Zafaria Zeke Training Point Quest: Sock Monkeys

Zafaria Zeke Training Point Quest:
Sock Monkeys

Here’s another training point guide to make our collection of guides complete! Yes yes, you’re itching to see more about Mirage, we totally understand. Still, guides like these are important as well. Let’s get started!

Once you start questing in Zafaria, you can get the quest “Hey Hey It’s the Monkeys” from Zeke. First off, you can find Zeke in Baobab Crown, next to Eloise. For this Zafaria Zeke training point quest, you will need to find 7 sock monkeys.

Baobab Market

Firstly, the Baobab Market monkey is hiding close to the dock. Go past the creatures roaming around and find your way to the back of the building at the dock. Your first monkey is hiding between some boxes.

zafaria zeke training point quest baobab market



Secondly, to find the Savannah monkey, go to the Savannah area on the left of the Baobab Crossroads and take the teleporter with the picture of a tree on it to the back of this area. The sock monkey is hidden behind one of the huts. The hut is on the right when you come from the teleporter, but I suggest you take the long way around. It’s really easy to get caught when you try to pass in front of the huts on the left.

zafaria zeke training point quest savannah


Zamunda Outskirts

You can reach Zamunda Outskirts from Baobab Crossroads. To start with, locate the Longdreamer Shamans inside Zamunda Outskirts. Go past them to the pavilion near the river. The sock monkey is hiding underneath the tent behind some boxes and other stuff.

zafaria zeke training point quest zamunda outskirts


Go to Zamunda through Zamunda Outskirts. For the Zamunda Monkey you will have to use a sigil. Go to the Magician’s hut (you can teleport into this area if you haven’t unlocked the quest yet) and look to the left. The monkey is sitting on top of a shelf. You will be pulled into the battle, so you will have to defeat the boss first.

zafaria zeke training point quest zamunda


Stone Town

In Stone Town (which you can access from Baobab Crossroads with the teleporter), open your map to locate the Darajani Palace (it’s the main palace that has the queen lounging inside it). The sock monkey is inside the little courtyard surrounding the entrance of the palace. Find your sock monkey by going into the courtyard and to the left, behind the left wall.

zafaria zeke training point quest stone town



When entering Waterfront, go to the area on the left, which has Belloq’s tent at the very end of it. This area is called The Sook, you can see it on the map. The monkey is inside the tea shop, which is on the left side of this area. Go into the building and up the stairs. The Waterfront sock monkey will be sitting near Zarafa Bayleaf. You can actually do the whole of Zafaria without unlocking this tea shop. My Life doesn’t have access to the area and needed to teleport in.

zafaria zeke training point quest waterfront

Elephant Graveyard

When entering Elephant Graveyard from Drum Jungle, turn left. If you’re using the teleporter from Baobab Crossroads, you’ll actually have to turn right. Go to the very end of the area, past the Drum House. The sock monkey is hiding behind a gravestone near the river.



And that’s all of them, congratulations!


What are you going to use this training point for?

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