Wizard101 King Artorius Level 90 Spells Guide

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Wizard101 King Artorius Level 90 Spells!

A guide to the new King Artorius Level 90 Spells found before you reach the new world of Khrysalis! The questline has you speak with Merle Ambrose, who then sends you to Inyanga Whitestripes in Zafaria. After that, Inyanga sends you to Avalon, where King Artorius and the Knights of the Silver Rose wait in their headquarters in Abbey Road. King Artorius then presents your new spell after some dialogue.

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Want to see ALL the new Level 90 spells in action? Scroll down for the video at the bottom!

King Artorius: Storm

Wizard101 King Artorius Level 90 Spells Khrysalis Storm

The King Artorius Level 90 Spell for Storm Wizards

  • School: Storm
  • Pips: 8
  • Accuracy: 70%
  • Effect: 1120 Storm damage, 10% Storm Spear, 10% Storm Accuracy

Duelist Note: See Video below!


Level 90 Storm Spell Video!


King Artorius: Fire

Wizard101 King Artorius Level 90 Spells Khrysalis Fire

The King Artorius Level 90 Spell for Fire Wizards

  • School: Fire
  • Pips: 8
  • Accuracy: 75%
  • Effect: 840 Fire damage, 10% Fire Spear, Stun target

Duelist Note: See Video Below!


Level 90 Fire Spell Video!


King Artorius: Life

Wizard101 King Artorius Level 90 Spells Khrysalis Life

The King Artorius Level 90 Spell for Life Wizards

  • School: Life
  • Pips: 8
  • Accuracy: 90%
  • Effect: 705 Life Damage, 10% Life Spear, Heal 300 over 3 rounds

Duelist Note: See Video Below!

Level 90 Life Spell Video!


King Artorius: Balance

Wizard101 King Artorius Level 90 Spells Khrysalis Balance

The King Artorius Level 90 Spell for Balance Wizards

  • School: Balance
  • Pips: 8
  • Accuracy: 85%
  • Effect: 725 Balance Damage, -40% Charm, and 10% Balance Spear

Duelist Note: See Video below!

Level 90 Balance spell Video!


King Artorius: Myth


Brief Summary of Spell goes here.

  • School: Myth
  • Pips: 8
  • Accuracy: 80%
  • Effect: +50 + 1020 Myth Damage over 3 rounds, +10% Myth Spear, removes 1 Shield

Duelist Note:See Video Below!

Level 90 Myth Spell Video!


King Artorius: Ice


Brief Summary of Spell goes here.

  • School:  Ice
  • Pips: 8
  • Accuracy: 80%
  • Effect: +725 Ice Damage, +10% Ice Spear, and +1 Pip

Duelist Note: See Video below!

Level 90 Ice Spell Video!


King Artorius: Death

Death Spell_King Artorius

Brief Summary of Spell goes here.

  • School: Death
  • Pips: 8
  • Accuracy: 85%
  • Effect: 725 Death Damage, leaves -30% Infection, +10% Death Spear

Duelist Note:See Video Below!

Level 90 Death Spell Video!


This is still Test Realm info, so the cards are subject to change before hitting live game. We will do our best to keep you updated!

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  • popcicool7777777

    I dont understand. Where do you get these spells?

    • John Chen

      They got it in the test realm.

  • Habbo_Flora

    Storm to weak -.-‘
    We want heal or stun!

    • Matthew Dragonblood

      You guys already get one of the best stun spells in the game. I dont see why your complaining -.-

      • Habbo_Flora

        only got 1 stun, idk what you are talking about but ok..

        • WizFanaticz

          One is enough, some schools don’t even have one. On top of that storm lord hits every player.

        • Tyler Moonblade

          Storm: KI KI! Give us 500 critical!

          Storm: KI KI! Give us 100+ damage boost!

          Storm: KI KI! Give us a stun that’s worth using in 1v1!

