New World in Wizard101! Aquila? Empyrea?


Aquila coming to Wizard101?

Wizard101 is known for surprising players with hints about future updates. And today they did just that: the log in page for Wizard101 (for both the live game and test realm) now includes images of never-before seen locations and creatures that appear to be from Aquila!

Update: Aquila hits W101. Click here!

Level 75 Aquila Minion guide

L70-90 Crafted Aquila Gear Guide








Is this Aquila, which hit recently hit Pirate101? Or Empyrea? Odds are, we won’t have to wait long too find out. In the July Ravenwood newsletter, Wizard101 stated the following: “…be prepared for more surprises to come later this month, young Wizards. Stay cool (or stay warm) and see you in the Spiral!”

Is this the new World we have been anticipating? Will it be part of the Main Questline or a Side World?


…Or is it Empyrea?


new-character1 new-character4new-character2new-character5new-character6


















Now it’s Your Turn!

If you have theories or see clues in any of the above images, let us know in the comments. As mentioned, right now Aquila and Empyrea are the favorite choices. But what about the comment in the newsletter about “staying warm”? Check out the details, let us know your thoughts.


It’s been confirmed that the new world is Aquila! Be watching Duelist101 for extensive guides, videos and information about all of the changes.


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  • Tyler Moonblade

    Well well well. To be honest if this is to be the last world for Morganthe don’t you think they would’ve taken more time to work on it? It might just be a side world to distract you from Morganthe.

    • I would like a side world. Wintertusk, for example, was awesome. 😀

      • Tyler Moonblade

        I would personally like a world with lots of drama. And be very, very engaging. Also being like a level 75 requirement. Avalon bores me and I want to just have archmage already. And what if pirates and wizards came together? Sounds like a terrible idea to me but still. Could be a bit fun. This would really make it a side world though.

    • Anthony FireSword

      Tyler, not to sound mean or anything, but you are forgetting something: Avalon and Azteca (2 main worlds) were each released 6 months after their previous world in the story-line (Zafaria and Avalon respectively). This would be 8 or 9 months after Azteca’s release. I’m not saying this a main world, but what I am trying to say is that your time constraints idea is not fully based on fact. (And I am well aware of the 13 month main world cool-down after Celestia’s release, but during that time, we got like 5 or 6 smaller updates, including Wysteria and Wintertusk, 2 sider worlds). But if this IS a main worlds (or even a side) please, please, PLEASE KINGSISLE, give us Fire and Storm Wizards a tool other than an rather ineffective prism and small amount of pierce to combat Ice wizards (maybe a sun spell that is a mix of colossal and extraordinary, 250 damage boost and 15 pierce, a sharpened blade type spell that can be applied to spears, or maybe even crafted gear that also gives us more than like 4 total pierce. Imagine Azteca gear, but the hat gave 7/8 pierce, robe with 5/6, and the boots with 6/7 pierce for Fire and Storm respectively)

      • Tyler Moonblade

        First off I think it would be a side world because do you know how many times polaris has been mentioned by the npcs? Surely the next world would be polaris. Oh and also your idea about ice is a bit ridiculous. It is in no way op unless they have immunity. Guess what? PRISM. This is just adding another inbalance to the game. Like jade. Also compared to everyone else’s resist they only have from about 25-30 from my experiences. In turn ice usually has about 40 damage boost. It’s trash compared to the 76 resist of jade. Stop complaining. It’s like you’re saying it’s impossible to beat them. It’s not. And just because they’re ice doesn’t mean they’re always good. Gear is a first thing but you have to know how to actually play your cards right. Your suggestion would not only affect ice wizards but other people too. Myth, balance, you name it! The pierce would cut through anyone’s resist like butter. I don’t see how ice’s resist will get that much better in the next world either. Or damage boost. Matches take too long? Suck it up. If you don’t put in the effort to get warlord then stop trying to do pvp.

