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Professor’s Hoard Pack

April is truly a month full of surprises as Kingsisle warned us in the monthly newsletter. Today the test realm officially went offline until the next update, and Monstrology with all the cool other updates hit the live realm! Additionally, a new pack has just been announced, the Professor’s Hoard Pack! Shall we see what wonders lie hidden within this exciting new pack?


School Specific Gear Sets

The main highlight of this pack is that you can get gear designed like that of our favorite Professors in Ravenwood! 7 different sets, one for each school, and the hats offer new powerful spells!

Dalia’s Smoldering Hairdo

Dalia’s Blazing Suit

Dalia’s Sweltering Shoes

Dworgyn’s Havoc Hood

Dworgyn’s Sinister Smock

Thanks to Destiny Rain

Dworgyn’s Dire Boots

Alhazred’s Karmic Fez

Alhazred’s Resolute Raiment

Thanks to Destiny Rain

Alhazred’s Consistent Clogs

Lydia’s Frigid Hat

Greyrose Glacial Jerkin

Lydia’s Frozen Footwraps

Moolinda’s Hardy Headwrap

Wu’s Wild Kimono

Moolinda’s Spirit Sandals

Cyrus’s Secret Skullcap

Drake’s Reflection Robe

Cyrus’s Scholarly Striders

Halston’s Eureka Hat

Balestrom’s Blast Jacket

Halston’s Stormy Slippers


Cast Symbol Mounts

We’ve been seeing a lot more school themed mounts lately, like the Ghultures and the flying carpets. However these are something else! There’s one for each school and each one is as awesome as the other!


Headmaster’s Staffs

Brand new, unique and powerful weapons for our wizards to use! Also, there are some very interesting spells as may casts from the wand hits. The wand’s may casts that cost ‘X pips’ don’t actually use up all your pips when they are triggered. Needless to say that this goes the same for other spells such as Monster Mash, which doesn’t actually cost 6 pips.

Headmaster’s Doom Staff

Headmaster’s Crystal Staff

Headmaster’s Sky Staff

Headmaster’s Dream Staff

Headmaster’s Law Staff

Headmaster’s Glowing Staff

Headmaster’s Zeal Staff

Thanks to Destiny Rain


Owl Protégé Pet

The brand new Owl Protégé pet will surely win you over with it’s adorable eyes. Even better, Gamma approves of it! Unfortunately, this pet is still a mystery as of now, but which one of you will find it first?


What’s your favorite new item from the Professor’s Hoard Pack?

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  • Blaze Goldleaf

    I thought it’s interesting to note that the gear doesn’t have school requirements. This could potentially allow for more variation in PVP since people can use mastery amulets and allow for more hybrid school strategies.

    • Igor Efimov

      All the item cards sadly are no-PVP no-shuffle. Whatever happens will be on their own training points.

    • FuffyRuff

      And better ways to set for people and dispel spam.. fantastic LUL.

  • Jeremy Ravenhunter

    Some really interesting cards on hats.
    Monster mash looks nice as well, hope it become trainable spell one day 🙂

  • Igor Efimov

    Very unfortunate that myth got a wand that has a maycast that won’t ever happen in an actual match. Not very well thought out, KI.

  • Wolf FireBreath

    Uhhhhhh, they took it out of the crowns shop XD

    • Cody RavenTamer

      Dworgyn announced that it will be back tomorrow morning. Something to look forward to! xD

  • balance mage

    wait what
    my head hurts this looks like a joke
    and them boots look op af

    • Wolf FireBreath

      Actually, just compare them to the Ghultures Hoard boots, those are better lol

  • Patrick FairyStalker

    How does the owl pet picture above have 70 in agility, 100 in intellect…etc but be a baby at 0/125?

    • Cody RavenTamer

      It came that way 0.0

    • ethan

      its a prodigy 😉

  • Very interesting, I hope that the new spells become available another way (mass feint specifically) maybe through jewels or a ring/athame, if not they make me want to purchase the gear just to try them out, which must be the point of them!

    • TheNickelodeon08 .

      going get more worst

  • The Balance Wizard Soloer

    All the hats get these insane 1X Item Cards and Balance gets a crappy Availing Hands for 6 pips in which u can get them in the bazaar as a tc for 4 pips, its unbelievable

    • Brand

      Sounds like a bit of *balancing* by the devs, eh?

