Top Ten Pet Talents for PvP (Wizard101)


The Best Pet Talents for PvP

There’s no doubt about it: pets have an undeniable impact on PvP. A pet on a healing frenzy can alter the tempo, or an added may cast pet blade can influence the outcome of a match. Whether we love them or hate them, it’s a fact that our comrades in battle play an important role in PvP, sometimes contributing more significant stats than any other single piece of gear.

Which pet talents are most important to you in PvP will depend on your level, your playstyle, and your school strengths and deficits. Which are your Top Pet Talents for Wizard101 PvP? Do you have a favorite talent for PvP that we haven’t listed here? Let us know in the comments!


Top Ten Talents

for your “Über Pet”

by: azoresgirl


1. Spell Proof

Universal Resist. You want it. The end. At a maximum of 10% resist, Proof takes some of the sting out of any and every attack, making this an easy choice for our top spot. For many players, “Proof” is considered a must-have on their PvP pet. 

Spell Proof

2. Fairy Friend

Healing a whopping  +450 per cast, Fairy Friend activates when damage is taken by either team. Add in a player’s healing boost, and you end up with a potential game-changer every time it casts, especially since this is one of the most active healing talents in the game. Pixie


3. The “Dealers”

The Level 78 Pets introduced new damage talents that can increase school-specific damage up to 9%: Balance Dealer, Storm Dealer, Death Dealer, and so on. Imagine having a 9% blade on your wizard for each and every attack. If you cultivate damage pets for an offensive playstyle, your school’s Dealer talent is a great option.

Death Dealer

4. Incredibly Infallible

With the Jade Empire rising and resists going higher and higher, many players are boosting Pierce stats to cut through all of those defenses out there. With this talent, your pet’s “May Cast Infallible” provides an aura that increases accuracy and pierce for 5 rounds. The May Cast Auras are active too, activating from just about any move you make, including passing and reshuffling. 

Incredibly Infallible 

5. Spritely

“May Cast Sprite” is a classic pet talent available on many first-generation pets. The pet Sprite heals for 50+300 over 3 rounds and is useful for breaking infections. It activates whenever you or your opponents’ team take damage, making this one of the best may cast heals in the game besides Fairy Friend. Sprite

6. Spell Defy

Spell Proof’s little brother, Defy, adds 5% universal Resist to your stats and is another talent considered by many to be a “must-have”. In an increasingly resist-obsesssed world, Defy is a small, but useful, brick in the fortress.


Spell Defying


7. May Cast “Blades”

Pets that give a school-specific blade such as FireBlade, MythBlade, etc. can boost their owner’s offense without wasting a turn. These may casts are perfect for players who like to go on offensive combos so they can deal extra damage and close out a match.

may cast fireblade

8. Pain Giver

As some players dig into resist-based strategies, others look for talents that help power through those walls of armor. Pain-giver, especially if developed in combination with other aggressive talents, is a popular choice for those seeking an aggressive set-up.

Pain Giver


9. Unicorn

A solid one-shot heal, and a potential game-changer in team matches, Unicorn is another talent players love to toss onto the may-cast pile, along with Sprite and Fairy. This one is also favored by those who like to keep minions out, since the team heal can create real headaches for the opponent. Unicorn

10. Critical Striker

 As mentioned, with so much resist-gear available in arena, turtle-based strategies have been on the rise. That’s why others are doing everything they can to piece together hyper-aggressive pet talents. Critical Striker adds a decent bit of critical to your numbers, up to +30 critical at max stats, making this a great choice for those looking to bring down the Jade Empire.


critical striker 


Do you have a favorite Pet Talent for PvP? Tell us about it in the Comments!


Happy Dueling!



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  • Scot Skymender

    This list is pretty good. May cast tower shield is also a pretty good talent along with may cast fortify to help “cancel out” infallible.

    • May Cast Fortify is pretty great too, but it’s not really worth it to have a pet with two may cast auras. If I had to choose, I would go for Infallible (although I’m thinking to work on a Fortify pet for my Promethean Storm).

  • my dream pet is a rain beetle with proof,defy,infallible,unicorn,and fairy. its gonna be a long road to get this pet.

    • ivanna

      Good luck with that. I hate pet training. It’s so mindless and frustrating. My dream pet is a pet that has a spell that knocks out all my opponent’s pets for the duration of the match, and I’m the only one that has it. Muhaha.

