The Mount Olympus Experience in Aquila (Wizard101)


The Mount Olympus Experience in Aquila

Become one of the few who has completed the first stage of the Immortal Games!

Mount Olympus is the beginning of Aquila.

The first of three dungeon instances. You must be Level 30 to access this dungeon. Each instance also has a side quest leading to a special boss battle. The good news? These bosses have specialty items!  

The video below is a comprehensive guide to the entire Mount Olympus experience. It includes the Guide to the Bronze Eagle Statues and the Pit of the Noxii where you defeat Gladiator Dimachaerus for specialty items.  

Defeating Dimachaerus brings you the chance for a new pet, the Enchanted Armorment Pet. School specific wands drop that are no trade and no auction.  You may read about them below. 

After completing Mount Olympus, you may access level 30 crafted gear as well as moving on to Atlantea, the second dungeon.



Climbing the Mountain

Athena Battle Sight greets you immediately upon entering.  She informs your first task is to collect three Legion Tokens. Don’t worry about their size.  They magically shrink to fit in your backpack.



Let Me Show You The Light

The Sun Chamber (0:39)

This chamber is defended by the radiant Apollo Bright One, Rank 7 Life Boss 4,200 health. He is accompanied by a Myth Elite Cyclops Guard at 1,120 heath.

Retrieve the Ophidian Archer Legion Token.




Already Beaten

The Moon Chamber (2:12)

Athena explains her sister Artemis New Moon is away. The Token is guarded by a Ophidian Archer, Rank 7 Death Elite with 1,500 health and a Crescent Moon Centaur, Rank 7 Moon Elite with 1,600 health.

Retrieve the Minotaur Warrior Legion Token.




Zeus’ Personal Guards

The Sky Balcony (3:52)

Praetorian Guard exclaims for you to tremble in your robes! No need to tremble. He is a Rank 7 Storm Elite at 1,240 health. His minions are Elite Cyclops Guards too. Like in the Sun Chamber. Easy.

They surrender the Carthaginian Elephant Legion Token to you.





Puzzle vs. Deer Knight?

Down To The Arena (5:37)

Take the Legion Tokens to Eris Golden Apple for a Puzzle.

She wishes to place you in a golden cage! Watch out! Use your newly acquired Legion Tokens to beat her at her game. 

  • Step 1 Carthaginian Elephant
  • Step 2 Minotaur Warrior
  • Step 3 Ophidian Archer

Or use the Oran Silverhorn Method (7:10)

Eris will give you the key that is needed to unlock the hall.



Fire in the Hall

Hall of the Watchful Eye (10:24)

Defeat the Elite Cyclops Guardsmen to reach the forge of Hephaestus. Again, Rank 7 Myth Elite at 1,120 health. 

Bronze-EagleThe Forge (11:21)

Haphestus cannot continue without his Bronze Eagles that have wandered off. (How statues wander off is beyond me.) Four statues hide around Mount Olympus. Here is a Quick Guide to the Bronze Statues with a Video Quick Guide if you prefer.



Aries Savage in Action

Heart of a Warrior

Hall of Battle (14:39)

Now you need a wicked Weapon to even the odds. Ares Savage Spear has just the weapon! He thinks our spells are puny?! HA! Hit him with your best shot!

Ares is a Rank 7 Fire Boss with 4,500 health. His minion is an Ophidian Archer, Rank 7 Death Elite at 1,500 health.

Take the reward and go forth to the father.




The Sky Father (16:10)

Zeus welcomes you to battle with his very deep and authoritative voice.

Zeus is a Rank 7 Myth Boss with 5,000 health. His minion is a Minotaur Warrior, Rank 7 Ice Elite at 1,500 health. (Don’t miss the end of this battle.)



Honored at last! (18:40)

Wise Silenus is kind enough to record your name and provide your Honorable Bronze Archon badge. Cyrus Drake calls you to the next Quest. It is time to move on to Atlantea.Honorable-Bronze-Archon-Badge


Craft It!

After completing Mount Olympus, Khalkos Coppersmith appears outside the Mount Olympus dungeon. He has level 30 crafted gear.  Read more about it in this guide.



Pit of the Noxii (19:30)


The Slaughterhouse of Olympus (20:40)

This is a side quest completed inside of Mount Olympus. It is repeatable without completing the entire dungeon. It entails defeating Gladiator Dimachaerus, “father of war and fang and claw.”

Pit of the Noxii is near Eris Golden Apple and her game.

Prepare ahead for battle as he is a Rank 13 Balance Boss with 30,000 health. His minion is a Rank 12 Ice Elite Doomed Bones at 3,800 health. Prepare to remove Weaknesses. He uses a specialty -75 too. Bring Cleanse Charms, shields and heals. (I hope you aren’t afraid of rats.) 


You too can be a Superior Gladiator once you complete this quest.Supreme-Gladiator-Badge


Specialty Zeus Wands (25:32)

Dimacharus drops the following school specific wands. Do note they are no trade and no auction too. (We are still looking for a picture of the Life wand.)  They all have critical increases as well as incoming and outgoing health increases.