      I’m sorry please don’t hurt me

      • The Balance Wizard Soloer

        what? XD

    • Blaze MeOut

      only really useful ones honestly is the death, life, and ice one … the rest are kinda trash because of the rarity of ever using it

    • shadowlightning101

      I’m shaking my head as well. They had a chance to give us a new spell there and just didn’t do it I would have loved a dark spell here maybe like a loremaster with a -50 accuracy to your opponent and plus 30 to 35 blade to self.

  • Paul

    On the Ice stuff…THAT HEALTH THOUGH! 1100+!!!! More health on that robe alone than noobs in the Commons have!

  • Paul

    I’m glad the stats on the wands are just “EH” enough to edge out anybody seriously wearing them in PvP. Because those maycasts are ridiculous!

  • Brand

    Anyone notice that the Myth wand stuff has a 101% chance of cast?

    • Cody RavenTamer

      Good eye, sir! But I don’t think that accuracy has anything to do with the cast rate.

      • Brand

        Mm. Just a curiosity. Seems a bit redundant, given that a 1% won’t make much difference against an accuracy debuff.

  • The feisty wizard

    Pierce needs to go up because resist just keeps going up with more and more ward pets lolz

  • Cryptozoologic

    Why does it always seem like Balance always gets the worst gear or worst maycasts etc… Because as a balance it infuriates me to see an equivalent of Availing Hands in May cast form where others are astronomically powerful.

    • Concerned Wizard

      At least the may cast on the balance wand can be used in PVP unlike the myth wand may cast. So please before anybody starts complaining about how horrible their school’s may casts are, just appreciate your schools may cast can actually help you in a pvp match.

      • shadowlightning101

        maybe in a one on one match and it can also ruin you as well.

    • shadowlightning101

      I have been saying this like forever I’d rather them just get rid of balance if they going to do us like this and have us transfer it to another school so we don’t have to level all the way back up. They put any useful spells on gear instead of making it stand alone. Every school has gotten what they wanted but balance and like you it makes me mad.

  • Chris Wind

    Does the wand of Myth have anything to compensate for the ban on the Vassanji spell?

    • Chris Wind

      Does the wand of Myth have anything to compensate for the prohibition of the Vassanji spell on pvp?

      • Concerned Wizard

        Not that I have seen. If all the other may casts on the wands are viable in the arena, then it should only be fair they change the may cast on the myth wand or allow it in the arena.

        • FuffyRuff

          Th’ere’s no pierce on it so don’t worry about it imo.

          Also I think terrors and the baba yaga crafted wand still has more damage than it?

  • Fully Automatic Necromancer

    My opinion on the spells from the hats:
    Storm: Interesting garbage. Burning all my pips to guarantee a critical is an interesting concept, but Storms can get such high critical anyway it probably won’t be effective in practice. Also, it’s competing with Supercharge, which can give me a 100% blade that can’t be blocked. 2/10.
    Myth: Garbage that would have been amazing in the Jade Juju era. It can be only used in PvE, which puts a serious damper on it. There really isn’t much of a use for an 8 pip spell that switches all hanging effects with an enemy, since bosses aren’t known to bladestack, but players are known for trap stacking. There’s probably some use case somewhere, but I’m not impressed. 1/10.
    Life: It’s decent for solo questing, probably less so in group play unless your hitter is also Life. It’s basically an extra feint to stack. 6/10.
    Ice: A more expensive and more potent Legion Shield. Certainly pretty awesome, but limited since you can only have one per battle. 4/10.
    Fire: Now this is interesting. It’s basically a detonate that’s actually useful. Using it properly would take good teamwork though, as to get maximum value out of it you have to cast it immediately after the DoT. 5/10.
    Death. Epic. 10/10.
    Balance: Just garbage. It doesn’t heal much more than an Availing hands but costs 2 pips more. 0/10.

