Khrysalis Obelisk Orbs Guide


Khrysalis Obelisk Orb Guide

Shadows of History Quest


When you first start Khrysalis Part 2, Zaltanna will have a quest entitled “Shadows of History” for you. This is a MAJOR plot development quest, despite being a side quest. You will most definitely want to pick this one up, as at the end it does give you a training point. Zaltanna will ask you to collect 6 different Obelisk Orbs, scattered all across the different parts of Khrysalis.

Crescent Beach Obelisk Orb


The Crescent Beach Obelisk Orb is located within Desert Hopper Cave, Steig Quicksand’s boss chamber. You can NOT get around him, so you will have to fight him in order to get the Obelisk Orb. You may want to get this one as you are questing throughout the main quest, as he is a main quest boss.


Ruined Alcazar Obelisk Orb


No fighting for this one! The Ruined Alcazar Obelisk Orb is located is located toward the back of the Alcazar. (Back meaning past the Radiance Reborn teleporter).


Radiance Reborn Obelisk Orb


The Radiance Reborn Obelisk Orb is located directly halfway between the Crab and Hart rooms.


Troika Palace Obelisk Orb



The Troika Palace Obelisk Orb is in Sardonyx within Troika Palace, on the right most sigil entitled Patron Gate. When you enter, you will see the Obelisk Orb on your right. Carefully avoid the mobs by hugging the wall down and to your right, then up the stairs ahead.


The Chamber of Solar Justice Obelisk Orb

(Solar Arc, Kondha Desert)


The Chamber of Solar Justice Obelisk Orb is located in the Solar Arc in the Kondha Desert.  Find the Solar Arc near the center of the map at Emperor of Mooshu. When you enter, the sigil is at the opposite side of the Arc. The orb is in the Chamber of Solar Justice to the left of Karma’s Sting.


Shadow Palace Obelisk Orb


The Shadow Palace Obelisk Orb is located in the Spirit Plane instance to the left of Moros, for the Tree Root fight. This orb will be located behind the roots, in the back left of the room.


Shades of Shadow

Once you get all orbs, you will turn it in to Zaltanna. She hands you a new quest entitled Shades of Shadow to go to Ezekiel the Lucent  in Sardonyx.

Ezekiel will tell you to go into the Sardis Chamber to restore all the Obelisks with the Orbs. The Obelisks will tell you a story of Old Cob’s background, his relationship to Grandmother Raven and Bartelby (they refer to him as Grandfather Spider), and how he plans to do disastrous things to the spiral. Old Cob is quite the spooker. Below we have the Grand Prophecy!

raven-and-siderGrand Prophecy

Sky and Land are danced as one, round the tree of magic’s shade, a thousand years, a thousand more, memories of love and fury fade.  Raven and Spider played across Sky, and battled throughout the Land. Spider fell into the deepest hole, locked away by Raven’s hand. Spider roared and thrashed against the heavens, and finally fell into a sleep. His dreams made twisting Shadow things, sowing chaos to one day reap. The Candle flickers across the Night. A Child sailing the Shadow Sea. The Spiral bends, and twists, and whirls, bringing the Chosen back to me. The Mirror will break…the Horn will call. From the Shadows I strike, and the skies…will fall! The Shadow Web hums and stretches beyond the stars, touching all the Spiral with Spider’s welcoming arms.

-Prophecy read by Old Cob

You turn the quest back into Ezekiel, and get a training point, and much knowledge!!


See the entire Shadows of History quest and each of the locations.


What are your opinions on Old Cob? What do you think his story will be like? Let us know in the comment section below.


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  • Scot hexeyes

    😀 cool, training point

  • ~Justin LightShade~

    Notice how there is a Shadow spell sign on Old Cob, and wind-like ones on Grandmother Raven.

    (Theory forming.)

    • True Fire

      You might be on to something…
      Wind magic confirmed?

      • Sorcerer OwlHeart

        I was thinking something else. There is shadow magic, so to balance it, there should be light magic as well. Seems fitting, don’t you think?

        • True Fire

          But what would Light magic be? I imagine it would be the opposite of shadow magic.

