to test It right away; after about hitting my other account for 10 times, which leave 10 of -20% damage and 10 of -35% accuracy, guess what happen?
    when my other account make a hit, all the accuracy debuff was all use up in the same round, and then what left was suppose to be -20% damage right? Well, what left was a looking a like – accuracy debuff, not like damage symbol. Now He hit me, all the negative charms that left was use (all -20% damage all used up in the same round) what the?
    can someone please tested it out?

    • Aaron S.

      Very confusing use of words. Please clarify?

      • Cody DraginRider

        If weakness was cast from the same spell, and if you wand it off, only one would goes off right? Well the weakness from Loremaster seem to all goes off at the same time.

        • Hi Cody, I just tested Loremaster in Live and there does seem to be something buggy about it. However I could not recreate what you described above.

          The bug that I experienced was that the Weakness activated even when the attack fizzled.

          This does appear to need more testing.

        • Actually, I just tested is some more and see exactly what you mean. If you have access to Test, please leave a bug report for KI to see. I will leave one too. 🙂

        • Aaron S.


    • robert

      works fine in the real game don’t see why you would want it in test realm lol

      • Cody DragonRider

        I recieve the spell from Lives Game, try hitting someone for tenth time and lets them hit, it would be impossible for them to NOT fizzle. because all accuracy debuff were ALL activated at once, but once they hit, all weakness were also activated at once, that is my main idea, IDK why I:

  • DMT001

    I like this feature. Always wanted something like this, for those hard to find quests that you skipped early on.

  • Molly Daisyfountain

    Sounds great!

  • alexis hunter

    That’s great news. What I’d also like to see now would be a way to order the quests in my quest log, either by world or by the order in which I got them. Also maybe a way to delete quests from my log, so if I picked one up by accident it wouldn’t clog my log for the rest of the wizard’s life…
    But this tool is already great – I remember looking for Mossback’s quest like a maniac throughout Mooshu, before I figured out that I could use the MooShu Quest Tree page on Central, which was still kinda cumbersome because I didn’t know WHICH Mossback I had to be looking for (or where EXACTLY he was in the designated area)..

    • KI has said repeatedly that removing quests from your quest log will not be an option.

      There are so many requests for people who lost their main quest that hopefully they will come up with a way to track that! 🙂

      • alexis hunter

        I see the point about deleting quests. Sigh. But but maybe the quest log could at least be mildly customizable, so we could label them in a way or another, or at least they could organize the quests in some order, perhaps several tabs for world, or level? Because, unless i’m mistaken, now the log is in arranged quite randomly – some quest I pick up in DS ends up between two older quests from MB, which are not even in alphabetical order…

        Anyway, the Quest FInder could solve a part of these problems – since now I can avoid picking up a quest without fearing that it will turn out to be important and I won’t be able to find again the NPC who gives it.

        • Yes, they implemented something like that in PIrate101. Quests are arranged by type and have symbols next to them (main, side, companion promotion quests). It’s very helpful if you have not been questing for a while on a character and want to start again – like many of us to when we spend a lot of time in PvP. 🙂

          • alexis hunter

            Indeed that sounds nice. If they did it in Pirate maybe they’ll eventually do something similar in Wizard. Thanks for the answers!

  • Yes! Now I can find out what sidequests I missed in all the worlds! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  • When this hits live I’m going to run back to all the worlds and hunt down those sidequests 😀 😀 😀 It won’t lead you to dungeons right? That would stink if it lead you to a dungeon quest x.x

  • Deathheart

    So if i press the quest finder thing, do i have to finish that quest first before i can press it again because that’s what happened in the test realm for me.