Wizard101 Baba Yaga Gear Guide


Wizard101 Baba Yaga Gear Guide



Polaris is out and along with it is some new gear! We’ve seen the best drops come from Baba Yaga and Rasputin.

Baba Yaga drops the best level 110 hats, athames, amulets and rings (and her level 105 deck drops are very close to the best too), in addition to some other level 105 gear.  Below is a summary of the new gear and a list of Baba Yaga’s drops by school.

Check out our Baba Yaga 2-round farming guide for some thoughts on how to defeat her quickly!

If you’ve got a drop not listed, please let us know in the comments and we’ll add it. For info on Rasputin’s drops, check out our Rasputin gear guide. Happy farming!



The gear comes in 3 “tiers” for each school except for the decks, which have 3 different socket options (triangle, tear and square).  Tier 2 and 3 gear also drops from other bosses in Polaris.

You are more likely to receive gear for your own school but can receive gear for other schools as well.


Tier 1 Source

Main Characteristics

Hats Baba Yaga Similar to Darkmoor except no resist
Robes Rasputin High block & heal; no critical or power pips
Boots Rasputin High critical & damage; no block
Wands Rasputin High school damage
Athames Baba Yaga Some damage and high block
Amulets Rasputin Resist and high block 
Rings Baba Yaga Some damage and high critical
Decks Rasputin Starting pip and best stats

Tiers for Clothing & Wands

  • Tier 1: Has “Majoris” in name
  • Tier 2: Has “Titan” in name
  • Tier 3: Has “Borealis” in name

Tiers for Athames

  • Tier 1 : 4 sockets
  • Tier 2: 3 sockets
  • Tier 3: 2 sockets

Tiers for Rings

  • Tier 1 : 3 sockets
  • Tier 2: 2 sockets
  • Tier 3: 1 socket



Balance Hats

Tier 1: Majoris Helm of Cohesion

balace hat tier 1

Thanks Sierra!

Tier 2: Titan Warrior Honesty Cowl


Tier 3: Borealis Helm of Resolution

balance hat tier 3

Thanks Sierra!

Balance Athames

Tier 1: Vissarovich’s Kris of Justice


Thanks Sierra!

Tier 2: Steady Arcanum Exile Dagger


Thanks Steve Rock!

Tier 3: Gallant Kris of the Horizon Hold

storm athame tier 3

Balance Amulets

Level 105: Baba Yaga’s Chain of Symmetry


Thanks Duncan DarkBlade!

Balance Rings

Tier 1: Loranzo’s Unbreakable Loop


Thanks Steve Rock!

Tier 2: Steady Arcanum Exile Signet

balance ring tier 2

Thanks Sierra!

Tier 3: Gulag Guard’s Stout Band


Thanks Steve Rock!

Level 105: Baba Yaga’s Loop of Symmerty

baba-yaga's-loop of symmerty

Balance Decks

Level 105: Patriote Sheaf of Prestige

patriote sheaf of prestige



Death Hats

Tier 1: Majoris Brim of Umbrage

death hat tier 1

Thanks Sierra!

Tier 2: Titan Warrior Helm of Torpor


Thanks Will!

Tier 3: Borealis Cowl of Schisms


Death Athames

Tier 1: Ygor’s Dagger of Demise

death athame tier 1

Thanks Sierra!

Tier 2: Arcanum Exile Claw of Strife


Thanks Regal Whale!

Tier 3: Horizon Hold Knife of Gloom


Death Amulets

Level 105: Baba Yaga’s Ampul of Misery


Thanks Lady Commander0n2!

Death Rings

Tier 1: Ring of Shmo’s Downfall

Death ring tier 1

Thanks Sierra!

Tier 2: Arcanum Exile Band of Strife


Thanks  Jared Shadowbreaker!

Tier 3: Snow Treant Ring of Dry Rot

death ring tier 3

Thanks Sierra!

Death Decks

Level 105: X




Fire Hats

Tier 1: Shimmering Majoris Cowl


Thanks to Diana L. for this picture!


Tier 2: Titan Warrior Skyfire Helm


Tier 3: Volatile Borealis Brim

fire hat tier 3

Thanks Sierra!

Fire Athames

Tier 1: Vigilant’s Searing Blade

fire athame tier 1

Thanks Sierra!

Tier 2: Arcanum Exile Scorched Blade


Tier 3: Horizon Hold Searing Spike


Thanks Regal Whale!