          • Blaze MeOut

            I think light magic is the magic we normally use like fire, ice, and storm

  • True Fire

    It’s always the story about wizard101 that interests me. While the combat can be fun at times, I just want to unravel mysteries like these. Thanks for the article Seffus!

  • ChoGath

    Typo in the article – “… as at the end if does …” –> Should be ” … as at the end IT DOES …”
    — Has the TP Calculator been updated for this?

    • Thanks Cho, changed ‘if’ to ‘it’. You could have answered your question by going to the tp calc 😛 No it hasn’t yet, but it is on the list to be done. Thanks for checking 🙂

      • ChoGath

        YW. The Duelist TP calculator is excellent.

  • Alejandro

    Hey i also play Lol

  • Alejandro

    Respect xD

  • anyone else notice that when the first orbs picture moves away from
    bartleby, to a sculptured ridge of a mountain, that the sculptured ridge
    looks like the face of a man?
    Go to swordroll blog, look at the
    moving pictures of the story, when the first orbs picture moves to the
    rock, quickly click on the picture, hold your click, and slide the image
    to the side, but do not let go, examine the picture….

    • Nick H. Urquijo

      There is also a pitcher of a woman in the sky at the beginning in the top left. 🙂

    • Or watch it in the actual quest in the video above starting at 4:55

    • Logan DragonBreeze

      It looks like malistares face, eith the big nose and the eyes.

  • It gives a TP but they don’t even have the quest properly marked? If only I knew once I started KR2

    • Seth

      The quest you get after collecting the orbs gives the TP, not the first quest. It’s a bit.. deceiving. lol

  • Nick H. Urquijo

    Morganthe had the Idea of the Shadow Web entirely wrong. She wanted to destroy the Spiral, and replace it with the Shadow Web. But that’s not the original idea of the Shadow Web that Spider (Old Cob) wanted. The Shadow Web was meant to be an part of the Spiral.

    As for something about Old Cob, I’m 99.9% sure he’s Grandfather Spider. Because of the Wizard (us), he is out of his sleep, and out of the deepest hole that Grandmother Raven locked away. Because Bartleby and Grandmother Raven don’t seem to help us that much, I think Grandfather Spider might try to turn us on his side, and help him complete the Shadow Web. We might be the 3rd Arc Villain…

    • Nick H. Urquijo

      Something I forgot to mention is that Old Cob has the face design of the Shadow Seraph on his robes. Now I’m 100% sure Old Cob is Grandfather Spider.

    • True Fire

      He’s old. But is he that old? Is he that powerful? Will our wizard truly be tempted to take the path of evil? We are children of shadow as well as light…

    • Jason

      Oh yes! I love the idea of playing the villain XD!

    • Gimikk

      It’s probably not a coincidence that Old Cob narrates the prophecy either.

      Honestly, I don’t know how much explicit about Old Cob being Grandfather Spider, and him being the next arc’s villain. Or at least at first…

    • Adaryn

      You will take note of the fact that all of the prophecy pieces have come about except that last line. I think that last line is a clue as to what might happen to the Spiral…..

    • dying wizard101 interest

      I just wanna do the arc about preventing the awakening of the storm titan, sry but celestia doesn’t count since it only made a reference to the storm titan.

  • Blaze MeOut

    I feel like raven was light magic … fire, water, etch … will spider was shadow magic … they fought for which magic to become dominant in the spiral … then Bartleby created children ofl light magic … the fire, ice, and storm titans to break the spiral into chaos

  • Brand Ghostspear

    Hmm, i have heard of the story of old cob and grandmother raven. And I knew old cob is up to something no good. If old cobb is part of the shadow, then grandmother is part of the light. So if there is light magic in the next story arc, would it be like shadow magic, but with no backlash? lol

  • Ice for life

    You can get around Stieg but you have to keep to the left hand side

  • swaggy tyler 360

    i hope it will come soon this are the kinda things that bring people back to the game but as soon as it gets unfair like for example all of the bundles and things cost money and you need to be in america to get them but why can’t we south africans and asians get them we need those bundles to be sold in our country

  • Ted Jo

    For the crescent orb all you have to do is join the battle, flee then come back and then you can get around without fighting.