Spud Farming: a simple way to get Mega Snack plants!


Easy, No-crown Mega Snacks!

When it comes to setting up your PvP wizard, one of the biggest challenges is developing a pet. It’s not enough to have a pet with a decent card; you need their talents to boost specific stats and provide you with greater durability. However, getting all of the talents you need on a single pet is obviously a difficult process.

One solution to this problem: mega snacks. They’re a great way to power through those training sessions and sort through your pet’s talent profile. And one of the most reliable sources for mega snacks is gardening. In this article, we described the best plant for developing a PvP pet. However, Evil Magma Peas tend to be a very rare drop drop from high-level bosses.

They are certainly worth obtaining, but today we’re going to look at an alternate method for finding no-crowns mega snacks for your pet: Couch Potatoes.

Couch Potatoes have 3 big advantages:

1. They drop from low-level street enemies in Grizzleheim.

2. They give Rank 9 mega snacks at elder

3. It is easy to provide their 5 likes.

So where do you go to grab those seeds?



Let’s Get Farming!

Couch Potato seeds drop from Splithoof Barbarians in Grizzlehiem. Specifically, they are located inboar boar boar Savarstaad Pass, at the entrance to the Boar Camp. They are Fire school and have 395 health…it’s very easy to just knock these guys down and collect those seeds.

The drop rate is low, but the fights are very quick. If you’re willing to put in a few days work, you’ll have no problem gaining as many seeds as you need. I’ve been doing some intense farming there, and I’ve won 8 seeds over the last 2 days. That’s not bad for plants that are easy to care for and give such high-level mega snacks.

If you do grow plants, be sure to check out guide for creating an easy, hassle-free garden.



Tater Tips

As mentioned, it’s easy to provide the 5 likes for Couch Potatoes. This will help speed their growth and crank out those megas.

tater farm

1 & 2:  They like Pixies and Garden Gnomes, as you would expect. To develop a permanent pixie for a garden, I just grow a few Tiger Lilies (found in the bazaar): they develop pixies regularly. Then? I let the Tiger Lily die, at which point it’s pixie becomes a permanent feature of the garden

3: Couch Potatoes also like King Parsley plants. Get one, let it die…just like the pixie, it will become a permanent “like”. (Parsley’s are relatively cheap in the Crown Shop, at 750 crowns. But, they are also easy to farm for; click here to see a list of enemies to consider.)

4: Sandwich Stations are liked. This is a craftable housing item that is very easy to make. You can find the recipe vendor in Northguard, Grizzleheim.

5: Those lazy, messy Couch Potatoes are also fond of litter. This is a housing decoration that you can either farm for or purchase at the Bazaar. It’s not always readily available there, but if you keep an eye out, you’ll find one to buy eventually.

It’s worth noting: a large spell ring for plants can take care of at least 12 Couch Potatoes in a single cast. That makes this a great way to go if you’d like to set up a PvP garden, but have struggled to win seeds in higher level areas. The video below shows a little Spud Farming in action, and includes a map of where to find those Splithoof Barbarians.

If you have farming tips or questions, let us know in the comments. Mostly, what I’m curious about: what are those Couch Potatoes watching on their TV?



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  • Joshua nightblade

    Ha..when I get to grizzleheim splithoof barbarians are in trouble…ty for the tip.

  • Cody DragonRider

    Your guide is good, but generally, the seed itself is a WAY-RARE drop. It mean out of hundred fight, you can get only one. I been trying to farm for it for weeks now, I got only 3 seeds

    • what i found is that it’s very streaky. i ended up getting 12 seeds in 3 days this week, but the first day i only got one, after a lot of farming. then, the second day, i won a bunch of them. then i won very few on the last day. so it seems to run in streaks, at least it did for me. i also found that it helped enormously to farm with others. when i farmed solo, against 2 enemies, the drop rate was terrible. for a long stretch i farmed with 2 others, got 4 enemies, and it really made a big difference. anyway, good luck, hope you get the amount of seeds you’re looking for.

    • penrosecat1

      Well, it IS pretty streaky. One day i got 9, in 3 more days i got none. So i guess its going to depend on luck.

  • hunter

    i know another plant that drops mega snack its the deadly elephant ears and the coach potatoes hard i never got one

  • MT

    Do any other mobs drop them cause I spent half a day and still nothing

  • go to frostholm and keep doing that dungeon, they have the best drop chances and you can have at least 10 from every hour. the balance mob gave me 2 of them and i wasn’t even farming.

    • I’ll definitely give that a try!

      • your welcome

      • Kerfalla Dioubate

        i found something better try the coven inittiates in ravenscar. do 3 fights switch realm, do 3 fights switch realm and keep doing it. i got my first the 7th battle and my second one the 16th battle.

        • Kerfalla Dioubate

          especially on mondays. since ki resets the amount of crown gear that is gonna be dropped at 12:00-12:30 mondays. so grab the 7 you can in that one hour on monday

  • Kerfalla Dioubate

    ooh the best drop rates are from coven initiates especially on mondays you get 3-7 per hour yesterday i got one from my first 7 battles.

  • Kerfalla Dioubate

    yea i was right the coven initiates have such a great drop i got 2 of them in less than 20 fights. and i just started farming them yesterday

  • JustValiant .

    thanks for the info!