Fire Rings

Tier 1: Detolli’s Destruction Ring


Thanks Blaze Goldleaf! 

Tier 2: Arcanum Exile Burning Band

fire ring tier 2

Thanks Sierra!

Tier 3: Flame-Forged Iron Paw Band

fire ring tier 3

Thanks Sierra!

Fire Decks

Level 105: Scalding Patriote Deck

scalding patriote deck

Thanks Igor Efimov!



Ice Hats

Tier 1: Majoris Helm of Diligence

ice hat tier 1       

Tier 2: Titan Warrior Cowl of Bite

ice hat tier 2

Thanks Sierra!

Tier 3: Borealis Icecrystal Helm


Thanks Regal Whale!

Ice Robes

Level 105: Arcanum Exile Frost Cloak

arcanum exile frost cloak

Ice Athames

Tier 1: Cpt. Winters’ Honed Icicle

ice athame tier 1

Tier 2: Arcanum Exile Snowflake Kris

ice athame tier 2

Thanks Sierra!

Tier 3: Horizon Hold Kris of Cold


Ice Rings

Tier 1: Bullhemoth’s Permafrost Loop

ice ring tier 1

Tier 2: Arcanum Exile Snowflake Seal


Tier 3: Polarian Glacier Loop

ice ring tier 3

Thanks Sierra!

Ice Decks

Level 105: Patriote Deep Freeze Set

patriote deep freeze set



Life Hats

Tier 1: Majoris Cover of Impulse  


Tier 2: Titan Warrior Cowl of Mettle



Tier 3: Timeless Borealis Helm


Life Robes

Level 105: Arcanum Exile Spirit Cloak


Life Athames

Tier 1: Tajniak’s Dagger of Efficacy


Tier 2: Arcanum Exile Dagger of Vim

arcanum exile dagger of vim

Tier 3: Horizon Hold Dirk of Verdure


Thanks Ryan LifeShield!

Level 105: Baba Yaga’s Sliver of Hope


Life Rings

Tier 1: Graustark’s Loop of Recovery


Tier 2: Arcanum Exile Ringlet of Vim


Thanks Jared Shadowbreaker!

Tier 3: X

Life Decks

Level 105: X



Myth Hats

Tier 1: Majoris Cowl of Insight

myth hat tier 1

Thanks Sierra!

Tier 2: Titan Warrior Helm of Logic

titan warrior helm of logic

Tier 3: Borealis Cowl of Vision


Thanks to Cody Raventamer for this picture.


Myth Athames

Tier 1: Rasputin’s Edge of Confusion

rasputin's edge of confusion

Thanks Christopher Dragonfriend!

Tier 2: Arcanum Exile Dirk of Ideas


Thanks Ryan ShadowSword!

Tier 3: Auroracle’s Point of Energy

auroracle's point of energy

Thanks Christopher Dragonfriend!

Myth Amulets

Bab Yaga’s Charm of Dreams


Thanks BlazeBlueWalker!

Myth Rings

Tier 1: Peru’s Seal of Edification


Thanks Blaze Goldleaf!

Tier 2: Arcanum Exile Loop of Ideas

myth ring tier 2

Thanks Sierra!

Tier 3: Northern Ring of Ruses

northern ring of ruses

Thanks Christopher Dragonfriend!

Myth Decks

Level 105: X



Storm Hats

Tier 1: Majoris Helm of Fortitude

storm hat tier 1

Thanks Sierra!

Tier 2: Titan Warrior Brim of Waves


Tier 3: Borealis Helm of Windswirls


Level 105: Arcanum Exile Cyclone Hat


Storm Boots

Level 105: Arcanum Exile Cyclone Clogs

arcanum exile cyclone clogs

Storm Athames

Tier 1: Ivan’s Blade of Gales


Thanks Blade Goldleaf!

Tier 2: Arcanum Exile Knife of Gales 

storm athame tier 2

Thanks Sierra!

Tier 3: Horizon Hold Cyclonic Edge


Thanks Sierra!


Storm Amulets

Level 105: Baba Yaga’s Hailstone Charm


Thanks John!

Storm Rings

Tier 1: Lord Groff’s Band of Havoc

Tier 1 storm ring

Thanks Sierra!

Tier 2: Arcanum Exile Galeforce Ring


Tier 3: Gusting Ring of the Peaks

storm ring tier 3

Thanks Sierra!

Level 105: Baba Yaga’s Hailstone Seal


Storm Decks

Level 105: Patriote Thunderclap Cards




Universal Hats

Tier 1: Cowl of the Borealis Majoris

universal hat tier 1

Thanks Sierra!

