Stat-Boosting Mounts

Stat-Boosting Mounts

Every little boost to your stats can make a difference. As such, stat-boosting mounts are a pretty neat addition to the game. Yes, we know you can’t equip a mount in the Arena. However, you can equip it in Unicorn Way and the stat-boost will still count in the Arena.


Stat-Boosting Mounts from the Crowns Shop

Mammoth Mini

This mounts gives you a 2% outgoing healing boost. You can buy this mount from the Crowns Shop for 9000 crowns. You can also farm for this mount! It’s dropped by Warlord Minak in the Jeweled Slopes in Polaris.



Stat-Boosting Mounts from Bundles

Vulpine Avenger

This mount adds 2% pierce to your stats. It’s one of the things you get when buying the Avalon Outlaw’s Bundle. It costs 39 dollars from GameStop stores in the United States.


Desert Racer

This mount boosts your power pip chance by 2%. Originally, it was availablefor 39 dollars from GameStop stores in the United States. it’s currently available online for 39 dollars.


Clockwork Courser

This mount adds 2% pierce to your stats. It’s included with the Cuckoo Clock Gauntlet, which costs 39 dollars in Target and Walmart stores in the United States.


Crystal Unicorn

This mount will boost your accuracy by 2%. You get it from the Jewel Crafter’s Bundle, which was originally available for 29 dollars from GameStop stores in the United States. Currently it is available online at the Wizard101 website for 29 dollars.


Battle Narwhal

This mount adds 2% universal damage to your stats. It was originally available for 39 dollars from GameStop stores in the United States. It was also available for a time online for 39 dollars, but it’s not currently sold there. You can also acquire this mount by fishing for it in the Polarian Shipwreck house.

Stat-Boosting Mounts from Packs

Waddling Witch Hut

This mount comes with an added 2% power pip chance. It’s a possible drop from the Witch’s Hoard Pack, and as such can turn out to be quite expensive if your gambling luck is bad. This pack costs 399 crowns.


Balance Ghulture

This mount adds 2% universal damage to your stats. Balance gets the only mount that gives universal damage. It’s a possible reward from the Ghulture’s Hoard Pack, available for 399 crowns.

School Ghultures

These mounts add 3% universal damage to your stats. There is one for each school (except Balance, see up). It’s a possible reward from the Ghulture’s Hoard Pack, available for 399 crowns.

Which one?

So which one should you use? My personal answer is whichever one you own. I can’t be picky. However, Jades might want to pick either the healing or the accuracy mount. The power pip mount could be good for low level quick matches. On storm, pierce is great because everyone carries storm shields these days.


Suggestions for the Future

Here’s Peridot’s wishlist for the future of stat-boosting mounts:

  • Energy and shadow pips, pip conversion, critical, outgoing heal
  • Fishing luck should be added to the fishing boat
  • A mount may cast!
  • May cast 100% speed for 5 minutes, 1 minute cooldown
  • A mount that regenerates health/mana
  • A mount that can cut the energy regeneration time by a few seconds
  • A mount with a jewel slot
  • A mount with a portable bank!
  • A bazaar mount that links you to the bazaar from anywhere!
  • A setting that randomly changes your mount every hour
  • A mount that would give you the power to choose the arena you want to fight in. If both have the mount and choose differently, it’s a 50%
  • A supreme warlord mount, which would let you gain double the amount of tickets in regular matches


What kind of stat mounts
would YOU like to see next?

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  • The Power

    I believe as time passes stats on mounts will get better. Similar to decks, when we were first introduced to decks with stats it was in smaller percentage, decks have come a long way since then. Same with mounts, perhaps level caps will be added to more powerful mounts to prevent low level wizards from getting high stat mounts.

  • Just wait till you get an extra pip from your mount lol.

  • Taylor

    I agree with The Power. I’ve been playing on and off for quite some time now, and still remember how happy I was to get a bloodbat with 5% myth resist on my death. Now my death has a pet with 21 damage, 15 universal resist, and 30 critical, and my life has a pet with 15 universal resist, 15 balance/ice/storm resist, and 30 block. The same thing happened with wands gaining stats, amulets gaining stats, athame/rings gaining stats other than health/mana/pips, and decks gaining extra pips.

    I’m expecting either a square/tear socket or mounts with multiple stat types to come out soon, in small amounts like 3% damage and 2% power pip or something. Similar to how Azteca decks had minor amounts of health (<50) with the best deck offering 1% incoming heal, and then Khrysalis had 1% damage decks, and then we got an extra pip from Darkmoor decks, and now decks have a slot, an extra pip, and about 40 critical/block. I don't expect anything crazy anytime soon, but we're definitely due for some gradual bonuses until mounts become an integral part of creating an optimal setup.

    Personally, I would like a 1% resistance mount, because as far as I know 99% universal resistance is the highest possible currently and I'd love to see that 100% resistance mark reached. Some mounts with stronger positive effects, but an associated negative effect, could also be cool. Things like "+5% power pip, -3% accuracy", "+5% accuracy, -3% power pip", "+5% damage, -3% resist", "+7% life damage, -5% death resist". When there's a drawback to equipping something it makes it a lot more fun deciding whether or not you want to equip it, as opposed to normal power creep where something is just absolutely better.

  • Aaron S.

    Wait so these boosts count in PVP?

    • Mora Misthead