    • Kerfalla Dioubate

      me? or this guide lol

      • JustValiant .

        both I guess XD

  • brian life strider

    Hey duelist I was wondering if you could give me the stats of the rank 9 mega snacks that they give on elder harvest I was also wondering if you could give a guide on prickly bear cactus farms or fickle pickle mega snacks farms thank you

  • kevin

    Coven initiate best drops of couch potatoes, cuz whrn i start farming that that guys i been spending hours an i didnt get it also best drops are on coven initiate and best plants are emps i mean evil magma peas cuz they grow much faster than taters i mean couch potatoes but for people that they can’t buy emps taters are pretty decent for everyone and taters need mpre water sun etc than other plants i mean u need care more that plant than others… btw anyone that have penta pets plz tell me i have many penta pets an quad damage pets i hope these info helps ohh an in case u guys dont trust me ask david dragon flame about me kevin ashflame

  • Robert

    I believe the Coven Initiate are great for farming these. Got 2 seeds in about 25-30 minutes. And its not even the beginning of the week. Definitely worth trying everyone.

  • andyicefire

    thanks so much duelist101 i was gonna use the rank 9 mega snacks to sell and get gold instead of training my pet 😛

  • Lail

    I have killed 87 splithoof barbarians and NOT ONE COUCH POTATO! What are you smoking?

    • That’s not even an hour of farming lol.

  • ChoGath

    Does tiger lily perma-pixie still work? You used to be able to do this with any pixie attracting plant.

  • Alia Roseriver

    I’ve spent about 15 hours this week farming for Couch Potatoes, battling mostly Winterwing Wardens, Splithoof Barbarians, and Troubled Wardens. I didn’t get anything so I went on with my quest, Bustin’ Loose. As part of the quest, I had to battle Ingram Glyphcutter with his minion Winterwing Darktalon and one of them dropped a Couch Potatoes seed.

  • Beeno

    Hello. I just read on the wiki and a blog that at elder, Couch Potatoes drop a couch potato seed (I mean 100% chance). Does this mean that once you have a Couch potato, it will grow, give a mega snack and give you the seed so you can do it all over again? I sure hope so, it explains why people get their pets trained to Mega so fast.

    • alexis hunter

      Yes, that is what it means. It will do that forever unless you plow it.

  • alexis hunter

    Love this guide! Here are a few more details one year later.

    1. the perma-pixie still works, only differently: now if the Tiger Lily dies, the pixie is lost – but not if the Lily only withers. So what you need to do once you get a pixie on a Tiger Lily (or any other pixie plant) is to let the Bees need on it until it withers, then to take care of the need and make the plant young again, rinse and repeat. The Pixie will survive the procedure and will stay on the Tiger Lily forever.

    2. on a large area spell you can actually fit 14 plots (3-4-4-3 scheme), and you can stack three rows of them – as long as you float an item in the middle, usually the garden gnome, the large area spells will take care of every single plant. I am casting the spells sitting right in the middle next to the floating Gnome. I am growing now such a 42-plot Couch Potato garden and it works wonderfully.

    3. the mobs you farm are entirely your choice, I strongly suspect that the drop rates are very similar. I prefer to farm the Troubled Warriors, because they have the lowest health and don’t cast weakness – although they do have ice resist and do cast fire shields, so if you are fire or ice you might prefer some other mobs. With the Troubled Warriors I typically get one seed in 90 minutes (although I have known hours-long dry spells and then two drops in two consecutive fights!). However, I am usually killing them in the first round with a Sandstorm. If you can’t make the first-round-kill, then it will probably take longer. Requirements for the first-round-kill: a. a little damage boost (enough so that the lowest hit of the AOE kills them), b. max or close to max accuracy, c. max or close to max pips, d. a 4-pip AOE, e. natural or amulet mastery for the school of your AOE of choice.

    4. when growing a multi-layered batch of plants, the main energy problem is related to planting them. You should try to have 2 energy for every seed you will plant, plus 3 energy for the pixified Tiger Lily in case you catch it in the withered state of its cycle. For instance, in order to have no problem gardening my 42 CP seeds, I need 87 energy. If needed, make sure that you level up your character or farm for energy gear before you start planting the seeds.

  • Sabrina Spellflame

    You also might mention the Red Barn Farm as a like 🙂

  • Sabrina Spellflame

    After about 3 1/2 hours of farming on a Thursday I got 3 Taters 🙂

    • Congrats! I keep hearing people are having decent success farming those birds that are walking around in Ravenscar, outside the Coven.

      • Sabrina Spellflame

        I’m staying away from them until I get some more damage. I can’t OHKO them with 75 damage on a Colossal Meteor, which is my goal 😛

      • Sabrina Spellflame

        Hmm, after an hour of farming, no luck.

  • Sabrina Spellflame

    Um, Litter hasn’t dropped in an hour for me…. I’m farming the O’leary Burglars btw.

  • ProfJstn

    After about 6 hours I got 20 spuds
    going for full 42 spud garden

  • Sabrina Spellflame

    Has anyone got litter? I haven’t seen any in the Bazaar, and my farming hasn’t worked yet.. ;-;

  • SpeedySlayz HD

    Troubled warriors are actually proven to be the best mob to farm couch potatoes if you want more proof I got 10 in an hour last night