          Oh please, with the stun at full pips you could just cast another of those. Just cast a shadow strike why don’t ya and basically cut through everyone’s resist but ice’s…. Not to mention land a critical on top of having 100+ boost? So you would be dealing 4000 damage when you cast that and then follow up with another one and boom.

          • Adam Denndorfer

            heck no! destroy storms damage or critical, if neither give them lower hits! they are OP from the start

    • Hunter Fire

      To op give storm 10% armor piercing aura for 4 rounds

    • daniel lopez

      Stunning and healing have nothing to do with storm (idk why they put stun on storm lord and made healing current). I figure what storm should get is probably something for damage, but they shouldn’t be getting a heal or a stun.

  • KyleTheMyth

    the pic isnt mine i took it off my friends facebook, so i dont need creds i guess 🙂

  • Frost Monarch

    the death spell is decent despite its mediocre look. Its the first hit that isn’t watered down by being a drain or spread about with over-time damage like skeletal dragon. Its one hit plus a good pierce boost and infection.

  • Garrett Justus

    i actually love all of these. perfect for each school, giving a good hit along side a decent boost to things, the pierce on all of them and the added effect is the cherry on the cake. This is perfect, i feel like KI tried really hard to listen to what people wanted and so far are delivering.

    • Hunter Spamdefendersentinel Ta

      I agree. King Artorius on my Ice gave me a potent damage spell that’s usually easier to pull off than Lord of Winter in 1v1.

  • izabera

    is that a balance-only spear that doesn’t activate with off school wand hits?

    • John Chen

      I think so because it has a balance sign. Balance blade and dragonblade both dont have a balance sign, only a fist(which means damage).

  • Habbo_Flora

    Myth overpowerd

  • Duncan StormThief

    Lol when will life get one spell with stun? Not fair xD

  • penrosecat1


  • Carlos Mythstalker

    Myth seems kind over powered I guess

    • Jason

      Myth needs a nerf, + storm and death need buffs. Storm needs something more useful than only 10% accuracy, they’ve got infallible. A spirit shield or 2 would be better to compensate for storms lower health. Death should get a stronger debuff, from 30% to 75% maybe? With the insane boosts and high critical 30% won’t cut it. Good thing they’re still in test realm 😉

      • Empiso

        Myth is fine, myth’s is the easiest to counter. Storm has insane damage so no need to buff which there characters already do themself since storm from just good gear gives them 85-95 damage and with a damage pet makes them at 100+ damage so storm already insanely boosts there spell. Deaths is the only one out of these that need a buff. But I guess if you use the new shadow spells right this spell kinda limits them with the new updates of being seen as *OP

  • Cody DragonRider

    Great, I though fire WAS THE SECOND highest damage school, now I see…. Fire is almost last from Ice. There a big turn over since Wzterworks came out, the gear there prove that fire was almost the last damage school I:
    Coment on Storm spell: Kinda strong for 8 pips spells, it even did more damage then LEVY!
    Comment on Fire spell: Stun? Ok? 840 damage? EFREET is way better and it only level 58 spell!
    Comment on Ice spell: Great range of damage, nice!
    Comment on Life Spell: O. o? attack and heal? Just like Jagual PolyMorph spell O. o
    Comment on Myth Spell: Huh? another over time damage spell for myth? and um, to tal damage was 1070? O. o
    Comment on Death Spell: Woo, as usual, hit and left a scar behind I;
    Comment on Balance Spell: 40% weakness? O. o

    • mmailliw

      Actually Fire is in 3nd place, behind only Myth and Storm, based on raw damage amounts. (Every other school’s spell does 725 or less.)

      Myth’s spell seems overpowered from a distance, but you have to remember that KI views DOT spells as WEAKER than normal spells which do the same amount of damage. A good rate for conversion is DOT damage * .8 = ‘normal’ damage (this is the rate used by Central tournaments, for example); using this, Myth’s damage goes down to 856, which is only about 2% more than the 840 from Fire!

      Maybe 900 is more appropriate for Fire than 840 (I think the 1120 for Storm is about right; 140 damage per pip is about what Storm generally got before CL, and 110 per pip was right for fire) but this is what the numbers say.

      • COOKIE

        No myth is actually weaker then fire if you recall the actual game! myth has been always weaker then fire however I think fire should at least get a buff for damage (at least 960) and myth a nerf to 900

    • Allo

      myth spell fails because people can traige it so the best is storm then fire second (so glad for stun spell) bit of a bummer it wasnt multi but still cool! ty kingsile

      • WizFanaticz

        Lots of ways to counter triage. You can use a life dispel. You can hit with another dot so the second dot gets triaged off. If you’re first you could stun or feint the round they triage and hit with your nice pierce blade and feint(even a troll will hurt). I’m not even a myth wizard.

    • Anthony FireSword

      Dude, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to use it, nobody’s making you. Like always, some schools will get better tools than others. Take for example the Avalon and Azteca crafted gear (and I mean the hats and robes, not the boots). The majority of spirit users disliked there crafted gear since most of them figured the boost in critical was not a fair trade-off for the drops in just about every other stat, as they claimed the resist increase to spirit was not worth the drop in elemental and balance resist (this is also why few if any balance use the spirit defense crafted gear), and why Pre-Aquila, many still stuck with WW. While those who used it, though they died much faster to elemental and balance opponents, the critical they had was vicious, since for roughly every 1 spirit block and resist an average PvPer had, they possessed 2-3 elemental block and resist, allowing crits to land more easily than say a storm or fire could, and overall, do more damage (this is ESPECIALLY true when facing an ice wiz). I’m not saying that the spirit crafted stuff is bad, heck I use it on my death wiz occasionally. All I trying to say is that its effectiveness is completely based on how YOU use it. You make the most of it, it will much much MUCH more effective than if you disregard it. As an example: sandstorm vs ra. Overall, ra is the better spell. Throw an enchant into the equation though, sand is MUCH stronger than ra could hope to be. Just gotta use it effectively with the right set up is all.

  • Brian Sazo

    Its just messed up that ice gets low damage 🙁

    • Empiso

      But ice is all about low damage but high defense so it makes it fair.

      • Anthony FireSword

        Plus also the ice version technically costs 7 pips as opposed to 8 like the others thanks to its bonus effect (similar to how even though it costs 10 pips to use celestial calendar, you technically only pay 9, 8 if it steals a power pip). So by ice’s standards, 725 for 7 pips unenchanted is on par with the hard hitting Lord of Winter’s 1050 for 10 pips. Plus don’t forget that when enchanted, it actually does MORE per pip than LoW (when enchanted with colossal, KA is 143 per pip at 7 (technically 8), while LoW is 133 per pip). Plus the spear if gives allows an ice (or any school in this case) to skip the spear stage of their next attack’s build up, also saving time, or use it anyway if it can stack with the trained versions, for 35-40 pierce with infallible. Little things count too ya know :).

    • Chris Ice

      Think about how death feels, they got one of the worst new spells.

    • Hunter Spamdefendersentinel Ta

      True, but it’s reasonable. If Ice could get better gear without crowns, it’d be OK.

  • Igor Efimov

    Each of these seems not too well thought out. For instance, hits that remove shields (besides any that they use up through dealing damage) seem like a wasted opportunity. Pierce is nice, and touches on excessive resist, something that’s a sore spot in arena of late.

    One missed opportunity would have been to leave a bigger after-effect for the player than a single manipulation of combat. For instance, instead of a low-grade infection, drop a Virulence on the caster when the spell is finished resolving. Instead of adding 1 pip to an ice player, give him an Empowerment. Rather than just leave a cheap 10% accuracy charm on the storm, give him an Infallible or a Galvanic.

  • Coolster50

    I have a video on the Myth Artorius. Its called Wizard101 King Artorius-Myth Version on youtube

  • John


    • John


      • Joshua Wildhammer

        *Nick removes you now* Also caps.