  • Garrett Justus

    aquila coming was absolutely no surprise at all. they did the exact same thing they did with azteca, release a theme bundle, and boom new world. i have no honest idea if this will be a story line world, but i doubt it, it seems more like a side world…but you never know. just…you’d have to be very young to not have known this was coming…after all, if your a pirate101 player…they did the same thing, skull island had aztecasaurs, and pirates get aquila… not to mention their has yet to be a tie between on the wizards side, this was expected…greatly expected.

    • Lucas Walker

      This also happened with Zafaria. 🙂 “Hawkules! Hero of Acient Glory…”

  • Jason Asrinki

    God help us for what new things they’ll be releasing in the next update (cough tier 11 jade gear cough)

    • Jason Asrinki

      That is assuming that the world will be a storyline world. I’d be okay with maybe a new side world that doesn’t raise the level limit, as long as it doesn’t introduce things that are too overpowered.

      • penrosecat1

        LOL Tier 11 Jade gear, just what we all want x sigh x

  • Jacob Dragonwhisper

    I do not think this is a main quest world. If this was the place where you get to finally face Morganthe, don’t you think the world/atmosphere would eh… fit her style a bit better? I would enjoy a new side world. It’s been long overdue.

  • Jukebox

    By the looks of the pictures it seem pretty cool

  • Wolf

    1: Zeus

    2: Poseidon

    3: Hades

    4: God of Wine (forgot name :P)

    5: Athena

    6: Ares

    • Anthony FireSword

      God of wine is Dionysus (P.S. Dionysus is male, that centaur is female :)P)

  • Max Joker

    Its totally called Empyrea, because you can say that word in-game. Aquila is probably an area there.

    • Mark Trollglade

      Wrong, if you play Pirate101, you will know that Aquila is already a world by itself. Its not an area. Empyrea might be another world.

  • Wolf

    😛 also hai mackenzie lol

  • Hunter Duskcatcher

    I have a feeling it’s Empyrea. I’m actually happy whether or not it’s side or main world. I’m hoping it actually gets you to level 100 first of all for a new spell or two, and I also had this idea of a critical blade for level 100…..Just an idea. something you’d get for you school at some trainer in the last area of Empyrea/Aquila. Idk we’ll find out 😛

  • penrosecat1

    Whatever it is, i hope it comes out soon. Also hoping for a few extra TPs 🙂

  • Gorman RavenHunter

    I am hoping it’s Empyrea. “stay warm” probably relates to the fact that it’s summer time here in the US.

  • tristian spiritheart

    I think they are making a world to fit the scrolling house and bundle thing that’s my theories 😀

  • Joshua Wildhammer

    Defiantly Aquila.

  • Kerfalla Dioubate

    i bet with the new world simplify and elucidate will be trainable

    • Tyler Moonblade

      Well I personally would use it only as a tc. If kingsisle does do this it would be like polymorphs, when they came out people thought they were so cool and good but then they realized they were being stupid :p

      • Kerfalla Dioubate

        i hate polymorphs. i trained them. and then stopped using them.

        • Chris


          • Hunter Duskcatcher

            *sigh* I think we all made that mistake.

          • Tyler Moonblade

            I didn’t, when I first started playing I trained fire though O_O

  • Kerfalla Dioubate

    i just looked at those pictures a second time and i see that these are gods and godesses so i am betting its aquila.

  • Garrett Justus

    also…i’m 75% sure i know the plot….just going through some logic channels…and from the pictures released…i’m pretty sure it’s gonna go like this(assuming it’s a main quest line world): you go to Olympus(in Aquila) for some reason or another…do some things for the gods, explore some of the magical locations….no idea which…but cut to the end where morganthe is trying to free the titans to aid her and her army….(or even better) creating a trap for morganthe and ending with her trapped in tartarus…makes perfect sense to me.

    • Justin

      Wow, you just brought an awesome story line.

