Wizard101 Rasputin Gear Guide


Wizard101 Rasputin Gear Guide


rasputinPolaris is out and along with it is some new gear! We’ve seen the best drops come from Rasputin and Baba Yaga.

Rasputin drops the best robes, boots, wands, amulets and decks in Polaris. Although he can drop the best hats too, they are dropped more frequently by Baba Yaga and are listed under her. Below is a summary of the new gear and a list of Rasputin’s drops by school.

Looking for a way to defeat Rasputin quickly?  Check out our 4-round Rasputin farming guide!

If you’ve got a drop not listed, please let us know in the comments and we’ll add it. For info on Baba Yaga’s drops, check out our Baba Yaga gear guide. Happy farming!



The gear comes in 3 “tiers” for each school except for the decks, which have 3 different socket options (triangle, tear and square). Tier 2 and 3 gear also drops from other bosses in Polaris.

You are more likely to receive gear for your own school but can receive gear for other schools as well.


Tier 1 Source

Main Characteristics

Hats Baba Yaga Similar to Darkmoor except no resist
Robes Rasputin High block & heal; no critical or power pips
Boots Rasputin High critical & damage; no block
Wands Rasputin High school damage
Athames Baba Yaga Some damage and high block
Amulets Rasputin Resist and high block
Rings Baba Yaga Some damage and high critical
Decks Rasputin Starting pip and best stats


Tiers for Clothing & Wands

  • Tier 1: Has “Majoris” in name
  • Tier 2: Has “Titan” in name
  • Tier 3: Has “Borealis” in name

Tiers for Amulets

  • Tier 1: 3 sockets
  • Tier 2: 2 sockets
  • Tier 3: 1 socket



Balance Robes

Tier 1: Majoris Gear of Cohesion


Thanks Cheryl!

Tier 2: Titan Warrior Honesty Drape


Thanks Cheryl!

Tier 3: Borealis Gear of Resolution


Thanks Cheryl!

Balance Boots

Tier 1: Majoris Runners of Cohesion


Tier 2: Titan Warrior Honesty Boots


Thanks to Michael Ironpyre for this picture.

Tier 3: Borealis Shoes of Resolution


Balance Wands

Tier 1: Majoris Relic of Cohesion


Thanks to Alric Twin-Tails & Tim for this picture.

Tier 2: Keepsake of Titan Equity


Thanks Cheryl!

Tier 3: Borealis Relic of Resolution


Thanks to Duncan Darkblade for this picture.

Balance Amulets

Tier 1: Jarilo’s Talisman of Decorum


Thanks Cheryl!

Tier 2: Steady Arcanum Exile Ampul


Thanks Cheryl!

Tier 3: Auroracle’s Charm of Equity


Thanks Cheryl!

Balance Decks

Triangle Socket: Rasputin’s Bevy of Answers

balance deck triangle

Thanks Sierra!

Tear Socket: Gallant Hand of the Horizon Hold


Thanks to Michael Ironpyre for this picture.

Sqaure Socket: Steady Arcanum Exile Hand



Thanks to Spaceship for this picture.



Death Robes

Tier 1: Majoris Plate of Umbrage


Thanks Valdus!

Tier 2: Titan Warrior Gear of Torpor


Thanks to Igor Eimov for this picture.

Tier 3: Borealis Armor of Schisms


Death Boots

Tier 1: Majoris Stalkers of Umbrage


Thanks to Logan Legendhunter for this picture.

Tier 2: Titan Warrior Torpor Boots


Thanks to Michael Ironpyre for this picture.

Tier 3: Death Boots tier 3

Death Wands

Tier 1: Majoris Remnant of Umbrage


Tier 2: Titanic Fragment of Torpor


Tier 3: Borealis Remnant of Schisms


Thanks Cheryl!

Death Amulets

Tier 1: Jawniak’s Torc of Deceit


Thanks NadroJTripper!

Tier 2: Arcanum Exile Toric of Strife


Thanks to Michael Ironpyre for this picture.

Tier 3: Watch Lion’s Collar of Angst


Thanks Cheryl!

Death Decks

Triangle Socket: Rasputin’s Wicked Hand


Thanks to Michael Ironpyre for this picture.

Tear Socket: Horizon Hold Array of Gloom


Thanks to igor Effmov for this picture.