        • He actually left that reply to himself, before I left a warning. lol

      • Chris Ice

        The new death spell sucks. Would you wanna do 200+800 damage or 725, a pierce, and -30% Infection for the same amount of pips? You’re getting about 300 less damage just for a pierce? The infection isn’t good for nothing against bosses, and in pvp their pet just has to heal it off.

      • Mary


        • I want a -90% infection for Death – WHO IS WITH ME? 🙂 🙂 🙂

          • Actually, I was just kidding. You hit someone with a huge attack like this and they need some way to heal out of it, so a 90% infection would be pretty rude. But a 60% infection would be great! 😀

          • Tyler Moonblade

            Fire gets a spell way too OP for its pips and you think a 90% infection will cut it?

            NO! Make it a dispel heal 😀

          • Adam Denndorfer

            NO! DEATH AND STORM ARE OP AS IT IS!!!!! I say Balnce needs better stuff like a -90% weakness or dispel all on it 😀

          • Aaron S.

            are you cereal? 90 is perfect lol. You could use that argument and say efreet is op or whatever, but it’s just not. either way i’ll rage if KI doesn’t change something bout death by the time khrysalis hits live…

          • Aaron S.


          • Adam Denndorfer

            NO NO NO

    • Keep your language family friendly or you will be removed from the site. Thx.

  • Xenon


  • So I’m thinking, its Leviathan and Efreet against King Artorious of their respective schools. Which Spell would be the better one to use? I have a feeling that balance hit would be commonly used, along with ice too.

    • Tyler Moonblade


      Listen bub, the spell basically is damage and a pierce that costs 7 pips. It doesn’t take Stephen Hawking to figure out that typically 7 and 8 pip spells usually require 8 pip spaces at the level they’re aqquired at.

      For example: For frost giant you need 7 pips, you can have 3 power pips and 1 regular pip.

      But for a Snow Angel you can have a minimum of 4 spaces too. Just 4 power pips are needed.

      They both require the same amount of plots to use, I would only consider using it if it was a power pip.

      • #1. Calm down.
        #2. Use the extra pip for odd pip spells 😀 Everything is settled! I would love something like this on a storm, with that we can take out a white pip for windstorm, feint, elemental blade, enfeeble, healing current, other odd pip spells like Stormzilla, Stormlord, Sirens, etc etc.

        • Tyler Moonblade

          I’m just saying it’s not good enough. I would honestly prefer a tower shield instead and I think I speak for every ice wizard when I say this.

          Either that or it should be STEAL a pip not GAIN a pip.

          • Nope, no steal no steal. Bad bad bad. That doesn’t seem what ice is about.

          • Tyler Moonblade

            Yet storm thinks a DoT would perfectly fit the description. Plus, we have steal ward, any further argument? Please stop being so biased, do it somewhere else, I am trying to argue completely valid points that you somehow manage to disagree with.

            Would you be happy if it destroyed a pip?

          • Bro, I never said anything bout a DoT. Storm don’t need DoT. End of story. You gain a plain pip, don’t steal a pip, all you can do is hope it’ll change when it hits live. Complaining won’t do zilch.

          • Tyler Moonblade

            1. I said storm complains they should have a DoT, not specifically tied to you. Just a generalization, which happens to be accurate from my experience.

            2. Complaining is how you get things changed, you suggest KI do something, you tell other people, they agree with you, and then they make the suggestion. Complaining is how changed are made.

          • Yes, complaining to KI, not me.

          • Tyler Moonblade

            Did you even read/understand my whole comment? “you tell other people, they agree with you”

            Just trying to spread the word and if you can’t comprehend that then I’m finished with this conversation. No further replies will be made.

          • You got yourself a deal 🙂
            You started the convseration 😛
            I just said that I thought the ice spell would be used often in PvP by Thaumaturges.

