Exciting New Partnership Announcement!

Wizard101 Community

The New Dynamic Duo!

Duelist101 is thrilled to announce we have teamed up with one of the premiere Wizard101 communities. Most of you probably already know them as the Wizard101 Community group. Their Discord channel and their Facebook group have been instrumental in helping all of us Wizards find our way throughout the Spiral. Both of which are incredible resources for new and veteran wizards. If you do not already know of them, please check them out in the links below. So, what does this mean for our fans? Well, those details will remain secret for now, but what I can tell you is, we are actively planning some things that we feel the Wizard101 community just as excited as we are. Until then, stay tuned to Duelist101 and the Wizard101 Community Group, because in the next coming weeks we are going to have some exciting news (please note that both Facebook and Discord are platforms for ages 13+).

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  • Pastromi

    Corrupt staff. I hear the wizard101 reddit is better :ramp:

    • Elijah

      Why is the reddit better?

  • Caroline Willowsong

    This is not exciting for those groups excluded. It is also not exciting for those of us who are aware of how deceitful Nathan Omar of Community Group is. Duelist has been a trusted source for Wiz information, a shame you want to tarnish your reputation by partnering an unreliable person.

    • AlexisMooncloud

      I am a member of the Wizard101 Community Discord and Facebook and you obviously don’t actually know the person you are attacking. He is a good owner who runs a great community that has helped me a lot. Nothing in the announcement said anything about exclusivity either, did you even read it? The only reputation being tarnished is yours with this obviously jealous and childish attack.

      • Caroline Willowsong

        I know the admins he has attacked and mistreated. You may not see that side of him.

        • Blaze MeOut

          Lol, samething here to agree. It’s no wonder there was an admin on that discord that literally removed 800 members before he got kicked off the server. They create bots on other community discord servers and spam server links to their discord as well. They are also known to steal ideas from servers to make their’s look better. I am in multiple wizard101 discords to know and see this common trend. I won’t reveal my server identity for various reasons as they are watching and reading this.

          • Amber Ravynsong

            I am sorry, that is an outright lie, Slo_Rattle. Why would you make up this nonsense? We never allow that kind of language, not even in adult chat or action would be taken. Any staff member that used this sort of language on the server would face repercussions, and you know that as well. We don’t make bots or steal ideas. However, we do accept member suggestions and utilize them, such as the suggestions you yourself made. I can’t understand why you would suddenly turn on us like this and start spreading lies, I honestly thought you were more honorable than that.

          • Blaze MeOut

            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2b97c2ef9e91341df7d7551eda714ee730376df2944854a912b557c0fedf700e.png I just keep asking myself why would an admin for almost a year of working in the discord server suddenly turn on the discord server itself? It has to be some heavy argument. I mean it’s a game server; it’s not as serious as life or death.

          • Amber Ravynsong

            Did you ever think to just ask me? I thought we were friends Rattle. I would have explained if you had asked, and I still will. I’m not holding any grudges here. The fact is, some people can’t handle criticism no matter how soft you try to be with it, and not everyone makes rational decisions when emotions are involved. If you need more explanation than that, you know where to find me. I will be glad to clear things up.

          • Blaze MeOut

            I would like to apologize for my behavior and my statements because I heard these rumors spread across several servers of manatea. After hearing the thing over and over, I started to believe it. It was stupid and immature in thinking. I heard from both directly from amber and manatea on what happened. I honestly wasn’t there when it happened, so in my opinion, I believe amber’s side of the story mostly because of how it’s explained.

          • Pastromi

            You just got demoted because you did something on your own without Nathan’s approval. wyd amber

          • ine1219

            Hi Rattlesnake 🙂 I am also in that same wizard101 server you are in and its pretty shocking to see you talking like this about them. Since I always see you friendly with all the staff members and helping in it as well. I am one of those people you so kindly helped with questing. So to see this on here as backlash is beyond me.

        • Blaze MeOut

          Ironically enough, I used to have Alexis Mooncloud’s mentality until I joined other discord servers to see the bad side of the admins. I was also literally in an adult chat where admins were running off arguing the use of the n word or “f*gg*t” even though they aren’t black or LGBTQIA+.

  • Umair Nasir

    LOL im banned from that Discord

  • About time!

  • Chris

    Your decision to do this has really frustrated many group owners. I for one will never again promote your site! In fact I have posted in my group a large post informing my members that we no longer will post your content and why. There are many fb wiz group and for you to single one out and the one you chose happens to be a know bullie and scammer is just wrong 🙁

  • DeathRacer

    Wow, this shows how downhill Duelist has gone, cant believe you guys

    • ADawny

      Sorry for earning the negative feedback. Something we want to make abundantly clear is that Duelist101 is trying to interact more and more with the community. This being the first group that reached out to us, was also the first in our potentially multi-fold plan for community reach. We’re sorry if this hurts several individuals or groups; Duelist101 chose to see past any possible negative reputation the group owners (Nathan and Amber) and focus on the amazing community they’ve created; pulling together solid pet hatching, PvP help, events and more – to form a really dedicated group that generally does good. Sure, there are negative aspects.. But that’s true for everything and everyone. We hope to engage more community groups and work past any and all barriers.

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