Square Socket: Arcanum Exile Bevy of StrifeSquare death deck



Fire Robes

Tier 1: Shimmering Majoris Armor


Thanks Wolf FireBreath!

Tier 2: Titan Warrior Skyfall Robe


Thanks to Patrick GriffinRider for this picture.

Tier 3: Volatile Borealis Armor


Fire Boots

Tier 1: Shimmering Majoris Footgear

fire boots tier 1

Thanks Sierra!

Tier 2: Titan Warrior Skyfire Riders


Thanks to DarkFire for this picture.

Tier 3: Volatile Borealis Boots


Thanks to DarkFire for this picture.

Fire Wands

Tier 1: Shimmering Majoris Artifact


Thanks to Kane Fireblade for this picture.

Tier 2: Titan Warrior Skyfire Relic

fire wand tier 2

Thanks Sierra!

Tier 3: Volatile Borealis Remnant


Thanks to Patrick Griffinrider for this picture.

Fire Amulets

Tier 1: Lt. Snow’s Incendiary



Thanks to Kane FireBlade for this picture. (Note: jewels do not come with it.)


Tier 2: Arcanum Exile Burning Charm

Tier 2 fire amulet

Tier 3: Horizon Hold Scorched Charm


Thanks to Patrick Griffinrider for this picture.

Fire Decks

Triangle Socket: Rasputin’s Deck of Gall


Thanks Kane FireBlade!

Tear Socket: Horizon Hold Deck of Furor


Thanks to Christina Hawkflame for this picture.

Square Socket: Arcanum Exile Pack of Fever

fire deck square

Thanks Sierra!


Ice Robes

Tier 1: Majoris Armor of Diligence

ice robe tier 1

Tier 2: Titan Warrior Plate of Bite


Thanks  Kyle HexHunter!

Tier 3: Borealis Icecrystal Plate

ice robe tier 3

Thanks Sierra!

Ice Boots

Tier 1: Majoris Boots of Diligence


Thank you Luke | MidouriPlays!

Tier 2: Titan Warrior Boots of Bite


Thanks to Michael Ironpyre for this picture.

Tier 3: Borealis Icecrystal Shoes


Thanks to Michael for this picture.

Ice Wands

Tier 1: Majoris Relic of Diligence


Thanks Valdus!

Tier 2: Titan Warrior Curio of Bite

ice want tier 2

Thanks Sierra!

Tier 3: Borealis Icecrystal Artifact

ice wand tier 3

Thanks Sierra!

Ice Amulets

Tier 1: Orlov’s Icesheet Charm

ice amulet tier 1

Tier 2: Arcanum Exile Snowflake Torc

ice amulet tier 2

Thanks Sierra!

Tier 3: Bitter Relic of Horizon Hold

ice amulet tier 3

Thanks Sierra!

Ice Decks

Triangle Socket: Rasputin’s Cards of Numbing

ice deck triangle

Thanks Sierra!

Tear Socket: Horizon Hold Set of Verglas

ice deck tear

Thanks Sierra!

Square Socket: Arcanum Exile Snowflake Set

ice deck square

Thanks Sierra!



Life Robes

Tier 1: Majoris Armor of Impulse


Tier 2: Titan Warrior Wrap of Mettle


Thanks Valdus!

Tier 3: Timeless Borealis Vestment


Life Boots

Tier 1: Majoris Trekkers of Impulse


Thanks Cheryl!

Tier 2: Titan Warrior’s Mettle Boots


Tier 3: Timeless Borealis Trekkers


Life Wands

Tier 1: Majoris Portion of Impulse


Tier 2: Portion of Titanic Mettle


Thanks Valdus!

Tier 3: Timeless Borealis Fragment


Life Amulets

Tier 1: Rasputin’s Charm of Exertion

life amulet tier 1

Tier 2: Arcanum Exile Amulet of Vim


Tier 3: Horizon Hold Amulet of Zest


Life Decks

Triangle Socket: Rasputin Set of Fortitude


Tear Socket: Horizon Hold Set of Efficacy


Thanks Valdus!

Square Socket: Arcanum Exile Evergreen Set


Thanks to Anthony Diaz for this picture.



Myth Robes

Tier 1: Majoris Rainment of Insight


Tier 2: Titan Warrior Garb of Logic


Thanks to Patrick Griffinrider for this picture.