      • BUBBA

        nice joke made my day( if it was a joke)

  • Cody DragonRider

    Yep, those are all good talent that I’m looking for, I specially love critical striker 😀 I got almost 400 critical rating (about 70% critical) + amulet vengeance 30%= critical every round, I also found out that only people with over 215 critical block have a chance of blocking my attack 😛

    • That sounds beastly!

    • Brian the epic spammer

      I got 600 critical and im death I spam banshees

  • I 99% agree with this article. Evil Eye or May cast DOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM is missing 😛

    I love the layout! The rising Jade Empire will be struck down by the Doom, muhahahahaha. I have Guardian Wall on several pets. It is a hard one to get off of them; however, it has come in handy many times. I have an imp on Myth that has two MC blades. It can be super annoying to my opponent. I agree that the above talents out rank everything else, but the doom.

    Thanks Azoresgirl!

    • LOL! I originally had an “Honorable Mentions” section with Evil Eye. I really should finish that pet project and test it out! Currently I am testing out a Cloud o Bugs pets on my Balance. It’s much fun.

      • I’m working on it now. Exhausted my crowns trying to make it go faster. I’m determined to get one! This is like when I was determined to get a good Brown Spider on Life. 40 some odd hatches, but finally got one.

        • Oh, well, I started on it and have some rain beetles with Evil Eye & Proof, if you want to hatch.

    • Anthony FireSword

      Heather, tintsy little one problem with the talents you think are missing from this list: Evil Eye or May Cast Doom…
      evil eye IS the ‘may cast doom’ talent name lol

      • Anthony FireSword

        oops, little typo above:
        meant to put ‘one tintsy little problem’, not ‘tintsy little one problem’ lol

        • Thanks for trying to keep me on my toes 😀

          In this case, I know it is the talent name. Many other peeps do not, that is why I listed both. I wrote about it when it first came out.

          • Anthony FireSword

            Np for the little correction. Sorry for seeming like a corrects-everything little know-it-all, though evil eye’s effect might have slipped your mind there 😛

          • Anthony FireSword

            forgot to add this in the last comment (why do i ALWAYS do this :P), also thought you were using or like ‘or’ not or like ‘as in’, sorry 😛

          • Austin

            i dont think doom is a good card for a pet. imagine you are struggling for life and your pet cast doom i think you just got owned. but it also can have the good side too. what i think is its not a friendly talent to have

  • guest

    if you are going for something like nicks world burner build a may cast vengeance would be good also i have some pets with may cast tower shields and that has turned out to be very helpful: Imagine your opponent is about to attack they are fully bladed and ready to attack when your pet casts tower shield and your enemy’s attack is cut in half

  • Anthony FireSword

    The mat cast infallible is an awesome pet talent to have (especially on a fire or storm, who have more that just jade to worry about, as we all know). However, the aura could be a game changer (i often se a guy who has 2 ‘may cast auras’, infallible and vengeance, they both cast the same turn in the same patter: infallible, then IMMEDIATELY vengeance every time :P), but they could also be a game breaker *cough**cough*1v1abalancewiz*cough**cough* lol. That fact alone keeps it out of my move pool, as odd as that is to hear.

    • Leesha

      i think you should consult a doctor that cough looks bad

  • This Gorman The Duelist I just Made level 60
    I pets i got is ok I have 3 pets i use My one eye pet the the have to cards

    or my ember tiger my tiger in my pvp pic for pvp she cast 20% rods plus %4 power on all And i call it Cookie Power

  • FaclonerET

    I like to use sharp-shot on my 48 storm wizard for an obvious reason. I used to fizzle a ton without Zeus, now I only fizzle twice per match tops, and that is in hour long matches.
    PS: Thank you so much for hatching with me last summer, Des. Helped me out so much. Especially with the SSUD pet (SSPUD without proof, Zeus went selfish at mega on me.) on my first hatch lol.

  • mmailliw

    One thing I should point out: Critical Strike is a great talent up to about Level 60 but gets worse the higher level you get ironically enough.

    Dead Sparrow’s pet Hunter had that talent which gave a 6% boost of Critical chance (actually 5.56 rounded up) at Magus… but that same pet barely gives a 1.5% boost of Critical at Level 90!

