Wizard101 Flying Squirrel Pet

Flying Squirrel Pet

The cute new helper from Wizard101

Tasha-Squirrel-RunningWizard101-Squirrel-FidgetThe Khrysalis update has brought on a slew of new pets with interesting talents, but the Flying Squirrel is by far the cutest of the bunch. Not only do they glide along side you as you run, but they give you endearing looks when they fidget. Basically, in a world full of bugs and mice with antlers, the Flying Squirrel is the only cute thing you’re likely to see.

But, they’re not just for show!


New Talents!


The Flying Squirrel carries a new “May Cast Black Mantle” talent. There may also be more new talents in the pool that we have yet to discover, this pet hasn’t been available to the public for very long!

It also gives 1 Helping Hands card at Baby, 2 at Ancient, and 3 at Mega.

Do you have a First Generation Flying Squirrel? Let us know the talents you get in the comments below!

Dropped In Khrysalis!


The Flying Squirrel drops from a cheating boss named Kravenly in the Banyan Tower, Tyrian Gorge area of Khrysalis. He’s at the top of a tower and loves to cheat, so you’ll have to work hard to get your own! Or.. you could just hatch for it.

If you would like a shot at a First Generation Flying Squirrel, check out this guide from the Mercs101 to help you along: Craving the Life, a Banyan Tower Guide.

Will you be farming for a Flying Squirrel?

Special thanks to Arthur and Blaze Raven in the comments here for First Gen info. And a big thanks to Tasha for allowing me to take pictures of her and the new pet!


Check out more Khrysalis pets here!

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  • Kenzie Rain

    Great find, thanks for posting this Nick. Now I have wantz 🙂

    • Everyone has wantz 😀

      • Kenzie Rain

        🙂 Very true!! But this is one want, I will fulfill…. >:)

  • Paige MoonShade

    If your willing to hatch please let me know

  • jewelshadowcaster

    Cutieee 😀 *stalks hatchery*

  • Jonathan Lester

    cute!!!!!!!!! i wanna hatch so badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I want one O:

  • firewizard

    balance assailant c:

  • Steven DeathThorn

    O: nice hey people of uh of duelist101 if anyone here has bronze golem pet ill hatch with you i have many oets to offer… like bumble bee with pain and proof and also a flying squirrel with proof and SELFISH….if interested ill be checking my response and we can arrange a time we could meet up 😀 my wizard name is Steven Deaththorn…. thanks!

    • I only know one person who has that pet, but it drops in KR so hopefully there will be more around for hatching soon!

      • Kenzie Rain

        I now know of several people with this Cutie Pie. I am going to be stalking them to see what they pull as far as stats. Then getting myself a hatch too. RAWR

    • Sarah Simi-Bonham

      I have a golem at adult I can hatch with you sometime. My wizard is Miranda DrakeRider.

  • hunter ice mask

    pain giver at teen for the squirrel

    • Do you have a 1st Generation squirrel? If so, can you show the stats page for it?

  • Why does it say Honey bee in the place where it says More Khyrsalis pets? Its bumblebee O:

  • riley

    i want one it reminds me of a friends pet sugar gliders btw dont take it to a restraunt wont end well:P

  • Mint Worker

    I’ve been farming for it. Done Kravenly over two dozen times and it hasn’t dropped yet. I’m curious what the drop rate is on this critter. But I’ll earn mine eventually.

  • Mackspeaks

    after finally hatching for one and getting it i went to help someone with the tower and WON ONE! I will post his talents when I train him tomorrow

  • Luke

    Will anyone hatch with me?

  • Luke

    Not only is it like the cutest pet ever next to Polar Fox and Polar Bear Cub (tied for 1st place cutest pet ever for me), the casting animation is so amazingly CUTE!

  • Blaze

    Mine got may cast weakness

  • Blaze

    First Gen btw

  • disqus_dq3UEVN2QW

    I just got one.