      • Joshua Wildhammer

        R I P
        2010 – 2013
        After the downfall of the old death teacher, Malistare, the wizards who fought him had returned to fight a greater evil; MORGANTHE! Morganthe was a bad wizard because first of all she wanted to learn dark magic which was forbidden by the Wizard City’s headmaster, Headmaster Ambrose! Also she caused the evil of Avalon, So anyway afterwards, she sunk Celestia, then enslaved Zafaria, then destroyed Azteca with a comet that was coming into towards the sun that doesn’t have a name or STDHAN. Short for the scientist, Stupid Han. LOL! Jk. It does has a name and it was by theory named by Han, a scholar of the Spiral. So back to Morganthe, Azteca went boom and she wanted to then make a Celestial Choir and so she did and she went to Aquila to gather them. They were the Titans and the Wizards went to the Gods but the first thing they noticed was that they were so tiny so they sounded like mouses. They then casted a spell to match the God’s height and they were giant Wizards! So the Gods then talked to the Wizards and then devised a plan to kill Morganthe. Set a trap and put her in Tartarus. Now this trap was getting Merle and decided to take the risk of dating her. He was fake dating her and he led her to Mount Olympus and tol her to cross the bridge where Merle put the Titans at. The trap was set and the Gods raised a mighty trumpet for battle! It was a battle that rocked the Spiral literally! A thousand miles away, Kane shouted it’s the end of the world as we know it then a Pirate decided to nuke the Machine as it was happening and two defeats happened that day. Now the wizard said “This is Aquila!” then happily proceeded to push Morganthe to her fate. The fate was sealed and everyone in the Spiral was happy unaware before I wrote this and now they know! Three cheers for the Spiral! SPIRAL, SPIRAL, SPIRAL! And they lived happily forever after.
        The End
        Just kidding. Merle and Avery will have more quests for you and I hope you enjoyed reading this comment as much as I wrote it!

  • Kerfalla Dioubate

    i am soooooooooo gonna get used to wearing those wands

  • It could be an extension to Wysteria sideline where we will go for another tournament cup. Hopefully, wherever it is, there will be a tower/dungeon full of unforeseen dangers that happens to have the newest greatest gear for all things wizard 😀

  • wizard101badplayerTR


    • Kerfalla Dioubate

      lol um no.

    • Blaze Goldshield

      how in the world is it cool ranch????????

    • Joshua Wildhammer

      Just look at his username and all will be crystal clear.

  • Ethan MythSword

    Whatever world it is i just hope there is new gear and spells!!!!

  • nulgath’s legion

    okay so no one has noticed the new house has a unique fighting music?
    that alone is proof to me a new world will come cause i dont think kingsisle would make it just for the house, I honestly think the new world will be aquila

    • Interesting! I’m going to check that out right now.

    • It’s true! :O :O :O

      I recorded the music. It’s definitely new. (pretty awesome, too)

    • Ethan MythSword

      Wait is the new music only in one world?

  • Ethan MythSword

    k i may just be late on noticing this but instead of Gamma and Ambrose on the front screen there is that eagle dude.

    • Kerfalla Dioubate

      more than that.

  • Kiera Rosenfeld

    I bet it’s gonna be aquila

  • Chris

    Well, i kinda hope it’s a main world. If they make a side world that won’t really make sense to the storyline. Gh or wysteria had nothing to do with the malistare or morganthe saga, so i hope they don’t make up some random story.

  • Kerfalla Dioubate

    we need a new dungeon that gives good gear. avalon and azteca had a fail amount of gear that were dropped. the boots, hats, and robes. the only good things were the crafted gear.

  • boris icestaff

    duelist101 pls tell what ring is better auerate band or elissa’s chill band?

    • Kerfalla Dioubate

      why post it on here?

  • Ethan MythSword

    Wait but Wysteria was a side world when there was Zafaria, but they made Wysteria on a lower level standard when there was a level 70 cap already there.Thats why in Wysteria didn’t have regular mobs having in the 1,000’s of health. I think it may be another main world, but finally just like the ending with Malistare, you have to wait 5 worlds till you get to defeat him so that means this will be the fifth world in the Moreganth (think i spelled her name wrong) series, i am guessing you get to defeat Moreganthe head on in a face face battle to the death to maybe end the game. Well that is just my theory. I have no clue to what the game makers will plan to make the story line of this maybe new world.

