Wizard101 May Cast Shatter Comes to the Spiral

May Cast Shatter Talent!

May Cast Shatter

May Cast Shatter hits the Spiral. Moments ago, Alura Silverdust posted a picture on twitter confirming the existence of a new May Cast talent on the Piranha Hunter Pet.

May Cast Shatter

Ward Wrecker, the official name of May Cast Shatter, is the 7th talent slot on the Piranha Hunter Pet. Below, we’ve begun to list some of the results from our testing. We’ll continue to update it as we find new relevant data.

 Triggers for May Cast Shatter:

Alura was kind enough to hatch her pet out to the Duelist staff, and we tested it out once we got it to manifest. Our results were that MC Shatter has the same triggers as MC Pierce, and a similar or slightly lower cast rate. It was triggered by an opponent shielding, or you placing a trap on opponent(not feint – hex and myth trap worked).

We got one very strange result. EricMtgCast helped us test for a while, and he was not on Azores’ team (Azores had the MC Shatter pet). Eric cast a Mass Ice Prism, and somehow this triggered a shatter from Azores pet on him. We are unsure how or why this happened, but it did.

Shield Data

  • 100 Shields cast (including Stun Shield)
  • Resulted in 7 Shatters.
  • Note: It will shatter whoever receives the shield that triggers it. For example: You can put a shield on your teammate, and if that triggers MC Shatter, it will remove all of your teammate’s shields.

Trap Data

  • 68 Traps cast
  • Resulted in 5 Shatters.
  • Note: If you have a MC Shatter pet, even your teammate’s traps can trigger it. In our tests, Azores had the pet but Heather’s Myth traps would set off MC Shatter too!
  • Note 2: We cast 100 Feints and this resulted in 0 Shatters. Either it’s not a trigger, or we were really unlucky.

 Video of MC Shatter:


Tell us what you think about MC Shatter in the comments below!

Full Credit to Alura Silverdust for the find, thanks Alura!

Link to the Original Twitter Post and Picture

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  • WizFanaticz

    As my balance wizard being my primary wizard, I can’t wait for this pet! Although I’m absolutely sure the trigger rate to this spell will be low just for pvp purposes. I’m very excited for this new world, this pet and the new spells.

  • Molly Daisyfountain


    • Psylent Night


    • jacob dark blood

      0.o o.0 0.o o.0 XD why is this 0 for

  • Jason Asrinki

    This trigger rate better be low… lol.

  • NO PLEASE NO! Nooo you can’t do this to us….. noooooooooo…..

    • jacob dark blood

      lol i think you play both w101 and p101 i thought in the first you only play p101 seeing you pro pic

  • penrosecat1

    Feeling like this pet just threw me off the earth. Will probably cause more destruction of Khrysalis due to people interested in farming as opposed to a bunch of novice shadowmancers trying to get at Morganthe.

  • Cody Nightblade

    I think this will possibly be activated when someone places a trap on a single target, or when an opponent casts a shield spell on themselves. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if the cast rate was low. Maybe this will be very useful in the new world, when it comes out live! Can’t wait to get the new pets!

    • Garrett Justus

      assuming you get this on a pet that isnt the piranha seeing as hes pvp only…who knows how his breeding will work…

  • Blaze Raven

    No. Just. No.

    • jacob dark blood

      yes just yes 😛

  • americanvirtues

    This may cast could completely ruin pvp right?

    • realvirtues

      do PvPers ever do anything other than whine?

      • americanvirtues

        Do Pvers want their minions to play the game for them on auto pilot so you dont have to do anything other than eat pringles and “chat”?

  • Amber

    why dont they create ‘ may cast minions’ too 😛

    • jacob dark blood


    • purple fury

      i think there are more people asking that (including me)… i would love a pet with mc life minion… just hope newly summoned minions wont replace old one (up to a max of 2 minions that you own offcourse, otherwise you could get 3 minions in a row :-P)

  • Tyler Moonblade

    This is ridiculous….. The only way you can protect yourself from storm now is not by resist, no, shadow strike ruined that. And now they take away shields? I feel an era of storm coming on where it’s super OP.

    • Um, no. I don’t like MC Shatter any more than anyone else, but the cast rates on these things are not exactly huge.

    • Anthony FireSword

      I feel your pain bro. Aquila glass cannon with mc shatter and jade anything (except storm and possibly fire) with mc enfeeble… really discourages ya doesn’t it 😛

      • purple fury

        mc cleance charm, mc shatter, mc pierce and mc steal ward… no defence possible anymore 😉

    • jacob dark blood

      lol i am coming for you! BOO BOO! GET SCARED

  • MC Facepalm.

