Daily Assignment Rewards

Daily Assignment Rewards

daily assignment

Daily Assignments have been in the Spiral for 15 days now, so we can finally report what you can expect from them! All in all, I’d say they’re worth doing. I’m definitely going to keep doing them on my 4 top level wizards. It’s a small effort to go to a certain place and kill/visit something. Plus, having a reason to go back to forgotten places is pretty nice actually! I will not do them on every single wizard of mine though. That would be tiresome.


1. Starting Daily Assignments

To do your Daily Assignments, you have to be level 12 and above – and talk to Aegon Statz in Ravenwood. He will send you on a quest to defeat a mob in Colossus Boulevard, and then you will recieve the housing item “Gravulum Order”. You can either talk to the NPC or use the housing item to initiate the daily assignments. Don’t worry if you forget to do your Daily Assignment on a certain day! You won’t lose your progress. You just continue where you left off.


2. Daily Assignment Quests

The Daily Assignment quests can be fit into two categories: kill quests and go to area quests. Apparently there are different level groupings, so wizards of more or less the same level will get the same quest. I can verify that all my level 110 wizards got the same quest every time. Here’s some examples of kill quests for a level 110 wizard:

Daily Assignment Quests

Daily assignment questDaily Assignment QuestDaily Assignment Quest Daily Assignment Quest


Day 12 of the Daily Assignments is special and I think more will be revealed about this later. On the first day 12, you will do your quest as usually, but once you complete it, you will get a new quest.

daily assignment day 12

Don’t expect too much of this quest reward-wise! I got a measly 100 gold, while I was expecting something amazing. Anyway, the new quest has the following quest dialog:

Daily Assignment Day 12 quest dialog

daily assignment day 12 quest dialog

Once you go to Unicorn Way, this is what awaits you:

Picture 2016-04-17 13-45-59


Daily Assignment Day 12 quest dialog in Unicorn Way

daily assignment day 12 quest dialog unicorn way

My theory is that this is a story quest that will continue the next time you get to day 12. Maybe we will learn more about Pekrons and Pekuliarities and what exactly the colors of Aegon Statz’s readings mean! We’ll have to wait another 12 days to find out!


3. Daily Assignment Rewards

daily assignment rewards


On day 1, 2, 6, 7, 11 and 12, you receive a gold reward, ranging from 900 to 1200. On day 3, 8 and 13, you receive arena tickets. The highest amount of tickets you can get is 25 tickets. It’s not a lot, but over time, this could start adding up!

On day 4, 9 and 14 you will get crowns: first 10, then 15 and then 25 crowns. Totally worth doing the dailies for these, if you ask me! The crowns won’t appear in your inventory right away, so you might have to wait a couple of days. You can see when they’re added from the Wizard101 website.

daily assignment rewards.jpg


Days 5, 10 and 15 are the most interesting! On those, you get a mystery chest with a random item. There doesn’t seem to be a build up over time with the chests: the first one drops the same kind of items as the last one. These are the kind of daily assignment rewards you can receive:

daily assignment rewards

Housing items:

  • Customaizable Grizzleheim Signdaily assignment reward housing
  • Cash Register
  • Spiral Vine Rug
  • Wooden Bridge
  • Wooden Well
  • Sorcery Stones game
  • Hot Shots game
  • transporters


  • Manta Ray (7 day)
  • Sunshine Pony (7 day)daily assignment reward mount
  • Moonlight Pony (7 day)
  • Ancient Koi (7 days)


  • Sugar Khrystal
  • King Parsley
  • Bread Fruit Bush


  • Spell-Defying Opaldaily assignment reward see
  • Armor Piercer Opal
  • Fishing Luck Opal
  • Extra Mana Opal


There are also other Daily Assignment rewards: badges! You get one for doing the first day assignment, and one for getting to day 15. The badges are “Gravulum Adept” and “Gravulum Magus“.

badges daily assignment rewards


What do you think of the Daily Assignments?

Have you gotten any interesting drops so far?

Let us know in the comments!