  • ryan silver

    I want a pet with spell proof or spell defy any suggestions

    • Hunter

      I got a pet on my fire with max proof and defy, sprite,fairy, and tower shield. i usually hatch for a few emps, or just 1. tell me if you interested

    • Anthony FireSword

      If its a spell proof pet you want, the starfish (which can be bought with gold in the cl base camp) is always a good start as it can manifest both spell proof AND spritely, which often makes this pet a great starting point for anyone new to the world of PvP pets.

  • Mark RoseThief

    I like ” May Cast Steal Ward” because it has a chance to trigger whenever the opponent casts shields. This helps for when my opponent is spamming shields, like “Tower Shield”, because they lose their shields and I gain them, for ) pips! 😀

  • Ok if You like to get life for pet fins I use shields and I use to pet for pvp but the on i LIKE IS My tiger she give me to cards right now and may cast Ace Avenger

  • ok back to my pet her name is Princess Cookie she is at this time a Emberston Tiger she is Ancient Her Talents: right now is Ace Avenger Grand Phoenix Canny she is a fire pet and I am think of making her for my Fire wizard

  • dsfasdfas

    healing current

  • Ethan DeathBlade

    Were would be the best place to find a pet? I am only level 20. But I do know i get my wraith pet at lvl 48 and that is really far away.

    • They’re dropped by bosses, quest rewards, or crown/bundle/hoard items. You should be able to get your first one by visiting Merle Ambrose and doing the quests to open the Pet Pavilion.

  • Jacob DeathHammer-Level 89ice

    I need some help figuring out what makes your pet learn stuff because i got my epic emberstone tiger (stella) with may cast fairy may cast sprite tower shield card immolate card and 8% ice attack what makes my pet learn unicron? what makes it learn proof and defy? if anyone knows please reply.

    • Pet Guru

      Pet Talents are pre-determined. No amount of snacks or stat bonuses will make your pet learn any specific talent you want it to, it’s all based on the adult parents talents and a good amount of luck. There are some great articles on that here at Duelist101, so I would suggest checking them out 🙂

      • Duncan frost

        it does depending on what stat you train will determine what skill your pet learns from list of predetermined talents

  • Les

    “I FOUND IT!”

    • Sorry, none of the 10 Lost Pets are on this page. Check those images again!

  • CheezeLuver2656

    😀 I am planning my perfect pet and THIS- this… thing- helped me find some good pet abilities.

  • Koi the fish

    I have a Fog unicorn and a shardtail dragon I got them from KI free games are they rare or give good talents?

    • The Fog Unicorn has Spritely. If you are looking for a good “starter pet” that doesn’t cost crowns, there is a vendor in Celestia that sells the Starfish pet for 10,000 gold. It has spritely and spell proof in its trait pool.

  • jacob

    I got a new rain beetle today, may cast healing current may cast fairy spell proof spell defy and ice dealer healing current heals more than satyr and bypasses life dispels

  • fotis

    till now i havent achieved to make my pet get incredibly infallible but i have taken all the other talents in 3 different pets

  • sdfufjaskfjaslf

    one of the bests for me is may cast entangle

  • Daniel IceHammer

    May cast fortify seems to be a very helpful talent because it casts so often and it gives -15% damage. Also may cast infection is helpful so that you don’t have to waste a turn (or turns) putting infections on your opponent.

    • The only problem with may cast infection its that the cast rate is REALLY low.

  • Fat Cow

    My perfect noob pet/pvp and stuff would be
    Cloud O’ Bugs
    [Specific School MC Blade] or balance blade for balance
    Guardian Wall

    my perfect high level wiz/perfect pet would be

    MC Fairy
    MC Tower Shield/ or MC Fortify
    MC Specific school blade
    Spell Proof, not defy since its def is so low
    And idk what for this, maybe unicorn or something

  • taylor wildsword

    well for low lvl pvp with low pip chance pip o plenty is good i guess.

  • Random

    Cloud O’ Bugs. Nuff said.

    • purple fury

      where do you get that talent anyway? its not on any of the first gen pets is it?

  • FatCow

    What about May cast fortify, tower shield,spirit shield, elemental shield(if they make one), and fairy

  • Dustin

    I like pet that cast tower shield in pvp because it could be good that the pet could cast the tower shield and you have your own.

  • Jared WinterBreeze

    May cast Tower shield is good also! It increases my defense well

  • Luke

    If Cloud O’ Bugs activated a lot then we would enter the age of buffing your pet.

