Wizard101 Azteca: Ufo Guide


Azteca Guide to the Ufos

Welcome to another installment of Guides for Zeke’s Pesky Quests, where we provide videos detailing how to find the objects of Prospector Zeke’s quests.



Floating Mountains: 0:04

Behind the post near the Storm Quetzal

Floating-Mountain-Ufo Floating-Mountain-Map 

Twin Giants: 0:23

Near a ‘Dino with Hammer’ behind a burned hut

 Twin-Giants-Ufo Twin-Giants-Map

The Zocalo: 0:43

At the top of the dirt path


Three Points: 0:55

Behind the entrance to the Black Sun Pyramid Master Chamber


Cenote: 1:08

Near the stairs to the entrance to Fire Ant’s Tomb

Cenote-Ufo Cenote-Map

Mangrove Marsh: 1:21

Under the broken statue in Tula Village

Mangrove-Marsh-Ufo Mangrove-Marsh-Map

Saltmeadow Swamp: 1:31

To the left of the entrance to Pyramid of Storm Eye

Saltmeadow-Swamp-Ufo Saltmeadow-Swamp-Map

Zultun Dock: 1:43

In a corner behind a hut by the Seed Thieves

 Zulton-Dock-Ufo Zulton-Dock-Map

Cloudburst Forest: 1:55

In the Hidden Sanctuary go up the stairs and to the left

 Cloudburst-Forest-Ufo Cloudburst-Forest-Map

Alto Alto: 2:06

Behind the lower level of Xolotl Tower

Alto-Alto-Ufo Alto-Alto-Map 

Tierra De Brea: 2:19

Between two houses by Otomi Far Spike

Tierra-De-Brea-Ufo Tierra-De-Brea-Map


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  • Cody DragonRider

    Thanks for the guide.
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  • Guide was just in time. I had just started Azteca today xD

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    big thx

  • Alex GreenGrove

    How do you get to the ufo in Cloudburst Forest? That is blocked off for me. I am now in Alto Alto. The place after Cloudburst Forest.

    • rhett boaz

      After you finish alto alto you go back to cloudburst forest then you vmcan gey the ufo