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It is the little green globe that first appeared with the Advanced Pet update. Then Gardening added another element to the game and we had to learn to better manage our Energy consumption.  Anyone who has trained a Mega pet or grown a massive garden has dealt with issues maintaining Energy. There is only so much.

Now, brace yourself, Energy is used for Magical Fishing too.  What?! Yes, that is correct, another Energy draining aspect to the game. We have a comprehensive Magical Fishing Guide when you are ready to learn more about fishing.

energyglobeEnough to Go Around?

Good question! Is there enough Energy to handle everything in the current game? It depends on what ‘enough’ is for you. It is enough for someone to maintain a large 69 plot garden? Barely. Is it enough for someone training a ‘perfect’ pet for PvP to Mega? At ten Energy a Pet Game, that little green globe empties quickly.

I want to be clear, the purpose of this post is not to bash Wizard101. I want to discuss ways to manage Energy or build Energy within the limits we have been given.

Our Health regenerates automaticly by entering a commons area or a home. It can also fill up with Wisps and Potions. Mana is gained by Wisps and Potions as well. Potions are purchased in Wizard City or filled in mini-games like Potion Motion. We do not have anything in game that will allow us to purchase or win Energy in a mini game. 

energy-timerCurrently, we acquire one Energy every ten minutes until our globe is full.  For current Subscribers, that time is decreased a bit, around 7:32.

In Live Realm, we currently have a base of 90 Energy at Level 100.  In Test Realm, we have a base of 100 Energy at Level 100 and earn it at the same rate as Live Realm.  I checked a few Wizards in test realm: a level 39 has 69 Energy, a level 63 has 81 Energy, and a level 98 that has 99 Energy.

How Do We Get More Energy?

The easiest and cheapest way is to wait it out.  Walk away from all Energy draining activities. Those with trouble delaying gratification might need to occupy their time in an activity. It would be a great time to go PvP in the arena! If you are willing to do some work, farming or buying gear, Sophia wrote an Energy Gear Guide to help you get started.

Read on and I will explain how you can get up to 82 additional Energy to your globe’s maximum.

wyverns-card-packThe Greenwarden’s Energetic Set that is in the Wyrven’s Hoard Pack has the best Energy boosting gear in the game. It drops in the Spiral Cup Gauntlet; however, level 100 wizards are receiving level 90 gear. (We expect this is a bug and will be corrected soon.) For anyone wanting level 90 gear or below, this is the place to farm. Other issues with the Spiral Cup Gauntlet begin with the fact that not everyone has one or a friend with one.  I did hold a couple events through my YouTube Channel and Twitter to get wizards to Lucas’ house; however, events like that do not reach everyone. (We will try to hold more of those.) Finding one through the housing tours is not an option at this time since you are required to be a ‘Friend’ of the gauntlet owner in order to enter.

On a whim, we bought around 35,000 Crowns worth of Wyvern’s Hoard packs in Test Realm. We could only get the boots to drop.  If you plan to get this gear by this method, buy a bunch of Crowns and cross your fingers.  The Wyrven’s Hoard Pack has many items and several sets of gear. (Clear out your backpack too.)

Take a look at the Level 100 Greenwarden's Energetic Set with an additional 69 Energy

Greenwarden’s Energetic Hat

+21 Energy


greenwardens-hat-look-female  greenwardens-hat-look-male

Greenwarden’s Energetic Coat

+26 Energy



Greenwarden’s Energetic Boots

+22 Energy



The Pixie Encanted Energy Set from the Hydra Hoard Packs is the next highest in the game and seems to drop a bit better in packs. I was able to get two pieces of gear within about 7,000 Crowns.  The hat and boots at Level 100 add 34 to my maximum Energy. Combine that with a Tasty Tunic (+10) and I have it up to 44!   It is all random, you may have better or worse luck.

dragon-steam-lookNigel-HiggenbottomAthames, Rings and Amulets are sold for arena tickets at Sir Nigel Higgenbottom in the Pet Pavilion.  He is the Marleybonian frog standing by the tree.  With the best of his gear, you can add another 12 to your Energy build.  You are required to have a Knight Pet Derby Rank to obtain the gear. Ingulf the Grower in Vestrilund, Wintertusk has a couple of rings with 4 energy too. These are crafted by Grandmaster Artisans at the Grizzleheim Crafting Station.

Take a look at the gear at Sir Nigel Higgenbottom's best in the Pet Pavilion for an additional 12 Energy and the alternative from Ingulf the Grower's +4 energy ring recipes.