    • Justin Firethief

      I have also thought of the idea that you need to do 5 world to defeat the main boss. :p

      • Joshua Wildhammer

        That didn’t happen in Pirate101. They came out with 5 worlds at the game’s launch and there was no Kane and none in Marleybone or Aquila. We’re going to Valencia and probably Krokotopia afterwards and Kane may have a appearance for the first time as a NPC.

  • palacios.xavier13

    I think (hopefully) It’s a Side World & main World combo

    • Blaze Goldshield

      good idea

      • Tyler Moonblade

        ROFL!!! I love your profile pic XD

  • Cody DragonRider

    XD New world coming? Well it’s NO surprise to me since I already know which world will come in the spiral next. But after this up coming world, Cool Ranch will be in the spiral for Wizard101 next

    • Blaze Goldshield

      maybe one day cool ranch will be a world in wizard101 but i think it will be a couple arcs after morganthe one

  • Jose Breeze

    Probably just me but I would think Empyrea would match the pics more since it looks awfully similar to an empire type theme. When I hear the word “Aquila” I think water. Then again, I know nothing about the origins of the world from P101 so I can be easily mistaken…

    • Joshua Wildhammer

      Aquila in Greek is Zeus’s Eagle.

  • Aaron HexSpear

    Honestly I am hoping that its a side world. I remember hearing from some where that they were releasing the new story line world in late October, but I may be wrong. And you know as most of us high levels do, that Mirage and Polaris have been mentioned some times in a few quests around the spiral. Since they already made Polaris for P101, I doubt they would add Polaris to W101. I think Mirage should be the next story line world, But releasing 2 new worlds back to back is a challenge, so this might be the new world. Maybe it’s not. But it is inevitable for Mirage to be released.

    • Joshua Wildhammer

      Polaris isn’t in Pirate101 … yet!

  • Blaze Goldshield

    i think that the 6 gods there on the pictures is the choir morganthe needs to complete her duties and we have to do a dungeon at the end to free them from morganthe and then we fight morganthe and that will be the end of the morganthe arc hopefully and then move onto a new arc 😀

    • Hunter Duskcatcher

      Hmm I like it 😀

  • Blaze Goldshield

    also in pirate101 there are skysquids in aquila and aquila is like a sky world and on wizard101 sky squids are from empreya and empreya is said to be a sky world so maybe aquila is called empreya on wizard101?? i think so anyway! lol

  • Blaze Goldshield

    and btw i play on wizard101uk but im up for knowing what new things are coming out over there in america

  • Hunter Duskcatcher

    I have a feeling it’s a main world. Has anyone noticed how much detail and effort the put into this so far? They have first the olympian bundle and now these photos. Also, Aquila is a constellation that means eagle. And 4/6 of these photos are birds. This does not have a wysteria feel in my opinion, and definitely seems like a longer main story world. RECAP: New world, most likely main story, last of morganthe saga, Roman/Greek mythology feel, and most likely 100 level cap.

  • palacios.xavier13

    WaiT Maybe it’s like what they did with P101. Aquilia is short while Darkmoor is Long O: O: O: O: O: O:

  • A silly video 😛

    • swaggy tyler 360

      not really it helpful

  • interesting

    if they really are coming out with i new world, i hope to god that they give us another pip at start of battle. i dont really care about what the name is, and they need to set up the cloths up properly i feel like its a bit out of wack.

    • Garrett Justus

      i have felling were gonna get wands that give us 1 power pip, and one regular pip….and im pretty sure you’ll be able to train the pip reducing spells…

  • gruesomedavyjones

    It’s 1000% Aquila. Aquila is like Greece in bird civilization, like marleybone is Britain in dog, cat, and rat civilization. They are transitioning Aquila to w 101 since it’s recent release in p101. It is also like how monquista is Europe in monkey civilization.