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  • Adam Ash

    Pain bringer opal.
    Krokatopian hammock.
    Elegant hat stand.
    Customizable chalkboard.

    • Wolf FireBreath


  • Anonymous

    I got a customizable Gravestone.

  • Duncan DarkBlade

    I got this from the Daily Assignments.

  • tobimaro

    Two accounts with eight wizards:

    Red Faberge Egg
    Purple Teleporter
    Red Urn
    Orange Teleporter
    Mote of Severity (two wizards)
    Conjuration Game
    Mote of Transport

    • Kathryn Broussard

      I got the red Faberge egg too, and I was wondering if it actually hatches or if it is just a housing item?

  • Blaze Goldleaf

    I got a Sharp-Eye opal, Skull Riders kiosk, Couch Potatoes seed, Pip o Plenty opal, and Pink Coral.

  • Deathheart7

    Starshine Pony(7)
    Great Moodha Statue
    Hanging Tesla Coil
    Manta Ray(7)
    Cash Register
    Framed Custom Sign

    Baby Carrots
    Wooden Bridge
    Brown Warg(7)
    Customizable WC Sign
    Framed Custom Sign
    Choo-Choo Zoo Game

    White Mare(7)
    Healthy Opal
    Harvest Helper Opal
    Mote of Wisdom
    Conjuration Game
    Custom GH Sign

    • Wolf FireBreath

      What does harvest helper do? Seems like it might be helpful

      • Deathheart7

        +1% on gardening xp. I placed it on meh fire’s pet and he now gets 101 xp from the MSDragons. I assume I’ll get +100xp when i harvest them in elder making it 1100 per :3
        Not too shabby

        • Wolf FireBreath

          Ooh, I might actually have to do the assignments!

        • Billy Garvey

          Can you confirm this? 1% of 1000 is 10 so id think it would be 1010

          • Deathheart7

            Oh yeah. Math error lol 1010xp. As to confirm, u want me to post a pic of me getting xp? Or a pic of the opal stats?

  • Caleb

    Spell defy opal, dang son

  • also get regents from chest from Daily Assignment too because during test realms when did Daily Assignment from chest I got a mote and a spring that get from 5 box event!

    • Mora Misthead

      Oh yes, I forgot those because I didn’t get any, but people on Twitter mentioned them! Thanks for reminding! 🙂

  • Sierra

    Personally I think they could have done better with the rewards, I did this for 15 days on 12 wizards and got absolute junk, so now I am only doing 1 for the badges.

  • Taylor

    For the mount you can also get a seven day chestnut pony and for housing you can get a firecat statue

  • Amber Ravensong

    I just received a Mote of Transport on Day 10! This is the first one I’ve ever gotten from anything!

  • Calcipher

    I got a blue teleporter, and a Black Spider pet.

  • Adaryn

    I managed to get a mote of transport from the mystery reward once.

  • Michael Hammer

    Daily assignments is telling my level 41 wiz to go to crab alley. That wiz can not go to crab alley yet. Am i missing something?

    • Mora Misthead

      You can’t go to WATERWORKS yet, but you CAN go to Crab Alley. “If you are level 12 or higher, speak to Sohomer Sunblade in
      Triton Avenue for a special assignment called “Trouble Underfoot”.”

  • 19

    Totally unrelated, but does anyone know the best mob to farm for ice boon jewel? I would craft, but my luck is terrible and brass is hard to get. Speaking of that, whats the best way to get brass? I need it to craft death dealer jewel, but my luck is also terrible with that.

    • Sierra

      I do not think there is a best place, jewel drop tables are just seriously bloated, find a mob you can easily defeat, because it is all about quantity.

      On the upside, if you are farming halfang for gold he is know to drop it! Good luck.

      • 19

        Thanks. I decided to farm the svini berserker since i can do a 1 round kill every time, and they only drop 3 different jewels. No luck so far though. I might farm halfang instead since i need some extra gold too.

  • Erica

    I got a witch’s hut 7-day, which is pretty good but I wish there would be an extremely rare chance for a permanent mount or a chance to get a pet. It shows that you can get a pet…

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