Wizard101 Aquila Ring, Deck, and Athame! (Level 90)

Aquila brings new Level 90 upgrades!

Probably one of my favorite things about the Aquila update is the new side boss fights. These guys are goldmines. They’ve been confirmed to drop Amber (regularly), Exalted Amulets, and some special gear all their own! This article will be covering the new Aquila ring, deck, and athame dropped by these bosses.

Wizard101 Aquila


Alpha and Omega Ring

Dropped by Gladiator Dimarchaeus

The Alpha and Omega Ring is dropped by the side boss in the Mt. Olympus dungeon. You can find a guide for Mt. Olympus here which gives some basic info about his fight. He also drops Amber, Exalted Amulets (extremely rare), the Enchanted Armament pet, and Zeus wands for level 90.

Wizard101 Alpha and Omega RingStats

  • 370HP
  • 135 Mana
  • 14% Power Pips
  • 30 Universal Critical Block Rating
  • 10% Universal Damage
  • and 17% Incoming Heal Boost
  • No auction.


Deck of Immortal Might

Dropped by the Sand Squid

The Deck of Immortal Might is dropped by the Sand Squid in Atlantea. This boss also drops Amber, Wands (Ares, Zeus, Poseidon), Exalted amulets (rare), and more!  Bring lots of traps and feint for these guys, because they’re all Myth. They Earthquake regularly, and cheat several Quakes every time you heal. Be sure to take out the big tentacles first, because the smaller ones will respawn until the big guys go down.

Level 90 Deck of Immortal MightStats

  • Max Spells: 64
  • Max Copies: 6
  • Sideboard: 34
  • +50HP
  • Gives 1 card: Fiery Giant.
  • Level 90+ only.
  • No Auction.




Blade of the Felled Titan

Dropped by Cronus

Possibly the most epic piece of gear from this update, the Blade of the Felled Titan is available from Cronus in Tartarus. A much easier farm than the Sand Squid, a team of 4 wizards can take out Cronus in 2-3 turns with a good setup. He drops Amber (and other rare reagents), Wands (Ares, Zeus, Poseidon, Hades), Exalted Amulets, and much more!

Wizard101 Blade of the Felled Titan


  • +320HP
  • +210 Mana
  • 17% Power Pips
  • 15 Universal Critical Block Rating
  • 15% Universal Damage
  • 17% Outgoing Healing Boost
  • Level 90+ Only
  • No Auction


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  • Garrett Justus

    i like the idea of decks giving stats and cards now, makes them so much more useful

  • Kerfalla Dioubate

    lol i got the ring and athame so easily yesterday,so much amber, so much turqouise, so much agave nectar. sorry about using so much so much. and i even got 5 enchanted armaments from dimaecharus. >:(

    • Jay

      5? i have an army

      • Kerfalla Dioubate

        but i only farmed like under 20 times.

  • Kerfalla Dioubate

    my 90 storm’s stats with this ring and athame and avalon crafted hood and robe plus azteca boots and world burner rod very sweet.

    • what is the name of the ring an athame u have

      • Kerfalla Dioubate

        its what this post is about what type of question is that.

  • Tyler Moonblade

    That ring’s block! 😀

  • DMT001

    That blade is epic. Cannot wait to get it. Now to just find time to farm. I will get there at some point.

    • DMT001

      I hope toget there at some point. Almost 5 days later and I still cannot find time to get on my Pro to farm. Way to much good stuff for all levels on this update.

  • Kerfalla Dioubate

    omg if people start ranting about this athame and ring being overpowered ….

    • DMT001

      Everyone who does not have it will be saying that. lol. Not going to please everyone.
      I think the damage just has to get higher with all the resist out there. More pierce would be nice to.

  • mmailliw

    the ring and athame sound pretty solid!

  • talonshadowwalker

    Help i am trapped on a tropical island with no computer and cant play! Save me..

    • Kerfalla Dioubate

      you’ve been there for 3 days o:. someone help this kid out.

      • DMT001

        lol It must be torture being on a tropical island. If i was there i would not be to worried about having a computer or not.

        • talonshadowwalker

          Trust me it is torture. I can read about all the things you guys pick up. Sights are nice 😀 but i need to wait another 3 sleeps before i can find a farming group.

          • Zay

            Its been 3 years. You have now died

  • tristan battlehunter

    Heather Shaddow Slinger! i need help, this is for your page with hades the unseen gear

    • Hi Tristan! If you need anything, you can email me at Heather@duelist101.com or leave a message in the comments on the Hades’s Gear Community post.

    • penrosecat1

      Woah…..why is the fire symbol black on the hat?

      • tristan battlehunter

        No idea honestly lol

  • there is only a lvl 90 fire deck an that’s it what a rip off just saying

  • why would they only put so fire wiz to get decks an not none of the other wizards

  • thevick001

    whats the drop rate for this i been farming for ring all day long

    • zerosakis

      Ok listen to me.
      Every time wizzy is about to do something in random such as crit or fizzle or drop rates a random number is rolled from 1-100 and if that number for example is 77 and your crit is 78 you will crit if the item’s drop rate is 25%(for blade of the felled titan) and the number is higher you will not get it,if the number is between 0-25 you will get it.You can not see the number though.So you just have to keep trying.

  • andrew fuller

    i have all three of these and i have now gotten every single piece of level 90 aqullia gear i can have acess too and may i just say the gear by far is the most amazing gear in the whole game well maybe it has a bit of a compettion with the jade gear but it is awesome

  • Mary

    Its time for me to yell out OP OP OP. Rofl just kidding…I seriously need to get this though D:

  • Dang I got the ring 2 times and I’m only a magus storm, I wasn’t even trying!

  • Hannah Gold

    what is the drop rate for the ring and athame?

    • Matthew Pitcock

      Much higher than the Morganthe ring, Athame, and amulets. I got the ring in 3 tries and the Athame in 6. So it may take an hour or two depending on your team and luck, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble.