Easter Eggs in Marleybone – Pirate101

Easter Eggs in Marleybone

When it comes to MMOs, wiz and pirate are easily my favorites. The fact that both games reference one another is really funny and cool so I thought I’d take my time to share some of the Easter Eggs I’ve spotted. Previously I’ve written about Easter eggs in Cool Ranch and Easter eggs in Mooshu.

This time, we will look at Marleybone. I’ve quested a musketeer to max and I’ve been able to spot some pretty cool Easter Eggs to share with anyone who’s missed them. 🙂 If I missed any, make sure to scold me so I can add them in later (limited to Marleybone).


Sherlock Bone’s Relative 

(Quest) A Call for Help Dialogue 15.png

They share the same last name and they’re both pretty smart, their mamma must be really proud! Sherlock Bones is a very cool NPC we meet in Digmoor Station (wiz), guiding us through various quest. Mycroft is exclusive to pirate but it would be pretty awesome if he made a surprise visit to his dear brother who for all we know could be down the street. It’s elementary my dear Watson. On a side note, the Krokonomicon is mentioned yet again! 


A dashingly handsome villain

Easter Eggs in Marleybone

“The great Meowiarty, locked up at last!” You can thanks the wizards for hunting Meowairty down, he was very allusive but in the end it was the cat that ran up the clock 😉  


Easter Eggs in Marleybone

Meowiarty played a very big role in Marleybone, translated a message on how to defeat the enemy, too bad this won’t earn him a pardon! I find it interesting that they let him keep his cane in prison, I doubt Meowiarty would try whacking someone with it.

Easter Eggs in Marleybone

Here’s Meowiarty posing, bragging how he can walk out the prison doors when ever he wants!


New Worlds/Areas?!

These next two really excited me so try your best making out what you can!

Albion excites me in the sense that we have met another fox creature in wiz, the monstrology researcher herself! Makes me wonder why the Marleybone dogs would treat foxes so badly when they clearly have powerful magic at their side. I forgot if Albion was mentioned by the monstrology teacher back in wiz but I do hope that pirate101 finds a way to let us take a peek at this sky way. 


What is Rajah? My best guess is…nothing actually. Based on the clothing of the the troops, I can’t really guess where they are from, all I can tell is that they are powerful warriors from a mysterious empire. They also haven’t been directly mentioned or seen in wizard101. So if KI does decide to revist them I’m sure we’re in for a treat. The more I stare at them, the more I want to know so I really hope we get something…


Did I miss anything? Let me know in the comment section!

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  • Blaze Goldleaf

    Rajah is a parody of India.

    Lol when you first get into the Marleybone Sewers, Ratbeard says “at least we’re not dancing on the rooftops!”

  • These little things are what make both games so much more enjoyable than a lot of other games.

  • Some Person On The Internet

    You forgot “That’s no spoon, it’s a sky station!” a parody of “That’s no moon, it’s a space station!” from Star Wars

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