Sir Nigel Higgenbottom in the Pet Pavilion

Wolf’s Spike of Vitality

+4 Energy


Cost: 300 Arena Tickets

Amulet of Dragon Steam

+4 Energy


Cost: 300 Arena Tickets

Ring / Vehement Lion

+4 Energy


Cost: 300 Arena Tickets

Ingulf the Grower in Vestrilund, Wintertusk

WT Ring of Courage



  • 4 Ghost Fire
  • 8 Pristine Viles
  • 9 Golden Pearls
  • 15 Kelp
  • 11 Springs




WT Ring of Valor



  • 4 Ghost Fire
  • 8 Pristine Vials
  • 18 Frost Flowers
  • 18 Diamonds
  • 15 Ancient Scrolls


William in the comments brought up the level 76 No Auction Rings from Avalon.  These are also listed in Sophia’s Gear Guide. I will add them here as well since they do have +5 Energy as opposed to the above from Sir Higgenbottom and Ingulf the Growler. With the Avalon 76 Rings,  the maximum Energy attainability reaches +182 Energy! Woo! I happened to have all but one of the rings in my banks. Luckily, Roslyn Rosehart had the one I was missing. Thanks for your help William and Ros! Click to see the Rings.

Take a look at the +5 Energy Ring Drops from Avalon

Avalon No Auction Rings +5 Energy

Brisk Circle of Nodor


Nameless Ring


Sir Malory’s Seal


Toasty Band of Fire Elves


Sir Corwin’s Ring


Lady of the Lake Signet


Deep Water Rising Ring



The most expensive way, albeit the fastest way, is to buy an Energy Elixir in the Crowns Shop for 250c. You don’t even have to go to the Crowns Shop most of the time.  You can purchase it through the refill button in the game.  If you purchased 60,000 crowns for $60, the 250c equates to $.25 or a Quarter. Of course, if you are currently out of crowns, the cheapest you can buy them is for $5.  Crown purchases are not always in the realm of possibility for me, maybe for you too.


freekigamesAnother option is to play Free KI Games for Crowns. Recently, KI Free games introduced Trivia which, when answered correctly,  offers Crowns. There is a limit, 100 Crowns a day.  I hear some of the questions are really tough too. There is a better way. Read on.

Duelist Community member Kyle NightStrider made an excellent video guide explaining exactly how to get Energy Elixirs from Grub Guardian.  This is an excellent and very efficient way to get Energy Elixirs.  Follow Kyle’s instructions and you’ll be very pleased.

Kyle Nightstrider’s Grub Guardian Energy Elixir Guide

Using Kyle’s guide, I have earned many Energy Elixirs. This method works.  I did have to spend 1,547 crowns to buy the Wisteria Maps and the towers for Avalon and Star. I have already earned more that that in Elixirs. 

Wish List

I know we could wish for Energy to be unlimited or for Energy Elixirs to fall from the sky. I don’t see that happening anytime soon, do you?

I would like to see some way to build Energy in game, whether it be in a mini-game like Potion Motion or refillable by our potion bottles like Mana and Health. I might even be willing to battle Morganthe for one.  I figure I’m there farming for gear anyway, why not gain an elixir too! (That thought gave me visions of Ravenscar Ravens. That used to be our prime farming locale.)

What is your Energy wish? Do you have other ways to build energy? Let everyone know in the comments below.


Happy Training, Gardening and Fishing!


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  • William Blackburn

    An excellent guide :]
    I also know that the Avalon rings (lvl 76+) gives 5 energy.
    Not much of an improvement from the Vehement lion ring, but every drop of energy counts 😉

    • Thanks William!

      • Scot hexeyes

        I think that some crafted athames and rings from wintertusk give energy as well:) the best athame give 2 energy bonus and the best ring give 4 energy bonus

        • The WT rings that are +4 Energy are listed above. The Athames were less than +4 Energy, so I omitted those. That is an option for those who don’t derby. I did link to Sophia Shadowhunter’s Energy Gear Guide that lists gear options too.

          • Scot hexeyes

            when I posted my comment the rings weren’t in the guide so…. sorry but you didn’t added the boots

  • Medusa

    I really don’t think fishing should cost energy :(. I like the idea of increasing the base energy, but fishing should be one of those things to keep people in game. To take their mind off of questing etc, like derby or pvp.

    • Either Fishing should have used Mana(Don’t know why Mana 0-0 Don’t harass me about it) or Energy should be attainable in a faster method.

    • It does seem a bit harsh that you lose energy when the fish gets away. 🙁

      • At least you only lose one Energy now. Seems better than three. Even with Energy gear on, I just spent an hour of so fishing, and depleted it. I still haven’t finished the 2nd quest. Maybe adding elixirs to the chests?