  • alvin

    I was ready to hatch. I went to the hatchery and was looking for pets when I found a pet. It was a fairy that had fairy friend unicorn healing current spritely and may cast dragon blade it gave spell defy and spell proof and it boosted damage and accuracy for death by 8 it also gave critical and may cast fortify. Seeing this pet I was like O:

    • 11 Talents, that’s some kinda pet.

      • alvin

        Your telling me nick o. o I am not sure if it was true or not and probably should have reported It because he was also walking around by sliding and had 800 critical rating and 200 damage and had no gear Which I find hard to believe, But I was also on the test realm so that may have something to do with it

        • Conor myth spear

          I wish I was him but probably just a ki worker this also happened again

        • Ryan Tucker

          Impossible for that to be real. Not only can KI workers not use their status as an advantage, it is also impossible for those stats, and the limit of talents is 5. Impossible for you to have seen that pet, and person.

          • WilliamD

            no kingsisle people get huge gear benefits when there playing on the test realm

    • Aaron S.


  • Syabatron AJ

    is may cast towershield a good talent?

  • Promethean Diviner

    What about tower shield?!?!?!

  • Glenn


  • James Earthwalker

    Quick question: for the “Dealer” damage talents, how high would your pet’s stats have to be to get it to +9%?

    • Diana

      around 238+ on strength will and power it can be done with alternative stats my fossil for example has 240 strength and will but only 232 power and still attains full damge with quad damages

  • Marcus Dragondust

    Maycast Doom & Gloom can be an advantage for any school if you have a strategy built on surviving with it.

    An ice can have massive health to survive with, often making healing unnecessary.
    A storm could have a strategy involving small hits and quick killing, where doom would prevent the enemy from healing the damage off.
    A fire could rely on large DOT spells, when the enemy cannot heal the damage off (much like storm).
    Balance’s strategy would be similar to that of storm.
    Myth can survive with doom through its stalling spells, preventing the enemy from attacking with full power in the first place.
    Life can play as either a really effective healer, or with a heavy damage setup. Additionally, doom is rarely cast so heals are still (usually) possible.
    Death is the best school to utilize this talent: Drains heal based on the damage dealt, not Inc/Out stats or any other heal buffs. This means a death wizard can still heal for massive amounts under the Doom & Gloom.

    As a death wizard myself, I use my Doom & Gloom pet for every PvP match. Whenever it casts, I win that match.

    FYI The D&G pets cast has a value of -75% to all outgoing healing, as oppose to -65% from the card. 🙂

  • Destiny

    I truly adore the Ghost Dragon. It’s not “selfish”, and provides me with spell-proof, a may cast death blade, and perhaps spritely when I train him a bit more. I am really hoping I’ll get it, as he is already ancient >.<

    • Eric Lifeblade

      GL with that

      • Artur spiritshade

        Why are you saying good luck now it’s probably mega

  • Keviyn

    So ive almost decided what talents im getting for my pet

    6 talents, thanks to jewel update

    Balance Dealer(9% balance damage), from jewel

    Spell proof(10% universal resist)

    Fairy(may cast 480 fairy for almost every move that happens during duel)

    those are musts

    my next talents are probably gonna be; pain giver, and balance giver(6% universal damage, 6% balance damage)i mean what else am i gonna use that is useful, i thought of spell defy but i could live without it, always preferred spell proof and another heal than spell proof defy

    so thats, jewel talent, and 4 talents from pet, so one left for mega

    i have damage, defense, and a good heal

    im not getting any of those 3% damages, rather get a may cast blade or auras

    ive thought of auras and now ive thought no because i could use them myself, stronger ones even, and not have them be removed, plus ive already have them trained. damage is always better, and a heal, and defense, cause they dont ripple you to using one aura, infaliable, punishment, conviction, vegence. all situational

    i might go for spell defy

    critical is a definite no, is not gonna help me much at all, ive found out in small quantities it makes them worth less, a critical pet, really doesnt do to much help

    i might get a may cast blade, but havent even checked its cast rates yet, ive heard balance blade has a chance of casting on casts you do however and ive seen others use it and it has a good rate, itd be great if i cast a shield on someone, or heal, attack or blade even, and get a blade in return for my next attack

    but then i hear people say “yea by the time it casts youll be done with the duel” but ive also heard of spam attacks during pvp and getting blades which sounds pretty cool