Wizard101 Updates Nightmare Pack!

Nightmare Gear hits Level 80!


Kenzie shows off the new Nightrunner mount!


It just wouldn’t be Hallowe’en in the spiral without the Nightmare pack. Yesterday, KingsIsle announced updates to the pack for it’s re-release. There’s lots of new goodies to be had!

New pets, gear, seeds, pet talents, and more! You’re sure to attract attention wherever you go on a new Nightrunner or Cloudstrider Pegasus mount! We PvP folks love to talk stats, but we can’t deny that the arena has its fair share of fashion connoisseurs. 😉

Sloan shows us the new Cloudstrider Pegasus!


Visually, the Dark Wraith gear still looks similar, but new variations on stats have been introduced. Most notably the gear now goes up to Level 80.

Seth shows us the Nightrunner Mount’s red variation!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve already been asking yourself what stats the gear offers. Usually the Hoard Pack gear has stat drawbacks which keep it from being effective in PvP (with the exception of wands), but some of the new offerings are solid options. Here’s what info we could drag up.



Show Me the Stats!

Note: This is what we’ve been able to find so far. We’ll add more as they become available. If you have new gear info that we have missed, send a screen cap to admin@duelist101.com!

The Penumbra Drake is an all-new pet, exclusive to the Nightmare Pack (it can be hatched). One very unique feature is that the Penumbra’s card changes as it levels, so depending on how many times you shoot this poor lil’ guy out of a cannon, his card will be different.

Logan’s Drake is currently Adult, and gives the Death Scarab card. But, more importantly, it has manifested a brand new talent! “May Cast Dragonblade”



Atonement Set!

We roamed the streets of the Spiral to bring you early looks at the new Level 80 offerings. Here’s some of the cool stuff we found:

First, an entire new set of gear has been added to the pack. It’s called the Darkwraith’s Atonement set. It’s loaded for offense, with lots of Critical rating, but has a generous dollop of resist also!

DarkWraith’s Atonement Scythe gives 4% armor piercing, a power pip, incoming heal boost, and 65 crit rating! Yikes!

Darkwraith’s Atonement Cowl offers 8% attack boost, 7% resist, 8% incoming heal, 45 crit rating, and two cards: Dark pact and Sprite.

[Image Not Available]

DarkWraith’s Atonement Robe offers 3% power pips, 50 crit rating, 12% attack boost, 15% resist, 2% incoming heal boost, and two cards: Feint and Cleanse Ward.

[Image Not Available]

DarkWraith’s Atonement Boots offer 12% power pips, 10% attack, 3% general resist, 4% incoming heal boost, and two cards: Curse and Hex.


Extreme Wand

Packs are most known for their impressive wand stats, and the Level 80 Nightmare gear continues this tradition.

The DarkWraith’s Umbral Scythe gives a massive 105 critical block rating. PvP players will be scrambling to get this stat, in their continued efforts to not die from a random critical strike.

It also gives a power pip and 30 critical rating. All around a solid choice for the defensive PvP player.






Other Gear

The update also continued previous DarkWraith sets into Level 80. Here are some of those pieces in no particular order.


Do YOU have pics of gear we missed? Send them in to admin@duelist101.com and we’ll include them here!


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  • Wow some nice gear here!

    • Psylence

      Indeed, that critical block scythe is deadly!

  • logan wraith

    XD picture of me in there haha he actually wasnt kidding when he said he needed a pick of my pet

    • I was serious! haha

      • logan wraith

        lol glad to help XD

  • Julia IceHeart

    D: it isn’t fair! i want a nightrunner but i cannot afford anymore crowns 🙁 plus i been playing for a long time and i STILL have noob mounts,gear, and wands :/ i feel left out sometimes

    • I feel your pain. I’m out of crowns also lol, and spent all day looking at the new gear and mounts. xD

  • ~Dylan~

    I’m not very happy with this, they’re starting to make the crowns gear stronger than the gear we’ve worked so hard to gain. Wands with a little more critical/block was ok, but they’re really pressing the envelope with me now.

    • I wouldn’t be too worried. I have a feeling there will be new gear available in game soon. Seems like they’ve been rolling out new worlds about twice a year, it’s about time for another.

  • thx for adding more gear, Nick! those boots are pretty tempting.

    • IriGianthunter

      i agree, those boots have some crazy stats

    • NP! Thanks to Logan Wraith and Seth for helping out with more pics today!