Mirage Zeke Quest: Oasis Locations

Mirage Zeke Quest: Oasis Locations


With the addition of Mirage, comes the much expected Zeke quest we get with every world update. This time around, he tasks us with looking for the elusive Oases. Look for him in Caravan (should be easy to find, orange hair, long beard, cane in his hand?) to get the quest ‘Midday at the Oasis’. Additionally, after completing the quest you’ll be rewarded the badge ‘Mirage Explorer‘.


Caravan Oasis

Take the ladder at the right of Sandiago.

Mirage Zeke Quest Caravan

Caravan Map


Alkali Barrows Oasis

You will find this one located behind the broken giant statue hand, just don’t get lost in the massive desert!

Mirage Zeke Quest Alkali Barrows

Alkali Barrows


Caterwaul Canyons Oasis

Don’t let the glitched map fool you with this one! Go all the way down the canyon and take a left behind Duke Dairyus Purrzian.

Mirage Zeke Quest Caterwaul Canyons

Caterwaul Canyons


Rubal Wastes Oasis

I’d have expected this one to be hidden anywhere in this massive desert, but it was actually on the left side of House Calixco.

Mirage Zeke Quest Rubal Wastes

Rubal Wastes


Istanboa Oasis

Hidden near the entrance of the mysterious ruins of Catstantinople!

Mirage Zeke Quest Istanboa



Yakhal Mountain Oasis

You might need a coat to get this one, unless you can take the cold! Located exactly next to the entrance of the Deep Freeze dungeon.

Mirage Zeke Quest Yakhal Mountain

Yakhal Mountain


Zruvan Grotto Oasis

Finally, possibly the toughest one to get, you will find the last Oasis located in the beautiful Zruvan Grotto. Unfortunately this dungeon cannot be teleported into, so you will have to go the long way round.

Mirage Zeke Quest Zruvan Grotto

Zruvan Grotto


That’s all of them, so happy exploring!

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