Tier 3: Borealis Rainment of Vision

myth robe tier 3

Thanks Sierra!

Myth Boots

Tier 1: Majoris Footgear of Insight


Thanks to Blaze Goldleaf for this picture.

Tier 2: Titan Warrior Boots of Logic


Thanks to Cody Raventamer for this picture.

Tier 3: X

Myth Wands

Tier 1: Majoris Fragment of Insight


Thanks to Blaze Goldleaf for this picture.

Tier 2: Titan Warrior Helm of Logic


Thanks to elijah for this picture.

Tier 3: Borealis Artifact of Vision

myth wand tier 3

Thanks Sierra!

Myth Amulets

Tier 1: Yolok’s Ampul of Observation


Thanks to Blaze Goldleaf for this picture. (note: jewels don’t come with it)

Tier 2: Arcanum Exile Idea BaubleTier 2 Myth amulet

Tier 3: Auroracle’s Torc of Intent

auroracle's torc of intent

Thanks Duncan DarkBlade!

Myth Decks

Triangle Socket: Rasputin’s Hypnotic Hand

Triangle myth deck

Tear Socket: Horizon Hold Cards of Insight


Thanks to Blaze Goldleaf for this picture.

Square Socket: Case of Arcanum Exile Ideas

myth deck square

Thanks Sierra!



Storm Robes

Tier 1: Majoris Robe of Fortitude


Thanks Valdus!

Tier 2: Titan Warrior Gear of Waves


Thanks to William Hawkflame for this picture.

Tier 3: Borealis Gear of Windswirls

storm tier 3 robe

Thanks Sierra!

Storm Boots

Tier 1: Majoris Shoes of Fortitude

Storm boots tier 1

Thanks Sierra!

Tier 2: Tier 2 storm boots

Tier 3: X

Storm Wands

Tier 1: Majoris Curio of Fortitude

storm tier 1 wand

Thanks Sierra!

Tier 2: Titan Warrior Brim of Waves

Storm Rasputin Wand

Tier 3: X

Storm Amulets

Tier 1: Storm amulet tier 1

Tier 2: Arcanum Exile Relic of Gales


Thanks to William Hawkflame for this picture.

Storm Rasputin Amulet

Tier 3: Storm amulet tier 3

Storm Decks



Triangle Socket: Rasputin’s Hand of Tumult

Rasputin storm triangle deck

Tear Socket: Horizon Hold Deck of Icefog

Storm Rasputin Tear Socket Deck

Square Socket: Arcanum Exile Galeforce Set

Storm Rasputin Square Socket Deck



Universal Robes

Tier 1: Borealis Majoris Armor


Thanks to That One Girl for this picture.

Tier 2: Polarian Borealis Raiment


Tier 3: X

Universal Boots

Tier 1: Borealis Majoris Sabatons


Thanks to That One Girl for this picture.


Tier 2: Boots of the Titan Warrior

universal boots tier 2

Thanks Sierra!

Tier 3: Polarian Borealis Footgear

universal boots tier 3

Thanks Sierra!

Universal Wands

Tier 1: Borealis Majoris Artifact

universal wand tier 1

Tier 2: X

Tier 3: Polarian Borealis Relic

universal wand tier 3

Thanks Sierra!

Universal Amulets

Tier 1: Warlord Minak’s Medallion



Thanks Sierra!

Tier 2: AMulet of the Arcanum Exile


Thanks to Christopher Dragonfriend for this picture.

Tier 3: Jeweled Slopes Ornament

Universal amulet tier 3

Universal Decks

Triangle Socket: Chief Advisor’s Pack of Lies

Rasputin universal triangle deck

Tear Socket: Ancient Deck of Horizon Hold


Thanks to Logan Legendhunter for this picture.

Square Socket: Parcel of the Arcanum Exile


Thanks to Cody Raventamer for this picture.


If you receive something not listed, please crop it and post it in the comments!

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  • Matthew Hawktalon

    There’s not a lot of my favorite stat (resist). 🙁

    • BoilingHotCoffee

      then again, you wouldn’t expect the best gear to come from a main world anymore, those are usually reserved for side dungeons that ki releases from time to time

      what kinda upsets me though is the lack of crafted gear this time around

      • Chris

        I know right … Can’t we be exalted or prodigious crafters? And why can’t crafted gear be better than farmed gear some times …

      • Matthew Hawktalon

        Yeah I do enjoy crafting gear 🙁

  • Sillylittlesushi

    The boots give a nice amount of crit, looks like the level 85 crown sandals finally have competition in that aspect.

