Celestia Zeke Training Point Quest: the Lounging Lizard Guide.


Celestia: Guide to the Lounge Lizards

By. Master Of Wraiths.

Welcome to another installment of Guides for Zekes Pesky Quests, where we provide videos detailing how to find the objects of Prospector Zeke’s quests.


Celestia Base Camp Lounging Lizard

To start with, in Celestia Base Camp, you should move towards the Crustacean Empire. The lounging lizard is situated on the left side, behind a piece of a wall or something.

Celestia Zeke Training Point lizards base camp


Crustacean Empire Lounging Lizard

Secondly, you should enter the Crustacean Empire and go straight ahead to the teleporter hub. Take the teleporter on the right side. Follow the left wall when it curves to the right and enter the next area. The lounging lizard is hidden among some sea weed.

celestia zeke training point lizard


The Grotto Lounging Lizard

In the Grotto you should move LEFT and go to the teleportation hub. Use the teleporter on the left. Then, go over the two bridges and find the lounge lizard among some seaweed.

celestia zeke training point lizard grotto


Survey Camp Lounging Lizard

After entering Survey Camp from Base Camp, stay on the higher level and go the the left. You can find the lounging lizard at the end of the railing, where it breaks off.

celestia zeke training point lizard survey camp


District of the Stars Lounging Lizard

When you enter the District of the Stars, you should turn left and go down the slope, moving towards the area on the left. The lounging lizard is all the way at the back, on the right side of the chantry.

Celestia Zeke Training Point lizards district of the stars


Science Center Lounging Lizard

When you enter the science center, you should go to the teleportation hub and take the teleporter on the left side to the furthest away part of the Science Center. Once you’re there, go up the left slope past the water-matons and at the end of their area turn left to the small path that leads around the pillars. The lizard is all the way at the back behind the last pillar.



The Stellarium Lounging Lizard

For the stellarium lizard you have to go inside the Stellarium. Don’t worry, you don’t have to do any battles! Just go past the star school training stands, turn left and then right and go to the bottom of the stairs. The lizard is behind the weird paper art piece.

Celestia Zeke Training Point lizards stellarium


Stormriven Lounging Lizard

So in Stormriven, you have to do some walking to reach your lizard. Go to the Ossuary. The lizard is located next to a wall.

Celestia Zeke Training Point lizards stormriven


Stormriven Hall Lounging Lizard

Stormriven Hall can be reached through Stormriven, so if you got the previous lizard, you’re pretty close. Jump down the ledge leading to Stormriven Hall and then go somewhere to the right. Hard to pinpoint where exactly this lizard is! XD

Celestia Zeke Training Point lizards stormriven hall


The Portico Lounging Lizard

The Portico is an instance, but you don’t have to do any battle to get to the lounging lizard. Go in, the go along the right side of the area to the second slope going down. The lizard is right there.

Celestia Zeke Training Point lizards portico



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Video Time Index.

Celestia Base Camp: 0:19

Survey Camp: 0:41

The Grotto: 0:57

District of the Stars: 1:15

The Stellaruim: 1:38

The Portico: 1:54

Stormriven: 2:08

Stormriven Hall: 2:27

Science Center: 2:48

Crustacean Empire: 3:15

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