Grizzleheim Zeke Training Point Quest: The Yardbirds

Grizzleheim Zeke Training Point Quest:
The Yardbirds

Time for a little throw-back to your noob years, in order to make sure Duelist101 has covered everything a PvPer might need! We noticed we were missing a Grizzleheim Zeke training point quest guide. This guide is meant to fill that gap! So if you need an extra training point to train infection or weakness for PvP, check whether you’ve collected the yardbirds yet!

All of these birds are in fairly easy to reach locations, so this shouldn’t be any problem. You can get this quest from Zeke in Northguard once you start questing in Grizzleheim. The quest is simply called “The Yardbirds”.

Northguard Yardbird (#1)

In Northguard go to the entrance of the wooden castle. Bojron Ironclaws is standing next to the door. You should go behind him and follow the barricade to the very end.

grizzleheim zeke training point yardbirds northguard


Savarstaad Pass Yardbird (#2)

Use the green teleporter to Webwood. Turn around and go right past the Webwood Scuttlers and left of the Deep Woods Imps. Follow the path to just past the empty tree bark with the spiderwebs inside it. It’s right behind it.

grizzleheim zeke training point yardbirds first savaarstad pass


Savarstaad Pass Yardbird (#3)

Firstly you should take the yellow teleporter. The second yardbird  is behind the big tent the boars patrol in front of.

grizzleheim zeke training point yardbirds second savaarstad pass


Vigrid Roughland Yardbird (#4)

Go the the teleporter hub. Don’t use any of the teleporters, just move to the right of them. There are some trees there and a little river. The yardbird is behind one of the trees.

grizzleheim zeke training point yardbirds vigrid roughland 4


Vigrid Roughland Yardbird (#5)

I usually find this one by running around aimlessly until I find Hans. Once you find Hans, it’s just a matter of going all the way up the curving slope behind him to the highest point.

grizzleheim zeke training point yardbirds vigrid roughland 5


Mirkholm Keep Yardbird (#6)

Use the red teleporter and then go straight ahead across the cave. Follow the path on the right of the giant mushrooms and turn left into the first alcove you encouter. That’s where you’ll find your yardbird.

grizzleheim zeke training point yardbirds mirkholm keep


Mirkholm Keep Yardbird (#7)

The second yardbird in Mirkholm keep is hiding in a small cozy alcove with some furniture. I’d say it’s easiest to rach by taking the yellow teleporter. It is a bit of a walk though!

grizzleheim zeke training point mirkholm keep 2 yardbird


Helgrind Warren Yardbird (#8)


To get to Helgrind Warren, go down the slope on the left side of the boat that leads to Wintertusk. Once downstairs, take the sigil on the left. You will need to do one battle in the central room to get the doors to open. The yardbird is in the room with the Storm boss. You don’t need to actually kill the Storm boss, luckily!

grizzleheim zeke training point quest yardbirds helgrin warren


Ravenscar Yardbird (#9)

Go to the yellow teleporter and then take a right turn, while staying on the left side of the cave. Next, take the little slope upwards and move to the right side of the cave area. It’s the area where there are Winterwing Wardens roaming about.

grizzleheim zeke training point yardbirds ravenscar


Tenth Ravenscar Yardbird (#10)

First take the green teleporter. Go past the Coven initiates towards the room where the final battle of Grizzleheim takes place. There is a gate, so if you haven’t done this quest yet, you will need to get a friend to teleport to. Go the left side of the Raven Fortress sigil, next to the pile of snow.

grizzleheim zeke training point ravenscar 10 yardbird


That were all ten of them! I hope you found them easily!

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