Wizard101 Winterbane Hall (Thane’s Dungeon)

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Dispels to all spells?

90 Tower Shields?

30 Weakness to everyone?

Ice Armor for zero pips? 

Thane’s Dungeon a.k.a. Winterbane Hall has all kinds of backhanded tricks to overcome.  New spells pop up in just about every battle. Four cheating bosses try to make your life difficult; however, with a little knowledge, they are easily overcome.  I used Promethean wizards.  The tower is said to be tiered for lower levels.



At the top of the PvPer’s prize list is the Coldfire Dragon with the new Eirikur Axebreaker Spell.  A fantastic PvP spell for use with Fire Mastery Amulet or Fire Wizards.


  • 7 Pips
  • 440 Fire Damage
  • -45 Smoke Screen to Enemies
  • +9 Spear to Everyone
  • The accuracy isn’t great, but is in line with the Fire school.

So far, I received a Coldfire Dragon, a Wildclaw, a Raven, and a Red Cap pet too.  A Darkwind Bow and a Thought and Memory Helm were given by Wretched Elexorian.  It would seem reasonable to me there is other gear in the dungeon. Be on the lookout!

The battles also award gold, various reagents, treasure cards, plants (White Tiger Lilly at Jokul), and Grizzleheim type housing Items.


What to expect — Quest Details

Jarl Whiteshield is trouble.  His home has been invaded and conquered.  He needs our help to rid him of this vermin.

Foul Grendels

Defeat 4 Small Grendels and Defeat Bigger Grendels

Their schools are varied, but their health is under 3,500.  Stack blades and hit once. Once the small Grendels are defeated, bigger Grendels appear.  At this time, you are given credit for their defeat with the first battle.  Skip this battle.  Go to the ladder to descend to the next battle.  Grab wisps before you go.  This is the only place in the dungeon to find them.



Blind him “with spell craft and bright steel!”

Tyrfing is a Myth Boss with 22,500 health that uses Death spells.  (He loves Deer Knight.)  His minions have 3,500 or less health. The Ice minion adds a 90 Tower Shield to Tyrfing and the Balance minion uses a 50 Balance Blade.  

Strategy Tips:

  • Work fast here. Use Pierce or Steal Ward for the tower.
  • Calculate how many blades and Feints it will take for your wizard with your gear to defeat Tyrfing before you enter the battle.  This will help you work faster.
  • DO NOT MISS!  He will hit you for defeating his minions.  Deer Knight, Scarecrow, and Blinding Light will slow you down a bit.


Hunter’s Stew


Bypass Nettlegut and Firebelly by following Jarl Whiteshield’s Hunter’s Stew recipe.  

Select the ingredients in order and the stew will magically appear in the pot to distract and entertain the enemies.

Tip: Use caution to be sure you select the correct ingredient.  Some of them are very close together.

Wretched Elexorien


“Raise your hand, bruised, bloody, triumphant!”

Tyrfing’s mother has a few tricks in store for you.  She plans to ruin you!  

She is Rank 13 Boss, Life with 18,750 health.  No minions! Yay!  

She has a Dispel All spell. Hopefully she won’t catch your hit.  

Carry Cleanse Charms for this battle.  She also uses a 30 Weakness to all.  Expect Sanctuary and heals from her. She is best defeated in one hit.



Make him bite himself with RAGE!

He vows to rain blows of fury upon you, don’t let him!  

Jokul is an Ice Boss with 25,000 health.  He uses Ice & Storm spells. He carries extra blades and Sleet Storm. 

The minions in this battle are Storm and Life with over 16k health.  This team punches hard and the Life will heal Jokul.  

Strategy Tips:

  • I recommend sending a ‘tank’ wizard into this battle first turn.  The ‘tank’ can withstand the majority of the single hit damage, get stunned and weakened while the other wizards can build for the hit.  
  • He did remove an ice prism from us.  You cannot block that with a Vaporize.  Choose a different school as hitter for this fight.  
  • Add a couple more Feints to your deck for this one.



Eirikur Axebreaker – The Great Wyrm

Fill the air with his ‘hate and anguish!’

2This is the battle where you might win the Coldfire Dragon.  

Eirikur is fire, but also uses Ice.  I defeated him with Storm and (converted) Myth without problems.  The battle starts out with Eirikur adding a zero pip Ice Armor to himself. He may replace it if he he is hit without being defeated.  For this reason, avoid damage over time spells and multi hit spells such as Rain of Fire or Chimera.

DO NOT STEAL the Ice Armor!  He will take it back and hit you.  PIERCE works just fine. 

Eirikur is a Rank 15 boss with health at 30,000. His storm minions are Rank 13 Elite with 10,000 health.  This is no walk in the park.  Use multiple Feints and blades to hit them all at once.  

Be ready for multi-bladed/speared Efreets with a 95 weak, Leviathians/Sirens to steal your blades, Stuns and Smoke Screens to slow you down.

Another word of caution, I had to repeat the dungeon once.  I defeated Eirikur and missed on the minions. The minions wiped my team out that turn. I went back in and the minions were there but Eirikur was gone.  I still had the arrow to defeat Eirikur.  I tried anyway and it did not update me for the defeat.  I was unable to summon Eirikur without starting over, even though I had defeated him.



Complete the dungeon and you receive the Warrior of Winterbane badge.







Looking for more Winterbane info?

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Happy Dueling!

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