    Hats don’t seem all that useful, robes give a good bunch of incoming, and all the other stuff looks fairly decent to use.

    • Wolf FireBreath

      I think the robe is the least useful, it doesn’t have any damage. The boots are awesome and the hat is on par with Mali hat. I say that this gear is actually pretty good. I thought it was trash at first glance. With the new crit system, I won’t be relying on critical or block AT ALL so we need damage to make up for it.

      • Sillylittlesushi

        The robe could have been useful defensively, but its resist isn’t too great either; 100 block and 20+ incoming is quite nice, though.

      • Powdered Toast Man

        Actually, I already got back up to a decent critical rating (in between 702-740) using the new boots from Rasputin and a storm damage and critical ring in the dungeon before that, so now I can critical spam again. 🙂 (I actually don’t even use one of the larger critical wands,I just use the terror’s hoard pack wand, so the boots and ring alone got me around 210 critical)

  • Wolf FireBreath

    • FIRE MORE DAMAGE THAN STORM 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
    • Raspie doesn’t drop hat. I spent about 6 hours farming with a full team, no one got hat.
    • Tier 1 robe…

    • Patrick

      Thanks. Thought I read that he drops hats somewhere, although I farmed Baba a bit too so not 100% sure where they came from

  • WolfFireBreath

    Also, can you make a Baba Yaga quick run guide? I haven’t figured out a way to run it quickly.

    • Patrick

      I believe the Mercs made a post on Central which you might want to check out.

      I’ve found it best to stack feints on Baba Yaga, stack blades on hitter and take out quickly. Good to have pierce or shatter available if she shields.

      With a good team of four, I believe you can take out round 2 with just feints before she summons minions. Otherwise, you can dispel so minions don’t come out or hit hard enough to take out Death minion and her (this is what I do when using 2 wizards).

  • Patrick GriffinRider

    Dropped in the dungeon before Rasputin. Assuming this is the Tier 2 robe for myth.

    • Patrick GriffinRider

      Forgot this…

  • Patrick GriffinRider

    Not sure what tier this fire wand is, but it’s dropped in the dungeon before too.

  • William Hawkflame

    Tier Two Amulet From Jeweled Slopes

  • William Hawkflame

    Tier 3 Storm Amulet From Jeweled Slopes

  • William Hawkflame

    Tier 2 Storm Robe From Jeweled Slopes

    • Patrick GriffinRider

      Tier 2 Fire Robe to go with it (Also from Jeweled Slopes)

  • Patrick GriffinRider

    Tier 3 Fire Amulet (from Rasputin) and unknown tier Ice Wand (From dungeon before)

  • Triangle slot deck, best fire amulet, and tear deck, (sorry about the jewels) lol

  • Patrick GriffinRider

    nvm already up there, delete this.

  • Patrick GriffinRider

    Death Square Deck (Jeweled Slopes)

  • Duncan DarkBlade

    Balance Wand.

  • Patrick

    Thanks everyone for the images! I’ll plan on updating tomorrow night.

  • Christina Hawkflame

    Got this deck last night!

  • Chris

    Can you guys please do a gear guide on the first dungeon in borealis peaks? Cause they drop good decks,rings, and athames. You also can get dual blade jewels from the 2nd boss, so far I got myth and fire from farming. The first dungeon can also be an alternative to rasputin farming because of how hard it is.

    • Patrick

      We tend to focus on summaries of top gear since that’s what most people want. It’s a lot of work to update so unfortunately we’re not able to create others.

      I assume the info will be added to Central at some point or someone could create a guide in the community.

      My understanding is that those bosses drop tier 2 & 3 gear and and the second boss is a good source of jewels (including the dual blades).

      • Chris

        Alright, thanks for the feedback though.

  • Cody RavenTamer

    found these so far, hope they help with the guide 🙂
    death square socket deck
    universal square socket deck
    tier 2 death wand
    tier 3 universal hat
    tier 2 death boots
    tier 2 myth boots
    tier 3 myth hat

  • michael ironpyre21

    i got this tier one fire amulet

  • michael ironpyre21

    universal tier 3 amulet from baba yaga

    • Seth

      Hey, this should be posted in the Baba Yaga article. Thanks!