 Aquila lvl 90 Death wand Staff of Zeus' Curses Level-90-Zeus-Bolt-Wand Myth Aquila lvl 90 Balance wand Bolt of Zeus' Justice Zeus'-Thunderstrike-Staff-(90-Storm) Zeus'-Hailstone-Bolt-(Ice-90-Wand) Zeus'-Smoke-Cloud-Scepter-(90-Fire) 




New pet with new talents!  Read more in The Enchanted Armament Pet guide.




Thank you for joining us.  Now you you ready for Mount Olympus. Excited? Will you use the new gear, wand or pet?  Let us know in the comments.

Happy Questing!


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  • NoOne44

    I wouldn’t use them wands, I got the storm one at the end of tartarus with incredible critical chance, works well as long as you have block shoes to make up for the no block on wand

    • izabera

      it works even better with the heavy rain slippers 😉

    • Cody Nightblade

      If storm had gotten all critical gear, their critical rating would go over 600 storm critical rating, and 200 universal critical rating. Imagine that…

  • penrosecat1

    Well, dimachaerus just isnt for me, the moment i read Rank 13 Balance Boss with 30000 health, i did a huge facepalm.

  • Elijah L.

    When does the side quest to fight the secret boss unlock?

    • I *think* it’s unlocked the whole time. You can go in there first, skip the other fights. I don’t even think you need the quest to fight him, could be wrong though.

      • Jenna SwiftGem

        You need the quest, just checked myself 🙂

        • Cody Nightblade

          In order to enter the Pit of the Noxii, you must have the dungeon accessible to you by the quest whose main description is to defeat Zeus Sky Father. I have finished that quest on my level 38 sorcerer, and I have then discovered Gladiator Dimachaerus. Many people ask for others to come and help them with Gladiator Dimachaerus, so I come along because I have many buffs.

    • I got it before I even went into the dungeon.

  • Blaze Sunflame

    I hate to advertise but i’m doing it for a good cause. Search up Robert Ghostblade on youtube and watch his tournament video. It shows a big problem with diego’s judgement. With many people requesting to KI to tweak diego,maybe KI will update diego in this next update. Trust me the video is worth watching

  • TheRealDeathWiz

    Are the wand drops like waterworks to where we only get our school or do we get other school ones?

    • You can win gear from any school, but you can’t trade it.

      • Cody Nightblade

        I think I might have been able to trade the level 30+ Zeus wands to some of my other characters.

  • Oran Silverhorn

    You said Zores gave you the order, you never said anything about waiting till you used it. Deer Knight = the key to any door.

  • Kerfalla Dioubate

    sky iron hastas will be on every lvl 30-49s.

    • Luke

      Lol I see them on high levels sometimes.

    • Cody Nightblade

      It’s a very nice damage boost from a wand, of course your statement is reasonable.

  • Luke

    Those wands from Gladiator Dimachaerus are extra useful if you cannot access Tartarus, my pet heals me 662 with pixie with that wand, Catalan’s bite, and full skyscream gear.

  • I don’t know why but my friend attacked Ares with a TC Wraith and she has amplify on and he didn’t cheat cast his Natural Attack on her. Was it because it was a drain? Maybe because of the amplify?

    • Hmm I’m not sure. I know that there are some cheats that are not activated by Death drains (I think Cerebrus is one of them), so maybe it’s true for Ares also!

      • Cody Nightblade

        Actually, in a few clips of battles of Cerebrus, it seemed that any hits on two of the three of the Cerebrus heads would trigger them hitting you with their natural attack. I have not seen drains, but because they deal damage, it may be reasonable.
        Another boss, a myth boss in a specific location(I have no idea the name of the myth boss, or the dungeon itself), has the exact cheat. When he gets hit, and he has minions with him, his minions attack you…

    • Cody Nightblade

      I think it may be because of the two following reasons:
      1. The wraith may have snuck past the cheat without Ares noticing (happened a few times)
      2. In the phrase, “You Dare Strike Me Directly,” Ares refers to single-target damage spells. Since Wraith is a single-target drain spell, Ares probably would not trigger his cheat.

  • Cody Nightblade

    Does anyone agree that the Sky Iron Hasta drops every time? This has been the case for me every time I got to topple Zeus, and I encounter Ares. I have so many Sky Iron Hastas that I *literally* have more than ten of them on my wall in my house. I fed most of the rest.

  • lukey800

    i could never defeat dimacearus, can someone help?

    Lucas Draginslinger level 25 fire

  • Blaze FireSword

    Gladiator Dimachaerus also drops robes I got a level 90 fire robe from him

    • He only drops Senator’s gear in my experieince. When I was a magus, I used to fight him a lot and got the Promethean Senator’s Storm gear, and I ended up feeding them all >:P

      • Luke

        I always use that storm gear on my storm when I fight fire bosses in KH, great help.

  • Hmm, how come you didn’t include the 2 housing items from Mount Olympus? There’s the one in the Sun Chamber for the Banner of Apollo and the Grand Statue of Zeus by the Praetorian Guard on the Sky Balcony.

  • Justin DeathCaster

    yup, i got the statue and i have not yet to find the apollo thing, but thx for the tip XD

  • hamzah125 wizard

    how to you login in plz!!!!!!!!!