  • Allen

    the pip cost should be reduced, like your not gonna get enough blades and pips to get another decent hit with the pierce blades and stuff. for the storm i’m pretty sure you would want a blade after you hit so the 10% accuracy is just a no no. death damage should be higher than the ice. death is stronger that that

  • WizFanaticz

    The storm spell is fine in my opinion considering the damage is huge. For those of you saying storm lacks an after effect on it’s spell, the pierce blade is enough considering storm can finish you off with a bolt or bats next round. Fire has a fair and nice new spell for them. Life seems to be a creative idea but it’s a little overpowered if you think about it. They can hit you hard and then heal with a satyr basically. This will greatly impact pvp so I think they should reduce the healing. Balance has a spell that looks like an upgraded loremaster, very nice spell. The death spell needs to leave a normal infection instead of just a 30% one. The ice spell is alright, it basically costs 7 pips and for 7 pips they get considerably good damage. I personally would not use the ice spell, but a good update for them would be if they stole a pip instead of just gaining one. Now for the main problem, myth. That spell does HUGE damage and has a shield removing hit before the dot starts. Not only that but it will take away another shield with pierce. As a warlord I understand there are ways to counter it (any negatives, traige tc, healing, etc.) but that does not change the fact the spell is just too powerful. They NEED to nerf this spell. These are my opinions.

  • Tyler Moonblade

    I feel bad for myth.

    They still don’t have an AoE except for frog.

    • chris

      They have earthquake… -_-

      • Aaron S.

        lol it does less damage than frog

  • Brittany

    From my point of view here’s what I think will happen when this hits live. Storm: 2 blades, shadow strike, and King Artorius(storm) should be an easy kill. Fire: Same technique as storm or replace King Art. and use Efreet. Life: All I can say is this is what KI does when it sees life mastery amulets everywhere, basically now life has a spell that could possibly do a one shot kill depending on the players damage and at the same time heal them. Tbh I think this is good for life since they kinda got robbed of there spells ever since life mastery came out. Balance: Don’t have much to say I think their King Art. spell seems pretty good. Myth: I couldn’t call it op cause I feel that it’s an upgraded Basilisk replacing stun with a myth spear and a pierce. Ice: I’m guessing there gonna stay with Lord Of Winter, I just think this spell wouldn’t really benefit ice wizards but idk this is my opinion. Death: Coming from a death wizard I believe us death wizards will most likely switch on and off between this spell, bone dragon, von, and our lower lvl spells. Now remember this is my opinion so not everyone will agree with me, but I just think when this hits live realm that is how the spells will be used.

  • Colin Sparklesword

    I wouldn’t mind knocking of some myth damage and make it a AoE Or Have Shatter insted Of Pierce

    • Chris Ice

      People are already saying that’s one of the best new spells, and you wanna change Pierce to shatter?

  • Tyler Moonblade

    Myth needs to be AoE, and life needs a DoT. Nuff said…..?

    • Seth Mooncaster


  • wayne

    WHAT MYTH DOES DONT GET THE STUN!!! myth card is really bad 🙁

  • Tyler Moonblade

    I’m honestly worried for the future of PvP with all this shadowstrike stuff going around… I mean seriously the only matches that will last more than 5 minutes are ones with jade or ice.

    When I PvPed at level 30 ice I could have at it with my level 30 fire friend from 40-60 minutes. Shouldn’t it be the other way around where low level matches don’t last long but high level ones do?

    • Hunter Spamdefendersentinel Ta

      PVP is really high tempo these days. Shrike helps me to increase my damage output – just enough to win. I don’t rely on my critical because it’ll get blocked 14/15 times.

  • wayne

    I hope this is not the new card I hope there is a level 95 card, they all the same 🙁 …no its is really kind of sad no real power they weaker that are 88 cards I do not understand why my kind witch is myth have no stun and no AoE that attacks all that is better that froggy 🙁 sad to say not looking for word to new spells. new place is cool though. need a cooler card to go with it.