  • Merciless Jean Percy

    I end up sending my pet to the shared bank with my mega snakcs, gettingba low level wizard to pick it up and levelling up so my energy goes to max

    • ScarletPhantom

      I do that as well, but you know what the end result is? I absolutely, positively!!! DESPISE wizard city now! I’ve had to do it so many times that I honestly can’t stand the place! Moreover I can never fill my final wizard spot with a real character now because if I do I’m back to square one! And then there is the fact that even in the energy gear I give the noobs at 10 energy a piece at mega the amount of time and energy I have to spend makes it almost not worth it.

  • Apollo

    My energy wish? Unlimited energy! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    I’ll definitely be bookmarking this one. 😉

  • WilliamD

    i agree with that fact that energy is becoming to difficult to manage, with plants and pets it was certainly possible to manage it but not super easy now fishing witch based on my test realm experience EATS up energy fast (is also quite enjoyable and fun though) because of this allot of people arent gonna be able to enjoy this update to the fullest (to be honest i think the only reason they made it consume energy is cause they want you to buy energy elixirs) wish there were a better way to regain energy

  • ProdiousTheGreat

    I don’t usually use all of my 154 energy every day, even on all my plants.

    • purple fury

      and if your smart you can really save up on energy while gardening… you can cast like 3 maximal sized planting area (with the biggest soil thats like 9 soil plots) in 1 spell… now do this with medium or small plots but the same area size… this saves 3 times the energy consumption then you had before, leaving more energy for fishing (if your into that) or pet training (pretty sure everyone is into that lol)

      • ProdiousTheGreat

        that’s what i do

      • Cody Nightblade

        I am constantly running out of energy to train pets. Lol

  • Not Fishing

    I’ll do it the easy way: Don’t fish. FIsh are valuable you say? Fish provide little reward for selling them. Or you can use them to craft teleport tapestries. Those are useful, you say? Most lead to world hubs. GEE!!! I already have something that can teleport me to *ANY* world hub. I call it my spiral door.

    • James Earthwalker

      *Cough* Bazaar Tapestry *Cough*

      • Jared Shadowbreaker

        Honestly, Bazaar tepestry is the only useful one lol

    • MangoBerry69

      fish are valuable actually, and can give you ton of gold. Also, it is usually for getting the new code wands. Gardening and fishing are a great way too make a lot of gold. .. so you sound dumb

  • ScarletPhantom

    I don’t think that the fact fishing costs energy is the real problem here, I think it just compounds an already existing problem. As it was mentioned in the article we start out with a lot of energy (relative to our level) and then the rate of our energy gain drops off sharply. With every added energy expense (pet leveling, gardening, fishing) they give us just enough of an energy boost for it not to make a difference. Is 10 extra energy nice for a level 7? Yes! I can now give my level 12 a full garden without having to divide my energy gear further! But to a level 60? 70? 80? 90? 100? Not so much. Now if it had been something like … 10 extra at 7 and +3 every 10 levels (after all it’s 3 energy per attempted reel in) that might have been okay.

    • ScarletPhantom

      Alternatively … Why not make energy potions a possible tourney prize for top spots? Would generate more interest! Or how about energy elixirs purchasable with tickets? Or how about a plant that drops energy elixirs on rare occasions? I’m not talking like every day but maybe a ‘chance of’ drop at elder

      • Cody Nightblade

        They’d have to make a gift box for your plants, for those elixirs… Really creative idea, since plants are living things that need stuff, and they may give really good items, like elixirs and, possibly packs…
        As for elixirs found from tournaments and PvP, there would probably be more PvP in the Spiral, so Kingsisle would need to lower the drop chance of tournaments and make the elixirs pretty expensive. They should also be put in the same gift box as the plants one, if there will ever be any…

  • Caitlyn Darkshard

    my energy wish? they give fishing its own energy orb to use and keep the pet/plant energy seperate.