    • shadowlightning101

      Just to show you how much Ki hates balance but will say differently didn’t know death,ice , and balance had the same critical rating on the wands yet myth is now higher than anything else this era is clearly catered to myth players only and diminishing balance as a school completely. Balance has been treated as nothing more than a footnote while every other school has gained something. Nothing here for balance at all. a may cast improved version of sandstorm would have been helpful but we couldn’t even get that.It is always judgement, 25 or 30 blade for us give us something different is what i would ask.

      • D

        That is not true. Balance is one of the best schools in pvp, only ice fire and life are at the same level. They have tons of manipulative spells. They also have good health, damage, and resist. Death and myth are the schools that ki does not care about. Death is very predictable with their attacks, and all pack wands put death in a bad situation. Myth is not as bad in pvp, as they have good attacks like Medusa and baba.

        • shadowlightning101

          For purposes other than Pvp All schools are more useful than balance outside of pvp and like i mentioned before balance has a bunch of spells that are tied to gear not pets and not a wand which means you only get it by wearing the gear which is not true with just about all other schools you mention mana burn but ice gets the same spell practically with lord of winter. yet ice is still higher in pvp and outside of it. Constantly shunned on with wands that do near half the damage as all others and so forth. I’m sure you all who say otherwise do not main a balance at all. It’s all good though it seems fire and storm done got basically everything they wanted and i guess it’s myth turn. Still waiting for a trained over time spell or stun spell guess I will be waiting for a much longer time. And as mentioned before the hat is useless and boots and wand are ok So to rephrase this my biggest gripe is spells being on gear that’s useless and pets not getting a higher blade than say the 30 blade. A 40 blade would have been much more useful. heck let us train 25 for all blades.

      • Balance Wizards United

        If balance at max level was at the lowest spot on the pvp tier, I would completely agree with you. Balance for many years at max level has been a top tier pvp school. These spells that you are complaining about are all no pvp, so no school can take advantage of them. If KI started making changes to mana burn, lore, gaze, and supernova, I could understand your frustration but they aren’t. I would also like to know how exactly has the balance school diminished at max level? Last time I checked, they are still a top tier school?

        I will completely agree that the wands for myth, life, death, balance, and ice should not all be the same. I do not see why ice should have the same damage as any other school but KI apparently feels differently.

  • Deathheart7
    • Deathheart7

      lol that was bad… they’re so small.

      • Cody RavenTamer

        Yeah, I think they’re a bit too small for us to use xD

  • Deathheart7

    As for the Myth may cast on the wand, Blazelifehammer showcast-ed them casting and it seems the Myth one is good to use for PVP. Kingsisle must’ve been lazy and just copied and pasted the picture from the jewel one.

  • shadowlightning101

    Ok so your telling me that if I have full pips as a balance max pips and do a wand and it may cast judgement how would that affect me hitting someone without taking all the pips? Full pips like that off a critical wand would do some massive damage yet i will still have those pips after the hit? I think not.

    • Balance Wizards United

      I not sure you are aware but the may cast spells do not use your pips. Yes the amount of pips you have will determine how much that may cast judgement will hit for, but does not use your pips. So therefore, you could have a may cast judgement with full pips, and be able to cast what ever spell you want the next round as your pips will still be there unless your opponent used mana burn. You can test it our yourself and find that your comment is based on a false interpretation of how a may cast spell works.

      • shadowlightning101

        Good to know I just couldn’t imagine that ever happening. This wand can potentially destroy a high level minion or wizard with a shot to take out the boss afterwards. And although it seemed like I knew it all my statement was more like a question so i should have cleared that up a bit and thanks.

  • Alex

    I find it quite hilarious that the owl pet has attribute experience, but it has no experience and is still a baby XD

  • Regal Whale

    I’m honestly disappointed. With Ice and Death both getting Mass Spells on the hoods, I would have liked to have seen maybe a Mass Shatter/Pierce for Myth instead of that Disjunction spell.

    • SuperToare

      Mass shatter isn’t really needed when myth has earthquake.

  • devin s

    I feel that if you start adding stats for each school, death falls kinda short on almost if not everything. Am I right

  • Andrew Roy

    Here is some wisteria gear for when that page comes out. Courtesy of James silverrunner

  • Andrew Roy

    Wysteria pack stuff for when the e for it comes out. courtesy of James silverrunner