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Have you seen all the house arenas?

Massive Fantasy Palace

The Massive Fantasy Palace was the first house with a PvP arena.  It was also the first bundle and has recently been updated with higher level gear.  The PvP arena is situated in the courtyard, right before the entrance to the house and is a great location for large gatherings.

PvP party at the Massive Fantasy Palace, anyone?

Celestial Observatory

The Celestial Observatory is the first craftable house with a PvP arena.  It is the only house arena that is not part of a bundle giftcard.  While I love having a PvP arena (great for making enchanted cards), I do find myself running into it by accident, as it is not situated to the side like the Massive Fantasy Palace arena.  As was mentioned in our latest Poll, some people don’t like the scenery much, but others enjoy PvP’ing under the stars.

Spectators gather for the second Final round of Malistaire’s Revenge 5.

Sultan’s Palace

The Sultan’s Palace arena is separated by a moat and sometimes blocks off the entrance to the secret cave where the Genie awaits in a magic lamp.

The Sultan awaits! Or the Genie!

Sun Palace

Unlike the other house arenas, the Sun Palace’s arena is in a closed-off area, to the side of the house.

Looks pretty hot there at the Sun Palace.

Tower of Winter Winds

The latest house arena is also enclosed and might be a little bit too out of the way for my tastes.  You get there through a teleporter.

PvP in private at the Tower of Winter Winds

What’s next?

Tell us your idea for the next house arena and you could win a deluxe housing package consisting of a Desert Villa, a Pack of ‘Porters, and an Additional Castle Elixir. Contest ends 11:59 PM EST on Tuesday, August 21.  I will choose the entries that I think are the most appealing and imaginative.

And don’t forget House-A-Palooza ends August 21.  Don’t miss out when there’s up to 50% off Crown houses and the Emperor’s Attic Hoard Pack, 12 new Avalon furniture items, and for the first time available, an Additional Castle Elixir.

Hello Winners

We  haven’t heard for you. Please contact us or we may have to give your Desert Villa to someone else.

  • isaac
  • Autumn SilverGem (Autumn, please contact us since the e-mail you provided was not a valid address)
  • Cameron ShadowThorn

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  • I specially like the celestian house arena

  • yeah, i’m the same way, like the CL arena. i don’t know why, but the floating house debris overhead is pretty fun looking. (Although you have to wonder what all of that dangerous, broken debris drifting around does to the resell value.)

  • The Sun Palace arena is pretty nice, a decent amount of room for spectators, though not as open as the MFP.

  • Monarch

    I dont have a name for it but i have an idea for a mainly pvp based home. Its a ring of floating islands (4-5) which all having a dueling circle and some leg room. Their connected by rope bridges and in the center is a watchtower which you can enter and at the top you can exit to a balcony with a spectator orb for each duel on the side facing that match. Basically granting spectator abilities and watching the match in a view almost like the duelist minus seeing any personal info of the players. I don’t want the prize but i like to share ideas.

  • connor

    i have an idea for an underwater house where you live in a sunken ship and there are differnet marine life going around and on the deck of the ship there would be a pirate themed pvp ring, and in the back of the house there would be a hidden cave. thanks

  • Robert Griffinglade

    all the previous bundles had only one arena..right? also if we wanted to pvp then we have battle in that specific location only right??i was thinking what if a special bundle releases especially made for the purpose of pvp… in which ,instead of 1 there will be 8 arenas. each of the 8 arenas will be themed according to our schools like an arena with ghastly shadows (death arena) and the other with fire all around (fire arena).. and so on. the 8th arena will be themed according to our secondary school(stellar,lunar,solar). in this way a person will have the choice to battle in different locations depending upon his or her mood. also for easy access there will be 8 teleporters colored according to the school like red for fire blue for ice and so on which in turn will teleport to your respective school arenas. the teleporters will be present near the entrance of your house for easy access like in a pvp den/temple. these arenas will be situated on an island floating near your main house island. also the platform in which arena mat is placed is raised with stairs so that players don’t get stuck into it by accident. moreover more than 4 people (32 to be exact) can pvp at the same time so that they wont have to wait for their turn. this sounds epic!!!! well according to me . hope everyone likes it 🙂

  • Mycin DarkHeart

    So we just put our ideas right here in the comments?

    • StorySmith

      Yes, that’s right.

  • Mycin DarkHeart

    Ok, so my idea for a new house pvp arena is a new design. Instead of running into the arena, there will be two different sigils (like how you enter a dungeon) and one sigil is one team and the other is the second team (with this you can do 1v4 and stuff like that. If you are brave enough XD.) The sigils will take you to a whole other island on your house (like how the teleport thing in the Fantasy Palace takes you to that lone island.) And when there is a match taking place a teleporter would appear between the two sigils so spectators can view the match from stands in the sky. When the match is over everyone should be able to press the home button and go back to the same house like how in the pvp arena it takes you back to the arena instead of the commons. I think this would be pretty cool for a house pvp arena XD

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