  • Christopher Legendblade

    I’m lvl 90 and i haven’t gotten a quest for it, so can it be from not finishing azteca?

    • Yeah, you have to finish Azteca main quest line to do Khyrsalis.

  • Tyler Moonblade

    Things needed for each school:

    Death: Bigger infection

    Life: DoT

    Myth: AoE

    Ice: Something a bit more useful because basically all this means is that it’s going to cost you 7 pips instead of 8.

    Storm: Anything but a stun, maybe a blade, trap or shield.

    • LIFE NEEDS AN AOE! Why do people keep saying it needs DoT?

      • Tyler Moonblade

        Forest lord is an already useful enough attack.

        • Well I guess myth is in more need, but life seriously needs more offensive spells than defensive. Yeah, when they’re soloing they can use guardian spirit and do critical satyr that takes them from the brink of death to max health, but thats slow! Storm wizards are much quick, I guess if you don’t die and got a MC fairy spam pet or some good defense on you. Life+Storm in PvE=Invincible 😀 Almost 😛 Especially if you got shadow seraph on the life o.o that be epic.

          • Tyler Moonblade

            The thing is a DoT breaks a shields with the small first hit they have. Shields are basically a life’s worst nightmare.

          • Its worse for storm x.x

          • Tyler Moonblade

            Every school except for ice pretty much dreads the idea of facing storm, giving storm a DoT would not only be a bad idea because it’s useless to try and convert it against immunity but I think it takes away from the whole aspect of storm.

            Storm is supposed to rapidly attack, it’s not exactly a school for people who like to take things slowly. It’s always high tempo no matter what build you go with except or jade. I think I speak for most people when I say storm should not get a DoT.

    • Seth Mooncaster

      ever heard of spinysaur?

  • Hey! For a spell that all you have to do is talk, I’m taking it! Leviathan was kind of hard, but this definitely going to be easier!

  • The ward thing on the myth removes traps also o.o downfall! Kind of, but that is just overpowered! They already got basilisk! Is the King Artorious necessary? x.x I also heard a rumor life is getting another heal spell when Khrysalis part 2 comes out 2014 i: Really, the Cycle of Life wasn’t really what the Theurgists wanted.

  • I personally think the aftereffect should have been the Global spell for the school instead of spear and better improved secondary aftereffects. The life and death should have a damage bubble of their respective schools and balance having a universal damage bubble as the aftereffects instead of spears maybe 😀

    • WizFanaticz

      What good is a universal damage bubble for balance? It’s just paying pips for both players, putting the balance wizard at a disadvantage.

      • Hmm yeah good point. Balance damage bubble!

  • wizard101__master

    the myth is so unfair its overpowered

  • daniel lopez

    A bit disappointed that the death one isn’t health drain, and the fire one isn’t damage over time (myth is for some reason.)

  • Aaron S.

    Am I the only one that is disappointed in the ice and death spells? Ironic how my two schools get terrible attacks and aftereffects, whilst nearly every other school has amazing aftereffects. life gets healed, storm gets a superpowered levy that gives additional pierce, (imagine gear pierce plus infallible plus shrike plus this stormblade…could potentially go over 100% pierce, can’t see why storms are complaining) fire gets stun, balance basically acts as efreet (which is amazing, I’ve seen some balance players complaining, and I was just like, “what, no!”) myth gets massive overtime plus kills all additional shield resistance… ice gets a disappointing pip, (common, at least a power pip, not a noob pip? either way, following up on lord of winter, i think the enemy should lose pips, not us gaining) and death gets a pathetic infection that’s utterly useless. at least buff the infection to 75%, or the damage to 800+? lol.

