A Guide to Medulla – Empyrea Part 1 Final Battle

A Guide to Medulla
Empyrea Part 1 Final Battle

Empyrea part 1 comes to an end with Medulla, a powerful creature unlike anything we’ve ever seen in the Spiral before. Once you have reached the brain of Sepidious, Medulla is there waiting for you… in the HEADquarters.



Not so fast! Where there is a Bat… there is a Quizzler. Before you get to face Medulla in combat you have to answer the Quizzler’s riddles. This creature is a Rank 16 Myth Elite with 4815 HP, which is also accompanied by a Globulin. No cheats were observed in this battle.



Not to worry, you only get to fight these 4 creatures together the first time only. Once you defeat your fellow companions from Empyrea, they will shake off Medulla’s mind control and help you fight at your side! You will see exactly how below…

If you try to repeat this battle these creatures won’t reappear at Medulla’s side anymore, unless someone in your team is doing this battle for the very first time. Additionally, Medulla (Rank 18 Myth Shadow Boss) will always be in this battle with 125k HP.

UPDATE: Currently in live realm- Medulla’s minions will now always appear in battle.





Casting weaknesses and traps on Medulla is redundant. He will cast off any of them, even if they are protected with Indemnity. Non-single target spells (Windstorm/Plague) AND tri-trap spells (Elemental Trap) trigger this cheat as well.


This is where it really gets interesting! Medulla will randomly cast Confusion every few rounds on a random wizard. Confusion is a new mechanic only found on this creature, that targets a single player (just like Beguile) and it makes spell casting a lot harder. Effects include casting a spell on a target that you didn’t mean to target. Passing won’t help, as it will select a random spell from your hand and cast it.

Tip: Be careful which spells you allow in your deck. You don’t know what may happen in this fight. Simply imagine a Bad Juju going wild.


Joining the battle late won’t do you any good, unless getting confused is what you’re going for. Dispelling this is also not possible due to the fact that it is cast as a shadow spell.


For a change, we get cheats that work in our favor! Pork will interrupt cast a smoke screen (-45% accuracy) at the beginning of every round. The smoke screen is removed at the end of the round, so it won’t keep stacking.


medulla guide

Sparck will cast this every 4/5 rounds. This is a hit by the cannon found behind Medulla. It utilizes Medulla’s blades to hit his side of the duel circle. Go Sparck!


Strategy Against Medulla

The best strategy for this fight is to rely mostly on blades as there is no way you can put a trap on Medulla without it being removed. Additionally, you will also want to use Aegis to protect those shiny blades as I was blessed with witnessing Medulla use Earthquake. Fun! On the other hand, you can also use global spells and auras without any risks.

Stack a bunch of blades on a single hitter in 2-3 rounds and have them hit Medulla. Repeat this as he might not go down with the first hit due to his stubborn…. head?


Cheat a Little Yourself!(NO LONGER EFFECTIVE!)

There was a quick and easy way to take down Medulla in Test Realm. However, this method has been removed in live realm. The method involved using Medulla’s confusion mechanics to your advantage! It turns out that Medulla’s confusion will force you to cast a spell even if you pass and even if you don’t meet the spells requirements. For example- Medulla can make you cast a shadow spell in your hand at your friend even if you do not have a shadow pip!

We can turn this around on him by utilizing any of the minion sacrificing spells. If your hand is composed of spells such as sap power, take power, draw health etc, Medulla’s cheat will force you to cast the spell even if you have no minions on your side of the field. When the spell is force cast it will target the closest thing to a minion it can find in the battle circle-which just happens to be Medulla himself!

This method works particularly well since any battle with Medulla after your first encounter with him will result in Medulla appearing in the battle circle on his own without his 3 minions. This method also works in the traditional battle format of 4 wizards vs Medulla and his 3 minions. Simply have everyone on the team load up minion sacrificing cards. I recommend having someone come into the battle late as this will cause Medulla to cast confusion on the latecomer – hastening the process. Then watch as one by one your confused wizards sacrifice Pork, Beans, Sprack and finally Medulla himself. Hilarious!


Good luck! Share your thoughts
and rewards in the comments below!

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  • Brand Ghostspear

    Oh wow, the battle sure will be interesting. I can’t wait to fight him. 😀

  • Michael Hammer

    Well that was interesting. lol. Be watching to see if they fix it or not. Someone messed up not foreseeing that! I dont see how they can fix it, unless they remove the confusion, and go with another cheat for brainiac. lol

  • FuffyRuff

    Please correct me (nicely) if i’m wrong on this but.. Yall mean to tell me Bat is a good guy? NANI?!?!

    • Blaze MeOut

      This entire article was a spoiler to begin with. When it said in the summary at the top –> Medulla being the last boss of Empyrea, you should have taken the hint that it’s full of spoilers for your discretion. And yes, the bat is a good guy kind of… his intentions are confusing though, but valid in thought.

      • FuffyRuff

        I knew it was spoilers, I just was surprised to know bat was a good guy and not evil from watching a youtube video, I came to this thread asking that if anyone who played in test realm can confirm that.

        • Blaze MeOut

          I rather not confirm spoilers for other readers in the comments. If your interested, you can look through the entire play through in youtube.

  • Blaze MeOut

    Hmm I wonder what the new skeleton key boss in the future will be. It seems like Kingsisle has one for almost every single world now.

  • Michael Hammer

    I tried using the reverse mechanics against Medulla today. He never used his ” Confusion ” spell on me. I was in solo. He never used any of my spells. I had no hits loaded as i wanted him to destroy the minions and himself using the sacrifice minion cards i had loaded. They must have fixed it over the weekend. Just my luck.

    • Cody RavenTamer

      Nope. Worked for me earlier. The cheat will simply not trigger when solo.

      • The Balance Wizard Soloer

        It worked for me during solo today at 5 pm eastern time

  • The Balance Wizard Soloer

    Can you feint the minions?

    • Mora Misthead

      Yes you can feint the minions.

  • Chris

    You can just end this fight in like 2 minutes with the sap, kingsisle is definitely patching that.

  • yobani tapia

    😛 i gought him 2v4 you can feint medulla so long as the minions are gone he does, you can leave a mark in the dungeon to get back to the fight faster, would recommend having a tc build instead of a normal build that way you can delete stuff and some tc reshuffles. also dang 2v4 is terrible in that fight get 4v4 its much quicker

    • Mora Misthead

      Ooh, the leaving a mark tip is great! Running back gets annoying.

  • Jonathan Sengstock

    As I’m typing this I’m fighting him right now. I’m wondering has anyone found any unique or good drops? Thanks!

  • Wolf FireBreath

    Does Eric’s strategy still work? About to fight him now

    • Wolf FireBreath

      Well… I know he doesn’t use confusion solo anymore…

  • Ale Xande

    We fought his this week. WE left on deck only auras, shields, enchants and traps. Our attacks and heals where all TC.
    When confused the worse we would do was blade or shield him. WE would not waste our pips or attack other players. When the hitter was ready, he would discard and hit. Same with the healer.
    It worked great.

  • Blaze Titanbringer

    Quizzler does have a lateness cheat; “You’re here! Finally!” he stuns you and uses dimension shift to put all negative wards on you

  • brandon123

    Thanks for the info