Monstrology Bugs – Let’s find them all!

Monstrology Bugs – Let’s find them all!

This article’s purpose is to track down any remaining Monstrology bugs that are currently in the game and group them together. Unlike other articles, this one is aimed to provide constructive criticism for Kingsisle. Therefore, no negativity will be allowed in the comments section.

Monstrologists in the Spiral have probably figured out by now that we can’t complete every section of the Monstrology Tome, and hopefully this will help in fixing that. I listed every single bug I ran into and also other ideas that could help improve each section of the tome. Please, don’t hesitate one bit to post your ideas and/or findings in the comments below in a respectful and constructive manner. Afterwards, these will be posted in Wizard101’s message boards (Halston’s Laboratory) as well.

Bugs include:

  • Creatures listed under incorrect sections
  • Wrong statistics for creatures in the tome (incorrectly not/marked as a boss)
  • One time creatures in the monstrology system
  • Missing descriptions
  • Creatures that should clearly give animus but don’t

Monstrology Bugs - Extract Spells

Wizard City (65/65):

  • Spectral Guardian in Malistaire’s house gives animus but is a one time creature.
  • Simon the Sayer is not marked as a boss.
  • Creatures from Tanglewood Terror should be placed under the Dungeons section.
  • Lost Celeste is available through monstrology but is a one time creature.
  • Crypt Walker in Mordecai’s tower (which spawns when 3 wizards are present) gives animus but doesn’t show in the tome.

Wysteria (5/7):

  • Bleys Flamerender and Randolf Spellshine are indeed repeatable creatures and should be available. 
  • The Barkskin Treant and Green Man Minion in the life school of Pigswick Academy aren’t accessible for those who already defeated them.

Dragonspyre (67/71):

  • Burning Flamewing is incorrectly marked as a boss.
  • Feral Lavaling in Dragonspyre’s finale is a wyrm that doesn’t give animus.
  • Nodnarb should be able to give animus since it’s a wyrm.
  • Creatures from Baddle of the Bands should be placed under the Dungeons section.
  • Loremaster is undead but doesn’t drop animus.
  • Nodnarb is incorrectly listed as a boss creature.
  • Night Shadow Rank 3 Ice (baddle of the bands) was not moved with the rest of the creatures to the Dungeons tab.

Grizzleheim (33/37):

  • Creatures that should be considered as polar bears but fail to drop animus: Agnetta Broadblade, Frostheart Raider, and Jorda Swordbearer.

Celestia (20/26):

  • Creatures that should be included: Marcio, Yogash, Procyon, and Thunderfin.

Zafaria (9/9):

  • Carrion Flower Man don’t spawn unless there are 3 wizards present in the dungeon.

Avalon (19/19):

  • Lambent Fire is not listed as a boss.

Azteca (36/38):

  • Grim Calaca is incorrectly listed as a boss.
  • Should be classified as a boss: Anacaona Black Snake, Ezhua Bad Taste, Grinning Death Moon, Mozar Turtle Hunter, Uacalxochitl Blood Eye and Storm Caiman.
  • Tezomoc Stone Singer is a one time creature but still gives animus.

Khrysalis (30/26):

  • The Tree Root elites are missing their descriptions.
  • Hebitoho Wyrmling is incorrectly listed as a boss (all 5 tiers).
  • The Tier 3 Gaikotsu Skeleton might be counting towards the total count of Khrysalis, but the creature is not in game.
  • Creatures from Midnight Sun Pagoda should either be placed under Mooshu or the Dungeons section.
  • Undead creatures that don’t give animus but should: Cree Curdwright, Deer Mouse Revenant (Balance), Laughing Calaca, Arkyn Moonblade, King Alric Fatesailor, Deer Mouse Revenant (Ice), and Wraight Knight.
  • Tree Root Elites are incorrectly marked as bosses.
  • Dragon Beetle is not marked as a Wyrm.
  • The total creatures for this section is not correct.
  • Arkyn Moonblade is incorrectly marked as a boss.
  • Cree Curdwright is incorrectly NOT marked as a boss.
  • Laughing Calaca is incorrectly marked as a boss.

Polaris (31/31):

  • Need to be marked as bosses: Broken Land Guardian, Shattered Sky Guardian, Sundered Seam Guardian.
  • Terror Hounds look undead but drop no animus.

Mirage (36/38):

  • Scrollkeeper and Shrowdenger’s Qhat (Death) don’t give animus but are clearly undead.
  • Need to be marked as bosses: Achey, Chilly, Cough, Shadowbones, Sneezy.

Dungeons (167/165):

  • Creatures from Tower of the Helephant should all be listed under the same section (Tonkatsu Thug & Razorleaf Treant).
  • Tamworth Brickhouse (Tier 1 & 2) are bosses, but they’re not marked as such for monstrology.
  • Draconian Pyromancer and Draconian Pyro have the same description.
  • Tier 3 Tanglewood Terror’s last battle has minions from the Tier 1 setting.

