Storm Archmage PvP: Breaking the Meta

Storm Archmage PvP is an unusual level and school combination to PvP at, but it’s totally possible with the right setup and strategy. Jeremy Ravenhunter shows us how!

Monstrology Tips – The Germ Ghosts

Struggling to reach the highest monstrology rank possible? Look no further! The Germ Ghosts are the creatures you’re looking for.

Level 118 School Pets and Hybrids (Wiza…

The Spring Update brought level 118 School Pets and Hybrids to the Arcanum! Find out what awesome cards they offer and which pets combine into which hybrid!

High level Outgoing Gear Options –…

Learn about various outgoing gear options you can use for your high level wizards in Wizard101 in order to maximize your healing.

Throwback Thursday – April Fools&…

Yet another Throwback Thursday has hit the Crown Shop, and this time it brought all sorts of cool April Fools’ Items for your wizards!

PvE Talk: Hierarchy and Attitude

Jeremy Ravenhunter from the Duelist101 community has written this excellent article on hierarchy and attitude for gear, pet hatching and dungeon farming.