Tier 2: X


Tier 3: Polarian Borelais Cowl


Thanks to Cody Raventamer for this picture.


Level 105: Arcanum Exile Warlock Hat


Universal Boots

Level 105: Arcanum Exile Warlock Clogs


Thanks Regal Whale!

Universal Athames

Tier 1: Rasputin’s Dirk of Duplicity


Thanks Blaze Goldleaf!

Tier 2: Razor of the Arcanum Exile


Thanks CJ GREEN!

Tier 3: X

Level 105: Dagger of the Veiled Vale


Thanks CJ GREEN!

Universal Amulets

Level 105: Amulet of the Veiled Vale


Universal Rings

Tier 1: Arbiter Proctis’ Signet

universal ring tier 1

Thanks Sierra!

Tier 2: X

Tier 3: Ring of the Northern Sea


Level 105: Ring of the Veiled Vale


Universal Decks

Level 105: Patriote Deck of Victory


Thanks Regal Whale!


If you receive something not listed, please crop it and post it in the comments!

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  • Matthew Hawktalon

    This gear isn’t that great to be honest. This is especially true since the critical system is so messed up right now.

    • Eric Stormbringer

      The athames are great for PvE. Combine that with the amulet and deck and you’re running with a solid 60%+ block in PvE which is great. Socket some jewels and you easily get 70%+. Of course you sacrifice some power pips but that too can be compensated for via jewels.

      • Matthew Hawktalon

        Damage, a small amount of accuracy (in the case of the darkmoor athames), and heal boost is sacrificed as well. Even though most schools don’t heal this could be a factor for this gear’s usefulness in team pvp. Jewels will often not be enough to make up for heal boost and going for power pip chance simply lowers accuracy that if often needed for the new spells along with past accuracy dilemmas in the arena such as lore mantles.
        Also, only limiting an opponent to a one out of three success rate at the best just doesn’t seem worth it to me.

        • Eric Stormbringer

          Exactly-we’re returning to the era where choices matter and you simply cannot have the best of everything without huge effort. If you want reliable block you can sacrifice elsewhere and even that is not guaranteed. All of a sudden critical from PvE monsters is once again a relevant consideration rather than the old “I know I can block” mentality. People are so used to the I can have everything mentality that started with WW and continued with DM that it is a shock to the system that gear choices are once again meaningful rather than one “best” set.

          • Matthew Hawktalon

            That’s very true, and once lingering problems are dealt with this could positively affect pvp
            in quite a meaningful way.

          • Morpyoto (Nyan)

            I am debating using the Tier 2 ring or Alpha and Omega. Polaris ring brings me up to 667 (86%) critical, at the cost of dropping below 100 damage and a lot of incoming. Any thoughts?

          • Chris

            Now that … Is something I completely agree on.

          • The Power

            Totally agree with that. I personally love how we now have to make sacrifices in some stats to gain others. This will let us see more differences between gear on wizards in the arena! 😀

  • Talon StarGlen

    No power pips?

    • Chris

      Nope, so you will have to put pip jewel on, but you would rather want dual blade or morganthe on right? These athames are useless for now until crit/block system is fixed.

      • Talon StarGlen

        Is the block rating for the DM athame still the same?

        • Chris

          Yep, but might as well keep DM athame because the block on new athames is near useless.

  • Michael

    Is it true that Morganthe gems drop here?

    • Patrick

      I thought I saw a post that they do.

      • Regal Whale

        I recently posted the Balance Morganthe Jewel as a drop from her. I have yet to see if the other schools do as well, but so far, Balance Jewel is confirmed.

        • Michael

          Thanks so much!

        • Joseph Degordon

          Received myth Morganthe jewel as well

  • Duncan DarkBlade

    I got this Amulet as a drop on my Balance Wizard from Baba Yaga.

  • Steve Rock

    I started farming Baba Yaga this morning with my Balance and she got this ring:

  • Steve Rock

    Drops fall pretty nicely, even amber and other decent reagents – picked these up also:

  • Steve Rock

    This isn’t gear, but I got Baba Yaga’s Egg (pet) as a drop too.

  • Steve Rock

    And one more for the road. She’s easy to farm solo on a Balance – hope to get the top tier stuff at some point.

  • bluepanda

    I managed to get the Balance Morganthe Jewel “Morganthe’s Resolution” from Baba Yaga. Farm your hearts out Balance!