    • Cody Nightblade

      That would be great, but then what would be the new essence of fishing? A new set of elixirs just for fishing.
      You do have a very good idea, though. I guess the fishing is for those who want to waste energy when they don’t have pets to train, if there is anyone like that who gave up on pets…

      • purple fury

        perhaps they could make energy needed to take care of plants lifeforce and use energy for pet training (i think if they would seperate energy use of all 3 things would be pretty cool, the orb for fishing could be called ‘bored’ and it will empty over time and when you fish it will refill itself untill its full and then you cant fish anymore cause your too ‘bored’ XD)

  • Scot hexeyes

    But when you level up your energy refills so make a new characher put the pet you want to train on him(and the snacks of course) level up him then train level up then train and that until lvl 5 then move the pet into the shared bank (and the snacks too 😀 ) delete that characher make new one AND THATS HOW TO TRAIN PETS WITHOUT WORRING PRETTY MUCH FOR ENERGY 🙂 just do the circle again and again

    • Cody Nightblade

      Ah I always loved the thought of using rnk 5 snacks on a pet to level up. Somewhat I calculated that to use rnk 5 snacks to level a pet from Baby to Epic, you need 41,800-104,500 gold for the snacks(cost=200) or 209,000-522,500 gold(cost=1000).
      You also would, making a new wizard to level up the character and pet faster, need to level up the new wizard ab. 32 times, considering you don’t have any energy gear and you only train the pet when you level up. This will require about 1,360 energy and 209 rnk 5 snacks.
      To me, this sounds like a pain. Leveling up 32 times to get an energy refill every time and spend all the energy on a pet to level it to epic doesn’t sound as worth as buying many energy potions and energy elixirs. The gear would help a lot with the potions, adding energy to the total.
      Hopefully you will have better snacks, however! (and gear too, perhaps potions)

      • ScarletPhantom

        People who use this method usually have Evil Magma Pea or Couch Potato gardens that supply them with a constantly stream of 8-9 rank snacks with 40-50exp per snack…. I don’t think anyone would suggest this method to people who don’t at least have access to a good supply of 25-30exp snacks…

        • Cody Nightblade

          I did this with rnk 5 snacks, and a pet from Adult to Ancient…

          • ScarletPhantom

            Your attention span far surpasses mine then xD

          • Cody Nightblade

            Attention span? Nah mine is pretty bad, usually lasts a few days…

      • Scot hexeyes

        lul no. making the new wizard101 lvl 5 is pretty easy and I suggest that at lvl 1 you don’t be able to get the pet from the shared bank soooooooooooo 4lvlx40 energy is 160 energy per wiz

        • Cody Nightblade

          I was able to teleport to my dorm after entering Unicorn Way, before turning in the quest…

          • Scot hexeyes

            so it worked?

          • Cody Nightblade

            Yes, a level one can get a hatched pet from shared bank. Just make sure NOT to turn in the quest before you get the pet.
            Ya may just wanna check, I left using my level 2 life wiz after getting the magenta hound to it.

          • Scot hexeyes

            Lol someone else used my training pet idea! thx!

      • Scot hexeyes

        and I think that many players can’t just give crowns for potions

        • Cody Nightblade

          Well in the article, you can also get potions from Grub Guardian, Tanglewood Way…

          • Scot hexeyes

            but the wizard101 uk players don’t have the game grub guardian

          • Cody Nightblade

            I dunno then, no idea to solve the elixir problem then besides purchase…

      • I have mentioned this before and I maintain that I would be willing to max out my gold and use all of it to level a pet instantly. That would relieve more Energy for Fishing. Do it KI! Give us an instant finish button! (hehe) I get the idea of using a low level wizard, but I’d rather play Grub Guardian that do that.

        • Cody Nightblade

          At least you get free energy refills when ya level…
          As for using gold to instant level, I would say 200,000 gold to max out a pet is good, considering many people want gold to purchase gear as well

          • Once you hit 100, that ends. When I quest, I get into a zone. I don’t usually stop to use the energy before I hit the next level because I’m so focused on getting to the next quest.

          • Cody Nightblade

            I guess questing also gets you distracted from your energy, makes time fly as the energy refills…

        • Nicholas Shade

          What about those of who are totally AWFUL at GG?

          • Those need to follow Kyle’s guide. Hit the green button up there. ^^ I played GG today until I hit the maximum using his guide. I received several Elixirs.

          • Nicholas Shade

            Thx, it worked well 🙂

          • Congratz Nicholas! I’m determined to get good at the game. Next thing we know, we’ll have gift screens full of them 😀

          • Cody Nightblade

            Good thing is, you can actually get gold medal without a Life pet. I used a Balance Pet, Ancient, for those who are curious. I also got an Energy Elixir on a silver medal.

          • Nicholas Shade

            Hooray! 😀

          • Cody Nightblade

            There is a guide, actually a few guides for Tanglewood Way. One is listed in the article. The other one, I forget. They both seem to require an Ancient/Epic Life Pet or better. Thing is, you can get an energy elixir at silver medal(this is what happened to me) and it requires an Ancient Life/Balance Pet. I used Balance, was the best one I could use.

  • SophiaShadowhunter

    Great article Heather. My energy wish is, when you get to be an exalted wizard you have the magical abilities to replenish energy immediately upon use 🙂

    • Thanks Sophia. I like your wish 😀

    • Cody Nightblade

      What about lower levels? The exalted magic CAN bend to your will, as in casting spells that use different pips…

  • Cody Nightblade

    Has the test realm also increased the total base for energy by ten?

    • Quoted from above “In Live Realm, we currently have a base of 90 Energy at Level 100. In Test Realm, we have a base of 100 Energy at Level 100 and earn it at the same rate as Live Realm.”

      • Cody Nightblade

        Yes, but does that mean the base energy per level increase by ten? I personally assumed that you start out with 40 at level one, and you get one more every two levels. Now, is it going to be somehow 50 plus one every two levels, or something else besides this?

        • I’m not sure when the extra 10 is added. I posted what a few of my wizards showed. Maybe you can compare that to the current standard energy in game and figure it out from that. I know at 100 there is 100 elixir in test. Keep in mind, they may change it before it goes live.

          • Cody Nightblade

            I have heard there is the possibility that the extra 10 energy is added at level 7, some sort of an energy boost starting at that level, I heard…

  • Cody Nightblade

    Is there any other way to get a guaranteed set of elixirs daily besides using a Life Pet? Ancient Balance works with the 75-90% chance of losing a dish of grub. :d

    • It seems there is still some randomness no matter what you do. Think of it like getting a gear drop from a boss. The only thing is you are limited to 25 a day.

      • Cody Nightblade

        Seems there is a 10% chance of getting an elixir from a map run. Still random x. X

  • Thomas D.

    I got my energy hat and boots + 2 wyvern mounts by opening at about only 12 packs.

  • Oran DeathFriend

    Nice guide. 🙂

  • Sabrina Spellflame

    For anyone that is looking to possibly buy the Energetic gear, it took me about $30 worth of crowns (from the sale 60k) to get a full set. Also, during those packs I received a wyvern mount 🙂

  • Sabrina Spellflame

    What is the best mob/boss to farm Toasty Band of the Fire Elves?

  • M’Lisa Jo Mitchell

    I noticed that you didnt have the Athames listed from Ingolf the grower. Its only 2 more energy but really easy to craft them. I prefer the Garnet bear claw since it also gives the highest hit.

    • You are right, they are easy to craft. Sophia’s guide has all the Energy gear listed. She did a great job. I highlighted the highest stuff here.

  • Shadowmancer

    My wish is to be able to buy the elixirs with gold (Around 3-4k sounds right.)

  • Anthony ShadowShade

    Why not have energy wisps or energy rewards as boss drops (not elixirs but like +10 energy)? Or gold purchased energy? 1 energy = 100 gold?

  • Sabrina Spellflame

    On Kyle’s video, it says it has been patched :/

  • Somebody

    Elixirs should be dropped from bosses like hairstyles

  • tronixton

    I have a specific set of trivia tests. They are really easy, and I can finish all of them in maybe 20 minutes? I managed about 3 pet provisions packs that way.

  • swaggy tyler 360

    not that bad

  • William Blackburn

    Another thing worth mentioning is that there is currently a new pet called the “Dapper Corgi” in the November test realm that gives 8 Energy at baby! With the exception of wands wizards can gain an energy boost from EVERY piece of gear 🙂

    • Well obviously not mounts but decks? Which deck gives energy? And we all know that that one guy in the Pet Pavillion sells energy ring, athame, and amulet. There’s multiple different energy robes, boots, and hats, and now the pet comes along. Which deck gives energy?

      • Duncan DarkBlade

        I think you misread what William said, “With the exception of wands and decks” that means there are no wands OR decks in the game currently that give energy.

        • Oh oops didn’t see the deck part *Sheepish grin* Thanks for clearing that up 😛

  • Tabitha

    There is wands now dropped by Aphrodite the skeleton key boss in Graveyard that give added energy

  • Jordan Nightblood

    the dapper corgi gives energy and the new aphrodite gear also gives energy

  • Blake Night Smith

    Right now one of my many Wiz is a (100) life he maintains ATM a 150 energy take and I have a way to make it go up even more my question is, is there a limit to how much energy you can have?

  • Mike

    Sophia gear guide is no longer available and this energy guide is seriously outdate.. I’m sure I’m not finished but I currently have 201 Energy as of today.. wheres the updates guys?

  • mohiemen abusharar

    what about pet jewel that gives 20 plus energy?? 😀

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