Did you find anything else that is not listed above?

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  • D P

    Good synopsis, thanks!

    Personally I would like to see dungeon creatures under dungeons, or they can even add a housing gauntlet tab like in badges.

    The Temple Guardian and Temple phantom are under mooshu, yet Master Tonkatsu is under dungeons, they are all in Hollow Mountain, they are properly listed under dungeons as this was clearly part of the 4 dungeons release.

    I imagine you would have to move Eirikur Axebreaker from winterbane and the grand tourney arena Bruless Sucre

    I still think there may be a few spell quest creatures, but since most of my wizards are max hard to prove it. Perhaps sending a list to KI would help them identify if the missing ones are indeed there or a bug?

    Also, doesn’t the sassafras man look just like the greenman and shouldn’t the be extractable?

  • Ronan FrostBlade

    The list looks pretty comprehensive, including the issues noted in D P’s post. The only things I have to add are:

    Lord Bramble in the final dungeon of Wysteria is a treant, is repeatable, but gives no Animus.

    Condemned Soldiers are in Upper and Lower Zigazag. They should be in the Dungeons section instead of Krokotopia.

    The Dragon Beetle is classified as a wyrm, but it gives no Animus.

    • Cody RavenTamer

      Good catch!

  • Ronan FrostBlade

    Sorry, I forgot to note that the Dragon Beetle is in Khrysalis.

  • Ronan FrostBlade

    Sweet! I see in the update notes for tomorrow’s updates that almost all of these changes are being implemented. Hopefully the rest can be taken care of in a future update.

    One other one I thought of, Rattlebones Rank 7 and Rank 14 from the one shot dungeons should also probably be moved to Dungeons instead of being in Wizard City, unless that had changed already and I just didn’t update my lists accordingly. I haven’t actually collected either of them yet, so I can’t check on my wizards to see which category they fall under.

    Anyway, good work in helping KI identify and correct these issues!

  • Uni

    Those ghost hounds in the sunless shrine in Polaris? Would love to extract those.

  • Uni

    Kyanite Channelers and Kyanite Crystalmancer are not listed as undead.

    • Cody RavenTamer

      Not sure those qualify as undead as they’re not exactly see-through.

  • D P

    How about Lord Bramble in Wysteria, he sure looks like a treant type creature no?
    There are not that many creatures in all of Wysteria, where could the last 2 be?

  • D P

    I was suspicous about Wysteria because there are so few creatures, the only ones you could not get to was the fight with Chester Doors which is not repeatable. You can port to someone who has the quest however, so I ran one of my characters to that part and ported in and low and behold, there is a second Barkskin Treant and a Green Man Minion, which makes it 8/8.

    Sigh, the WIKI mentions that it is supposed to be repeatable due to some update, however it is not. So can you please add this to the bugs list, thanks!

  • D P

    I did Baron Mordecai with a full team and received animus from a “crypt walker” but can not find it in my tome anywhere. This creature does not show up if you are solo.

  • D P

    Suspect Wizard City creatures that are undead but not repeatable:

    The Second Professor – 75 death minion quest
    Creature:Cap’n Nigel Skullcrack

    The Third Professor – 75 fire minion quest
    Creature:Haul Away Joe
    Creature:Old Maui

    The Fifth Professor – 75 life minion quest
    Creature:Lord Ague

    Eye of History – non repeatable storyline
    Creature:Spectral Guardian

    khyrsalis pre-quest
    Creature:Grinning Calaca

  • Zander

    Here is my list of creatures that dont give animus but should:
    Typhon Dustwind
    Condemned Mander
    Lord Bramble
    Kyanite Crystalmancer
    Arkyn MoonBlade
    Deer Mouse Revenant
    Dragon Beetle
    Elana Darksun
    Laughing Calaca
    Wraith Knight
    Terror Hounds

  • Sierra

    After looking over DS again, here are some potential creatures that could be causing us issues:

    Pretty sure these 3 are undead

    Creature:Osseus Nightreaver – Death Level 58 Spell
    Creature:Ranulf Moonclaw- Level 48 Myth Pet
    Creature:The Hoader – Rank 9 spells quest

    These do not appear undead, but are non-repeatable so who knows? I guess if Loremaster is a bugged creature, that would make 4 anyway!

    Creature:Skaranax Doomscale – Level 78 Balance Pet
    Creature:Vulcus Ironstrike – Level 118 Fire Pet

    I again ran down a few creatures we may have missed, but none were extractable.

  • Sierra

    This comment under DS should probably be moved to dungeon section as the creatures were moved

    The Tier 3 Gaikotsu Skeleton might be counting towards the total count of Khrysalis, but the creature is not in game.

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