    • ChoGath

      all we now is a MC Troll spell 😉

    • Rhin0

      Imagine MC Satyr…

      • jacob dark blood

        hmm then no one will have heals in their decks

        • purple fury

          i think they will… knowing the rank of satyr and the amount of heal it provides its probably gonna have a low cast rate like unicorn, therefore people will still need heals in their deck

    • jacob dark blood

      lol this one is good then mc shatter

  • HunterIceMask

    I love w101 right now.

    • jacob dark blood

      we always love it

  • Brittany

    Mc shatter and mc enfeeble well well well just watch when this hits live realm I can smell central threads building up. Available to mix: mc enfeeble and mc shatter. Thousands of views hundred of comments. This will be interesting.

  • Paul

    An instant winner in azores OH NO THEY DI’IN’T poll from a few weeks back. There is at least a silver lining here: MC Shatter will become a coveted talent slot, scaling back the desire for other talents like resists and damage talents. Folks just seem to favor the auras and heals. Eekgads what am I saying!? We all know KI will want to cram a sixth talent slot in by the end of next year……MC PvP WIN

    • Psylent Night

      Lol what’s funny is, The “Oh no they di’in’t” poll is in the related articles section on my screen

  • Celestial Wanderer

    MC Shatter. Almost had a heart attack when I saw this; hopefully the cast rate is low.

    • jacob dark blood

      surely why not

  • Frost Monarch

    Whenever a shatter casts a duelist loses its wings.

    • jacob dark blood

      wings? you tel the boost?

  • Psylent Night

    I’d like to know if MC spells are introduced because of need, or off someone’s random whims. I feel regular Shatter is powerful and pip-efficient enough as it is to not even need a May Cast version. I cannot divine why this was needed.

    And honestly, I’d say we have enough MC’s now to last us a while. I’d rather development time be spent on more new spells and such.

  • Hey! This is epic! Its probably activated like MC pierce but cast rate is way, way lower, like 3%. No worries, KI should be smart enough to balance out these new powers….Should….

  • Jack Dragonshield

    New Desired PvP Pet > MC Shatter, MC Enfeeble, Spell Proof, Spell Defy, MC Fairy.

    • jacob dark blood


  • Matthew Dragonblood

    KI. Y U DO DIS. ;_;

    • jacob dark blood

      lol sms language?

  • Blaze MeOut

    lol see what i mean … if you seen my last comment in the article about the new krysalis pet … its all about ki and their money for from the new tourneys XD james shadowblade you saw it right

    • jacob dark blood

      lol why did you copy Blaze MeOut?

  • Updated to include Cast Rate info from our testing. 🙂

  • Swordroll

    What does the Duelist101 team believe to be a generally more effective talent – the MC Enfeeble or MC Shatter? Do you think either or both of these will be new must-haves on pets?

    • Can’t speak for the whole team, but personally I don’t think the cast rate (7% or so) is high enough for either of them to be incredibly useful. However, when they do cast, they will have a big psychological impact on the opponent.. so I expect to hear lots of complaints about them. Even if it only casts once every 10 fights, the one player that it casts on is going to be likely to become upset and go rant about it.

      I’d like to test out MC Cleans Charm though, that could be a pretty handy little talent if it casts enough.

      • ChoGath

        given the streakiness of the KI random generator, some folks are going to have amazingly good/bad days.

  • Tyler Moonblade

    I would only accept this pet if they made shatter tc no pvp.

    • jacob dark blood


  • mmailliw

    Statistical testing: Estimated rate of Shatter casts on shields or non-Feint Traps: 7 percent.

    Probability of 0 Shatters cast out of 100 Feints given 7 percent chance of Shatter cast: .93^100 = .07% (not 7 percent; 7 percent of a percent). Therefore, we REJECT the null hypothesis that Shatter casts 7 percent of the time for Feint.

    (Incidentally, given a THREE percent chance of Shatter triggering from feint, 100 Feints would have a 5% chance of having the 0 Shatters observed here. Therefore, it is entirely possible that Feint could trigger MC Shatter at a lower rate – say, half or a third as often – with respect to other traps.)

  • iGnite

    Prism triggers pierce whether it is cast by either side. Hence why it triggers MC shatter.

    • I understand.. it just makes zero sense. lol

  • WarZone

    Because there was such a high demand for this talent… MC Facepalm indeed.

    To all involved in the project, thank you for putting in the work to collect this data.

  • jewelshadowcaster

    Thank you guys so much for all the effort you’ve put out there in testing. Knowing more about a new pet talent, really helps to decide whether one will pursue that talent for a new pet.

    • jacob dark blood

      yeah this one is really mind blowing and i never spend time on training pet i will just live with mine and i was like how are they this great!!!

