Polar Roses Polaris Eloise Quest


Need another training point? Eloise Merryweather is back for Polaris with another one of her quests. Help her find the Polar Roses and she’ll reward you with a training point. Find her next to Zeke in Walruskberg and pick up the quest “Plotting out Polar Roses“.

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Eloise Location and Quest Tracker



Walruskberg Harbor Polar Rose

Find this rose by the marooned ship on the ice, in the bottom right corner of the map.



Walruskberg Polar Rose

This Polar Rose is located to the right of the Inn.



Forlorn Tayg Polar Rose

Find this one by the tree to the far left of Baba Yaga’s House.



River of Frozen Tears Polar Rose

To the right, as soon as you enter the map. Up a small hill.



Urville Station Polar Rose

Find this Polar Rose by the topmost tree on the map, on the left.



Frigid Maw Polar Rose

Located to the right of the tracks, in the upper left tunnel.



Kataba Iceblock Polar Rose

This Polar Rose is located by the wall of runes, to the right of the Titan.



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  • BoilingHotCoffee

    Looks like Duelist is finally back again!!!

    • Matthew Hawktalon

      It’s only because the new world just came out. Only time will tell if this will continue.

    • Rik

      I suppose a website regarding Wizards should not write rubbish when there are no intersting news about Wizards.
      So possibly is not a bad thing to write a very small number of articles between the periodical updates.
      Just my opinion..

      • Wolf FireBreath

        Don’t call what they write rubbish. Lets see you write something half as helpful. This may just be your opinion, but it’s a pretty sucky one.

        • I don’t think they were calling our articles rubbish. Just saying that it’s Ok not to post if you have nothing to post about. No worries. 🙂

          • Rik

            Exactly what I meant. Sorry if somebody feels that it was not clearly stated.

  • Brand Ghostspear

    Thanks for the locations of the polar roses, now to spend more training points. 😛

  • Windthorn Ruckus

    Sort of unrelated, but what robe is that? I’ve been looking for the name for quite some time now.

    • The Power

      There are multiple robes that look like this. I got a Death one that dropped from the Cliffs.

  • We have to go through entire Kataba dungeon to get last one?

  • Add a tip for Kataba, because if you’re like me, you’ll go through the entire dungeon fight, forgetting you can go to Golem Garden. So add tip for Kataba: Take Golem Garden globe teleporter.

  • Jodi Keeling

    Should mention in the Forlorn ice cream that it’s in the statue garden, not actually “in” her house.