    • Ahem, first lets look at the storm. Storms don’t have the greatest of pip chance, if you’ve ever noticed and you’d need literally full power pips to do that kind of follow-up. No, just no. Life is kind of okay, the damage on the fire, well lets just say efreet is a much better deal in that department. Balance is very good, no one should complain. It’s an 8 pip single attack balance damage hit. Myth, well it doesn’t necessarily remove a shield, it could easily remove a trap because it says just minus a WARD not a POSITIVE WARD. I agree the death infection is too low, either KI change infection and boost it up real high or they change this to a drain. Ice, well lots of people complain about the normal pip and I kinda see why you should. I think it should have been power pip, not steal pips, not enemy loses pips. We already have way too much of those. If and ice is at full pips, they can straight mammoth afterwards, unlike other schools like balance who can’t just do a Ra in 1v1(its an all enemy hit, so its weaker than a single hit would be! I do suppose they could do judge afterward). Well yeah, there we go. Feel free to post your thoughts 😀

      • Aaron S.

        Ah, i’m assuming your’e a storm wizard? I’ve encountered a few storm wizards who insist on acting as rebels, neglecting hades gear. However, if you’ve noticed, ALL HADES GEAR GIVE POWER PIPS. at the least, you could expect 80% power pip rating from a hades storm wizard, which is potentially a lot. If anything, storm now lacks accuracy over pips, a flip of waterworks gear whereas the gear lacks pips. Fire, granted. An efreet is potentially better, however fire wizards may find that rendering an opponent useless for one turn is a lot more useful, as they may find clever follow ups to execute a kill sequence. Life, yes it’s mediocre. However, there is nothing to complain about. Suppose your hit goes critical, (which is not such a drastic assumption) you get a massive heal as well as a hit. myth, you have a point. however, it’s very unique as it is overtime. One may argue that basilisk is more useful, however artorious not only costs less pips, but gives a spear, which myth may find useful for follow up minotaurs (a combo that many conjurers find useful). Death, yep. it stinks. Not much else to say. Also, You have an excellent point on the ice artorious spell, but it is agreed that it should at least give a CHANCE for a power pip, instead of being glued to pips.

      • Aaron S.

        by the way, by “super powered levy”, i was comparing artorious to leviathan (basically saying artorious IS levy but super powered, given the extra damage)

  • Aaron S.

    shadow spells benefit balance so much more than death lol

  • Wolf AnvilEyes

    Myth’s new spell also removes a trap or shield. Keep that in mind…

  • Ian Myth

    The myth one is not to powerfull mines only took 3000 and it’s going around taking exactly 1500

  • Ian Myth

    And I had every blade I could get but no critical and also I had traps up potent traps blades sharpened blades and myth amplify and only took 3000 and my friends storm one took over 14000

  • Ian Myth

    And my myth has 86 damage I wonder why it only took 3000????

    • Ever considered that was the base damage from the initial hit? The initial hit did 3000, or the overtime just didn’t have the traps included.

      • Ian Myth

        My first hit was 3000 and everything else was taking 2000

        • The initial hit is 50, probably enchanted with Colossal so it did about 190 damage on the initial hit, then with all the buffs it did 3000 on the initial hit, following with 2000 per round due to gear damage, blades and Time of Legends and star aura(I assume those 2 were up). The storm one does a thousand, plain one thousand and with a lot of blades and traps, it would go that high. There’s no way he had everything on, because if he had everything on he would have a supercharge and a sharpened supercharge, both of which are massive buffs.

  • Guest

    New Card Ideads

  • Carlos Mythstalker

    New Lvl 98 Spell Ideas!

    • 1/2 of these are overpowered.

      • Carlos Mythstalker

        Tell me your suggestions, I want to improve them.

    • Carlos Mythstalker

      The Icarus death spell should be 930 to all enemies.

    • Carlos Mythstalker

      Icarus spell Edit

      • Brittany

        Wish that was a real spell. You have very creative ideas

      • Anthony FireSword

        Don’t know if its just me, but seeing this immediately makes me want to play Kid Icarus Uprising :P.