  • michael ironpyre21

    tier 2 death amulet

  • michael ironpyre21

    death deck triangle and square

  • michael ironpyre21

    tier one ice boots

    • Wolf FireBreath

      That’s tier 2, all tier 1 has the word majoris somewhere in it.

  • michael ironpyre21

    2nd tier wand death

    • Chris

      That is actually 1st tier, the 2nd tier death gives 14 damage and slightly less block and critical.

  • michael ironpyre21

    some boots 2nd or 1st tier idk

  • michael ironpyre21

    some 2nd or 1st tier balance boots

    • Chris

      Those are 2nd tier, got the 2nd tier from first dungeon in Borealis peaks myself.

  • michael ironpyre21

    balance deck (Tear)

  • Angela L


  • Angela L

    Here is fire tier one hat and wand. ~Angela ShadowGarden aka Lots Charmed One~my last post the pictures got removed.

    • Wolf FiireBreath

      Did u get the hat from Rasputin?

  • Angela L

    deck with square jewel socet

  • Jason Hudman

    these are what I have gotten from Rasputin today

  • Jason Hudman

    I have gotten these today from him

  • Jotaro San

    Got new pet

  • ChaseDreamHunter

    I found the Universal Amulet

  • ChaseDreamHunter

    here is the universal amulet

  • xAzurex

    Here are some of death gear i got from Rasputin…

  • Anthony Diaz

    Tier 1 Life Amulet

    • Anthony Diaz

      Square Gem Deck

  • DarkFire

    Tier 3 and 2 Fire boots

  • Christina Hawkflame

    Balance tier 2 wand.

  • LadyCommander0n2

    Rasputin dropped this death deck for me.

  • Hy Diep

    Here’s the Life Amulet, and I think Tier 2 Wand and Robe.

    • Hy Diep


  • Patrick

    Can anyone confirm that Rasputin drops the hats with a full screen shot (if you don’t get frozen lol). If we don’t see anything by the weekend we’ll move the hat drops to the Baba Yaga page.

    Thanks everyone for the pics and for Seth for taking the lead to keep the guide up to date!

    • Blaze Goldleaf

      I can confirm that I did get the tier one hats, but I am unable to have a picture to back myself up since the cut scene is frozen 🙁

      • Patrick

        Thanks. I just got one too tonight. Will leave them under Baba Yaga since she drops them more often but will add reference to them here.

  • Steven

    Tier one of life amulet I believe.

    • Anthony Diaz

      Yes thats tier 1 amulet

  • Kyle HexHunter

    Here’s the Tier 1 Balance boots.

  • Kyle HexHunter

    Received this last night. Tier 1 Balance boots.

  • MatthewLegendCaster

    can someone explain to me why ki made fire gear have more damage than storm

    • aaa

      because fire needs it after having to face over 52534 fire bosses in polaris

      • MatthewLegendCaster

        bad excuse though

        • Deathheart7

          They might want to redirect the way those schools go. Fire is damage while storm gets critical which would fit the chance risk thing storm has

  • Tux

    Here’s the tier 3 storm robe.

  • elijehh

    by elijah sparkle ign

    • elijehh


      • elijehh

        also. again

      • Titan Warrior’s Helm of KI logic*. The logic where Fire gets more damage on boots than Storm.

        • MatthewLegendCaster

          yeah the fire gear all has better stats except for critical which is stupid

          • aaaa

            maybe KI thinks fire should get more damage while storm gets crit chance? I dunno

  • Michael

    Got these after hundreds of times of trying to fight him

  • Spaceship

    Square socket version of Balance deck

  • Kane FireBlade

    couple pieces missing from your guide 🙂

  • Logan LegendHunter

    Tear socket version of Universal deck

  • Logan LegendHunter

    Tier 1 Death Amulet

  • Tim

    Balance Tier 1 Wand

  • Blaze Goldleaf

    I have the full Majoris Myth set. Also, are you sure the best hats are dropped from just Baba Yaga? I got my Majoris hat both from Baba Yaga and The Rat.

    • Patrick

      I just received a hat from him too. Updated the guide to reflect it, although going to leave them under Baba Yaga since she’s supposedly a better source.

