Duelist101 Birthday Summer Clash 2017

Duelist101 Birthday Summer Clash 2017

Summer is out and what better way to start things off than with some fun wizard101 PvP! Here at Duelist, the heat has really gotten to our heads (except if you’re Nora, her head is filled with Mist). We want to cool off to the excitement of RNG and some PvP of course. Duelist101 will host a PvP event and everyone is invited!



We will be having our Birthday Summer Clash on Saturday, June 24. Yes, that’s next week’s Saturday already! While we do have an official ending time for the event, I’m sure you can hang around longer if you’re having fun.

  • Pacific time: 9 am till 12 pm
  • Mountain time: 10 am till 1 pm
  • Central time: 11 am till 2 pm
  • Eastern time: 12 pm till 3 pm



The event will take place at Peridot’s houses. Thanks to some simple housing magic, mounts will be disabled for everyone. That should help with the lag! Houses will be separated by levels so please try not cluttering an arena full of champions if your level is low I’m looking at you, Kevin.

Pick-up location

Port buses will be in Unicorn Way by Diego in Lincoln realm and Kelvin will be the secondary realm if Lincoln Realm happens to fill up. There will be buses there throughout the brawl. You will need to let them know to which house you want to be going and they will take you to the appropriate house.

During the event, there will be various duelist members such as Cody Raventamer, Peridot, Kenzie Rain and Nora Misthead (to name a few) who will be hanging around outside the arena (Lincoln realm) to transport people.

The houses

There will be 3 official PvP houses for this event. There will be other houses you can visit to simply hang out or PvP in secret. Wizards of any level are welcome, but please don’t join the dueling circle for level 120s if you’re level 16. Let’s respect each other and have fun!

  1. Champions (level 120): OutLaw’s Refuge  (use Blue/Cyan Teleporters
  2. Grandmasters (level 50): Nomad’s Camp (use White Teleporters)
  3. Magus (level 30): Pyramid of the Lost Horizon   (use Purple Teleporters)


Noobs welcome!

Even if PvP isn’t your strong point, there are some neat fishing spots scattered around the houses and a whole bunch of fun stuff to do. We are expecting a special someone to make an appearance… Guess who?!



YES, WE WILL BE HAVING PRIZES! As mentioned above we will have prizes and this is how it works:

1. Kevin

Try to snag a picture of Kevin and his terrible tan and post it in the comments to be placed in a raffle for a chance at a prize! Don’t hesitate to take pictures and share them! Post a picture with Kevin here in the comments to be entered into a random draw for a Vampire pet (10 available)


2. The Duelist Crew

Show the duelist crew some love and take pictures with us too! Post a picture with a Duelist Member to our email [duelistcontest@gmail.com] to be entered into a random draw for a Dragonclaw Blade (10 available).

*pictures of available duelist members will be posted soon so be on the lookout for any updates to this article!

Julia Raventamer

Cody Raventamer

Cody Raventamer

Cody Raventamer

Morgrim ShadowFist

Alex ThunderStaff


Molly Misthead

Eric Deathbringer

3. The ant-sized Leprechaun

Find an ant-sized leprechaun hidden in one of the houses. The leprechaun with his heaps of golden prizes will be shrunk down to as much as possible and will be hidden cleverly in 1 of the 3 houses listed above. The house will be announced on the day of the PvP event and will be listed right here:

[OutLaw’s Refuge]

Be the first to email a picture of the ant-sized leprechaun and you win! Send your picture over to duelistcontest@gmail.com

*Peridot was hard at work to shrink down the pet’s shadow down along side the pet so don’t expect the search to be that easy!

1 Mummy Costume with 5k crowns




Absolutely no foul language will be tolerated. You will not be warned for this, you will be removed from the brawl.

Absolutely no rude or unsportsmanlike behavior will be tolerated. You will be warned, and if you continue, you will then be removed from the brawl.

There are no restrictions on what spells may or may not be used.


Will you be attending?

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