    • WizFanaticz

      I like the ideas you are getting for the effects of the spells but the damage outputs are becoming ridiculous. Although Tikbalang would be great for everyone’s myth wizard, the fact it’s a double hit is a very overpowered idea if you think about it. Kirin needs like one blade and it’s instant kill plus fizzling if someone actually survives that thing. Life damage needs to be reduced. Not sure but are those dispels on the angler fish? For fire, letting them have a stun and a black mantle after that much damage is just handing them a free game. Hit with amaterasu, get stunned and get fizzled next round. It’s in a sense a huge medusa. Ice spell is alright i guess idk what to sat about that. Death, good and fair idea. That’s the most unique and well thought spell you have on your list but dont add damage to it. I also like your consideration of giving myth an AOE. With some adjustments, these would be nice spells. 🙂

      • Well for one the damage. Its not synced with the aftereffects. The myth SHOULD NOT be a DoT, just a simple AoE.

        • Guest

          the myth isnt a dot, its like minotaur and the rank 7 dog but to all enemies

      • Carlos Mythstalker

        ty for your comments and criticism, i really appreciate it

    • Carlos Mythstalker

      Moon School YOLO Spells (No PvP)

    • Syabatron AJ

      I want that Amaterasu spell! We need a wolf spell in this game..

    • you spell seem to overpower (don’t think fair for ice? get weakest spell) storm need be nerf (always to much talent then others school) ok myth but need better aoe then just single because they have spell (with remove pips)
      life wizard annoying I would target there school next to immune there school because heal annoying which op? life need better attacking spell then healing and (people others to op) not fair others (I would like to kingsisle to add new school class not just fire/storm/ice/life/death/balance (been most in pvp) not harder myth and myth should better AOE spell!
      (people complain about ice to much because of defense/resist/heath (Hello) ice tank school no idiot know that? fire/storm is jealous because ice better tanker then them (Not much balance)

  • Ian Myth

    The myth one is overpowered because it is a over time spell 3 rounds

  • Ian Myth

    That’s the only reason, but the storm one is the best one there

  • Cookie

    myth really needs a nerf what happened to fire being the second strongest school!!! Love storm and death though

  • Cookie

    I seriously think myth needs to be nerfed because Ki has not been sticking to the Damage chart lol ( what I mean is most to least base damage) I mean the chart was storm fire then myth and so on myth has been buffed to much and fire has been nerfed ( depending on the main spells I hope they fix this)

  • Alric Rainwalker

    I personally feel the myth should have had the stun and removal of shield and fire should have the damage over time effect(since its fire’s speciality) along with probably a smoke screen/black mantle.

  • Adam Denndorfer

    I perfectly agree there

  • Michael

    I think fire got cheated once again with this new spell.

    Efreet costs the same amount of pips, does more damage, and has a 90% weakness. Why on earth would I trade all of that for a pierce and a stun? Lol.

    Ah, KI. Please stop giving fire garbage. We have not recieved one actually DECENT spell since rain of fire. I believe I speak for most pyromancers.

    • Syabatron AJ

      King Artorius(Fire) is useful on bosses that cheat when they get a weakness on them… but i do agree with not one decent spell since Rain Of Fire, and i might even say Efreet, cause i think ROF is a waste.. i really hope they change their attitude on giving fire dumb spells with the lvl 98 spells(if there is any)

    • MatthewLegendCaster

      HAHAHAAHAHA. If only people knew back then how op fire’s is.

  • Keira Sparklepetal

    Yes! I love the stymphalian bird! 😀

  • riley

    king art rules! life got really lucky they get a heal for it though one thing i found out is that ice get to pip if they have empowerment on

  • Christina

    Why didn’t Merle Ambrose have anything for me? I turned lvl 90, he never said anything. I completed all my school quests. Any advice? Thanks for the answers!

    Christina angleflower lvl 90 ice

  • Storm needs a DoT where most of the damage is in the initial hit, and there’s a VERY small overtime damage, like let’s say around 150 over 3 rounds.