  • Garrett Justus

    oh dear…i guess mc shatter is going to be more of a 1v1 pet talent…

  • Guest

    I quit PVP, done. First they have shatter introduce as a spell for myth, then enfeeble for storm, it only fair if they GIVE FIRE wizards may cast all charms spell. Over power, but yes, it will make the game fair. (Since life got spirit guardian, death got bad juju, storm got enfeeble, myth got shatter, ice got Ahem, resist I: and Balance damage can’t be shield unless you use Tower.) With these new pet’s talent introduce to the game, well, goodbye PVP. from the start when Zafaria came out, Ice wizards already able to IMMUNE storm and FIRE spell, next up, since then fire wizards never really has good spell (NOTE: Level 75 spells for fire is total USELESS) After rediculas resist, came Jade Emperor, and finally Critical Monsters. What with the game? Now There MC Shatter and Enfeeble? BYE I:

    • ChoGath

      Actually, enfeeble is a reasonable thing for a storm spell, a school that has no answer to the cloud-of-blades schools like fire and ice. Storm already has disarm, which destroys a single charm. Shatter is a completely different league – it’s nearly undefendable if you are going 2nd, especially if you are going against myth.

      • Guest

        if storm already has disarm, that why they got enfeeble, why fire, which ALREADY had steal charm, can’t have steal multiple charms? 😛

        • purple fury

          there is a steal multyple4 charm spell… wyldfire treant spell (tc) steals 1 charm from all enemy’s (basically it steals more then 1 charm, it just steals only 1 from all your enemy’s 😛 )

    • Rubyflame

      I actually agree with you on a lot of that, since i have a fire and i’m afraid to pvp with him due to fear of facing an ice (I faced a LOT of them in a row the last time I ranked). Storm’s damage and pierce is just too op, and ice… self explanatory with resists, but then I found out that fire can have at least 71% resist to ice and 76% to storm using Aquila gear and still have 50% global resist if they use other gear as well. For the pets, maybe the new abilities make wizards op, but we all know it’s only a matter of time before everybody has pets with these abilities (the same thing happened with mc fairy) so i don’t see it being a particular advantage or disadvantage to any one school. in fact, since storm and myth already have shatter and enfeeble, this could almost be an ADVANTAGE to the other schools since they couldn’t use these spells without using either tc and wasting pips and/or having a mastery amulet to cast them.

  • daniel lopez

    Mc shatter…..ok I am done with pvp here. Srsly, what’s next? Mc flee?

    • jacob dark blood


  • Heck I’m betting they’re going to invent stuff like MC mass infection, virulent plague, triage, mass triage, shift, guardian spirit, even MC minions! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    • jacob dark blood

      bro there is a thing called future which will easily make you collapse so don’t be collapse wait for the future

    • purple fury

      may cast minions would be SO COOL! i want mc forest sprite XD XD XD (i dont think theyre gonna make mc versions of rank X minion spells or the level 75 minion spells but the others? gimme gimme gimme!)

  • theonlyone522

    MC “Woodwalker” is missing. After that, KI will have accomplish THE perfect MMO game.

    • Yes!

    • Agreed. That would be PvP nirvana.

    • DMT001

      Yes we do need the Wooded one to make an apperance. It would make it a Complete game.

      • jacob dark blood

        you to want wood walker attack i think i am just seeing my point

    • purple fury

      woodwalker is way to op… i suggest mc myth treant or mc wyldfire treant, that would be pretty cool 😛

      • jacob dark blood

        lol this over over powered

        • purple fury

          not really… the damage is low but the after effects could be a little bit op… as wyldfire treant attacks all and steals tons of blades and myth treant stuns… if they really are op i guess mc natures wrath would be ok… but if you think myth treant or wyldfire treant is op then woodwalker definantly is cause it deals way more damage

    • jacob dark blood

      what woodwalker, no if we do it then no values for attacks in my point i say pet could have talents of reist heals aura and lots if we do have a attack then pets will be like over powered

      • purple fury

        there are mc attacks somewhere (mc snow serpent and mc locust swarm) but their not casted often and i dont think K.I. goes over rank 3 spells with mc (highest mc rank is 3 so far, with mc unicorn, mc healing current and mc shatter, at least i believe shatter is rank 3 spell, not sure)

  • popcicool7777777

    Dont see anything of this in PvE.

    • jacob dark blood


  • Blaze MeOut

    hmm this is like a super rare cast … its not gonna be worth much its pretty useless

  • Blaze MeOut

    but they should make the mc infection cast up to balance many of the healing mc talents in pvp I think

  • riley

    i got the pet first time fighting hisser

  • Jordan Starflame

    Strange. Mine casted 5 times in a row in just under 5 minutes.