  • Jonathan Shadowblade

    I think it’s going to be Empyrea. Because in game, you cant type Aquila, yet you can type Empyrea

    • Interesting theory!

    • wolfspear

      the world needs to introduced first before the name can be typed. it’s the same thing for azteca

  • Tyler Moonblade

    What’s weird is the fact that it just drops off at azteca, barely any clue to Morganthe’s new evil plan.

    “The Mirror broke, the horn called, and from the shadows I strike and now the sky will fall….”

    A quote from Morganthe. The sky fell in Azteca but then what? Maybe the new world will be a side world contrary to popular belief. I hope it is anyways. And be at least 70+. I predict it’ll be something to do with the order of light. I mean we need some insight into what Morganthe’s new plan is.

    Or maybe they want it to be a surprise since if it’s a main world it’ll be the finale.

  • Hunter Duskcatcher

    It’d be so funny if They psyched us and made a totally different world that has nothing to do with this theme

    • Tyler Moonblade

      I would kick Kingsisle’s knee caps in! JK.. Please don’t ban me from this site! X cries X

  • Tyler Moonblade

    It would also be helpful if they released new spells as they did in Avalon. I don’t think pvp is ready for new spells like lvl 98 yet. For each world it’s pretty exponential Imagine being an archmage warlord facing a private lvl 100 with the new spell!

  • jared windwalker

    i definitely think it is going to be empyrea because they are ghiving obvious hints like after you download it and log on there is a lot of pictures

  • Joshua Wildhammer

    First one is Zeus Skyfather.
    Second one is Poseidon.
    Third is Hawkrules.
    Fourth is idk.
    Fifth is Athena.
    Sixth is Hades for obvious reasons.

  • Blaze Goldshield

    tartarus is a underworld place where hermes or hades i cant remember lol is the “master” of the underworld and i think that the last dungeon in this new world will be tartarus where morganthe is hiding whilst keeping the gods hostage 😮 and there will be 6 zones in the dungeon and in each zone we have to defeat a boss to get like a death key to open the cage the god is in and on the last part we fight hermes/hades with some of his minions and morganthe flees to darkmoor because thats the only place she can go and if darkmoor is next world after aquila/emperya i think that is where she will be summoning the last titan and that will be where we defeat her.. lol sorry if i went on and on a bit

    • Blaze Goldshield

      oh and that last one of the gods is hades so i think he will be the main bad guy so ill just change 6 zones to 5 lol

      • Blaze Goldshield

        the main bad guy in aquila/empreya along side morganthe

  • Blaze Goldshield

    i have just had the best idea ever……………

    i think maybe in world after aquila malistaire will come back again – sad face ):
    and he will know what morganthe has done to him and malistaire will help us and we will defeat morganthe in darkmoor together 😀

  • Joshua Wildhammer

    Proof that it’s Aquila:
    Look up this video
    Talking to the Immortals

  • Wicked Blake Ire

    I say it is a world that is like Azgard, which is a world with gods. Azgard is the world where Thor lives.

  • Oh joy

    Hoping its a side world like wintertusk.

  • wolfspear

    Its definitely Aquila. If you’ve played P101 you should have noticed those pictures right from the start. W101 and P101 worlds are directly linked by names so its obvious the name is gonna be Aquila.

  • hunter

    i know wan the head master say let me get the light he mean the god’s every god is a school and they is a spell to i can’t get a bit more info but that

  • werefreak

    it is a side world i saw it on a range titan video

  • Jay12479

    I thinck wizard101 should leave a little more time fore wizards to catchup

  • realrich49

    It’s a really cool world in the test realm. I played it and it gave good challenges, the dungeons were a pain but it was a epic adventure… The crafting armor helped me a bit and the new minions helped a lot.. I’m glad there’s a new kind of side world…

  • Alex DragonBlade

    i think it is aquila no dought 😛 pardon my spelling