Aethyr Ore and Aethyr Dust: Where to Get it

Aethyr Ore and Aethyr Dust
Where to Get it

If you’re working on crafting the new wands and become a revered crafter, you need heaps of Aethyr Ore! While 25 Aethyr Ore might not sound like a lot before you start with this quest, it is a challenge.

Aethyr Ore is a rare drop from harvesting Aethyr Dust. You can transmute Aethyr Dust into Aethyr Ore with the recipe sold by Loligo in Aeriel Shores. One Aethyr Ore requires 15 Aethyr Dust. That means you will need 375 Aethyr Dust to get the required 25 Aethyr Ore.


Where to collect Aethyr Dust

You can only get Aethyr Dust from Empyrea. The reagent doesn’t spawn anywhere else at the moment. What follows are the locations of the spawning points of Aethyr Dust.

Aethyr Dust Spawning Points in Aeriel Jungle

First, the best location to start would perhaps be Aeriel Jungle. It has 5 spawn points very close to one another in the area where the boss B’rel roams (see map below). These are a little bit too close to one another to do the simple run-around-change-realm-run-around routine. Unfortunately, you will have to wait another 20 seconds after you’ve checked these spawn points.

Of course, you could roam a little further and pick up other reagents as well. This area also provides you with Agave Leaves and Red Mandrake. In addition, you can also get wooden and silver chests here. The silver chests are good for collecting Shocked Keys, so you could consider collecting both of these at the same time.

aethyr ore


Aethyr Dust Spawning Points in Aeriel Shores

Aeriel Shores also has five spawning points, which are also in close approximation to one another. Because this area is basically the “Commons” of Empyrea, I found this area often empty of reagents altogether. I think this will be a better farming spot once people are done questing through Empyrea.

In addition to Aethyr Dust, you can also find Stone Blockes, Deep Mushrooms and Comet Tails in this area.


Aethyr Dust Spawning Points in Outer Athanor

Outer Athanor would not be my favorite spot to farm for Aethyr Dust. There are quite a few spawning points, but they’re fairly far away from each other. In addition to Aethyr, you can also find Frost Flowers and Wooden and Silver Chests in this area.


Aethyr Dust Spawning Points in Inner Athanor

In Inner Athanor, there are also seven (!) spawning points for Aethyr Dust. Again, these are fairly far away from one another, so it’s more walking, but Kane FireBlade from the comments says he’s gotten three at most per run through, which is definitely not bad! This area also has Lava Lilies, Stone Blocks and Wooden and Silver Chests for you to pick up.


The last area of Empyrea didn’t seem to have any reagents when I checked. I do admit I didn’t check for very long, because that place kind of creeps me out! It’s fasinating, but also kind of gross.

All in all, I’d recommend either the Jungle or the Shores for Aethyr Ore farming. Good luck getting all 25 of those for your crafting quest!


Have fun collecting reagents!

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  • Kane FireBlade

    sorry but inner athanor is missing 3 more spots

    • Kane FireBlade

      one is that little island looks like 3 bridges are connected but one is broken down, one is bottom right hand corner of the praesidium at the bridge level in the pic, and one to the left side of the sigils by Temple of Light. you are almost guaranteed 1 aethyr dust on average. I’ve gotten 3 at most on one run-through.

      • Mora Misthead

        Awesome, thanks!

  • Justin101

    Thank you so much for this, Molly!!

  • Justin101
    • Mora Misthead

      Thank you! Teamwork! 🙂

  • Wolf FireBreath

    Oh no! I’ve been rolling thru Inner Athanor with no one else in my realm… might have to share now >:|

  • Iridian Willowglen

    Such a great guide! Thanks for all your hard work! 🙂

  • AngelThief

    I love this post! It really did help when I was crafting my Revered wand. 🙂