  • Alric Twin-Tails

    Tier 1 Wand

  • Logan LegendHunter

    Tier 1 Death Boots

  • Seth

    Getting close to getting this one done, way to go so far guys. Thanks so much for all the pictures!

    • Sierra

      There are updates for these above my comment on the missing items incase you missed them. Thanks for keeping this up to date, almost done 🙂

      Death tier 1 amulet
      Ice tier 1 boots
      life triangle deck
      storm wand tier 3

  • Tux

    Tier 1 Storm Wand: Majoris Curio of Fortitude

    • Preston Valerian

      This is quite OP damage-wise… not so much crit/block.

  • Kyle HexHunter

    The tier 2 Ice amulet.

  • Tier 1 universal boots!

  • brooke

    tier 1 death amulet dropped from rasputin

  • brooke

    tier 1 death amulet

  • brooke

    tier 2 death robe from rasputin

  • Toby

    Tier 2 Ice wand!

  • Toby

    Tier 2 Ice Wand: Titan Warrior Curio of Bite

  • Armitile Deschaosphantom

    Too HARD in the live realm to be farmed i’d rather farm the bosses before him.

    • Sierra

      They only drop tier 2 stuff, and its not that hard its a 4-5 round battle.

      • Armitile Deschaosphantom

        Well people just gotta learn that online videos doesn’t work in live realm with random people.

        • Sierra

          It does if you are willing to take some time to explain things to people. Worth it to speed things up if you ask me, but to each their own.

    • Patrick

      We posted a farming guide to it. It can be a 4-round battle with a good team, if you want to try it out. Not much more than many other battles!

  • Alric Twin-Tails

    Tier 1 Universal Boots

  • Alric Twin-Tails

    Tier 2 Universal Amulet

  • Jared Shadowbreaker

    Here is the Tier 2 Life Wand

  • Sierra

    Only a few items left guys, lets get this done!

    deck – tear

    robe – tier 2
    boots – tier 1

    boots – tier 3
    amulet – tier 3

    boots – tier 3
    wand – tier 3

    robes – all
    wands – tier 2

  • Sierra

    Here are 2 missing items! thanks for keeping the list up to date.

  • Stormrunner

    here is the tier one storm robe

    • Stormrunner

      sorry, forgot the picture

  • Igor Efimov

    Tier 2 Death Robe, if you don’t have it already

    • Igor Efimov

      and tear deck

  • Mohamed Abaid

    why won’t it let me post

    • Try uploading directly to the site, not via imgur.

  • Christopher Dragonfriend

    Oh I just realized
    Tier 2 Universal amulet, I think.

  • That One Girl

    Rasputin’s Set of Fortitude – level 110 deck with triangle socket on my wiz Grace Ironriver. Thanks for the excellent guide!!

  • That One Girl

    Here’s Rasputin’s deck for life.

  • That One Girl

    Also have these universal boots and robe.

  • NadroJTripper

    Tier 1 Death Amulet

  • NadroJTripper

    Tier 1 Death Amulet from Rasputin

  • Kyle HexHunter

    Tier 2 Ice robe

  • Luke | MidouriPlays

    I am surprised these are not up yet, but here are the Tier 1 ice boots

  • Luke | MidouriPlays

    Here are the tier 1 ice boots

  • Duncan DarkBlade

    Tier 3 Myth Amulet.

  • tasos4444

    This gear is lame. If something is worth to farm for that is the tier 1 amulet. But again you lose crit and pierce. This gear combined with Baba Yaga’s bases only on the crit and block wich they made weak. I won’t even try to farm this. I am not mad, just disappointed because with tge new world we were expecting new gear bettrr than the old one to farm fot and we got 100 times worse than the old one. Waiting for Mirage :/

    • tasos4444

      Lots of typos I made there 😛

  • Glaciermon

    I found this today, and trying to see some more info on it, but can’t find any anywhere.

  • Glaciermon

    I found this recently, and wanted to know more info on it, since I tried searching it up, I couldn’t find any links for it.

  • jackstormgem

    tier 3 storm wand

  • Bob

    Teir 2 universal wand i believe

  • sonicflare9

    is the drops rare and can you get off school

  • Andrew Roy

    What is the best place to farm for stun resilient opal? I know all the ones that drop it, but any personal experiences that could tell me some places are better than others?

  • Simon Shepard
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