  • Regal Whale

    I managed to get the Morganthe Jewel “Morganthe’s Resolution” as a drop from Baba Yaga! I have yet to see if any other Morganthe Jewels for other schools drop.

  • Patrick

    Updated guide. Should include all prior comments.

  • Christina Hawkflame

    Universal hat:

  • Regal Whale

    Found an Ice hat. Not sure what Tier (Maybe 2 or 3?), but here it is!

    • Regal Whale

      Also found a Tier 1 Balance Hat! *Note: This hat also shows up in Rasputin’s Gear Guide but since Baba Yaga dropped it, I decided to post it here!*

      • Regal Whale

        Myth Tier 1 Hat!

  • Regal Whale

    Death Athame (Tier 2) dropped from Baba Yaga!

    • Regal Whale

      Fire Athame Tier 3!


    These are some athames Baba Cdropped.

  • Regal Whale

    Fire Athame Tier 3!

  • Regal Whale

    Here is a Universal deck level 105!

    • Regal Whale

      Universal boots level 105!

  • Blaze MeOut

    guys we need a dungeon pack that gets random enemies across the spiral and you keep going battle after battle … until you die … you cant return to the instance after going out of it but the longer you keep going the you can get random rarer drops … drops apply to anything being able to be dropped from any boss across the spiral

  • Kane FireBlade

    not sure if this gonna work but…

  • Blaze Goldleaf

    I got the Tier 1 Fire ring.

  • Blaze Goldleaf

    I got the Tier 1 Storm athame.

  • Blaze Goldleaf

    I got the Tier 1 Myth ring.

  • Blaze Goldleaf

    I got the Tier 1 Universal athame.

  • Jared Shadowbreaker

    Here is the Tier 2 Death Ring

  • Jared Shadowbreaker

    Here is the Tier 2 Life Ring

  • Igor Efimov

    Triangle fire deck level 105

  • Christopher Dragonfriend

    Myth Tier 1 and 3 athames, Myth Tier 3 Ring

  • The drop rate is brutal. Played Yaga 20 times last night – not one tier one.

    • Patrick

      I know it doesn’t make any sense, but I swear the drop rate on my level 104 wizard was much worse than my 110. Just sayin’…

  • Wiz Angel

    I got this Life Deck from resputin 110 life school only

  • Wiz Angel

    Got this 110 life deck from The rat

  • Joseph Degordon

    This gear is nothing to get excited about. Matter of fact 98% of the drops from this world is horrible! I have played this game going on 6 years now, with endless farming and buying packs to get a good character to end up with what feels like a level 70 character instead of a 110. Have any of you tried running dark moor with this new system and new gear? A utter nightmare! Not to burst anyone’s bubble but the game is more than just pvp. Take a look at the big picture not just one aspect!

    • Morpyoto (Nyan)

      There’s no question that the rat’s decks are the best in the game atm. And Polaris boots’ critical and damage is insane. Rat’s wands are also give crazy damage at the cost of some crit and block. While some items aren’t as good as some older ones that doesn’t mean polaris drops as a whole are bad.

  • Will

    here is the tier 2 hat for death

  • Will

    Here is the Tier 2 death hat

  • LadyCommander0n2

    Baba Yaga’s Death Amulet

  • Cody

    Does she really drop defender pet jewel?

    • Morpyoto (Nyan)

      Yeah and defy.

  • BlazeBlueWalker

    Tier 2 myth athame, Baba Yaga. Noticed you didn’t have it, but i’ve had it since it came to live realm lol

    • Patrick

      Can you post a pic of it?

  • BlazeBlueWalker

    Also Baba Yaga Myth amulet

  • Ryan ShadowSword

    tier 2 myth athame

  • Ryan ShadowSword

    Tier 2 myth athame

  • Joseph Degordon

    Don’t pay and spend money on this game for lame gear. Guess what Eric, pvp is a small part of this game so don’t just think about yourself.

  • tasos4444

    If I know sth is that this gear doesn’t even worth of farming. Ultra dungeon and Malister gear are 100 times better that this

  • Sabs4

    Balance Deck 110

  • Ryan Lifeshield

    Tier 3 Life Athame

  • Malistaire The Undying

    has anybody else noticed that insane block for those athames lol

  • Al Callon

    got this life ring… haven’t seen it anywhere else

  • Al Callon

    got this ring… haven’t seen anywhere else

  • sonicflare9

    is the drop rates rare and does it drop off school things